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May 20 2017, 08:30 PM

<img src="https://media.tenor.co/images/c7b755c48fe8986ecf50941ef2ddd27b/tenor.gif" style="width:300px; height:auto;">

<div style="width:350px; text-align:justify;">Basically, this thread is a place to come and share some positive vibes~ Whether you had something really great happen or you made a small step towards a goal you have or just want to look at the bright side of your day/week/month, you can do it here! You can also see some other positive EDSers or leave positive/motivational notes or pictures or what have you. But, yeah! Positivity thread!

EDIT bc I didn't think to put it before: it's really easy to get in a negative place mentally, especially if you're having a bad day, and while it may take a little effort, thinking of the positives that happened to you or positive messages you've seen, can go a long way. So it's not a 'brag in yourself' thread (tho u can if u want lol) but a "here's the effort I'm making to focus on the silver lining for /me/" anyway I just wanted to explain my thinking behind it ^-^"

May 20 2017, 08:18 PM
<div style="width:300px; font-size:9px; text-align:justify;">
<center><b>RULES:</b></center> <p>
Take the title of whatever you are listening to (song/show/movie/etc) and add the words 'in my pants' to the end of it in bold! Even if it sounds silly, it's worth a giggle!



panda and hedgehog in my pants x)
May 20 2017, 08:11 PM
Super easy conversation game! First (^) : answer the question/respond to the person above you. Second (<) : make a statement about yourself/what you're doing/ etc. Lastly, (v) : pose a question or make a statement about for the next poster to respond to!

^ No one's there :o

< I'm currently watching a kdrama called Panda & Hedgehog!

v Do you like to watch/have you ever seen a kdrama?
May 20 2017, 07:37 PM

[dohtml]<center><div style="width:270px; text-align:justify;">

This game focuses on creating ships that you would love to see or imagine! Simple rules:
  • Don't name a person who has already been offered up for that pair (ie if there has already been killain/claire said, come up with a different person for claire/?)
  • Don't just name your own characters! Now is a time to say that you've always wanted to see Andy date Aurora!
  • Offer the first and last name of the character you'd like to imagine, especially if there are many characters with the same name
  • Try to not go with couples already on site, or with characters by the same person!
It should look like this:<br>
EMMETT LOWELL: i would love to see claire de la fontaine shipped with margie hare<br>
TALLULAH DAGNEY: i would love to see emmett lowell shipped with glisiana isdottir<br>
and so on and so forth!<br><br>

I would love to see [b]PERSON BEFORE YOU[/b] shipped with [b]YOUR CHOICE[/b]

May 4 2017, 09:44 PM
okokok this is not a REAL absence it's just more like a hey, head's up, I ain't gon' be around.

so yeah IT'S MY BIRTHDAY...weekend. My actual birthday isn't until Tuesday (same as Forest's, holla birthday twin 8D) BUT I'm going to camp out at my friends' place and play board games, watch star wars, and jam to disney music and drink saturday and sunday and am gonna do my best to disconnect while I'm there and just enjoy their company since I don't get to see them v often anymore? Basically, this is me saying that I'm not gonna be around -- even on messengers probably -- soooo if you need me, feel free to shoot me a pm (or if you have my number, you can text me toooo) but I'm not gonna be officially~ back on duty until Monday 5/8. I work until late tomorrow so I'll probably just be lurking but I wanted to get this up before I forgot.

BBS <3
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