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Dec 15 2016, 09:28 PM
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<div class="mc">merry christmas! love, stace</div>
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Sep 25 2016, 07:32 PM
i have been watching a lot of five nights at fboys playthroughs sorry

this is a belated school absence update for you guys brought to you by stace!! so as many of you know i have been up to my throat in schoolwork these past few months. well i come bringing pretty good news!!

i'm coming down the home stretch in my classes. i have that big final project i'm working on and my news writing class, both which are going well. i'm also taking a critical thinking course that is going ok too. the critical thinking class will be done like the first week of october and i will need to take a test in that time period to get another 3 credits.

after that, my classes will end on the 24th. after that, i'll only have two tests to study for and take and i will be done!! the anticipated completion for officially applying for graduation is december 16th!! which means i will be DONE DONE DONE officially on that day.

until then i'll be pretty busy managing school, life, work, and wedding things so please continue to be patient with me as i freak out about deadlines and whine about not being able to post. i am really looking forward to coming back full force because i have SO MUCH muse it's not even funny.

thanks again everyone for your continued love. <3 i will be around but not very busy until at least the end of october. i hope things will lighten up significantly after that time.


- stace & her squad
Jul 17 2016, 08:39 PM
vacation - all i ever wanted. LITERALLY. .-. so as many of you fabulous lovelies know, things have not been very great in stace land. well, i mean, that's not true. i did just get engaged and have been having a great summer. but... school sucks. i hate it so much. as you all know in my other absence (see sweats nervously, 2.0) i briefly alluded to the fact that i was going on vacation. but since the whole school absence is a really long absence i thought i would just make you all aware of the actual absence i'm going to be taking while going on vacation!!!

so we're going to nc again which i'm super pumped about, mostly because it's my one break before i go through the hell of school i have waiting for me come august. but anyways. i have two final projects due this week that i MUST get done by friday in order to enjoy myself. i'll be gone from july 23 - 30 but i should have internet at the place we're staying so you may see me. if not it's probably because we will have like 0 service where we go. which is kind of nice. i really NEED this break and it's important that i take one because next semester is going to be actual hell. so... yeah! i'm vacationing! yay!

this effects me n my babes: woody, norman, alice, and vida <3 from JULY 23-30

love u babes. xoxox <3
May 8 2016, 08:54 PM
hello my loves. <3 so this is another one of those gr10 'i'm doing that school thing again' absences. not really an absence but sort of a 'hey this is why i'm not online i'm not ignoring you i'm just busy af.' so as you all know i school online and it's a continuous program which means i get no breaks basically. i can work at my own pace-- or i could-- but now my classes are scheduled into 12 week increments. i'm pushing very hard to be finished completely with my BA by october 31st which means i'm taking two 12 week classes and then i have two class-encompassing tests that will give me 3 credit hours from may - july. so basically i'm trying to tackle 12 credits in july and then i'll start it all over again with another class, two tests, and my final project, making another 12 credits august - october. so.... yeah.

on top of this i started my new job which is a dream come true but it is 40 hours a week and that's a lot. i know it's not a lot because a lot of you probably do school and work but it's a big adjustment trying to get up earlier and go to bed earlier so i'm trying. 8| i just want to let you all know this is why i haven't been around and perhaps might not be around as much as i normally am. i hope to adjust soon and get all this in check, but it's gonna be a busy summer. please remember me fondly as i attempt to be DONE DONE DONE with this stupid degree.

<3 love and hugs. this affects my bratpack: woods, norm, alice, joy, and vida. (and the in-progress hansel)
Dec 5 2015, 06:24 PM
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<img src="http://i.imgur.com/9JGlyN7.gif">
<h1>alice r. kingsleigh</h1>
<h2>alice in wonderland - 23 - intern</h2>

<div class="text"><div class="inside">
hi folks and welcome to my plotter! <3 first up on my character list is miss <b>alice rhiannon kingsleigh</b>. if you haven't guessed already, she is <i>alice</i> from <b>alice in wonderland</b>! here's some basics about her: she's <i>twenty-three</i> years old and has been across the portal for about <i>eighteen</i> months now. her very curious story ends at the end of her animated movie. she was running from the queen of hearts and her servant cards when she tumbled through the previously locked door with a face and right into san fransisco on the bridge. because of the force of her pushing against the door to get away from the queen, she stumbled very hard when coming through the portal and actually fell and hit her head on the concrete rather hard. because of this she ended up in the hospital and eventually with a therapist who she sees on a weekly basis to help her with the reoccurring wonderland dreams she has nightly. right now job-wise, alice is currently pursuing business classes at the local university and is an intern/assistant at levina reine's (queen of hearts, ironically) fashion studio. yes, it's very devil wears prada. no, she doesn't love it. x3 in this world, you'll find that alice has grown up quite a bit in personality. overall, she's a rather <b>quiet</b> girl in contrast to the boisterous, manner-pushing little tyrant she was as a little girl, although she finds herself very much just as <b>headstrong</b> as she was before. she just likes to think she has a bit more couth than she was before. however, if you get her riled up, she's certain to tell you off just as she would've as a child. alice still keeps her sense of <b>imagination</B> and enjoys thinking up the many impossible things she might accomplish that day, and can really come off as a <b>dreamer</b> when she wants to be. her head can be found in the clouds perhaps a bit too often, but she's often thinking up great ideas to implement later in business or in life. hit her up with lots of plots <3! </P>

friends ❥ are an interesting topic for alice. on the one hand, she very much enjoys people and loves a good party, but on the other, she's kind of like an old book. You have to open her up to get to the good stuff. she might be inclined to come off on the quieter side or disinterested in what's going on around her, but I have a feeling that once engaged, she's quite the chatty cathy. she could make friends easily, or she couldn't. i think it all depends on the person. <p>

enemies ❥ these are certainly a possibility. while alice might come off initially as reserved, she's quite adamant about the things that she believes in. she's very emphatic in arguments and has the tendency not to rest until she gets her way when things aren't going so. it's very possible that she could rub people the wrong way with her attitude or her constant need to prove others wrong when she thinks she's right, or they might not enjoy the fact that she's a little on the "unique" side, as you would put it (being so certain that wonerland <i>does</i> exist and isn't just a dream). <p>

lovers ❥ lovers were never really an idea for alice. she's a flighty little thing who has a very childish worldview on life. she's just now starting to realize that she did <i>not</i> dream up wonderland, and now that she has found her hatter again, she is quite content with him. so this is closed <3. <p>

anything else ❥ i'm totally open to any and all options, so please, if you have a plot that doesn't fit into this category, share it with me! let's connect!! <3 c:

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<img src="http://i.imgur.com/HUJdxo2.gif">
<h1>vida t. themis</h1>
<h2>life - 23 - nurse</h2>
<div class="text"><div class="inside">
hello! my other sweet blonde baby is <b>vida tansy themis</b>. this little darling is the actual embodiment of <i>life</i> and is an <b>animated original</b>! here's some basics about her: she's <i>twenty-four</i> years old and has been across the portal for about <i>two and a half</i> years now. she hails from the world of death and darkness, where time, light, fate, darkness, death, and life all have their own entities that help the natural flow of the universe exist. in her world, her existence was primarily for the sole purpose of creating and welcoming new life into the world around her. the darkness struck her world and she (and the others she presumes) was forced through the portal to survive, as her plane of existence was being taken over. since then, she's carved out a nice little niche of life for herself in san fransisco. she works as a nurse/assistant in the labor and delivery portion of the local hospital's maternity ward. this is particularly great for her, because she, as life, still has to <b>welcome new life</b> into the earth. she does this telepathically now, and it constantly keeps her brain on the move. she also loves this because she's allowed to (in moderation) use her gifts of healing, and very seldom, resurrection. personality-wise, vida is an overall <b>optimistic</b> and <b>bubbly</b> girl who loves to have a good time. she can come off a little <b>hesitant</b> to break the rules at first, but once you get past her very <b>matter-of-fact</B> personality, her confidence and sweet soul is bound to show through. she can be a bit of a <b>stickler</b> for the rules, but she's fairly easily persuaded if you win her over. she's open and excited to meet lots of new people, so hit her up with lots of plots <3! <p>

friends ❥ are something that i think could come easy to vida. as life, she's naturally very interested in other people and truly cares about them and their well-being. she's sweet and friendly and doesn't mind welcoming in people from all walks of life. she really enjoys a good laugh and can occasionally come off a bit sarcastic, but other than that, she's fairly easygoing and easy to get along with. <p>

enemies ❥ the darkness? evil people, i can easily see. v's never been fond of people that are up to no good in an unhealthy way. she doesn't mind a little bit of adventure, but she's certainly not one for criminals and thugs. anyone that's pointedly rude or unkind would probably fit into this category as well. the only other thing i could think of is perhaps people who would want to use her for her powers. having the ability to rebirth life isn't exactly the most common gift out there... <p>

lovers ❥ vida likes boys. she thinks they're hella cute and she's always getting googly eyes for boys. but vida secretly has her heart set on a certain pizza-obsessed <i>deadly</i> handsome entity. the long-term plot for love is finalized, but i wouldn't mind seeing her flirt with others and have silly crushes. <3 <p>

anything else ❥ i'm totally open to any and all options, so please, if you have a plot that doesn't fit into this category, share it with me! let's connect!! <3 c:

<div class="box" style="background: #c72337;">
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<img src="http://i.imgur.com/G3zPawE.gif">
<h1>elwood s. ranger</h1>
<h2>toy story - 40 - undersheriff</h2>

<div class="text"><div class="inside">
finally, a boy! a boy a boy! so this here is my little drama bomb <b>elwood stetson ranger</b>. this little cowboy of mine is none other than everyone's favorite sheriff, <i>woody</i> from the <b>toy story</b> movies! here's some basics about him: he's <i>thirty-seven</i> years old and has been across the portal for about <i>eight or so</i> years now. his story is a pretty long one, being that he used to be andy davis' toy sheriff, a floppy armed cowboy with a bit of a superiority complex and a knack for leading people. once a hand-me-down, woody found out he (or his cowboy dolls) was actually a star in a tv show star quite a while ago in the world he was from, but had no memory of that life. mostly he just remembers being andy's mom's toy and andy's by heritage. his story cuts off between toy story 2 and 3 when andy was just starting to grow up a little bit. the darkness rolled in and the toys were forced to evacuate their little down in search of safety. woody let his group for a long time until they got split up in a fog and he's been lost ever since. after finding the portal, he crossed over and adapted, finding refuge in haven hill before setting abroad to search for his friends. after traveling for about a year or two in other states he decided to come back to san fransisco, establishing a more permanent residency. however, after falling into depression, woody decided to move out of the city. he bought a ranch on the outskirts of san fransisco (about thirty minutes away) and has been living there ever since. currently, he's working as a police officer for the san fransisco pd, but he's also a rancher-- he boards and rescues horses on his little farm and gives lessons in his free time. surprisingly enough, woody's kind of mellowed out over the yeras. call it age, call it wearing down, but he's not quite as hyper as he used to be. in fact, though woody is a natural born <b>leader</b>, he's definitely tried to reign in his more controlling side. however, he still does love for all eyes to be on him. he loves <b>attention</b> and getting credit and flourishes when he knows he's <b>in-charge</b>. he can be <b>selfish</B>, but he's extremely <b>loyal</b> and <b>protective</b> of those he loves. not to mention, he's pretty <b>brave</b>. he's a lonely lost toy and needs lots of plots so hit him up <3! <p>

friends ❥ are pretty easy for woody to come along. he's a pretty affable guy-- he has to be, being a lawman and a sheriff-- it comes with the territory. he's really good at schmoozing with people and socializing comes pretty naturally. plus, he has the tendency to "dad" people in the sense that he's really good at herding people and taking them under his wing. he's a great friend to have if you want a protector and someone that will stand up for you, and i could see him making friends with people easily. <p>

enemies ❥ honestly, just as easy to come by. for every bit of good there is in woody there's a lot of bad. he's really selfish and vindictive (although he's tried to tone it down) and if there's someone in his way that he's really jealous of, there's a chance he'll stomp all over them to get what he wants. he can also be really sassy and rude when he wants. so yeah, it's very possible you could hate him too. <p>

lovers ❥ this is a weird section for woody. he was very much in love with bo peep in his animated form, but he lost her many years ago and since then his heart hasn't really ever found anyone new. i don't know, he's very much a lost toy. he's definitely going to end up with a beautiful egyptian goddess down the road but i'm tentatively open to flirts/that kind of stuff before hand. tbh tho he's pretty smitten by her already <p>

anything else ❥ i'm totally open to any and all options, so please, if you have a plot that doesn't fit into this category, share it with me! let's connect!! <3 c:

<div class="box" style="background: #c6d560;">
<div class="shift"></div>

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/nwJcp3V.gif">
<h1>norman b. babcock</h1>
<h2>paranorman - 24 - parapsychologist</h2>

<div class="text"><div class="inside">
next is my new tiny awkward baby, another boy named <b>norman bram babcock</b>. this tiny pumpkin is none other than the ghost talking fool, <i>norman</i> from the movie <b>paranorman</b>! here's some basics about him: he's <i>twenty-four</i> years old and has been across the portal for about <i>four</i> years now. his movie is rather peculiar. he's the only boy in the entire town of blithe hollow (and maybe his world) that can see and talk to ghosts. It's a power that's been passed down through his family but no one else in his family gets in. in fact, they think that the only other person who's claimed to talk to ghosts is crazy. anyways, norman's story is cut off rather tragically at the point of possible return for agatha prenderghast. she was just about to see reason and he was just about to save her when the darkness split them apart, and he found himself battered, bruised, and running from the evil creatures. after running for quite a while, norm passed out and was carried to one of the portal's locations by a traveling band of resistance members. they allowed him to cross the portal and establish residency here, and he's been going to school ever since. recently, he just got a job working for jet nightshade, a dream psychiatrist, but on the side he uses his psychology/parapsychology to consult people who've seen ghosts/have paranormal experiences. sometimes, he even blogs about his ghost hunting, which he also does frequently because he likes to help troubled ghosts cross to the other side. yes, this means he can <i>see ghosts</i> and gets <i>occasional premonitions</i> about people. you could say he's a bit of a night owl. though norm's grown a lot since he crossed the portal as an eleven year old boy, he's still pretty <b>shy</b> around people, preferring to keep to himself most days. his job has him talking to people but he tends to be very clinical, although he's quite <b>compassionate</b> towards others. he was bullied a lot as an eleven year old so he's still a little <b>broken</b> from that and doesn't take kindly to bullies, but overall, he's fairly <b>kind</b>. it takes a little bit to open him up, but once you do he's an interesting find. plot with him because he needs lots of love and hugs! <3<p>

friends ❥ can be a bit iffy for norman. like i said, he's pretty shy. he has been all his life because he's been bullied for being different in blithe hollow, and apparently the people there aren't very kind. he was just starting to open up to neil when he lost him to the portal, so chances are it's gonna take him a little while to befriend you. but if you can get him to talk and you can earn his trust, chances are he'll be an extremely loyal friend. i can see lots of spookies here too, because he can still see ghosts and talk to them/kind of sense when he's around a spooky.<p>

enemies ❥ bullies. man, norman hates bullies. in fact, he almost succumbed to the frustrations and hurt bullies put on him many times and a lot of times almost lashed out towards others. this is part of the reason why he's not so sociable. but yeah, bullies are a big no. also people that just kind of rub him the wrong way? touch and go, man. <p>

lovers ❥ oh man, love. what is love to an eleven year old boy? honestly, he didn't experience a lot of this as a kid. his family loved him, yes, but love from outside sources was kind of hard to come by. he still has a lot of his eleven year old mentality about him, but he has always been very wise for his age. he does have something potentially in the works down the road, but we can chat about things <3. <p>

anything else ❥ i'm totally open to any and all options, so please, if you have a plot that doesn't fit into this category, share it with me! let's connect!! <3 c:<p>

</div><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=8549"><span style="font: bold 8px/20px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center;">BY MITZI</span></a>

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