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CANON: Vincento (Vinny) Santorini
HEIGHT: 5'10
QUOTE: As for me... I just love blowing things up
AGE: 31
ALIAS: Soapy
MOVIE: Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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Apr 22 2017, 06:34 PM
Boom Boom Pow!

Vincento "Vinny" Santorini can be a bit of a mixed bag. While not being prone to judge, he can be difficult to connect with due to his dismissive and generally dead-pan snarky attitude. However, if you seek to find some relationship with the Italian Explosive Expert, you should perhaps know about what Vinny looks for in certain roles in his life.

What of Friends?

If you can circumvent his snark and relatively closed off emotional side, Vinny isn't actually all that hard to befriend. His love of explosives is a good place to relate to him on, however can prove dangerous as he may very well as you to do him a favor, and next thing you know you're the one lighting the fuse on a new experimental explosive concoction he has cooked up. Find something in which to relate to him with, provide quality snark in response to his own, or even just hang around long enough and his disposition will become friendlier.
Once you've gained his friendship, he'll be by your side through thick and thin, until he runs out of dynamite. Then he might disappear...

And of Enemies?

Vinny is not a man any sane person would wish to have as an enemy. It takes a fair bit to make an enemy of him, but generally being evil or selfish tends to really get the man's goat. Underneath his disinterested exterior, he is a good person and the idea of hurting or exploiting people doesn't sit right with him. Therefore, any who does this can automatically call him an enemy.

What if I seek Love?

Well, buckle up kiddies, because Vinny is not an easy man to love. Never mind that things have a tendency to constantly explode around him, but he finds emotional intimacy... tricky. His Italian heritage means he's a lover at heart, but his erratic behavior and tendencies make it near impossible to have a stable and calm relationship with him. If you're looking for a stable life partner who will settle down, give you five kids and get a job as a milkman, you're looking in the wrong place sister! But if you're after adventure, a healthy dose of excitement, and constant panic whenever he brings something new home, then Vinny is your man!

I want to Plot with Vinny!

Well, you're in for a treat! You can either drop me a line in this thread, or flick me a PM, or even if I decide you're the Chosen One, I may give my Skype details. Drop any ideas you may have, or even just express you interest in threading with Vinny, and we'll get this ball rolling!
Apr 18 2017, 04:10 AM
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<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 35px; border-bottom: 5px solid #10A35F; line-height: 100%; text-transform: lowercase;">Marco Silvio Castiglia</div><br>

<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 11px;">Vincento "Vinny" Santorini ★ Atlantis:The Lost Empire ★ Eugene Hutz ★ Lads ★ 31</div><p>

<div style="width: 400px; height: 200px; background-image: url(http://i.imgur.com/wQWgo9J.png); background-size: cover"><div class="edsapp"><img src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/_X4m6D06X_kM/Rvmn8-gPi-I/AAAAAAAAAA0/wbQfeZvlvgU/s400/gogo1.JPG" width="400px" height="200px"></div></div><br><br>

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NAME:<br> Marco Santorini (Vincento “Vinny” Santorini)

<p>PLAYBY:<br> Eugene Hutz

January 1st, 1876 (Animated Realm)

<p>OCCUPATION:<br> Demolition Specialist, boot-leg fireworks manufacturer

Compared to many other individuals from the Animated Realm, he holds nothing in regards to “powers”, however he has a significant talent for things that go boom. Possessing a keen mind and seemingly boundless amounts of ingenuity for creating new kinds of explosives, Vinny or Marco as he has become known is rivaled by none in the field of explosive science.

<p>PERSONALITY:<br> Marco is a very expressive man with his hands and face, but his voice often remains the same lack-luster tone. He has a number of quirks, ranging from his state of dress to his mannerisms. He always carries a match in the corner of his mouth or behind his ear, as he finds them to be a extremely useful tool. He tends to dislike lighters as he’s convinced the fuel used to run them has an effect on his explosives, even if this is inaccurate. His pockets are almost always full of things ranging from cherry bombs to small tubes which he has filled with TNT. Often times he adds spices or other assorted oddities into his bombs, as he claims to have found a measurable increase in power if the correct spice is added to specific mixtures.
He spends a great deal of his time tinkering, putting together new explosives, and takes great amounts of time attempting to introduce explosions into everyday activities. Fishing? Toss in some dynamite. Weeding the garden? Some well placed TNT ought to do it. Car double parked in his space? A generous dose of C4 will move that blasted car. This has led him to have numerous runs in with local authorities, and has built a reputation as something of a madman, as there are constant explosions whenever he is around… Yet his skill and care has meant that no-one has been hurt… yet. As it was 1914 when Vinny left the Animated Realm for him to step into the 2000s, there is still so much he doesn’t know.
<p>Personality Overview:
<br>Likes: Outside of all things explosive, Vinny has a number of areas he finds satisfaction in. He is an avid coffee drinker, along with a love for the finer things, wines and cuisine. When simply drinking wine, he prefers reds, though when joining it with a meal he is very particular about the wine he receives. He is a lover of music, especially some of the classical pieces... However since coming to the real world he has found a love for Jazz, and Rock and Roll. Despite his annoyances with the efforts and requirements to run a flowershop, Vinny actually has a love for flowers.
<p>Dislikes: The list of Vinny's dislikes is fairly broad, but there are enough specifics to derive what kind of person he is. He detests tea, mainly as it's too weak for his liking... "Dirty Leaf Water" he calls it, and he'd more often than not prefer to go thirsty than to drink tea. He tends to dislike people who smoke, especially as in his line of work a smoker is as much a danger as an irritation. Since coming to the real world, he's discovered a passionate dislike of pop and country music, being completely incapable of understanding the appeal of either. He dislikes people who are pushy, brash or overly self-centered, as even though he's done some far from legal things in the past, he holds that if someone got hurt, he doesn't know about it.
<p>Strengths: Unbeknownst to most who know him, Vinny is a enthusiastic man, if one can pique his interest. He will passionately pursue a goal or direction, and it is all the better if he can bring the boom to a situation. He is fiercely loyal to his friends, throwing himself in the way of danger to protect them, as seen when he stayed behind to hold back the Darkness to let the Expedition members escape. He is able to think on his feet and remain cool under pressure well, a requirement for his work as working with highly explosive materials requires steady hands and focus... And if something goes wrong... A good throwing arm.
<p>Weaknesses: Overly Dependent on his explosives, Vinny tends to believe his explosives are infallible, meaning he rarely plans outside of this area. If he were to find himself without explosives, his quick thinking allows him to survive, yet he is far from his best. He tends to obsessively tinker with his works, leading him to more often than not become easily distracted. His smart mouth has gotten him in trouble many times, but he tends to lack a filter in which he finds it difficult to avoid speaking his mind, or spilling out just a little too much information.
<p>BACKGROUND:<br> Born in 1876, in Palermo Vinny spent most of his early days being groomed to work in his families' flower shop. He eventually came to be trusted with running the store on his own, during his teen and early 20s. During one afternoon, he was in the process of making corsages for a prom, when the Chinese Laundry next door exploded, the shockwave of which sent him hurtling through the front window of the shop. In the immediate aftermath, Vinny swore he heard the words of God in the explosion, and it led him to his passion for explosives.
<p>After this, he began experimenting with explosives, teaching himself both how to make and best to utilize his new found passion. His skill eventually brought him to the attention of numerous groups, ranging from bank robbers to archaeologists who sought his expertise on all things explosive. He worked in this line of work into his late 20s, before a group of treasure hunters came to him, asking for his help for a job in Turkey...
Setting out for Turkey, Vinny spent most of the trip over working on a new idea for high explosive, which involved mingling nitroglycerine with cumin. The experiment went... badly, and he nearly gassed out the entire boat in his experiment. As such, he learned not to perform his experiments in enclosed spaces again. Once in Turkey, he spent several months in pursuit of the treasure, yet one day everything turned sour. After a series of accidents, involving a camel, two angry Turks, an overly ripe watermelon, and a cartload of dynamite, Vinny was caught and tossed in a Turkish prison.
<p> Vinny spent the better part of 3 years in the prison, before Mr Whitmore broke him out, with the intention of having him help on the expected journey to find the Lost City of Atlantis. Unfortunately, while preparations were underway, the Darkness descended, and Vinny was forced to flee along with other members of the Expedition team. Stopping to try and delay the wave of evil creatures, he rigged a large explosive device to detonate, accidentally dropping himself into the hole that was formed as the road collapsed under his feet. After some time, he managed to claw his way out of the rubble, banged and bruised but alive.
<p> Having been separated from the others, he found his way to the Portal alone, having to avoid countless dark creatures, and always trying to keep ahead of the dark clouds. Escaping into the real world, he originally took up work making bootleg fireworks. However, this did not satisfy him, and this new world, and his new body confused and frightened the man. He was convinced it was magic, and the entire concept distressed him. So he began to search out a way back.
<p> Eventually, he found his way back to the Animated Realm, to find it had fallen into chaos. Making contact with the Resistance, he has begun alternating between the Real World and Animated Worlds, operating as explosive expert to the Resistance, and traveling out of the Animated World to stock up and recuperate.

<p>CANON CUTOFF:<br> Vinny was bailed out of a Turkish Prison by Mr Whitmore, after Vinny “accidentally” obliterated an entire marketplace. However before the Expedition could leave, the Darkness descended.


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px;">character basics</div><p>

<div style="width: 380px; height: 180px; padding: 10px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9px;">

In this section, we'd like to know a bit of your reasoning behind your character choices. Why did you choose their name? Their job? Their playby? Are there changes in their personality? Are their memories intact? Did you add some backstory? Where does their movie cut off? Give us some of the straight basics here. Feel free to add some more categories and information as you see fit.

ANIMATED ORIGINALS PLEASE ALSO INCLUDE: species & a description of their world.

<br>NAME:<br> Marco Santorini (Vincento “Vinny” Santorini)

<p>PLAYBY:<br> Eugene Hutz, because that ‘mo is just too perfectly Vinny.

January 1st, 1876 (Animated Realm)

<p>OCCUPATION:<br> Demolition Specialist, boot-leg fireworks manufacturer. For a man as fascinated by explosions as Vinny, it seemed unlikely he'd settle down and get a job waiting tables or running a flower shop...

The only real difference between his Movie and character abilities is the ageless quality that Animated characters passing into the real world have attained. Otherwise he retains his expertise (and passion) in explosives

<p>PERSONALITY:<br> His personality is mostly what was found in the film, though as his cutoff sits before the expedition he remains his snarky self.

<p>BACKGROUND:<br> His background is basically that we are given in the Atlantis film, right up until the canon cutoff just before the expedition left.

<p>CANON CUTOFF:<br> Vinny was bailed out of a Turkish Prison by Mr Whitmore, after Vinny “accidentally” obliterated an entire marketplace. However before the Expedition could leave, the Darkness descended.


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 15px;">played by Soapy</div><br>
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