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 Posted on: Jan 12 2018, 12:43 AM
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Sometimes, you had to do what you had to do. Today was certainly one of those days, where Nausicaa had been pushing herself too hard to get too much done. There were tests to do, paperwork to fill out, papers to write, and data to collect. There always was, really, but it wasn’t like it was too much to handle. Nausicaa was known for overdoing it and planning too much in a small amount of time. She was known for getting involved in almost everything she could, as long as it would benefit her education. With one degree already under her belt, and grad school underway, it was impressive she could manage much of anything else in any possible moments of spare time. Did she have any spare time at all? Honestly, it was hard to tell.

She couldn’t remember the last time she ate, not exactly, but she was certain it hadn’t been that long ago. Lunchtime, perhaps? There were always snacks in the lab as well (although they were hidden during inspections), so it wasn’t like she completely ignored her body. If she needed to use the restroom, she would go. If she was starving, she’d find a snack. And if she was tired, well, she’d need to find a place to rest.

There was, at the current moment, an issue with the fact that she was exhausted. Nausicaa had stayed up far too late the previous night, and was definitely in need of a good little nap. But the issue? She was in the middle of a test. A plant was being filmed under certain conditions, and across the room she had blood cells being impacted by a new medicine… So she couldn’t ignore it. She had to be ready to focus on her work and make sure everything was being done correctly- the only issue was she was so tired. If only the redhead had slept before instead of staying awake until 3 in the morning? But she had to finish up the paper since it was due at 9 am.. Oh well. Sooner or later she would make better choices, but today was not that day. Such was life, wasn’t it? At least she was learning and doing what truly made her happy.

Everything seemed fine, really, and nothing was going wrong with the tests. So Nausicaa made the decision- go get sleep. There were plenty of places to take a nap, but inside of the lab wasn’t one of them. Not only would someone looking in be worried, but there were other students doing work on things as well. So, she’d have to find somewhere else. And that would be one of the empty classrooms just down the hallway. Easy enough, right? Moving along, she opened the door to the first room, the lights turning on as she entered. It seemed empty, as far as she could tell. ”Hello?” she spoke, just to be sure, ”Anyone in here?” if so, they weren’t doing a very good job at making themselves easy to notice.

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