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May 21 2017, 05:55 PM
Renaissance Faire, Huh. He stood before the opening feeling the name was ironic and yet strange all at the same time. He was a fairy so he supposed Faire was another fancy way of saying the word. Either way, he was okay with it and was here in his other world garb. That various shades of red outfit with the yellow sleeves and orange tights.

He did not want to wear the outfit at first, because it was his battle gear, against the darkness. So he did not want to ruin it at some Faire thing. But with a little persuasion from those at Haven he came with it on. Now as he was walking amongst the crowd and looking around he could not help but feel like it was the right choice. For it seemed like everyone was wearing similar garments.

As he continued to take in the atmosphere of the place, he could not help but be reminded of home. This event was similar to the parties they held at the Vale just before the seasons changed. Yet with all the similarities, this place felt like it had its own sort of magic altogether. But that did not matter because of once in his San Francisco life he felt like home, amongst the magic.

”Gary. Mr. Gary Osborn. Please make your way to the jousting event.
The moment of home shattered then, as the announcement came to his ears and the prince could not help but wonder about what was just said. Why was he needed in the jousting event? And what was jousting, to begin with? These questions flooded his mind as he may his way through the crowds towards where he “needed to be”.

When he arrived at the ring he stood there for a moment wondering if this was the place. That is until he saw an event booth for the event. That should be the place, he thought before nodding his head and making his way over to it.
”Excuse me, I am Gary Osborn.” Speaking to the person that was behind the counter.

”Oh! Mr. Osborn, we were wondering where you were. They started before pointing in the direction of the structure behind the ring. ”Go towards those tents. There will be people waiting for you.”

Gary looked over at the structures before smiling and nodding. ”Thank you very much. After that, he made his way towards the tents and said his name. Next thing he knew he was brought into one of them so he could change into his armor for the match, only the fairy was not alone. Someone else, it seemed, had been dragged into this. Afternoon. Are you here to do the jousting as well? Smiling as he was getting measurements done to pick the right armor for his body type.

OOC: elijah ignatius hayes hopefully this is okay with you. Let me know if you need me to change anything.
May 4 2017, 12:01 AM
Fairies were known for their games and mischievousness, Gary was no exception to this, but he was supposed to not do it so much as others might have. For the most part, he was good, but when it came to flying on that butterfly, all those years ago, he just could not do it. He was a bumblebee fan more, thus making it the obvious choice, even though being on that butterfly meant the world to his mother. He just could not do it, he felt too old to be riding one of those fragile creatures.

Pier 39’s games made him think of this as he played two of them so far. As soon as he thought he had gotten the pattern down he would either be out of turns or he would miscalculate it. He just made him more suspicious that these games were not as easy as they seemed to be, more cunning if he had to choose a word for it. Either way, he was down to his last dollar as a tossing game came into sight. Maybe this was his strength? Instead of a game of chance that Plinko had been, or a precise game of ring tossing, all he had to do was toss a ball and knock all the pins down. That did not sound too hard.

He placed his final dollar, to spend at this event, before getting the four chances he had to get the big prize, which in his opinion was not very useful to him. Who would want an extremely big plushy of what he could only assume was this world’s version of the unicorn anyway? He sighed at this turn of events, before grabbing the first ball and tossing it, knocking one of the smaller piles of pins down.

Three more to go. Grabbing his next chance at the useless prize, still throwing only for the challenge.

OOC: clementine agnes gru Hope this is okay. Sorry for the lateness.
May 2 2017, 10:04 PM
Gary sat on his bed, in Haven, with his ring in one hand, the one he gave to Thumbelina, and a note with her number on it in the other. With the former in his possession, he could only assume that she was alive and well.

Though how he got the latter was stupid and unwise for someone like him to have done... he had lied to the people of Haven and made it believe that he wanted to thank the person who brought it in because he had a feeling he knew who it was. Just not one hundred percent sure.

He sighed before putting the note down on the bed and placed the ring back on his finger, only to find out that his hands in this world were a bit bigger than in the other, or hers were smaller now. He smiled at that, thinking about his one night with her, before putting the ring down on the side table, catching a glimpse of his phone. It only made him look away. To call, or not to call?

It was here he remembered that there was such a thing as texting. Though would he be able to do that? He hardly knew how to use the phone, without breaking it, let alone use the darn thing for this texting business.

So with a bit of nerve still in his system, he pulled out some gloves from his pocket, that made it easy for him not too short circuit technology before grabbing his phone and the note.

To: Thumbelina?

Please do not be alarmed that I have your number for I am contacting you over the fact of which that you have recently turned in a ring of mine to Haven Hill. I want to thank you personally for it. Would you care if I called you to do so? If not then I will delete this number and you will never hear from me again.
I hope you have a wonderful day.

Gary Osborn

"And Send" Now it was just a waiting game, though he hoped that it was Thumbelina. Which was one of the reasons why he was not too overly emotional in his letter... message? Otherwise, the person would think that he was someone unintelligent. As a prince of the Fairies, he could not let that happen but he so wished he could be more personal if he knew for sure that it was her.

OOC: tahlia lise berry Hope this makes sense, if not let me know... and I am so excited for this to start.
Mar 17 2017, 08:20 PM
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<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 35px; border-bottom: 5px solid #154FB8; line-height: 100%; text-transform: lowercase;">Gary Cornelius Osborn</div><br>

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 11px;">prince cornelius ★ thumbelina ★ adam gallagher ★ hero ★ 23</div><p>

<div style="width: 400px; height: 200px; background-image: url(http://i67.tinypic.com/xbzha8.gif); background-size: cover"><div class="edsapp"><img src="http://i64.tinypic.com/e0l5ro.gif" width="400px" height="200px"></div></div><br><br>

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: justify; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9px;">

<p>Fairy Prince</p>

<p>I got everything I had ever wanted. Was it nice? Yes, it was but I suppose now looking back I did not quite get life lessons I should have gotten early on. For example, not everyone will be your friend for you. My title alone gave me friends but when the darkness came over the land they seemed to disappear. Though I suppose it might have been me having an ant heart, always fighting to protect the nest no matter what. That was my duty as the prince after all.</p>

<p>A night to remember</p>

<p>There was this… this beautiful woman, or girl I should say at this point. It was five years ago after all. Anyway, she did not know who I was or even my parents for that matter. She was my height, which at that time was perhaps five inches… I don’t know. I know I was small enough to ride a bumblebee. That was fun. But this girl she… she had a wonderful voice. One that made me want to know who she was. It was certainly a very short romance. By the end of it, I had practically proposed and we had promised each other to meet the others parents. All I had to do was convince my parents that she was the one and boy was she the one. I could feel it in my wings after that night.</p>

<p>The Morning After</p>

<p>I suppose my over eagerness had gotten the better of me. I was a dumb teenager who had just found someone that did not expect things from me. Other than the promise to be together forever, which I suppose is not the best decision to make when your young but hey it seemed like the best course of action. Though… when I went back to her home, she was gone. I went in search of her with Buzzbee but she was nowhere to be found. At least from what I could search before the dark came for us.</p>

<p>The darkness</p>

<p>I fought for my kingdom, for my people …for my parents. I had to grow up quickly to be the leader they needed me to be. At first, we did not know what to do except fight but months maybe a year later we heard of this portal from the humans that would come through our area to run away, or so it seemed since they looked scared. It seemed that this portal had connected to some world that was not being overcome by this demon darkness. When I heard that, only then did I start encouraging my subjects to run for that way of escape. It seemed like it could be the only way to escape this hell that our home had become. So for years, that is what I did, somewhere in this madness though I lost sight of my bumblebee and my parents, and for a bit, I forgot about my love from that night. It only took a flower to get her back into my mind.</p>


<p>I do not know how but a flower had survived this darkness and out of all the flowers it had to be the one. I.. I just had to find her again. Maybe not to finish what I had promised but to at least know she was alive. That was enough for me. At this point, I was battled hardened and quite frankly I was not the dream headed teenager that I had been in front of her. Not to mention it had been years since I had seen her. So, she probably had forgotten all about me. I still had to know, though, for I would not be able to live with myself if I knew she had died from the darkness.</p>

<p>To San Francisco</p>

<p>At this point most of my subjects had already crossed over thru this portal or they had perished in the darkness. Not to mention I had flown along my kingdom’s lands hundreds of times at this point. With no body to prove what had happened to this girl from that night, I had to assume that she was still alive and perhaps even doing well in this new world. So, I traveled to this foreign land and so far I am not impressed. I don’t even have my wings, so how does one get to places in this world? This might take more time than I had originally thought.</p>


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px;">character basics</div><p>

<div style="width: 380px; height: 180px; padding: 10px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9px;">

Gary comes from his voice actor Gary Imhoff. Cornelius is his name. Osborn comes from a character from Spider Man the animated series, Harry Osborn, that not only shares the same voice actor but Corny and Harry both share a resemblance to one another.
Adam Gallagher. I had some help with this one, for one I did not know what I was looking for except for foopy hair. So I asked fellow EDSer to help out with this one. There were a lot of good suggestions but in the end and with how I was going to use Cornelius, or Corny, Adam seemed like the better option out of all of them.
March 21

He just came from the portal. So no occupation as of yet.
Weak to Iron, it is just a natural enemy to fairies in general.
Technology and Corny do not mix, he sucks at it. It will literally break in his hand, he has found this out the hard way.
Has very good balance considering he has had wings for all his life. It has simply transferred over to his human body.

He has grown up in the last five years due to fighting the darkness and trying to find out what had happened to his Thumbelina. But he is generally the same as he would be in the end of the movie, such as heroic and confident. Though it was through different means other than finding out and getting Thumbelina back. I suppose though that is still a goal of his. :)
I did not go into that much detail due to the fact that you never know who might take the characters in the future. So I did not want people to feel handcuffed to an idea of what I had for a character. Cause I want them to make their own version, because let's be honest. It is more fun to know what is not coming for you, in terms of character wise, rather then know what is coming. Different scenarios and all that jazz. :)
After he finds out Thumbelina has been kidnapped.

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 15px;">played by ACXE</div><br>
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