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Our resident meme queen, Lauren is always a positive figure in the chat and on site, and we're glad to have her! It's a blast to watch her colorful array of characters interact with others, from SF native Theo to our favorite misguided stepsister Alex. Whether she's plotting, posting, or just being herself, she never fails to bring smiles to our faces.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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bronte donner ambros
 Posted: Feb 5 2018, 11:15 PM

For a true hero isn't measured by the size of his strength, but by the strength of his heart..

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bronte donner ambros

zeus ★ hercules ★ russell crowe ★ hero ★ 45

Rumbling Thunder, starts the storm

So you want to hear what it's like to be a god, do ya? Alright. Well then just sit over there and make sure to get comfortable 'cause you're going to be here for a while. You didn't expect the story of a God to be a short one now did ya? HA! He laughs, wagging a finger in the other's face. No my friend this story took a long time the first time around, and I'm not the best of story tellers so it might just take twice as long to tell.

You probably know the beginnin- What?! No? What rock have you been living under? He leans forward, voice lowering to a conspiratorial whisper Not that us Gods are any better, mind you. I mean sure we can stick to something for a couple hundred years but what's a hundred years to a God? It's a wonder we get anything done with our heads in the clouds all the time. he stops, eyes widening before suddenly breaking out in thunderous laughter Head in the clouds! That's a good one. I crack myself up some times. He rubs at his eyes, still chuckling Aha, it feels like I haven't had a good laugh in eons. Forgive me...where was I?

Ah, yes! The beginning.

You know there was a time when you mortals knew every single one of these stories by heart. You'd sing them, paint them on vases, dedicate entire walls to murals. Now you only find bits and pieces, ancient history, scattered here and there with no one knowing the real story. Not anymore at least. He sighs, settling back in his chair, Makes me wonder if you'd all move on in my world too given the chance.

This particular story was a favorite of mine. It's how we got started, how the Gods became the Gods and the world settled down from chaos. My siblings and I; Hades, Hera, Demeter, Poseidon, Hestia...we were the children of the Titans. You wouldn't know most of them, and be glad you don't boy because they were a nasty bunch. Wild and violent, they kept the earth in a state of constant destruction. Too ravaged to support much of anything. He shook his head.

Around this time my father, whose name was Cronus, overthrew his father to gain control of all the other titans and locked some of his brothers away to keep his title. He was very much the type of man that enjoyed having power over others and so when a prophecy told him that one of his sons would take that power away from him he didn't react...well. You could say the universe was trying to balance itself out, I personally find that fate always had its own brand of irony. By killing his own father he made it so that when that Karmic justice came back around he'd be taken down by own of his own sons. He shrugs, running his hands over the table for a moment, eyes turning over the story in his mind

This whole business would be a lot easier if you at least knew some of it. Tell me you know what he did to make sure that didn't happen? No?! Honestly.

Well father, he popped each of my siblings like pills the moment they were born. Tore them from mother's arms, her name was Rhea by the way, and down they went. Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter, and Hestia...can't imagine that would have settled on the stomach quite so well. Hades alone seems like he'd cause indigestion. He snorts, and there's a wide grin on his face

Anyway...where was I agai-OH RIGHT. That part.

So for obvious reasons mother wasn't exactly thrilled every time one of us was eaten so when I was born she took precautions. First of which being; asking grandmother Gaia for help. Gaia had her own issues with her son. He laughs, Nobody has family issues quite like we did let me tell you that now. I'm not afraid to admit it either, having caused quite a few in my...younger days. That has no place in this particular part of the story though, so let's save that for later. Sound good?

Anyhow Gaia agreed to raise me once I was born, now all that needed to be done was make sure I wasn't eaten before I got to her. He raises an eyebrow Bet your mother didn't have to think about any of that while she was pregnant.

Mother gave birth, then hid me and wrapped a couple stones up in a blanket. When father came along he snatched that bundle right up and swallowed it without even bothering to check what was in side and went back on his way. Can't say he was the shiniest pebble in the pond if you know what I mean. Which was lucky for me. Rhea then took me on down to earth where Gaia was waiting and left me there to grow up in her care.

Now do you at least remember some of the rest of the story? I'm not going to get into my childhood, mostly because I don't really think any of that is real important to any of what happens later. Though I guess I can tell you that Gaia was a very earthy kind of woman, very into nature and the planet and that kind of thing. She was a wonderful mother don't get me wrong, I loved her, but I always preferred the sky. Living in a cave wasn't exactly my idea of a good time if you know what I mean. I guess you could say I grew up really hating the old man because of what he'd taken away from me. Not just my siblings whom I'd never met...so I couldn't really miss, but the skies. Because of him I had to hang out on the ground and keep myself in the shadows. Couldn't even really sneeze without worrying that he was going to find me out some how and come eat me like he did the others.

I might not have been in his stomach, but I couldn't go outside or be too loud and no one but Gaia was really allowed to see me. I guess when it came to Cronus life sucked for all of us.

Strike of lightning

Do you like stories about wars my boy? If not this next part really isn't going to go down easy. I could always say that I just waltzed on up to where father was and demanded he throw up my siblings and skip off to Tartarus, but that's not how we work. Cronus had a nice tight grip on his throne and he wasn't going to let it go for anyone, especially not me. Which was alright, I didn't expect any less from him, and Gaia raised me with the idea that one day I'd have to take it all by force. Course depending on who you ask I either did it all on my own or I had help. As much as I love tooting my own horn, I'm gonna give you the straight facts this time. A lot has happened since then, a lot I'm not proud of and as I said I'm not the best story teller out there. Telling a story is about the sugar coating half the time in case you haven't noticed. It's about sprinkling all those pretty details like raindrops to hide the real facts. Make yourself look greater than you are.

A sad, bemused smile, as he tapped a quick tune with his fingers. There was a momentary pause before he sighed. The way I used to tell this story is I came up with lightning bolts crackling and split my father's stomach wide open to let my siblings out. Sure that's technically what happened, I got my siblings out but I certainly didn't have lightning or thunder to do it. I did it with trickery mostly, I fooled my father into letting them out himself. A chuckle, that almost sounds like the distant rumble of thunder That's the part a lot of people don't expect. Zeus isn't exactly known for playing tricks or pulling the old sheepskin over someone's eyes, but I managed it and they were free.

Just in time too.

We didn't get any bonding time before I had to become general and leader, not just to them but to the Cyclops and other titans that fought with me against Cronus and his army. The Titanomancy was not a pleasant experience and it was a lot harder playing general when half of your army was crazed. He focuses on his listener with a pointed look I'm sure I don't have to explain that my siblings didn't exactly come out sane. he shrugged The important thing was that it helped.

That was when I was gifted with my thunderbolts. Oh, now that's power. I'd ask you if you've ever held a lightning bolt in your hands, but obviously you haven't. Unless there's something you'd like to share. Another pointed look. There really isn't anything like it. Lighting...it's not alive, it doesn't breath or move like fire does, and yet it kind of is. It's constantly shifting, constantly burning the air around it and searing everything it touches. It crackles and sparks. It can be as gentle as a tingle across the skin or as devastating as a crater. Why once I got so angry I tossed a bolt down and nothing could grow where it landed for years.

He lifts a hand, taking in his palm and out stretched fingers. Sparks crackle across his skin, little flashes of electricity. I've been handling those bolts for so long that they've rubbed off on me. I'm not nearly as dangerous without my lightning bolts...and no bolt of lightning in this world is quite like the ones I had, but I can conduct an electrical charge like a wire. I can make my own bolts too, if I stand out in a storm and catch them. Not quite as easy...they're also pretty rough and volatile; lasting only a few hours before either exploding or fizzling out. I don't recommend it to anyone and damn-

I veered again didn't I? You know you should really stop me when I do that. I've got no sense of time in cause you haven't noticed.

Where was I again? The war?

Alright well, it was a mess, but that's when everything started for me. There's a flash of remembrance in his eyes and he sits straighter, expression younger...almost wild I was on top of everything! I was the leader, I could feel them all looking to me for guidance. It was like the lightning in my hands, powerful, it felt good. I wasn't quite as wild as they were but I had my own version of letting loose. It hadn't talked with anyone but Gaia for ages and she'd practically bred me for this day. I was getting to do what I'd been dreaming of for most of my life and it was thrilling.

I'd never felt stronger , more alive than I had in that moment. My lightning bolts knocked Titans into Tartarus with one strike. Oh and that wasn't all of it. There were my brothers to consider. Poseidon and Hades, if you're looking for anyone to have on your side in the middle of a war it was those two. Between the three of us it almost felt like we could take on all the Titans single-handed. We each had our weapons, our strengths, our powers...and we worked together to bring down Cronus. It was the first thing we ever did together and let me tell you. There's nothing like a good war to really bring out that brotherly bonding.

He smiles again, with less fire and almost a hint of sadness If I could go back to that time I would. I've done plenty in my time that I regret, Gods live forever...or until someone is brave enough to challenge us and win. I was young, impulsive, and with enough pride to fill a thousand suns. Yet I loved my family from before I ever even met them. We probably won't be as close as we were back then ever again. I miss that, the camaraderie, the simplicity of it. We were siblings united against a common goal, with clean slates between us. That's what I miss the most.

I never stopped wanting us to be like that again. He sighs, and runs a hand over his hair I don't think I went about it right. Things really went south after we won and I realized the only fair way to do this was to split everything between us. We were strong yes...but it had taken all of us to take on Cronus and it would take all of us to rule what he'd somewhat managed to rule himself. I was still the leader, even with the fighting over and done with the others seemed content to let me handle things. It was easy to fall into the position of King, but not quite that easy to make the decisions that needed making.

I took the sky because it was the highest seat, the one fitting for a King of the Gods, but also because it was the only place that held any importance to me. I had spent enough time hidden among the mountains of earth, and I didn't even consider the Underworld as a remote possibility. Maybe it was selfish of me picking the choicest of of the three realms...but when you consider our abilities and our personalities? The decision felt right.

Unfortunately Hades didn't see it that way. He frowned deeply, shoulders falling I gave him the Underworld because I felt he was the only one who could handle it. Poseidon certainly couldn't. Have you seen Poseidon? I love my brothers I really do, but I have a hard time imaging the Underworld running with any type of efficiency with him in charge. That's what the Underworld needed, efficiency and a strong hand. I know that's what caused the real rift between us, but I stand by my decision. It's one of the few decisions in my youth that I can look back and never doubt, not even for a moment.

unsteady rains, to flood the land

Well perhaps it's not the only decision I don't regret.

There is Hera. Have you seen Hera? She's got the most beautiful eyes, and that hair it gets tangled around your fingers like its got a life of its own. . There's not another Goddess in all of creation quite like her. He sighs, and sinks down against the table a dreamy expression on his face You'd think it'd be easy getting her attention. They myths sure made it sound easy, oh but it wasn't. Hera was a force of her own and for the longest time she wanted nothing to do with me. I wasn't the type to just give up though, that's at least one part of my history you should be familiar with. If there's one thing I was known for it was my persistence. At that time, I had finally gotten the one thing I'd dreamed of since I was a child; the sky. So my attentions turned to the next thing that caught my attention; that glittering pink hair and the radiant smile.

He perks up. Oh so you do know some of this part. Figures. It's always those stories that last the longest isn't it? He rolls his eyes, a heavy sigh deflating his shoulders.

You want to hear the truth of it? Here it is:

I let it all get to my head.

I married Hera, I was happy, and I was in love. For a good long while I couldn't look at anyone else. So I was a loyal husband at first, I really was. But being King, having all that power? It gets to your head. Boredom can be deadly and when you spend years on a cloud in the sky with nothing to do, when for the longest time your life revolved around one goal? I was listless and as I've said a thousand times since then I was young. You know youth? Think of me as a teenager, a big immortal teenager with lightning bolts. He laughs, Yeah, come on laugh at it, cause it was the truth. That's exactly what I was. I had people throwing themselves at my feet; gods and goddesses, humans. Everyone wanted a piece of me and I was so full of myself I figured who was I to brush them away?

That's where all those stories come from. The first one was a mistake, and oh the rage and the sheer hurt in Hera's eyes. I told myself I never wanted to see that look again...but teenagers are stupid remember?

I thought getting her angry was like a game. Her rage? It made her like fire, it made things interesting. This is the part I regret, these are the stories I wish would die out, but humanity always had a thing for those kind of tales. It was a time when I did whatever I wanted when I wanted and there was no one to say no. No one but Hera ever dared, and even then I only half listened. Our fights could shake mountains, filled the sky with thunder and lightning. At the time it was all very exciting, like the boy in the schoolyard who did everything in his power to make the girl he liked upset or angry. I didn't know why I did it, but I did, and the results was a list of children to fill the pantheon.

Also let me stop here for a moment. His eyes narrow and his mouth sets into a line, his whole demeanor growing more serious. Not nearly as many of the things that happened in those stories are true. If you pay attention to them nearly every god born on Olympus is mine and I can tell you here and now that while they DID call me father, and I DID consider them my children they weren't all literally my children. Paternity was always a touchy subject around us, as Gods we didn't really care one way or another and we were pretty much all related anyway that no one really cared if one or the other was the right father. Humans were the ones that were so determined to keep track of that sort of thing, and like a lot of the stuff back then a good amount of the stories were lost to time. Only really remembered by the Gods who lived them he pauses for a moment At least, they're remembered by those of us that are still alive anyway.

I could tell you which ones are mine and who their mothers are, but where's the fun in that? Gods aren't supposed to give you all the answers you know? That's another thing mortals like to do. You ask for everything and stop trying to do it yourselves. I helped when I could, I did love you just as much as my other children, but help too much and you became dependent and unable to do things yourselves.

I had a kingdom to run and time has made me see that in those early years I didn't run it as well as I could have. I made mistakes, yearned for things I didn't need, and took what I couldn't have. I had petty spats with my siblings, my children, my nieces and nephews that ravaged the world and ruined lives. My fights with Hera were especially volatile and sometimes it amazes me how far we've come.

I did still love her, I'd always love her. She was the one I came back to, the one whose attention I craved if I was completely honest with myself. A rueful smile crosses his features I would go back and erase all those years if they didn't define how hard I worked to change, how hard we all worked to change. I grew out of that phase eventually and grew into my role, and I would really appreciate it if you didn't ask about any of that again. It's bad enough I can never forget it or completely get past it...

If I ever find her again, and I know I will. I can feel it... his hand moves to rest on his chest, and a sound seems to fill the room...a heartbeat; strong and steady. Now that I have an actual heart, I can feel it even stronger now. I can feel that she's alive...if I find her again I'm never letting her go.

the eye at the center

So, you're probably wondering, what could possibly settle Zeus down? After everything he's done, the life he'd lived. What in all the world could possibly make him sit down and reconsider his life? The answer to that son is quite simple. Hercules.

Before we'd decided to have our son Hera and I had made a real effort to settle our differences. We calmed each other down and a lot of that vibrant, enthusiasm of youth that led to wild nights and year long bouts of fighting died out. We found the spark in each other and we cemented that spark with our son. He was to be the new beginning, the culmination of all the love we'd found for each other at last after so many years. He was my pride and joy, my little Hercules.

Though as always I blinded myself.

There was another rift that I wanted to fix. One that I mentioned before as you might remember...

I never stopped trying to get back into my brother's good graces. I hated it that we were always at odds and that he resented me so much. I could see it, but I didn't want to. With had given me hope though, perhaps foolishly that if my relationships with Hera could be repaired then perhaps so could things with Hades. After all he did bother to come see the baby. He was such a rare sight up on Olympus that it was a present almost in and of itself having him there.

He laughs and it's that rumbling thunder sound that makes the room shake Ahh Hades, you should have seen the reactions he'd get as soon as he stepped into the room. The other didn't bother hiding how much they disliked him, It was obvious on every one of their faces. Not that I cared, I liked my brother, and I was more than glad that he was there.

But I suppose this isn't really about him, now is it? It's about Hercules....and how little time Hera and I got with him before he was taken from us. It was supposed to be one of the happiest moments in our lives, very long lives by then mind you, and it was torn from us.


The outburst is sudden and so loud it shakes the room, as thunder sounds outside. His eyes widen almost instantly and he falls back into the chair, caught off guard about as much as the man who flinches away from him. There is still anger there, a nerve that lay open and exposed like a frayed wire. He seems nervous to start speaking again, taking breaths to calm himself and clenching and unclenching his fists on the table

I never even thought it could happen.

His voice softens to a bare whisper and there is the shine of tears at the corners of his eyes. Human emotion is still new to him, so surprisingly powerful and painful all at once.

As a parent it never strikes you that you might loose your child. As a God, the thought seems even less likely. As King of the Gods....oh it was so far out of my mind it might as well have been in another universe. Who could possibly dare to steal my son? When Hera and I heard the crash in the nursery, we almost didn't know what it was at first. It's not the first thing that should ever come to mind for anyone...but eventually it did, and with it...He swallows hard and closes his eyes

We got there too late. The crib was empty. Hercules was gone.

My anger in that moment surpassed anything I had felt in a long time. It took every ounce of inner strength I had not to crack the Earth open looking for my son. I called up every God and Goddess at my disposal, had them search everywhere. No rock was left unturned, no cave in shadow.

I even left Olympus, my rage ripping the sky with bolts of lightning. I don't know what drove me to Hades. I suppose I just wanted to be sure...if my son was dead...if he...surely Hades would know. By then my rage was ebbing and a hurt was taking its place, a pain that felt not unlike someone had torn something vital out of my chest. I had many children, Hercules wasn't my first by a longshot...but he was the first I had lost. To have all that power, all this strength and yet not know where my own son was? It made everything worse. If I'd needed to breath, I don't think I could have in that moment.

He slumps, and there is a shaky breath as he tries to draw some of his emotions back in That night, it's still very fresh, the emotions...as sharp as they were when they first appeared. I, he pauses I'm still so angry at what I lost.

He lifts his gaze and the sadness makes the blue eyes dim I found my brother showing more concern than I expected. But that meant nothing in the face of my grief, I left there feeling about as bad as I'd felt when I'd arrived, except perhaps a bit more subdued.

Then they told me he'd been found.

the guiding winds blow, to show the way.

I thought that would be the end of it, I truly did. They'd find him, he'd come back home to us, and all the sadness and pain would be little more than a memory. I could never have been more wrong. Someone had not only taken our son but they'd stripped his godhood from him. Hercules was mortal. There was no measure for the sadness we felt as we looked down on our son in the arms of others. He was lost to us in his mortality, unable to return to Olympus...so we had no choice but to leave him down there. He shook his head and that sadness still permeated the room, his voice. I had to be strong for Hera but inside I was just as broken as she was, thinking that there was a very real chance our boy would never get to come home.

Of course this doesn't mean we abandoned him completely. We resigned ourselves to watching over him from a distance, helping in any small way we could. We couldn't do much but we kept him safe. We even decided to keep his existence as quiet as possible, letting only a few trusted Gods and Goddess in on his whereabouts. We never did find out who'd stolen him...and the fear that someone might try to do something like that again, or worse. You have to understand, we took precautions.

My boy, he grew up into a fine lad. We couldn't have asked for better people to find him, and they accepted him which is more than could be said for most mortals. He perked up a bit, laughing I forgot to mention the most important part didn't I? He shakes his head and grins. My son, he still had his strength, my strength. He might have been mortal but that was the one thing that didn't change...and it gave us hope. He could do things with that strength, he could become a hero...and maybe one day he could even come home.

That was my hope for him.

I watched him grow up and I knew one day he'd come looking for the truth. That was another thing we decided, we'd let him learn in his own time...when he was ready. And one day he was. His adoptive parents told him and so he came looking for me.

he chuckles This next part always cracks me up. I was so excited to finally see my son again I was perhaps a little bit too enthusiastic. You know, I spend so little time among mortals I forget that certain things aren't exactly considered normal. Like taking possession of my own monument. Scared the living daylights out of the poor boy, can you blame him though? Did you have magic where you come from? Would you have reacted calmly to a statue...I think that particular one was about forty to fifty feet high, coming to life and reaching for you?

All things considered I think he took everything pretty well. It certainly could have gone worse.

There was some screaming, but he calmed down eventually. He was happy when I told him the truth about his heritage, glad to have some answers for all the things he could do. It hurt to tell him he couldn't come home, but Hera and I had thought carefully on all the ways we could possibly fix this mess. Even as King and Queen of the Gods there was only so much we could do for him, Hercules would have to find his own way to Olympus. I told him he'd have to become a hero. A proud smile spread across his face

If you could see my son you'd know. Even as a teenager; with two left feet and that gangling frame, he had the makings of a great hero in him. Not just because he was my son either....though that certainly helped a bit. He had the heart for it too. That's what a hero really is, a lot of heart. You don't need the strength of the Gods to do something truly heroic you know? Of course I couldn't tell him that, he had to find it out on his own.

even gods crumble

He stretches his arms above his head. [/s]

character basics

    [i]Bronte Is of Greek origin and means 'Thunder'.
    Donner Is also Thunder (sensing a theme here?) but also means 'fierce temper' which most of the Gods have if we're being honest.
    Ambros it has bro in it comes from Ambrosia or the nectar of the Gods. It also means Divine which is obviously fitting.


    RUSSELL CROWE -Last time I had Zeus I used Daniel Craig, and I love Daniel ( and especially his eyes ) I wanted to go for another feel, if that makes sense? Russell has a very kind face and a wide range of acting ability that I think really suits Zeus' personality. Basically he can pull off the wise / kind father figure that Disney portrayed in the movie, while also managing to be the King of the Gods and Thunderbolt wielding powerhouse from myth and legend.

(no explanation required)


    JUDGE - I knew originally that I wanted Bronte to do something law related. I considered making him the CEO of a company but I felt like that would be a little cliche. Instead I focused more on the idea that Zeus represents the natural order of things, of nature. Judge just seems appropriate.


    IMMORTALITY - He's a God so he is immortal and he doesn't age nor does he fall prey to disease. The only things that can hurt him are weapons made on Olympus, which brings me to the next point. He was injured before crossing the portal by one of Hephestus' weapons wielded by the darkness. As a result he is severely weakened on the san francisco side of the portal, and the wound is going to heal extremely slow ( it's still bleeding, though if he crossed more often it would probably heal faster )

    LIGHTNING - his lightning bolts were especially crafted by Hephestus and he unfortunately ran out of them but he can manage pretty decent without them. He's handled them for so long that his body holds a natural electric current and if he focuses enough he can channel this ( it wipes him tf out tho ). Honestly the most important thing to remember is that he can catch lightning from t he sky. Now, these bolts are very volatile and badly crafted so they last a few SECONDS at most. Meaning he has to catch and throw or risk it either fizzling out or exploding in his hands. He can do this to some extent in the real world, but it does char his hands a bit so he tries not to.

    WEATHER - the weather is tied to his emotions; he's upset/angry it rains, ect. Though the storms don't appear unnaturally fast or anything like that, so to anyone else it might just seem like it's raining if they don't know him.

    SHAPESHIFTING - Zeus is an A+ shapeshifter, though this ability did not cross with him into San Francisco. His favorite form is the eagle.

    CAN POSSESS HIS OWN IMAGE - as with his statue to speak to hercules, he can see/speak through his own image ( at least in the animated world anyway )

    GODS OF OLYMPUS - Zeus from Hercules is clearly not Zeus from mythology. I did try to give some wiggle room to other OC gods and goddesses who want to claim parentage from him, but I want to take a moment here to say that he's not a raging horndog ( things might happen IC later, but for his history and the time being, no. ) and grade A douche of a father. He is still connected to Olympus though, even if in this reality he didn't father 90% of it. This connection is through their divinity. Since he's King of the Gods I wanted him to have some sort of tether to the other Greek Gods, some way to feel/sense them. This connection allows him to know when another God or Goddess is nearby, and it makes him physically feel their death and intense pain. He basically suffers with them, and it's stronger when they're separated since it's kind of like a beacon/radar. For those that DO have his blood, this feeling is a lot more intense.


    DAD JOKES™ | Zeus as he's portrayed in Hercules canon is basically the stereotypical good dad. He's kind and wise, and faithful to his wife. He tells horrible jokes and likes puns, and he's prone to breaking out in thunderous laughter if he says something he thinks is even remotely funny. Basically he is the polar opposite of everything his mythological counterpart stood for. The Zeus known by the ancient Greeks was less the ideal father and more of the ideal man; he had power, he slept with whoever tf he wanted, and he did what he wished without worrying about the consequences. Most of Olympus is his offspring, and there was no one he butted heads with more than he did Hera. THAT BEING SAID; I did my best to work some of this mythology into his past, but not all of it. I want to get it out there right here and now that this Zeus will not be anything like mythology. I am playing him as true to the movie canon as I possibly can, and I will give wiggle room to anyone making any of the other Gods, but just- be aware of that before you go bemoaning how he's a horrible rapist with 10,000 kids who doesn't pay child support.



played by SAM

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