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 Puppy in Space, Open!
daemyn roscoe desoto
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 08:39 PM

FROM Oliver and Company





The way through the portal was different. Instead of nature, he was surrounded by technology… or least none open air. His nose could smell it. This place had not seen a whiff of that in ages. Which begged the question…. Where was he?

Dae now Desoto made his way from where the portal dropped the black and tan pooch and began exploring this new habitat. It was quiet and something about this place made the fur on this back stand to attention. So, the former attack dog made his way through, slowly and as quietly as a big dog like him could do, always alert as he made his way through the stale air.

When the flooring changed, to a tile like substance, so did the quiet. Instead of silence, his nails started tapping the flooring no matter how slow he was. It made him huff as he rounded the corner, only to see what could only be described as a larger moon, coming from outside a glass tunnel structure. It made the dog curious as he started to jog over, not caring about the silence for once. If he was going to make noise then he would get this part over with quickly. The combination of tile and movement, however, made the dog’s pads slip on the floor making Desoto fall onto his jaw and his body to spread out on the floor. It made him dazed for a second as he got up.

He did this slip and get up routine quite a few times, but he finally made it to the tunnel. Finally, he made it but not before slipping once more, finding himself hallway through the structure already. He was not amused by what had transpired at all but it was there on the floor when he realized that this stale-aired enclosure was in space and boy the look of wonder on that dog’s face. One could almost see his human face in its form, as he looked all over in amusement and wondering just how long this place had been here.
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