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 spring blossoms, #gary/acxe
isabella grace clare
 Posted on: Feb 9 2018, 05:46 PM
❝ A dream is a wish your heart makes ❞


birds of a feather.
Spring was Ella’s favourite time of year. It held so much promise, better weather was on the way, flowers blooming, life renewed. Who wouldn’t like the idea of Spring and all it holds? Spring was well on it’s way when the young woman heard of the Renaissance Faire; so excited was she, she had decided she would go as soon as she was able! Of course, she couldn’t, nor did she want to, go alone! So she had asked if Gary, a new friend she was taken with, if he would like to accompany her, and to her delight he had said yes!

Together they had entered the area it was held. Instantly her senses were overwhelmed; the sounds, the smells and the bright colours of the faire drew her attention every which way. A grin spread across her soft features, and she squeezed the arm she had linked with Garys into her side. “Oh! Isn’t it a lovely sight?” She asked him, eyes taking in the stilt-walkers and jugglers; the stalls with their games and pretty wares for sale. Together they strolled through, until a sight caught Ella’s eye and she almost pulled poor Gary’s arm off as she dragged him over.

The pen she had spotted was full of the cutest baby animals and their mothers she had ever seen. There was a lamb, goat; rabbits and chicks! She coo’d over them, adoring them and clapping her hands gently as she expelled some excitable energy.

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