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She would not show that she was afraid,
But being and feeling alone was too much to face,
Though everyone said that she was so strong,
What they didn't know is that she could barely carry on,
But she knew that she would be okay,
So she didn't let it get in her way,
Sometimes it all gets a little too much,
But you gotta realize that soon the fog will clear up,
And you don't have to be afraid, because we're all the same,
And we know that sometimes it all gets a little too much,
She would always tell herself she could do this
She would use no help it would be just fine
But when it got hard she would lose her focus
So take my hand and we'll be alright
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CANON: star spirit
QUOTE: she would not show that she was afraid.
AGE: 22
ALIAS: allie
MOVIE: animated original
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SEXUALITY: pansexual
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Apr 22 2017, 10:16 PM
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<div style="font-family:playfair display; font-size:48px; letter-spacing:-4px; color: #513C63;"> all of these stars </div>
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<div class="starbab">
She'd screwed up. Maia knew she had the minute she stepped through the portal. The timing had already been off before she'd crossed the bridge; it was instinct more than observation that had informed her of the fact. The panic constricting her lungs had overridden the warning bells as her feet had carried her at a near-run across the bridge between worlds to the portal that would transport her back to the animated world. If she had been thinking clearly she would have paused, calculated, waited. Though she couldn't claim she'd been to every world the portal opened up into, months of meticulous observation had narrowed down the handful of places she felt safe enough to cross into on her own. And it was always on her own that she went to the animated world. Too few people knew her secret, knew she was a star, for her to feel comfortable crossing with anyone. There, it was impossible for her glow to be hidden. There, her true nature was a beacon to the beasts that lurked in the darkness. Whether those beasts were real or her own demons come to taunt her, wasn't always clear.
The animated world was less a refuge than a memorial of sorts for her. Generally, she only crossed for two reasons: to remind herself of what she had lost, what she'd given up to survive, and to hide away from the world in order to release the emotions she kept bottled up without hurting anyone. Setting the psycho babble aside, her emotions posed a physical risk to those around her. The heat she could generate when she was upset could do far more than burn, though she had yet let it ever get to that point before she'd actually harmed someone. Radiation poisoning, blindness, heat stroke were just a few of the ways someone could intentionally get hurt being near her if she lost control. It was more than enough of a reason to keep her distance from others on a good day. The last thing she ever wanted to do was hurt someone. Living with her own potential was hard enough; imagining what could happen if she wasn't careful was enough to make her nauseous all on its own. Enough guilt tied up her insides like a tangled length of barbed wire that adding to that list was not something she was willing to do. She kept a tight grip on her emotions, good or bad, to avoid it.
When it all became too much, when she couldn't hold them back anymore, she ran to the other side of the portal. There, at least, were few that she could harm. If she came across anyone at all. Her favored place, the only place she had calculated the exact time the portal open up to, was the forested world. For all intents and purposes, the forest was empty enough of bystanders and open enough to see the stars that she could wander among the trees for as long as she needed to release the build up of feelings that threatened to overwhelm her and slip out of her control. It wasn't often these days that she needed such a place but today... today, she had and she had let her twisted up self get the better of her. Caution had been thrown out the window in the wake of the panic attack that had sent her hurtling toward the portal as if her life depended on it.
<i>A mistake.</i>
The timing had only been off the tiniest increment but the minute she had found herself on the other side of the portal, the thick soles of her shoes clanging against the metal grating of the floor, her heart had dropped in fear. Recognition made her blood buzz in confusion. It was a ship -- a spaceship -- or she thought it was. The floor, ceiling, paneling along the walls were not dissimilar to the ship she had found herself aboard when her spirit had first fused with the girls. All was quiet around her save for the moaning and creaking of the vessel. With hesitant steps she began to move down the narrow corridor, utility lights glowing green from their sockets set in intervals. Silver-blue eyes roved over her surroundings, accounting details and calculating even as she struggled to breathe normally. Passing closed doors with panels of controls backlit by whatever power source kept the ship working. Coming to the end of the corridor showed another door just like them and Maia stared at the control panel a moment, worrying her bottom lip in indecision. She breathed in deep and hit the button labeled 'open' and winced as the door whined and slid into the wall. Ducking into the space beyond, her heart stopped.
Before her was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. Three-fourths of the circular room was taken up by a large glass window that swelled in a convex. The metal framework that shaped the rhombic panels did not lessen the view and it was what was beyond the window that caught Maia's breath and stole it completely away. Home was her first thought as she moved towards it. Hot tears spilled onto her cheeks as she pressed a hand to the freezing glass. Even so, she didn't blink, unable to break her gaze from the sea of stars that spread out before her. Her heart pressed against her ribcage as if it felt how close the galaxy was. The inches of glass between her and the galaxy was almost cruel for even if it hadn't been there she wouldn't have been able to join the stars that winked at her. A sound that was somewhere between a sob and a laugh gurgled from the back of her throat as she leaned forward to press her forehead against the glass. A blessing or a curse or a little of both, was what ran through her mind as her eyes slipped closed.


<div style="width:390px; height:40px; border: 5px solid #513C63; background-color:#fff; margin-top:10px; box-shadow: 2px 2px 1px #333131; font-family: abel; font-size:12px; line-height:15px; color:#444; text-align: center; -webkit-border-radius:100px; -moz-border-radius:100px; -o-border-radius:100px;"><br>open! &nbsp;&nbsp; \ &nbsp; &nbsp 1005 <i>words</i> &nbsp;&nbsp; \ &nbsp;&nbsp; <i>notes:</i> poor starbby needs a friend ;n;
<div style="width:400px; font-family:arial; font-size:10px; line-height:10px; text-align:right;"> </div>

Jan 22 2017, 07:56 PM

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<img src="http://24.media.tumblr.com/0e8910a37d1f05170d41dcdf73747681/tumblr_mket6m2t2r1qjm58po1_500.gif" style="width:250px; height:auto;">
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This request is for my animated star spirit oc. Maia is the spirit of the star Maia of the Pleiades constellation. You can read her app here. In a nutshell, when the darkness swept through her little part of the galaxy, her star cluster broke apart. In running from it, she attached herself to the soul of a human girl on a passing ship. Unfortunately, in the chaos, she didn't see what happened to her siblings and was too afraid in the aftermath to question much about what was going on. She blames herself from breaking apart the cluster in her fear and carries a lot of guilt over it, certain that her siblings didn't make it. Learning to be human, or mostly, has been a trial all on her own and adjusting to socializing with others outside of her siblings even more so.
She misses her family a lot and I, of course, would love to see more stars around. This is a pretty general request in that there's a lot of freedom! Ages, faces, genders are all open as the other stars would have had to accept closest human. I encourage you to read her app and also Sam's for Cyrus Helios (the spirit of Mercury) as they are both from the same world to kind of get a feel for how it works. I have some ideas and I want to hear yours if you're interested in taking one on, so please talk to me!
The sibling stars, for the purposes of this want, are: Alcyone, Electra, Taygeta, Merope, Celaeno, and Sterope.


Jun 28 2016, 09:37 PM
I wasn't going to post this yet but yeesh where has the time gone?? This is not necessarily an absence but a "pls have patience with me" type thing (or partially anyway). SO LIKE HEY IT'S A HOLIDAY WEEKEND AND I FORGOT? Go me. Normally, this would generally mean me clinging to the site for dear life and whining about retail work. Except that my extended family decided an almost-spur-of-the-moment jaunt to Alabama was an excellent idea >.> I had a plan, guys, and now that plan is useless 8I

I haven't really talked about this much, but my sister and her boyfriend are basically living here as some complications arising from what I'll call "the incident" a few months ago cost my sister her job, which made the house she was renting no longer affordable, la la la, lots of drama later, she moved back in with new boyfriend in tow. This has not been quite as taxing as I anticipated and they are not the problem. The problem is that there are five of us currently taking up the bedrooms of my parents house, with my grandparents and possibly an uncle and cousin coming to stay. For. A. Week. There will be no where to go where I won't be tripping over people for a whole seven days. That is, the07/02-07/09. Save me. I won't say I won't be around because, let's face it, this place keeps me sane. Unfortunately, I will be required to socialize when I am not at work and there is probably no escaping the lengthy dominoes games and /sob

Once that hell is over, I'll only be a few days out from leaving the country. Again, I'll probably be around procrastinating and panicking about multiple things. But I will be leaving for jolly old England on the evening of the 14th. While I will have wifi some of the time (and the ability to text anyone on a sprint plan for free), I won't really be able to be around except at night?? And, with recent events, I kind of am looking forward to the disconnect. I'm pretty much going by myself and will be by myself for the majority of the trip. It's been a really long time since I've had to rely solely on myself for company and survival and I think this will be good for me?? At the risk of bringing out the cheese hardcore, I'm kind of hoping to do some soul searching and make some hard decisions I've been putting off for way too long while seeing a bit of the world. That isn't to say there won't be hella pictures and sporadic instas/snaps because there likely will be. Just...I might not respond to messages <.< (And maybe by the time christmas comes around, I'll actually have both disney and the uk edited and uploaded to my satisfaction, har har har). Anyway, from 07/14-07/24 consider me incommunicado in regards to emergencies. (You can pm/im me probably and I'll see it at some point.)

When I return from my jaunt across the pond, barring jet lag and what not, I'll be around a bit for, like, a week? BUT Mom's supposed to be having surgery in that time and iunno man, we'll see. Then the whole first week of August I'll be freaking the heck out about Regional Barista Championships because they will be weekend of the 6th and the 7th...in New Orleans 8)) Work is flying me there and what not but since I don't really have much information about what goes on at this point, I don't know how much I'll be around until after it is over. Moreover, since I effed up my hand, I've been learning to pour with my other one and that's been fun (oddly enough, I've discovered that I'm actually much better at pouring with my left, so that's cool). BUT LOADS OF STRESS BECAUSE WAAAAH PRESSURE. Annnnd then school starts again for me on the 18th of August and my genius self thought "hey, why not try to squeeze in three classs in a 7wk period this time??" But they're mostly fun writing classes for that session so I think it will be fine >.> lbr, I'll be using my kids bc who doesn't want fiction about animated characters, right? ...right? <.<

In all my spare days, the *new* plan is to save the kids so I'm not planning on missing the ac in the leassssst. Let's just call this a precaution because whoa, I did not consider all the things. Anyway, yeah, I'm gonna be really stretched thin probs for the next millenia month or so, pleaaaase bear with me.

This affects: Roman Graciano, Ali Barakat, Maia Hadyn, Deacon Arsenault, Georgia Maitland, Tallulah Dagney, and Calix Brenhin. and Cameron, once he's finished


-Allie <3
May 11 2016, 04:19 PM
ϟ Diagon Alley? What will you buy?

[dohtml]<div class="vests"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/Mota23Z.jpg" class="piczy">ALL OF THESE MOMENTS<br> JUST MAY FIND THEIR WAY<br> INTO MY DREAMS</div><div class="buttons"><div class="cardigans"><div class="sweaters">

Maia slipped the small bag of coins inside her bag with as little noise as she could. Stepping out into the late summer sunshine and down the white marble stairs of Gringott’s bank, she was forced to pause before joining the current of people in the Alley. The brightness of the day in comparison to the lighting of the bank forced her eyes to blink and adjust. Though she had the usual list in her pocket, she had not decided on a direction so much as was carried by the crowd. It was amusing to her to see all the soon-to-be first year students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. With their bewildered and slightly anxious faces as they tagged along after their parents, it was difficult not to reflect on her own experience…and her current situation. There were no parents their to guide her or buy her school things. Or even daily expenses, if she were being honest. The young witch had been on her own for years now, it was difficult to remember a time when she had been as hopeful and excited as the eleven year olds surrounding her.
During the school year, she lived at Hogwarts of course but summers were always a trial. Sometimes she would spend the time with a friend or two and others she would return to the muggle convent she’d lived in prior. It made sense; the sisters asked for very little in return for room and board and the teenager could work a part-time job to cover the rest – and prepare to purchase the necessary items for the following school year. The job varied as well; sometimes a muggle job, sometimes one right here in Diagon Alley. The latter was almost always more convenient – it didn’t require her to exchange money. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to get a post anywhere in time and had been forced to spend her summer wiling away at the convent, helping with the chores for her keep. The coins in her bag were the last of her savings and would, with luck and planning, be enough for her school supplies and a little extra – she would hope. It would have to be enough.
Maia doubted the administration would allow her to work in Hogsmeade. Or, perhaps they would if it was restricted to weekends. She had never asked, after all. The girl filed that thought away for later and checked her watch. It was nearly time. Her feet turned with purpose and the blonde moved into the crowd with her head ducked. The soles of her flats made barely a sound on the worn cobblestones of the alley street, the soft scuffing lost amidst the click of firmer steps and chatter of people. Although every trip into Diagon Alley, or any populated place really, generally left her feeling exhausted and over-stimulated, the noises around her were a comforting sort of sound. It was the sound of excitement and general contentment with the world. It was infectious and a small smile played on the Hufflepuff’s lips. There were no outward signs of her own excitement, she could feel it. Fluttering in her chest as it was, it was hard to ignore.
Anxious, she checked her watch again as she stepped up onto a curb across from where they were supposed to meet. There were still quite a few minutes left before the time when they had agreed upon but it didn’t stop her from pushing herself up on her toes to peer over the crowd for the one face she wanted to see. The last she had seen of Cyrus Helios had been at the platform in King’s Cross, as she’d waved and promised to write. Well, honestly, she had asked if it was okay if she wrote him. Every time Maia recalled that moment, she blushed furiously at her own awkwardness. Spending most of her time studying or in the Astronomy tower, she hadn’t accumulated many friends to be informed about proper protocol when it came to separations. She couldn’t even begin to contemplate what Cyrus had thought of her request (which had been quickly followed with the clarification that he didn’t have to respond) and, in the end, she hadn’t written much.
To be fair, living in a convent was fairly uneventful. It was nice knowing there was someone to tell if something exciting, or even mildly interesting, had happened. When she didn’t see him amongst the crowd, she rocked back on her heels again and sighed. Maia knew she ought to wait, just in case she has just missed him, but she also felt the urge to be out of the way as the flow of people parted around her. Behind her was an enticing stationary shop with a display of new quills she no doubt couldn’t afford but called to her anyway. She couldn’t resist it, even as her pragmatism told her it would be useless to work when she would only end up buying the cheapest ink and replaceable tips for her already bare quills.
Still, she felt herself turning, sparing only a glance at her watch to calculate how much time she had left. In the end, she compromised with her good sense and stayed outside the shop – just a few feet from where she had just stood. The glass barrier between her and the display reflected her face back at her. Maia could see the longing in her own expression as she looked upon the beautiful feather quills strategically arranged, her silver-gray eyes roving over matching inks and intricately carved wooden cases. One ink caught her eye as a self-writing quill demonstrated it’s qualities upon an enchanted piece of parchment. She had thought the ink to be a high-quality black with a high shine. Upon closer inspection, there were a myriad of colors in the liquid that caught the light at different angles. As the quill scratched across the parchment, it became clear that there were tiny particles that shone within it as well.
The words created a galaxy across the page and Maia wanted it more than she had wanted anything else. A quick look at the price listed and her heart sank. There was no way she would be able to afford it and still be able to buy her books. Still she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. Even as her brain commanded her to quit being a ninny, and that there was practically no purpose in having it when her usual ink would do, she sighed over the beautiful display. Tugging on a curling tendril of blond hair distractedly as she continued to watch the enchanted display, Maia lost track of time completely.

</div></div></div><div class="hotchocolate">

<b><i class="fa fa-tag" style="margin-right: 4px;"></i></b> SAM/CYRUS
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<b><i class="fa fa-comment" style="margin-right: 4px; margin-left: 10px;"></i></b> HOPE IT'S OKAY<3

</div><div class="thecreds">credit to <a href="http://shine.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=16066">kenz</a>.</div>

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