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 First Aid Needed, arianna and becca
chris kristoff jokull
 Posted: Apr 27 2018, 03:38 PM


  26 years old
  Acxe (she/her)
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Living on the North Mountain was about the toughest place to grow up in, and yet Chris had done it. Not without some help, but most of the time it was all him. He had to learn how to support not only him but his friend as well. Those carrots would not buy themselves after all. And they were just getting off the ground when the darkness hit. But Chris could not remember any of it, for he had been flung and stuck under the fjord’s ice for who knew how long. Something had told him though, once he had woken in San Francisco, that if he had stayed in any longer then that fjord would have been his grave as well.

But that near-death experience and all the knowledge that he learned from the ice harvesters had made him into a stronger human being, except when it came to ice. He had even started his own handyman shop, which was working very well, not to mention it also drove him to care for kids, by giving them puppet shows. Even had a love interest in the works. It was a good feeling indeed, and sometimes he wondered if he could give up Kristoff for good. But something kept him from doing that, his best friend Sven and a girl who he gave up on when he knew he would only be number two in her life. He wanted to find them again, just to know that they were doing okay. Not to mention his family and support system, the trolls. They were important as well. Which was probably why he joined the resistance as a supply runner. Always alone in the wild and doing his best to support the ones that were willing to fight.

This run had been no different, he was just trying to get to the tent, when the darkness thought it would be a good idea to jump the mountain man. He had felt them coming before he could even see them, and it was all thanks to another attack which gave him permanent black claw scars on his left arm. They had pulsated, as though it was either warning him or calling out brethren that had not fallen under the resistance’s attacks. However, if it was the latter, it had been in vain for somehow Chris had managed to pull him and his load through the attack. But not without some damage. He had not seen the creature until it was almost too late. It had jumped from above and had grabbed onto the mountain man’s left shoulder before he had put it out of its misery.

So when he pulled himself into the camp, he was breathing hard and it seemed his bite mark was smarting or doing something that made it hurt to move the shoulder. It was only after he turned in his supplies did he finally make his way to the resident first aider, Arianna. ”Hey doc. You think you can help me?” He spoke with a smile on his face while holding onto the wrapped up shoulder. He would probably have to go to the hospital for this as well but he wanted it to be seen by someone before he did that, for hospital bills were expensive and he would hate for his hard earned money to go into bills, that weren’t needed for the business.

arianna elisabeth coren Let me know if I got anything wrong.
arianna elisabeth coren
 Posted: Jun 21 2018, 04:26 AM

Plus est en vous..

  queen of corona
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A white flag waves in the dark between my head and my heart. My armor falls apart

@[chris kristoff jokull ]

so sorry for the delay love!
It had been a relatively quiet day for the resistance camp Arianna had stumbled upon two and a half years ago, and quietness was a blessing as far as the queen-turned-medic was concerned. It meant fewer wounds to sew together, fewer broken limbs to set… fewer losses, and the harder the darkness came at them, retaliating perhaps for the resistance’s own breakthroughs, moments like this were becoming a thing of rare beauty.

But it rarely lasted, and Arianna was alone in the medical tent, cataloguing their dwindling supply of painkillers, when Chris strolled through, arm twisted awkwardly behind him to keep his hand pressed against his back, against some sort of wound that was still bleeding despite his best attempts to stem the flow. He drew closer, the tent flaps falling closed behind him, and Arianna winced, hissing in a quiet sharp little breath when his hand dropped to show her the deep, angry claw marks that were weeping red and black. Her usually inflappable composure faltered, but she quickly pulled herself back together, her sense of duty cutting through her horror.

“What on earth happened?” she frowned, jumping immediately into action, but it was more of a rhetorical question than a genuine enquiry when the answer was so blatantly obvious. Chris often disappeared into the wilderness alone, risking his life daily to acquire sorely needed supplies for the resistance. It was as brave as it was stupid, but Arianna had long since learned there was no dissuading the young man. He was as stubborn as she was, maybe even more so, and the former queen had resigned herself to the possibility that he would stumble across the darkness in some guise, of having to stitch him back together herself someday. But she refused to entertain the possibility that he might not come back at all. She could work with lacerations. She didn’t want the resistance to lose another good man.

“Sit here,” she said, pushing the towels off the bench that served as a makeshift hospital bed, her tone low with something between worry and warning as she curled her fingers around his forearm and all but dragged him down to sit.

She surveyed the wound with her eyes first, her sharp green gaze taking in the long, neat lines in his blood-sodden shirt. Claw marks she thought again, her gut settling on her original assumption as the likeliest cause. They had been sharp enough to tear right through the fabric with little fuss, the shirt barely even frayed around the incisions. They were almost surgical in their neatness, and Arianna’s stomach rolled with nausea at the thought of what those claws might have done if they had struck Chris somewhere else: his face, his chest, his stomach… if he hadn’t had his back turned to whatever had attacked him, she doubted he would have been able to drag himself back to camp. He could have been torn apart.

Arianna pulled at the remains of his sleeve between her finger and thumb. “You’re going to have to take this off so I can get a proper look. No time for modesty.”
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