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Dec 27 2016, 04:59 PM

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<center><div class="iky"><div class="lfs"><img src="http://pridelands.eu/pictures/tlk2/24/simbas_pride_4247.jpg"style="width: 300px;"><div class="its">i'll never be like you... will I?</div><div class="abg"></div><div class="iny">

The Savannah was flooded. It had taken him some time to realise where exactly he was, but after half an hour there was no denying it: the Savannah had flooded. The once bare grasslands were drowned beneath grey water, tips of trees struggling to reach above the surface. Cautiously, the young lion crept forward, paws dipping gingerly into the shallows as he moved. It felt wrong. He'd never been particularly fond of water; it was generally full of crocodiles, in his experience, and it certainly wasn't something you wanted to spend your day in.<p>

"This is ridiculous."<p>

Talking to himself wasn't generally something he engaged in. First sign of madness, or so he'd been told after crossing over. No, it was more something he'd have expected of Nuka, had his older brother still been alive. Taking a moment to reflect, he sighed and looked down into the water.<p>

It wasn't often that the lion saw his own reflection, and seeing the scar over his eye made him start. While he'd never got to know the old King, he had a blurred memory of Scar in his mind. A dark mane, ruddy fur, green eyes and a scar over his eye. There were moments where he truly did wonder whether or not Scar had truly just taken him in, or if he had a more active part in his existence.<p>

"I'm not like him," even out of his own lips, it sounded false. Simba's voice rang in his ears, the outraged cries of his people... "I'm not Scar."

</div><div class="abg"></div><div class="sav">excitement~</div></div></div><p><div class="streetcred"><a href="http://wecode.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=5"><font color="#d8dacc">oliver</font></a> <a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=6227"><font color="#d8dacc">sykes</font></a></div></center>


alexander marcus cain
Dec 27 2016, 03:30 PM
[dohtml]<center><div style="width: 235px; height: 9px; padding: 5px; background: #fff; border-bottom: 1px dotted #000;"><div style="width: 235px; height: 9px; font-family: calibri; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center; letter-spacing: 1px;">i'll never be your chosen one...</div></div><a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=3048"><div style="width: 245px; height: 19px; background: #82a4b7; margin-top: 5px;"></div></a>

<img src="http://68.media.tumblr.com/3e6b39cc796ebf55fba143b6182aef5b/tumblr_milserK9gm1qzuyh6o2_r1_250.gif" width="245px">

<div style="width: 240px; max-height: 300px; overflow: auto; margin-top: 5px; padding-right: 5px; line-height: 100%; font-family: calibri; font-size: 10px; color: #000; text-align: justify;" class="geronimoscroll">

Another fight. This time, surprisingly not one he'd gone into willingly. He'd been jumped by some assholes as he took a shortcut through a cemetery: three young men, all drunk out of their skulls and indulging themselves in some racist expression. Despite the shrieked disapproval of one of their girlfriends, they had thrown themselves at Khari with the clear intent of beating the shit out of him. It had been a long, trying day already... and in all honesty, Khari had been quite content to blow off a little steam. He'd never understood humanitys focus on colour; he was quite certain that, whatever Simba's issue with him- it had very little to do with the colour of his coat. Regardless, the whole ordeal had left him with what he rather suspected (from prior experience) to be at least two bruised or broken ribs, a sprained wrist and a heavy black eye that had already begun to swell. The cut lip was the cherry on top, but not altogether concerning.<p>

So he sat, stewing- yet taking solace in the fact that the other boys were equally suffering (or indeed, worse). The blood on his knuckles and the bruise that would no doubt form on the crown of his head were testament enough to that. It was only a matter of time before he heard from bloody Samuel about what had happened; there was no way their pussy asses wouldn't go crying to the police about how Khari had been the instigator. He doubted Samuel would believe them ultimately... but still, he'd have to talk to the man.<p>


Unfortunately he didn't have enough time to stew on it, for when he looked up there he was. The man of the hour. Samuel Leander fucking James. For a moment, he wondered if there was some coincidence. That small sprig of hope lasted for all of ten seconds before he saw the chief being pointed his way. Making a face, he hauled himself up to his feet with a wince. It hurt like a bitch, but he'd rather put himself through the pain than deal with the mental pain of dealing with bloody Mufasa.

</div><div style="width: 235px; height: 8px; padding: 5px; background: #fff; border-top: 1px dotted #000; margin-top: 5px;"><div style="width: 235px; height: 8px; font-family: calibri; font-size: 8px; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center;">WORDS ▴ NOTES</div></div></center><style>.geronimoscroll::-webkit-scrollbar { width: 1px;}
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samuel leander james
Dec 17 2016, 05:21 PM
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</style><div style="width: 400px; padding: 25px; border: solid 25px #B01727; background-color: #FFFFFF">

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 35px; border-bottom: 5px solid #B01727; line-height: 100%; text-transform: lowercase;">khari judas ward</div><br>

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 11px;">kovu ★ lion king 2 ★ nathan stewart-jarett ★ villain ★ 20</div><p>

<div style="width: 400px; height: 200px; background-image: url(http://i.imgur.com/T9JN86P.jpg); background-size: cover"><div class="edsapp"><img src="http://i.imgur.com/A3LQHSK.png" width="400px" height="200px"></div></div><br><br>

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: justify; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9px;">

When you hear something enough, from those you looked up to or held close to your heart- you begin to believe it. No matter what you might have known to be true about yourself, the perception of those around you can begin with overpower even the strongest convictions.<p>

It was not your mother who convinced you you were a villain, not in the end.<p>

It was Simba.<p>


You never really wanted to be a part of her schemes- not really; but you were just a kid, and after all... mother knows best. Scar was a name you grew up hearing each and every day- of how he'd hand-chosen you to follow in his paw prints, how you'd been picked as his heir. It confused you, still does when you find yourself reminiscing; how a lion that was not your father would choose you as his heir- how you were supposed to, somehow, become as great as him. You don't even remember what he looked like, and you didn't then, not really- just a blurred memory of a face that sometimes featured in a dream; nothing sharp, nothing that stuck... nothing that inspired.<p>
Not at first.<p>

- - -<p>

Living in the Outlands was hard- but it was all you could remember; your memories didn't stretch back as far as the lush green fields of the Pride Lands… though you suppose it must have been barren by the time you were born. You don’t remember being carried dutifully by your mother into the wasteland after Simba gave the order- and you don’t remember the lion you were supposed to emulate and succeed when he stepped down from the throne. All you remembered and all you knew were the wastes of the Outlands, and a hard life of scraps and training.<p>

You trained constantly, even your playtime with Vitani was training- a constant game of wit and strength pitted against each other, and it was fun! The innocence and fun of other games, normal to the children of the Pridelands were lost on you.<p>

Your entire childhood was a prelude to War.<p>

The seemingly never ending schedule of training soon grew monotonous and you found yourself seeking reprieve in the form of impromptu, certainly not permitted breaks. You’d break away from whatever unlucky soul was set to watch over you and go off on your own, to relax and contemplate the future that was set for you. You never really dipped into the morality of it all- your complaints were childish and innocently self-centred if anything. You were too tired to train all the time, you were bored, you didn't want to be King because what was the fun in that and who cared? You were but a child with a man’s responsibility thrust upon your young shoulders; knowing from the moment you learned to walk and talk that the murder of Simba was your destiny.<p>

And then she came along.<p>

You knew she was a Pridelander from the start- but had no clue as to which Pridelander she was. Intimidating her came easily and you were pleased to see the effect you had on the girl; Vitani wasn’t afraid of you after all, and Nuka and mother were so much bigger… you’d had little contact with children your own age, and messing with Kiara was exciting, and a welcome experience. You’d impressed her too with your lies, your boasts of independence. It was all going so well for you, until the crocodiles.<p>

She was a strange girl, with her mannerisms and how… forward she was when she gave her name. It was her turn to intimidate you it seemed, especially when she begun trying to teach you how to ‘play’. You thought she meant training, and your enthusiasm wasn’t met kindly by her father. Simba was a lot bigger than you’d thought he’d be- the very sight of him was enough to make you quake before your mother was on the scene, coming to your defence. Then again, perhaps she was simply taking the opportunity to try and kill Simba himself- before his pride turned up in support.<p>

Any chance at friendship you’d had with the girl was ruined- and you were taken home in disgrace, scolded and berated for your good intentions. You were reminded of the enemy, of what he’d done to you all and how he’d so cruelly taken the life of Scar. You tried to explain yourself, tried to make your mother see that it wouldn’t be so bad if the two of you, yourself and Kiara- could be friends. She was angry at first, but her conniving mind soon twisted your words, made you sound as calculating as she wanted you to be, even at such a young age. A plan was formed, for you to get close to Kiara, and use it to your advantage.<p>

Your training intensified from then, to your early adulthood.<p>

- - -<p>

Zira was proud of you- her greatest accomplishment after Nuka proved to be a giant disappointment (in her eyes, as a child you’d found him quite endearing as an older sibling, despite his bitterness at times). You’d succeeded in all areas, proven yourself in spars against your peers and risen high in the ranks. You were ready, she proclaimed proudly- and you felt it. The inspiration from Scar had finally settled, insidiously, into your heart. You would kill Simba, avenge Scar- and become King of the Pridelands.<p>

The plan worked, you managed to worm your way into Simba’s pride through your ‘heroic’ actions in saving Kiara from a fire your own family began. You’d always been a skilled liar, and your mother had honed that into a silver tongue. Simba didn’t completely buy your claims but he held off on his judgement, allowing you to get closer to his daughter, and win the trust of the Royal family and their council.<p>

It was clear that Simba didn’t really trust you- he didn’t allow you to sleep with the pride that night- and you knew you had to act fast, before he changed his mind and chased you off. And yet, it seemed every time the perfect opportunity presented itself? She managed to get in the way; Kiara.<p>

Over time, your frustration and irritation melted away into affection- you were pleased to be in her company, genuinely happy to see her face. She taught you how to have fun, and with a little help from a ‘friend of the family’ you began to see just how much you’d come to care about the Princess you’d been using since the fire. She’d managed to get under your skin, turn your mind from your destiny- and… you found that you were perfectly okay with that.<p>

Not everyone was, however- and you realised the depth of your mothers disapproval when she and her cohorts ambushed you and Simba. Immediately he believed you to have been a part of it, once your mother praised you for something you hadn’t done. You tried to explain yourself but the violence kicked off too quickly, and when you tried to intervene, your sister knocked you out cold against a rock.<p>

When you came back on the scene it was over- Simba had escaped and your brother… was dying. You pulled the logs off him the best you could but it was futile, and soon your mother shoved you out of the way. You waited with baited breath as she comforted Nuka in his final moments (though you never did see the body) before turning in her rage upon you. She struck you, giving you a scar reminiscent of the one she’d revered so fervently- and you fled; intent on returning to the Pridelands and explaining yourself.<p>

Simba didn’t want to hear it.<p>

Banished from the Pridelands and from the company of the Outsiders, you had nowhere to go- no family to run to, and so you kept running; away from Simba, away from Zira, away from Kiara… until you heard stories of a place you could go to for a new start. Though you had no idea what to expect of this “portal”… you knew it was your best shot. You needed a new start, away from those who’d so easily judge and cast aside… you were done with the Pridelands, and you’d been done with the Outlands for a good long while now…<p>

- - -<p>

And so you found yourself in San Francisco.<p>

You were cold, wet and thoroughly exhausted from your journey when you staggered- naked, it must be mentioned- onto the bridge in San Fran. Thankfully, one of the residents of Haven Hill immediately grabbed you, and perhaps even more thankfully; you were far too weak to even try and fight back against the odd looking creatures. You’d heard mention of man before, once, perhaps from one of the older lionesses in the Pride but you weren’t quite sure- your mother had been so focused upon telling you of Simba and Scar that she neglected such superstitious tales, and yet they were real! Yet you’d become one of them!<p>

At first, you were very aggressive- they had to keep you in a room for a fair few weeks until you’d calmed down enough to be integrated into Haven Hill life. You were given clothes (and taught how to function with them, and other such humanly pursuits) and a new name… the new start you’d wanted. After a while you stopped struggling against their authority and permitted them to help you, though you were always wary- as any self-respecting wild animal would be.<p>

You’ve improved since then- and you’ve been given one of the smaller houses in Haven Hill- on account of you not wanting to share living arrangements. Considering your previously aggressive and volatile mood swings, the management permitted it. You’re brought dinner each night and you’ve been placed in a couple of jobs that fell through. For now? You’re unemployed until they find someone who can keep you on a staff roster for more than a week without your issues with authority ruining things. You can’t help it, though… authority figures like your mother and Simba? They ruined your life!<p>

So for now, you’re Khari Judas Ward. Unemployed young man of 20 years… slowly adapting to a normal human life- trying to let go, but only finding that the bitterness is growing inside of you; it won’t be long now before it takes you over completely.<p>


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px;">character basics</div><p>

<div style="width: 380px; height: 180px; padding: 10px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9px;">

NAME:<br> Khari means "kingly" in Swahili, a throwback to what he was raised to be all his life. Judas is a bitter testament to Simba's parting words and view of him, and 'Ward' is to signify his status as Scar's chosen heir, not biological son. His name explains who he is, essentially.

<p>PLAYBY:<br> Nathan Stewart-Jarrett wasn't my first choice. Actually, I struggled for a bloody long time with this... I've only ever used a white actor before when playing Kovu and this time I wanted to be truer to his African heritage as, well, a lion. I looked for days for a good poc faceclaim and finally Nathan was suggested to me. He's not entirely what I was after, but he's a good enough fit for me to be happy :)

24th March

Unemployed. Perceived anger issues make long employment difficult.

He's an above average runner, and stronger than you'd expect. Nothing supernatural.

Kovu is a bitter shell of his old self. Simba's rejection, coupled with his mothers blame and the darkness taking his home have left him angry, and upset. This has only festered over the time he's been away from the Pridelands and he's become a grouchy, bitter young man.

Kovu comes from a broken family. He never knew his father, his mother was controlling and lacking in affection- and he grew up with starvation and violence being part of his every day environment. The moment he discovered a true family, warmth and comfort- it was all taken away through no fault of his own, yet he was blamed. He's very bitter because of this. Certainly has a chip on his shoulder.

<p>CANON CUTOFF:<br> In keeping with Vitani's app, I've cut Kovu's storyline off not long after he was banished. So it's once the Outlanders set off to war, but Kovu and Kiara did not reunite after his banishment.


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 15px;">played by TOBY</div><br>
<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 11px;">
Bringing this bab back.<br>

PLOTTER, <a href="http://endlessdiamondsky.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=ST&f=88&t=5587">1,2</a>, <a href="http://endlessdiamondsky.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=5392">3</a>, <a href="http://endlessdiamondsky.b1.jcink.com/index.php?act=ST&f=60&t=5385">4</a>, <a href="http://endlessdiamondsky.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=5171">5</a>.

Oct 15 2016, 10:45 AM
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I thought I saw the devil, this morning

</div><div class="main-threadb-h4"></div></td><td><div class="main-threadb-h5">

<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=28"><img src="https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/91/4b/9e/914b9eb5e2de994c237ff3512b2c0262.jpg" width="70px" height="70px"></a>

</div></td></tr></table></div><div class="main-threadb-h6"></div><div class="main-threadb-h7">

It had been entirely too long since he'd visited the animated world. He'd become complacent, in his mind; almost too comfortable in his human skin, and the realisation had sickened him. He was a lion... a proud beast, not the delicate, two-legged abomination the new world had made him and so- even when the portal spat him out into unfamiliar territory: he was pleased. He found himself surrounded by rubble, with crumbling towers and parapets all around and he frowned at the strangeness of it all. Of course, since the darkness fell he'd visited all sorts of odd places but this... it had such a human element to it that he'd had to quickly check himself over, relieved to see the dark fur and paws in place of skin and feet hidden in shoes.<p>

For a while he'd explored, practising his agility by jumping up onto the uneven ledges and leaping off before they could crumble to nothing beneath his weight. There were no dangers to be seen and arrogance left him careless. Occasional glances about were as cautious as he got; otherwise snorting derisively at the thought that anything could possibly blindside him.<p>

So when he saw a lioness lying there (after he'd wandered off a little ways, and turned back to the crumbling castle)- he was stunned. Even more so when familiarity began to set in.<p>


For a moment he stood there, unable to believe it and unsure as to how to continue. Should he announce himself, approach and ask about Kiara? Should he quietly make his escape before she noticed him, so as to avoid reliving the last moment they'd seen each other? His banishment... after he had been wrongly accused of her husbands brutal attack.<p>

Overwhelmed with a growing sense of unease, he opted for the latter- turning and skulking behind a tower in order to begin his escape from the situation before it began.

Sep 20 2016, 12:15 PM

I realise it's a bit belated now, but with all the introductions being posted and with me having recently won member of the month (you guys ;-; thank you <33) I figured it was about time! Like Jack, I was one of the first wave of members on DERP way back when, and I know quite a few of you! Back then, I was known as Eve. However, when I rejoined EDS a few months back I realised that there was already an Eve here, so opted for my other name, Toby.

"Your other name??" I hear you ask, especially those of you who know I don't really use an alias' online for the sake of simplicity. Yes! I am genderfluid, and therefore have days when I am feeling more masculine. On the days I want to pass, it makes sense to have a more masculine name than "Eve" so Toby is essentially a nickname. Now, don't panic! I am quite literally one of the most laid back people ever when it comes to pronouns, so feel free to refer to me as whatever, I honestly don't mind.

I am 23 years old, but turning 24 very soon on the 6th of October, and I am engaged! Due to be married (hopefully) April 2017. I live with my fiancee Alex, our cats Jim and Sebastian, my corn snake Wilbur and my betta fish Ares.

My main loves are (off the top of my head);

- Wonderland
- Ancient Greece
- James Bond (particularly the newer films with Ben Whishaw in)
- Primeval
- Ben Whishaw (he's a phenomenal actor and tbh I'd kill to look like him)

and many more tbh...

Currently watching Stranger Things, but I'm very behind right now!

REALLY REALLY looking forward to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! I've booked the first showing possible for me, it's midnight on a school night- the kids will murder me the next day (I'm a teaching assistant for 7 and 8 year olds and I also teach art).

I am an artist and a cosplayer! You can find my cosplay pages below;

Facebook Page
DeviantArt Page (not updated as much as fb)
Tumblr Page (not updated as much as fb)
Tumblr Page specifically for my Q cosplay
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