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A lover of AUs and a master of causing the feels, Wendy is always at the ready to offer love and support to her fellow members. Her posts are lovingly constructed, detailed, and every character speaks in their own voice; from the lovable Cadi to the villainous Cala. EDS wouldn't be the same without her, so go show her some love!





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 Shaking things up!, Katarina / Matias
katarina panthera caine
 Posted: Apr 5 2018, 07:12 PM

the dangers no stranger here.

  31 years old
  pumpkin (she/her)


After a long day, Kat was ready to close up for the evening and eager to get home and shower. Her once neat ponytail was now a mess of blonde hair as she finished up with the last of her clients. Talking to them about ways in which they could relieve the soreness from their muscles. Going over their next appointment and such as she watched them leave. Wiping her brow as she moved to get her water bottle from her backpack. Also grabbing the purple sweater that she often put on after a good workout as it helped keep out the chill from the sweat glistening on her frame. Hearing the fading chatter of another class ending as well as she took a moment to glance over at her colleague. It wasn't the first time that she had worked alongside Matias and she doubted that it would be last. Leaning against the nearest wall as she watched him finish up and nodding her head at some of the people heading off to their homes. Wishing she could do the same, but she had one last thing to do. A tedious job, but she supposed someone had to do it as sipped her bottle of water.

Licking her lips as her eyes wandered a little though she tried not to think too much about it. Dropping her gaze as she dug her phone out of her pocket. Checking it over to see about her scheduling within the next couple of days. Glad, she had taken tomorrow off as it allowed her to recover and have a day to herself. Including a cat nap most likely, something she had always loved in her days of being a leopard. It certainly had it's charm as she sighed contently before tossing her phone back gently into her bag. Taking a moment to glance around and figure out what she needed to do to make this run smoothly. Knowing she needed to wipe down the equipment they used first and foremost. Giving herself a moment to stretch before setting her bottle down and grabbing a cloth and antiseptic bottle. Listening to the liquid swish around as she started on her task of cleaning the equipment. Mostly just the places where there was leather as she started on the tedious but necessary job.

It was one of those times she was grateful for the leopard within her. Allowing her better endurance and stamina than that of a regular human. Yet, it did not mean she didn't get the aches and pains from overworking herself. Something she did from time to time, Kat was not known for taking it easy on herself. Even now she still had issues understanding the limits of this body compared to that of being a leopard. It had been a long recovery just learning how to function as a human, made even more difficult by her injuries sustained from the other side. A scar now resided over her heart where the spear had pierced, causing her lips to curl at the thought of that man. She didn't know what had happened to that boy since coming to the other side, but she supposed it was better that she didn't. Attempting to push the thoughts away as her sensitive ears picked up the last of the clientele taking their leave. Leaving herself and Matias to their own devices as she looked back up and over her shoulder.

"Need any help there? I'm just about finished with the equipment. Looked like a fun group this evening," she commented to Matias as she took a moment to regard him. Going back to the last of the equipment mainly the treadmill making sure the handlebars were wiped down as she tossed some of her hair behind her back. Glad that at least she had some quiet now and some good solid companionship as she went back to the task at hand.

{ matias inigo de tito | 656 | late night fun }
kookie @ shine
matias inigo de tito
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 11:35 AM

Hey man if this is torture, chain me to the wall..

  oliver and company
  32 years old
  pond ()


He felt like he could move forever. He could dance and spin and keep up the energy level in the room for hours and hours. Perhaps it was a bit insane, and a bit over the top, but there was nothing better. Even as a dog Matias found himself enjoying every moment of dancing and singing that he possibly could. There was simply something about New York that kept his groove going, even during the hardest times when they barely had scraps to eat. Worse came to worse, the gang still had one another, and that was something, right? That was enough to keep his hips bopping and his heart beating. Of course, food did a lot to help with that too- it meant he could move just a little more smoothly. Here in San Francisco, however, things were a bit more easy going. Matias never had to stress about food- Haven would make sure he was fed, even if he was low on money. And it was a lot easier to beg people for a few dollars when you were human versus a small chihuahua, that much he could most certainly confirm. Plus he could move, really move, in ways he had never imagined. His dancing was incredible.

Not all workouts were entirely focused on dancing, however. Sometimes there was a bit more punching, sometimes it was all about the legs. Matias was in charge of the zumba courses and getting them scheduled, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t involved in other areas. Besides, the more you worked out, the better you would look. With a final few punches to the air, the music died out and the class was over. ”Thank you, everyone! I hope you all have a great evening, and come back soon.” he spoke with a wink. The flirty air to the class always died down at this point, as if the only thing that kept them flirting was the mood of the music and dancing. Matias wasn’t too surprised- it was around this point that half of the women remembered they were married with kids. As much as he loved flirting, well, he wasn’t going to rip some family apart. That just wasn’t his style. Single ladies- and men- were his favorites to see. He bid farewell to a few others before picking up his water bottle and taking a sip from it. His heartbeat was still racing as he picked his shirt up off the ground and wiped his forehead with it- perhaps he’d take a relaxing bath tonight? His muscles were really starting to feel tight.

The task of closing up shop was honestly the worst part of the whole thing. They hired people to clean the floors, at least, but the equipment? That had to be done ‘by employees only’. Stupid, if you asked the chihuahua. As long as they were properly trained, what was the issue? He just wanted to get home and relax before the evening traffic in the area was awful. Unless he just walked home- which wasn’t an impossible task by any means, he just didn’t want to leave his car. The door shut behind the final few and he took another drink from the water bottle before looking at his blonde coworker. She was just as sweaty as he was- which certainly wasn’t surprising. They both worked hard with their classes, and that was something Matias liked to see. ”I’ve got it, no worries.” he smiled, ”They were great. Tuesday nights are always the best group.” he chuckled, ”How about your class?”

katarina panthera caine

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