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cause emaline, don't walk in time,
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that we've learnt our lesson, but i,
don't wanna walk away from emaline.
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Aug 16 2017, 06:46 PM
hey there EDS pals!

'tis that time of year, when loor packs up the cat and hauls ass all the way up to rhode island, USA for a week! this vacation is especially well-timed as my work environment has been hellish recently. i reeeeeally need this break to detach from responsibilities and constant screens.

i also need to write my statement of purpose and finalize my list of graduate programs for the application process, which is fast encroaching. it'll be a semi-working vacation. but my friend is coming to visit for most of the week!! we're gonna kayak and swim in the ocean and tan and get loaded and EAT EAT EAT. i'll probably post a cute pic or smth.

anywho, i apologize for my burst-like activity recently. i'm hoping that i'll feel refreshed and renewed after this beach week and have more energy to get back to regular posting. thanks for bearing with me!! as always, you can reach me via skype or PM if necessary~

think of me, sippin ciders on the shore livin dat sweet sweet beach bum lifestyle

Jul 18 2017, 11:25 AM
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Tendrils of smoke bloomed up through the darkness, spinning and expanding as they rose. The woman wiggled her wrist, waving the sage along the edge of the doorway, humming low to herself and breathing deep as she moved through the small vestibule. Each corner received a meaningful waft of burning herb, warding away evil spirits from every nook and cranny. Upon the tables and shelves, three dozen candles burned, illuminating the dark space with an intimate hue of tangerine. Counting the beats of her inhale and exhale, the medium entered a tranquil and automatic meditation, cleansing the negative thoughts from her conscious. <i>Only the cards, nothing more. You are a safe conduit. You are capable. You are good.</i> <p>

She reiterated self-affirming mantras inwardly, finishing her protective spell and extinguishing the crackling bundle in an antique metal dish. The chamber was hazy, thick with energy and smoldering incense. Cones of beamed red sandalwood towards the ceiling, casting additional protection around the round table in the center. Worn blue velvet concealed the wooden surface, a pack of tarot cards placed precisely in the middle. Emaline's discerning eye darted about, scanning for minuscule signals. Nothing appeared awry. Sliding to the table, the woman put a finger to the china teacup in front of the cardinal seer's throne. Still warm. While she needn't fret over her abilities to interpret the cards (Marnie had them memorized for several years now), she did worry about her focus. Accessing the hidden realm left her vulnerable. Whenever she sensed another presence, a sip of jasmine tea bolstered her walls. It was vital she hold those sinister forces at bay while dealing with customers. <p>

Wind chimes hanging above the entrance jingled in their idiosyncratic dance. Spine straightening in alert, Marnie opened and closed her palms, envisioning a suit of armor. It wasn't only the spirits that scared her. Even though her satisfied customers outweighed the fussy few, the blonde couldn't escape self-deprecation. Every new reading was a frightening test. Sighing out the jitters through sheer, stubborn will, Emaline drew back the tapestry-door that separated the private reading area from the rest of the new age store. She walked to the counter where an individual looked to be waiting. Swallowing one final lump of hesitation, she raised a hand in a discreet gesture of greeting. <b>"Hello,"</b> she called breezily. <b>"Are you here for the two o'clock reading?"</b> She asked, her voice soft. Emaline had played the cards for nearly every type of person; the skeptics, the religious-level addicts, the lost, the curious. She wondered absently what her client sought out of the experience. Would it be simple entertainment, or deeper intent? Marnie stared kindly at the stranger, hoping for a straightforward appointment. After all, skeptics were the hardest.

</div><div class="forever-title">when the unknown will surround you</div><div class="forever-title2"><i class="fa fa-comment"></i>

open! outfit to come when i have time ~

</div></div></div></div><div style="width: 400px; font-family: arial; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; font-size: 7px;"><a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=145">&copy; lauz</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Feb 15 2017, 01:53 PM

really tho guys can i get some help with that question bc who is she
....who is she

ok i'll stop trying to do a twist on an A+ meme.

i'm sure a lot of u are like ??? who is she actually tho bc when is she ever here and when does she ever post lol

i know. i'm garbage and it's just a fact. every time i open the site i immediately feel exhausted. my energy hasn't really been up to standard since before the beginning of 2017. i am bombarded by news headlines every day that make my nervous system scream 'the end is nigh why don't u learn some /actual/ survival skills instead of just watching TWD'. it's depressing and makes me feel guilty and awful. my life is in shambles work-wise too, as my immediate boss is leaving at the end of the month. i'll basically be holding down the office on my own until a replacement is found. and i'm also trying to relearn all of high school math by april 8, because i'm taking the GRE. hahaaaaaa. fuck you, higher education.

so i've got a big standardized test looming (but it's not 100% bad because i'm getting excited about applying to programs!!!), my work schedule/situation is bananas, i'm constantly drained, and i also learned of some abnormal medical results recently. don't worry, i'm going to be okay, but it amplifies all the crap that i've been churning through.

oh yeah, and my "boyfriend" was cheating on me and the discovery of that wasn't as heartbreaking as it was disturbing (bc 'trusting my sense of judgment' things). but it's also something i'm processing. so combining everything into this big pot of Loor's Brain® makes for a demotivated, slow-moving, uncommunicative presentation. sorry bout that. sorry for being very anti-social and slow. EDS is one of those things that slips off the proverbial plate when it's close to full.

it's not all doom and gloom: my friend is coming to visit this weekend and i'm... working towards something. thinking about writing a novel (lol ok calm down bitch). and i'm not as terrorized by the cauldron of mysterious goop that is 'modern america in your 20s'. SO there's a silver lining. i've just gotta focus on keeping it there. hopefully my engagement will pick back up in april, when i've taken the test and i have a better idea of what's going on with my life.

THANX ALL. /sends u kisses

Nov 11 2016, 09:50 AM
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<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=4893"><div class="monster"></div></a><p>

<i>[Is that... The real Elvis?]</i><p>
October brought anxiety. In the store fronts, in the minds of children, and on the TV screens, ghostly images abounded. Society collectively delved into the darker reaches of their imaginations, spooking one another with eerie tales of the unexplained. Monsters under the bed. Shadows crawling out of dark alleys. Mysterious winds blowing through creaking tree limbs. The first time she experienced Halloween in the health ward, Emaline went into a comatose state for a week. She saw costumes outside her window. Half of them were regular people in the midst of revelry, yet there were spectres drifting in the empty spaces. Incapable of discerning the real from the mystic, the woman assumed she had lost all touch with the living world. Panic had her pounding at the walls and clawing at her skin until it was swollen and bruised. <p>

Following a capacious desensitization process, Marnie managed her second year with coping mechanisms. It wasn't until year four that she was able to leave her apartment on October thirty-first. The entire month was a preparation for the fateful eve. Despite her fretful nerves and poor courage, the medium had grown tired. Constant anxiety depleted her ability to execute basic functions. Emaline was impatient. She didn't wish to spend the remainder of her second life cordoned in a locked room for one month out of twelve. <p>

Doctor Kormani always said that fears can be conquered with a tiny drop of courage. Emaline hated the advice at the time, but (as with much of the tactics she learned in treatment) it carried truth. <i>Do the opposite of what you feel.</i> She could hear his level tone in her mind as she meandered down the street, passing all manner of vendors. The city held a variety of Halloween fairs and events throughout the month. Union Square had morphed into a festival of autumn-themed food, drink, and entertainment. Marnie took another bite of her sticky caramel apple, licking her lips as the sugar melted on her tongue. So far the evening was alright. She smiled at children playing a game involving smashing pumpkins against a bullseye. <p>

Pausing by a kettle corn stand, Emaline finished the last few nibbles of her treat and tossed it into a garbage can. Licking her fingers childishly, a flash of reflected light caught her eye. In the middle of the path, a white-suited Elvis danced alone to the peppy music floating across the loudspeakers. Intrigued, she smiled as he gyrated his hips - it was a near perfect recreation. He twisted around to face her. Marnie's heartbeat picked up. He looked identical to the King himself. She sucked in air, gaping. Could it really be? Impulsive nature taking over, she clomped over to the figure. <b>"Elvis Presley?!"</b> She almost shrieked. A few passerby glanced at her momentarily, their faces contorting in confusion. Emaline was oblivious. <b>"I love your music, I grew up with your voice on the radio,"</b> she blurted quickly. For some reason, he was hardly looking at her. Her eyebrows furrowed. <b>"You know..."</b><p>

Marnie cleared her throat and began to sing to the identical imposter before her. <i><b>"We can't go on together with suspicious minds..."</b></i> He still seemed to be staring through her. Suddenly doubtful of his presence, Emaline started to wring her hands together, her singing trailing off. <i><b>"....and we can't build our dreams on suspicious minds</i>...Hello?"</b> He smirked and walked towards her, his face inching closer and closer to hers. Just when her breath hitched in her chest (was he trying to kiss her?) his face faded into fog. A pressure rushed through her skin and Emaline gasped. She whirled around. Elvis was walking away behind her. Did he walk... <i>through</i> her? Marnie's bottom lip quivered. Just as she was about to run headfirst after the strange vision, he turned back to her and gave the classic Elvis Presley wave. Speechless, she watched, stunned, as the figure faded away into the crowd. The blonde stood, dumbstruck and still in the midst of the crowd.

<center>emilia catrina la amada • 671 • <a href="http://www.polyvore.com/suspicious_minds/set?id=210963895">outfit</a></center>
Sep 25 2016, 10:50 AM
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Morning cut through the gap in her curtains, sharp and warm. Dust danced in the sliver of sunlight, shifting closer to the woman's pillow as the minutes crept by. Upon waking she felt disconcerted; she was immediately struck with the feeling that something was not right. Face contorting at reality's abrupt descent, she groaned and rolled over. The old-fashioned alarm clock by her bed read seven thirty on the dot. The alarm wouldn't ring for five more minutes. It was hardly a prospect for which she'd lie patiently waiting. With a dramatic sigh, she let her arms flop over the covers. Absently she played with the blanched light striping her comforter. A hushed sentence whispered sharply in the cavern of her ear. Spine tingling, she shot up out of bed. Marnie couldn't help a pitiful whine as she hurried to the bathroom. <i>Remember your routine, remember to use breathing tricks.</i><p>

An hour later, the woman unlocked and opened the new-age shop in Haight-Ashbury. For that particular Tuesday, her boss had selected an instrumental CD with wind chime effects. Though the themed white noise made some customers snicker, Emaline enjoyed the lack of lyrics. It was easier to tune out and much better for her moments of serious meditation. The sick sensation still lingered in her gut. Today would be difficult. Slinging her tattered bag behind the counter, the blonde hummed a commercial jingle as she examined the note posed on the glass surface. <i>'Em - shipment of books and incense in the closet. See you in a bit.'</i> Thank goodness there was a task waiting. The owner was never far from her place of business, yet Marnie's store clerk position could become monotonous when the medium was flying solo. Having product to stock would keep her scrambled brain on track.<p>

Throwing her mane into a sloppy up-do, Emaline walked into the small storage closet behind the register. The cardboard boxes were still unopened, secured tightly with shiny packing tape and address labels. She lifted the first and heaved it out to the petite library section. With a moment's pause, Marnie moved to the heavy wooden entrance and swung it open. Autumn breeze filtered into the incense-flavored air as she secured the opening with a doorjamb. Breathing deep the fresh air, Emaline lit a few cones of sandalwood and rubbed her lapis rings for protection and focus. Perhaps the dreadful anticipation she felt was nothing more than paranoia. It'd happened before. Her mind was not as easy to dissect as the psychiatrists and doctors believed, but there was some manner of truth to their diagnoses of psychosis. Mingling with the supernatural visions and whispers, a hyperactive fight-or-flight response dwelled at the ready. Some days she was scared to exist. Despite little evidence to support her conclusion, she knew an impending force was lingering at her back. <p>

<i><b>"Well I go to the river to soothe my mind,
to ponder over the crazy days of my life
just sit and watch the river flow..."</b></i><p>

Marnie loved to sing, and her voice was not half-bad. Anticipating a whistle from the teapot, she kept her conscious occupied with music. Wind chimes tingled against the doorframe. <i>A customer? Something wicked this way comes?</i> She swallowed and pushed the box of new literature flush against the bookcase. Putting on a shy smile of hesitant welcome, her pale face poked around the corner. <b>"Good morning,"</b> she called softly. <b>"Please let me know if you'd like help finding anything."</b> The offer was delicate, unobtrusive. In a state of fretfulness, Emaline was not in the mood to play the aggressive salesperson. She left the offer on the table and tucked back out of sight, examining the contents of her cardboard assignment.

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open! \\ <a href="http://www.polyvore.com/go_to_river/set?id=208588675">outfit</a> \\ new age stuff~*~</div></td></tr></table></div>

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