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 enter the fairy ring, Cornelius/Merida - Axce/Leigh
merida eileen macdunn
 Posted: Apr 20 2017, 11:26 AM

FROM Brave

❝ Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.❞



Princess Merida
The forest had eyes. Merida felt them upon her every step. The constant feeling of being watched never abated, instead it became part of the scenery. The thick green of trees yielded small rays of sunlight, illuminating patches of moss, rock, bramble and the occasional wildflower. Yes, even flowers could bloom on the forest floor given enough dew and sun to sustain them.

Merida breathed in deeply, allowing the scent of aged pine, oak and elder to fill her senses. Even the light odor of dirt seemed rich and clean compared to the smells car fuel and pollution beyond The Portal. How odd it was, to live there and come here. The two realms co-existed in a state Merida could not even fathom. Indeed, in the days after crossing back over, her memories would begin to shift into dreamlike remembrance. The vivid imagery of a tapestry faded by ruins of time. That was why she frequented The Portal, to make sure she never truly forgot. While she was here, it was real again.

For now, she was Princess Merida. She wore a dress of deep green, it was simply cut, in the style her mother had been fond of, girdled low at the waist. Light stitching adorned the outer sleeves, hem and collar. Her cloak was green, a shade richer than her dress, the colors intended to merge and mingle in the woodland surrounds. The clasp was a brooch of Celtic design, matching the embroidery of her belt. She wore short, study boots, and had her bow slung over her shoulder, quiver showcasing rows of neat arrow fletchings. There was small pouch at her belt, she had not brought many supplies, she wasn't staying after the sun lowered in the west. Merida loved adventure, but even her reckless nature could find reluctance when confronted with evils of The Mysterious Forest. Besides, this was a recreational visit, not a mission.

Merida moved about the wood, with the stealthy foot of a tracker. She blended into the sway of shadows, her cloak rustling softly against the overgrowth as she passed. Merida had always enjoyed her independence, and never minded being alone. Except, she had not been alone, not really. Only now that his presence was absent did she realize how much she missed Angus. The shire horse, with his sleek black coat, and heavy hooves had been her best friend. He shared her misadventures and quests with faithful companionship, and a watchful eye. His reward, a bucket of oats and a good brushing. She half expected Angus to come trotting up behind her, but no, she was alone, utterly alone.

The soft trod of boots halted, Merida observed a large gnarled tree, the pattern of the trunk was gnarled and boisterous. It would make a decent target. She needed distraction. Un-slinging her bow, Merida selected an arrow from her quiver. Setting the fletching to the bow-string, she took aim, drawing back the instinctive distance needed to make a clean shot. She sighted and released. The arrow soared from her bow, zinging through the air, and giving a sounding THUD as it struck the tree trunk. A small satisfied smile lit her mouth. She reached for another arrow.

Merida turned her head abruptly, sending a tumble of wild red curls over her shoulder. She could have sworn something had flitted near her head. Her light eyes scanned the surrounds with caution. There was something in the breeze. The feeling of being watched was manifesting into a strong sensation. It felt uncanny. "Hello?" Her attempt at casual sounded too apprehensive for her own ears. "Is somebody there? You can come out, I won't be causing any harm." The statement seemed paradoxical since she was holding a bow, arrow notched.

where dark roots hide secrets

gary cornelius osborn || Outfit
gary cornelius osborn
 Posted: Jun 3 2017, 11:40 PM

FROM thumbelina




OOC: merida eileen macdunn Hope this works for you, if not let me know and I can change the last bit of it. I just thought it would be humorous for Corny to be in that situation.

Home again, or at least that was what it should have felt like, but it didn’t. The trees felt all wrong and the air surrounding them felt heavy. Almost as though they wanted to swallow the fairy up and absorb his very being. For a someone like him, who changed the seasons along with his parents, it was heartbreaking to fly among the trees who wanted something else, other than the ground they once stood proudly in. The now dead feeling earth must have tasted like dirt was to him. It was awful to be amongst these trees again, hopefully, one day they would feel much better and going towards their normal selves before the darkness hit.

He was Cornelius, Fairy Prince of the Vale, and yet he could do nothing but fight against the monsters that stole this forest’s true power away. But since there were none of the fiends to be found, he settled for sitting on one of the higher and more slimmer branches to a tree with a gnarled and boisterous pattern on its trunk. He was surveying the land, what he could see without tiring himself out by flying everywhere. It was a good vantage point until something caused the tree to stir a little bit and since Corny was not paying attention to the tree, his balance failed him making him tumble off the tree and down towards the ground in a red, orange, and yellow ball.

He twisted and turned in the air. He was already half way down the tree when the fairy finally caught some win necessary to fly. Unfortunately, the arch he had to take to gain back the altitude he was at landed him straight into a red and tangly substance. He did not even know it was someone’s hair until it moved and he heard talking just behind him, which made him smack his forehead with his free hand. Out of all the luck.

”Yes! Someone is here.” He yelled out because he was not sure where this person’s ear was. ”Just please don’t move. I somehow got stuck in your hair.” With a leg and hand being the only ones to be tangled up in it. ”I am trying to get out.” After saying these words did he finally try to untangle himself, it was so curly and strong that he did not think he could get out here without cutting it but it seemed rude to do that with his sword. So he tried getting his hand free first. It really did suck to be a tiny fairy sometimes, unlike in the real world where he was just as big as this person, if not taller.
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