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patrick edan lockwood
 Posted on: Jan 31 2018, 10:59 PM
❝ I'd like to tear his gizzard out! ❞
101 Dalmatians
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The pup didn’t go through the portal often, but he had figured out that if didn’t he wouldn’t be able to remember his family and that was something that Patch refused to let go. He always waited as long as he could before he decided to cross, hating the sensations. But now he found himself as a Dalmatian puppy again, everything seeming so much bigger. Yet he didn’t fear anything, he ended up deciding on exploring the area that he had been let out in.

Patch’s head titled some, not able to recognize anything around him. The ground under his paws was cold and hard, not like snow, or anything else that he walked on before. Taking a closer look at the ground, it was shiny, seeming to be made of metal. ‘What is this place he couldn’t help but think as he looked around at everything. He couldn’t help but take it slow, ears perked up as he looked at everything, slowing down to look down each different hall that he came across. The whole time he couldn’t help but try to figure out where he was.

The pup came to a quick halt when it finally came to him. This had to be some sort of space ship like he saw on the tv. Patch couldn’t help but feel excitement go through his whole body, he couldn’t wait to tell his siblings about this when he found them again that was. Patch started to explore this place more, as he took off running, he wanted to see everything that this place had to offer.

After a few minutes came to a quick stop when he heard something around one of the corners. He crouched down as if trying to decide on what he was going to do. Part of him wanted to go check out what was making the noise, while the other part of him thought it wasn’t such a great idea to do so. But before he could even decide what to do, what ever it was came around the corner.
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