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rosemary sophia jones
 Posted on: Apr 16 2017, 12:36 AM
sophie hatter
❝ a heart is a heavy burden ❞
howl's moving castle


rosemary sophia jones

sophie hatter ★ howl's moving castle ★ poppy drayton ★ heroine ★ twenty-four

There is a house built out of stone
Wooden floors, walls and window sills
Tables and chairs worn by all of the dust

Sometimes...sometimes I have this dream. It’s a wonderful sort of dream -- the sort that you know immediately is a dream because it’s too bright, too wonderful to be true. The sort of dream you’re happy escaping into because at least there you are happy.

It’s not always exactly the same, there are different scenes and different faces that filter in and out, and impossible things. I only ever know it’s the same dream because it always starts over a city. Somehow I’m flying, just drifting overhead like a cloud -- no, that’s not exactly right. I’m walking through the air, nothing beneath my feet, but I don’t fall. I’m supported by something strong and warm, something just out of view. The feeling steals my breath and my heart nearly beat out my chest but every time I try to see what it is, the scene changes. It’s difficult to describe all of them as they are so fleeting, just flashes of images or snippets of conversations too muffled to make any sense of. It’s rather like the feeling of trying to grasp something just out of your reach and, no matter how to stretch and twist, it slips right through your fingers.

There’s almost always a strange sort of castle, one so fantastical it could never exist in the real world. Except that it is real -- in the dream that it. When I’m outside of it, it looms so large as to almost be daunting but it’s so ramshackle that it’s difficult to be truly afraid of it. I suppose the feeling I have when I look at it is a sort of...trepidation. For what I don’t know. I’m almost certain, in my dream, that should I step inside that I’ll find what I’m looking for but I always hesitate. Great towers rise above it with billowing smoke that fills the sky above, it’s shadow is long and almost frightening. Still, I stand before it as I might stand in front of my apartment building. There is a sense of familiarity, a sense of home -- though I suppose I wouldn’t really say that about my apartment building if I were being completely honest. A connection is likely more accurate, similar to relief of feeling a long day draw to a close.

In the dream, I’ve only been inside the castle a handful of times that I can remember. At least, I think it’s the castle. There’s a hearth and it’s warm and inviting, almost a friend though that feels strange to say. Sometimes there’s a boy who sits with me in front of the fire and we drink hot chocolate from steaming mugs and I feel so contented and comfortable there. I know that we speak to one another and laugh but I can never remember what it is we’re laughing about. Other scenes like that often follow -- meal times and errands, chores -- ordinary sorts of things. They’re always a little out of focus, like seeing them through a haze and I’m never quite sure if they’re real or not. Even more than the castle or the flying, these scenes seem much more dream-like but they leave me with a longing that stays with me for days afterwards. This dream always casts my current life into strong relief. It’s the loneliness, mostly, that gets to me. It’s as if the dream shows me what I want and what my life is lacking. Except I don’t really know what that is exactly just that it always feels a little empty when I wake up again.

The scene that occurs the most often in the dream is also the one that terrifies me the most because I know then that the dream is going to end in a nightmare. Unlike the others, when the scene changes from flying above the city, it leaves in a field. It’s a sprawling thing, green stretching for as far as the eye can see. Everywhere there are wildflowers of too many colors to count and there’s a lake and mountains in the distance. The warmth is beside me again and all I know is that I want to stay in that place forever. I know that I can’t, I know how it ends, but for as long as the scene lasts I can pretend. Inevitably it grows dark and suddenly I’m running. Lights streak overhead and I can’t tell if the booming inside my head is coming from the bombs or is simply the sound of my own heart. Vaguely I realize that I’m not running away but towards something, something important. Something I have to get to before it’s too late. My chest constricts in panic and all I know to do is to keep running and then I’m falling into the darkness.

Perhaps it’s a metaphor. My subconscious trying to compensate for all my unresolved feelings. That’s what a therapist told me once: I had unresolved feelings that my brain was trying to process and compartmentalize. My brain was trying to protect from what had happened to me, whatever it was that caused the memory loss. The therapist said it must have been something very traumatic indeed to not even remember my name. I told them of the dream once and they seemed to think it was a representation of my frustration at not remembering, of my desire to recall my life and who I used to be. Personally, I don’t think so. That explanation doesn’t feel right. To be quite honest, it sounds like a lot of nonsense to me yet I can’t bring myself to call them memories either. I think...well, I think I just don’t want give myself hope where there is none.

It’s been nearly six years since I found myself in San Francisco with no idea how I came to be here and the only clues to my identity were the tattered blue dress I wore and a ring with a red stone. Though I desperately wanted to and tried everything offered to me to try and fix my head, I’ve long since stopped trying to figure it all out. Though the dress is gone, I kept the ring and it’s been on my finger ever since. I only know that it’s important and can’t say why. I like to think that, fundamentally, I already know who I am, that I don’t need to remember. I have good days where this feels true and I’m relatively content. There are bad days, too, where it feels like I’m trudging through mud up to my knees and it’s pouring down rain and all I want to do is sit and cry. I never do, I just keep moving forward. The dream, though. The dream always makes me glance over my shoulder as if one day I’ll find someone there who can tell me what it all means.

As silly as it sounds, I do hope it's someone who's warm like in the dream.

There is a place where I don't feel alone
There is a place where I feel at home

character basics

NAME: I went back and forth on name her, if I'm being honest. On the one hand, Sophie can be a little playful and whimsical and I think she would have found the opportunity to choose a new identity rather intriguing (much like when she fully took on the role as an old woman). On the other, she is rather sensible and I don't think she would have strayed too far from the path, so to speak So I stuck with the traditional route when looking for names for her. Rosemary is significant for a few reasons. The plant itself is a of a hearty variety and evergreen, a little plain looking but with pretty blue flowers when it blooms. I thought this a fitting sort of metaphor to Sophie's journey in the film. In the language of plants, rosemary means 'remembrance' which is sort of indicative of where she's at in life currently both with and without her memories and unable to distinguish what is real and what is in her head. For obvious reasons, Sophie appears in her name in the form of Sophia and, in my head, I think she would have chosen it for it's familiarity to her. The surnames Jones simply comes from Diana Wynne Jones the author who originally wrote her story.

PLAYBY: Poppy Drayton is both beautiful and sweet in a sort down-to-earth way that really suits Sophie, in my opinion. She has moments where she's shy and others where she's a bit bubbly which I think both aspects are ones Sophie shares once she starts to come into her own. And while I wanted to capture a bit of the character's sass as well, it was more important to me to try and display who she was in her heart and a little of that vulnerability of youth -- as one of the lessons Sophie learns is in letting go of her tough outer shell (and the spell that gave her a mask). Even though she doesn't remember, I didn't want her to lose that part of her learning process from the story.

BIRTHDAY: June 29th

OCCUPATION: She currently works as a personal assistant. Sophie's very organized and takes initiative, she's the type to roll up her sleeves and the get the work done. On the flip side, she's also very good at fading into the background and taking care of other people even when there's no personal gain for herself. This is why I thought a job as some sort of caregiver would work best for her. Prior to becoming a personal assistant (a position she does, admittedly, enjoy much more than previous jobs) she worked as both a nanny and a house keeper.

POWERS & ABILITIES: Although I think the ability to be unfailingly kindhearted as a bit of a superpower, she doesn't have any actual ones. She does still have Howl's ring, however, but it only flickers every now and again and so quickly that she's only noticed it once or twice and almost always thought it was a trick of the light.

PERSONALITY: Her personality hasn't really changed much from how she was towards the end of the film. Like I mentioned above, I really wanted her to retain a little of the Sophie she was after coming to care for the residents of the Castle. Although losing her memories in the crossing has caused her to backslide a bit into old habits, like the prickly old woman front, she's much more willing now to speak up for herself and others. She still has a bit of a confidence issue in regards to her appearance but it only arises when someone else mentions it. She legitimately never believes anyone who compliments her appearance and, while she might accept a compliment on her hardwork or an accomplishment, even these are met with a bit of discomfort. The very last thing she ever wants to do most of the time is draw attention to herself and so she avoids any situation where that's possible like the plague.

BACKGROUND: As you can see, I didn't really change much. The thing about Sophie is that she doesn't look back. She is kind of the embodiment of the saying 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade' and, while she might reminisce about the hat shop or the castle (if she could remember them) she avoids longing for things she can't have. Or tries to. She keeps moving forward and onward and making the best out of her situation.

CANON CUTOFF: I kept the cutoff kind of vague so there would be room for other players to maneuver around a little bit more easily and we could, perhaps, decide together how things went down there. For the sake of clarity, however, the window is somewhere between where they all end up in the hat shop while the city is under attack (with Howl leaving them to join the fight) and when Sophie follows the ring through the door.

played by ALLIE

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