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 the w a v e s call your name, triton / lowrie
marissa minerva delmara
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queen athena
❝ Waves try to measure the days that we treasure... ❞
ariel's beginning


leomaris dylan seaward # WORDS ❝ i hope it's okay!
Memory was a precious thing when you only had so much of it. At first the thought of losing the horrors of the small circus she'd been a part of sounded like a blessing. What she wouldn't have given to have some respite from the haunting image of people pressing their faces into the glass. Their laughter and jeering as she was poked and prodded, her tank far too small to offer any sort of protection. There was no corner that couldn't be reached, no depth deep enough where she might find solitude. Those days had stretched on into years of agony, and when she'd heard that the portal could wipe it all away she'd been sorely tempted. What did it matter if she forgot? She had no memories left worth remembering: no idea if she'd ever lived anywhere other then those four glass walls.

Then she remembered seeing the ocean through the window's of the King's castle and the ache it built in her chest. A deep pain she could feel clouding her soul. There was something out there, some part of her called to the crashing of waves against the shoreline and the screeching of gulls. If she let that natural song wash over she could almost remember- almost dream of colors spinning, and childish laughter.

Then it was gone, just as quickly as it had come.

It was that feeling that stilled her from losing the last of her memories. A sense of something missing that she had yet to find, and would never find if she let this new world consume her. No matter how painful things might have been, or how skittish she still felt when people focused on her- she had to keep remembering.

So she crossed and hoped that the portal saw fit to place her close to water.

This time the first thing that struck her when she crossed was that smell. The salty sea air, and then the sound of waves crashing against rocks. Beneath her fin she felt coarse sand and directly in front of her was the crooked shoreline with its cresting waves. The sight was dark ( the sky looked as though a storm approached ) but that didn't matter to her. It was the ocean...and it was beautiful no matter how rough and unwelcoming the water looked. She moved towards it, dragging herself across the sand like a magnet being drawn to metal. A shiver slipping through her body the moment her hand vanished beneath a wave.

As soon as her whole body was in the water she had to stop, close her eyes. Feel the current play with her hair, her fin moving back and forth to keep her in place. She'd never felt at home: not in the tank, not in the castle, and not in the apartment she shared with the King and his daughter. At least not until this moment.

She knew this world was dangerous, that horrors lurked ( especially under the waves ) but she couldn't help the reckless abandon that overcame her. A giddy feeling that made her spin and twirl. Playing like a girl would, and hating herself for growing tired so quickly. Too much time spent in such a small space hadn't done her any favors, but she was still smiling as she settled against the sandy ocean floor.

leomaris dylan seaward
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The Little Mermaid


It was not often that the sea king spent time near the shore line. For years, since his wife had died, the Merpeople kept to the depths. Less chance of coming across a ship and being snared by a Fishermans hook. The surface after that fateful day was forbidden. Out of his fear for losing more that he loved, he kept them close. Cloistered away from sight, safe. Yet really he was suffocating them, not allowing them to be free. At least, one daughter thought that of him. He couldn’t blame her, not really, not when he thought back to his own teenage days of disappearing for hours upon end with Athena, his friends. Yet in his stubbornness, his adage, he had forgotten that at the time his daughters were teenagers themselves. To him they would forever be his string of little pearls, yet he had to let them grow up at some point.

He just didn’t think they would have to grow up so soon…

Nowadays he was more near the surface as he was deep beneath it. It was not out of choice, nothing these days ever were. The seascape had changed in the few years since the Darkness descended upon them. One would think that what happened on the land would stay there, that they’d have nothing to do with it and be able to carry on with their lives. That was not the case, and even within the deepest trenches danger lurked in the dark.

It was not the danger that he was trying to escape, he was fighting the danger to make it safe. No, the reason why he skimmed the surface more often was for the Portal. Hope drove him to be near it when he got the chance. Hope that his daughters would come through, come home…. Occasionally he himself would go through, to Haven Hill in the hope of news there. But those visits seem to getting few and far between. Yet seeing Arista again gave him renewed hope and he was crossing more often than he had. Still not frequent for he had a job here, battles to coordinate, but more frequent than before.
Triton was on his way to the surface, knowing that the portal would be there this time. It was not an exact science finding the portal. But it did have it’s fixed points, it was just a case of knowing when and where. Timing was everything. He was already running behind, having been delayed by a skirmish with some infected creatures out for his blood. He defeated them, he was swimming as fast as he could to reach the portal in time. Yet, something stopped him short.

It was just a flash of a fin, but something about it seemed familiar. He slowed down, trident held in both hands, prepared to shoot if need be. He propelled himself through the murky waters taking care not to disturb the creature that was ahead of him near the beach. He pulled up short, a flurry of bubbles surrounding him, escaping his mouth as he gasped. He blinked, and again as he tried to comprehend what he was looking at.

The ghost of his Queen, wife, mother of his children, best friend. “A-athena?” He gasped out in a stutter, at a loss for words.

marissa minerva delmara
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