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Apr 18 2017, 08:39 PM
The way through the portal was different. Instead of nature, he was surrounded by technology… or least none open air. His nose could smell it. This place had not seen a whiff of that in ages. Which begged the question…. Where was he?

Dae now Desoto made his way from where the portal dropped the black and tan pooch and began exploring this new habitat. It was quiet and something about this place made the fur on this back stand to attention. So, the former attack dog made his way through, slowly and as quietly as a big dog like him could do, always alert as he made his way through the stale air.

When the flooring changed, to a tile like substance, so did the quiet. Instead of silence, his nails started tapping the flooring no matter how slow he was. It made him huff as he rounded the corner, only to see what could only be described as a larger moon, coming from outside a glass tunnel structure. It made the dog curious as he started to jog over, not caring about the silence for once. If he was going to make noise then he would get this part over with quickly. The combination of tile and movement, however, made the dog’s pads slip on the floor making Desoto fall onto his jaw and his body to spread out on the floor. It made him dazed for a second as he got up.

He did this slip and get up routine quite a few times, but he finally made it to the tunnel. Finally, he made it but not before slipping once more, finding himself hallway through the structure already. He was not amused by what had transpired at all but it was there on the floor when he realized that this stale-aired enclosure was in space and boy the look of wonder on that dog’s face. One could almost see his human face in its form, as he looked all over in amusement and wondering just how long this place had been here.
Apr 1 2017, 09:11 PM
Help Wanted: Farm Hand! Must have a truck and two strong arms.

The flyer spoke to him, he had a truck and as far as he was concerned he had the arm strength to handle the work. So, he had headed over and started that same day. Boy, was he quite surprised to see just how much work went into a farm and was very thankful not only have a good mind to figure things out but to have this chance to know for sure that he was defiantly a city dog. Though his pride was telling him that he could not just quit the first day. That is until noon hit.

That heat was starting to get to Daemyn, which made him settle down next to a shady creek to cool off. He let his hands fill with water before letting the liquid slide through his hair and down his shirt, mixing with the sweat. It was a nice feeling as he sat by the tree, that made the shadows, in the first place. As he went over what still needed to be done, he cursed out loud not only to the work but to his pride. ”At this rate, I might as well quit.” He spoke to himself as he continued his break, wondering what he was going to do.

OOC: the inspiration for this piece of work. XD
Jan 28 2017, 11:18 PM
Alpha of his own life, that is what San Francisco brought to him and to boost Daemyn got a human body to do what he wanted to with it. Usually, a dog would be sad to have had no owner and yes, the Dobie could admit he had felt like he lost his purpose on this side of reality but missing his owner? Not a chance in hell. Though this life came at a price, the unknowing of what happened to his dear brother. Even though he missed him with all his heart, he still loved the feeling of being his own boss for once.

So, when it came to the idea of being under someone’s watchful eye once more it was more than a bit infuriating for him. A week ago, he was not so sure, for he thought it was a client’s ex being jealous or something to that effect so he just ignored that annoying feeling of someone watching him. But now he knew for he kept seeing the same face in the most unusual of places, when he would cross a street or just take in the scenery like the Dobie did occasionally. Jealous or not this guy had to be put into his place, Daemyn did not like being aggressive towards people but if that is what he had to do than mother be damned, and he loved his momma.

The time came as he was walking in Chinatown and the exit arch was just ahead, he turned left, escaping the prying eyes and stayed there, leaning on the arch. Not sure if the guy would follow or not he waited. When the familiar face came into view he grabbed ahold of the guy’s collar and he replaced Dae on the arch, but with a bit of force behind the shift.

“Why are you following me?” Growling harshly even baring his teeth at the man. “Speak now or meet your good friend, EMT.” His eyes were cold and daring the guy to try anything but speak.

NOTE: douglas carl faraday
Jan 10 2017, 09:37 PM
The waves were hard to calculate, or so he was finding out as he looked from the pier. Daemyn had an amazing mind where he could remember numbers, equations, and terms that would help a future mathematician. But when it did not have the right tools for the job it malfunctioned. Since he did not have the right functions to use, in his mind, he could not figure out the curvature of their water crest. Since he could not do that he was feeling frustrated with himself, for it made him feel inadequate, which made him want to be more aggressive, like when he was just after the snap of the Sykes’ fingers. He would always regret those times, for it was not who he was.

To think this whole moment all started because he wanted to be close to the water, to look back on his days as being Desoto, the aggressive attack dog of Sykes but the follower of his older brother. When he thought about that all the anger seemed to disappear, because he was getting angry at not figuring out waves and not reminiscing like he had come here to do. He smirked at this idea as he went back to observing the waves from the dock.

As all the people and commission that usually went on at pier 39 he just started asking questions, ones that he probably would never get answers too but were still on his mind. Like, where did Roscoe go? Had he survived the dark beasts? How was his mental stability? Daemyn knew how much his brother had obeyed Sykes but even he did not know if Roscoe had liked the man. As for this dog’s choice, the mob boss could rot in hell! For now, he will just watch the waves.

Jan 10 2017, 12:48 PM
a. F(x) = 2x +3
y= 2x + 3
x = 2y + 3
x – 3 = 2y
y = (x-3)/ 2
f(-1)(x) = (x-3)/2

The numbers went through Daemyn’s head as he smiled and played the ‘dumb’ person of the private party he was being shown at. The woman on his arm being the main contribute to the conversations. For everyone was here to see her. What she was doing was just showing off to the younger ladies that she still, ‘had it’ as she had put it. For she was an older lady and to him, she was just Miss. Money Bags, giving him money for what he wanted to do, math. As for what she thought of him her words said it best, ‘You are good for one thing only to me and that is to be a showpiece. I don’t want your mind, I want your looks. Those young truffles need to learn a thing or two about us more experienced women.’ All he could think of was that she was a vindictive woman who only wanted to make everyone around her more miserable than she was. The Old Bag was all he could think of as he went back to his numbers.

b. F(f(-1)(x))=2((x-3)/2) +3
= x -3 +3
= x
f(-1)(f(x))= (2x +3 – 3)/2
= (2x)/2
= x

Once checking his work in his head, he was smugger when finding out that both x’s were indeed equal to 0. He would have to write all this down when he got home and working on homework, but he had done it and now he was bored. All the questions were answered and solved but he was still stuck in this hell hole of a party. Sure, he was being kind and courteous on the outside, but on the inside, he was sighing and huffing wanting to be home and actually doing something rather than be here, at this moment.

Now he loved his escorting job, and he did it very well, but when it came to these types of jobs where he couldn’t even speak. Just sit there and look pretty, as the saying went, well then, he had a problem. For that just was not him. He was smarter than everyone else in this room and he could not even show it off, heck he could not even squash the idiot dribblings some at this party were spuming from their mouths. It was disgusting, so much so that this fierce canine wanted to puke. But he followed orders well and if that was what the client wanted that was what they were going to get.

Eventually, he was able to pull himself away from the Old Bag. He made good use of it by taking a flute from one of the servers and sat down. It might have been only champagne but it was better than nothing, not to mention now that he was out of the main spotlight he could enjoy himself for a little while, even though he was still bored as hell.
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