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Aug 8 2017, 01:20 PM
[dohtml]<center> <center><div class="announcement"><div class="derptitle">WANT ADS</div><br><br>

We all want more attention to our want ads, don't we? It's not always possible for other members to pick up characters, and what's a better way to get the character noticed than by posting elsewhere?<p>

Post here with the below information to have one of the characters from your want ad posted on our tumblr (and directory tumblrs!) along with RPG-D. The character you want can be an OC or a canon, but please refrain from posting AOCs because they cannot be played as a first character!
  • a link to your want ads
  • the name of the character
  • a brief description of why you want them, possible faces, and the related character you play
Please limit to one request for now, but once we've hit a good number we can always ad ( ;D ) more!
Jul 10 2017, 10:30 AM
OKAY a handful of you know this already but because it has been hard for me to post, i wanted to make sure everyone is in the pondo loop.

pretty much two weeks ago my grandma went to the hospital because she was struggling to breath. they found out three of her arteries were clogged so she had a triple bypass last week, which uncovered that she has had multiple heart attacks and didn't know it. my mom flew down to be with her because duh, but i had to stay up here because we don't want to overwhelm them with visitors and she wants me to keep on working. currently my grandma is on a ventilator because her heart is still struggling to pump enough, but she's doing okay. she's talked to my mom a few times but mostly she's been sedated due to all the things going on?? but it's rough. once she gets out of the ICU (within the week, hopefully), she'll have to spend 1-2 months at a recovery center.

plus my uncle, who lives with my grandparents, had his own surgery done like a month or so ago, so he's still recovering-ish (gastric bypass, so nothing bad). my grandpa is super upset all the time too apparently, which makes sense seeing as his wife is in the hospital. mostly my mom is just helping take care of him- clean the house, help him pay bills, etc. but they live in a two story house so one of the next steps is to get them into a single story place? dnw them falling down the stairs. it's so crazy and just. yeah.

also i had a 100.5 degree fever yesterday so idk wtf i'm dealing with but i'm definitely all over the place because of that hahahaha

i might still be posting and all that, but my mind is all over the place and i'm constantly worried about my grandma. still gonna try to get things done though! aka gonna watch a lot of netflix today and try to do things

ilu all <3
Apr 14 2017, 12:10 AM
sup homies

so uh

1) school is extremely intense and overwhelming currently with way too much homework so that's pretty not fun. also i'm in a practicum this quarter and it isn't well organized so that just makes everything more stressful, but i'm hoping soon things maybe possibly start to balance out??

2) i'm addicted to playing overwatch

3) my boyfriend of three years and i sortaaaa might have broken up?? idk things are weird and confusing and we haven't spoken in a week and everything is very uncertain and odd and strange. a few people know already and have been supporting me, but between all the things going on its been hard for me to pop on and really say a lot!

this is in no way an absence- just an explanation as to why things might be moving slowly on my end. my muse is slowly coming back, but romantic things are still a little hard to write so those might take more time? just while i'm still sorting everything out and trying to exist and all that stuff.

love you guys <3
pond and the crew
Feb 17 2017, 11:51 AM
hi guys

lots of you have probably heard about my dog being sick for a while now, since like december, but now he is doing really bad. he can't stand on his own anymore and he doesn't eat and yeah. my parents called me last night and they're putting him down tomorrow

idk i'm not really a dog person but he's been in my life for like 10 years or something so he is v important to me now and i'm super upset about this

i might throw myself into posting or i might just not talk in the box or something i'm not sure really most of the time right now i'm just trying not to cry but i just don't have the energy to do a lot of things until who knows

ilu all
Jan 31 2017, 01:08 AM

<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Sofia" rel="stylesheet">

<div style="font-family:sofia; font-size:30px;">movie recommendations</div>
<div style="width:450px; text-align:justify;">
i stole the entire code from allie in her book recommendations thread that you can check out over here
<div style="width:400px;">
    Akira (1988) - R - This is a Japanese animated movie, considered to by one of the best animated and science fiction movies of all time, so I'd say it's definitely worth it! The movie takes place in Neo Tokyo in the year 2019, 31 years after World War III. There are psychic children and so much craziness and it's just a beautiful story that is so well done! <p>
    Trainspotting (1996) R - Another weird one, this is a black comedy about a group of heroin addicts as they get into all sorts of weird stuff, both legal and not. The sequel just came out in the UK and will be out in the US in March! It's got Ewan McGreggor, and Robert Carlyle, and even the voice of Merida! So yes, it's amazing, and very gross. Be warned.<p>
    Princess Mononoke (1997) PG-13 - Is anyone even like, close to surprised about this one? I know a whole lot of people on site haven't seen this yet we should have a watch party but it is one of my favorite movies to have ever existed! It's about a young prince with a curse who goes to see what caused his curse- and to see if he can do anything to stop it. The film is very environmental/nature-y, and so so perfect.<p>
    It Follows (2014) R - A horror film about a young woman who has sex and something starts to get real haunting real fast. Very freaky, but a really amazing concept! The cast is great and the story is cool and I'd recommend it to anyone!<p>
    Trollhunter (2010) PG-13 - This is literally one of the best films ever created. It's a found footage subbed film, and it is amazing. A bunch of kids go up into the mountains, and end up learning allll about trolls. Real cool lookin trolls.<p>
    JeruZalem (2015) R - More horror films for all! This one is filmed with google glasses or something similar, so it's literally from someone's POV. A group of friends go to Jerusalem and end up in a situation that really isn't what they expected. Lots of attractive people in this one.<p>
    These Final Hours (2013) UK15 (no US rating) - An Australian apocalyptic thriller about a young man's choices on literally the last day on earth before it gets destroyed. Literally destroyed. Starts as a party... Ends with you sobbing. It's a beautiful film with some really great insights.<p>
    Monsters (2010) R - This is another independent film, this one i about the earth after an alien invasion. Two people are trying to get through a quarantine zone and see some real intense shit. More things to think about.<p>
    The Host (2006) R - Korean film this time! The Host is a hilarious film about a man who runs a little shop on the water and is there the day a monster attacks- and steals a family member away! It's really funny even if a little bit terrifying. The director, I believe, later went on to create Snowpiercer!<p>
    Seeking A Friend for the End of the World (2012) R - This movie gon fuck u up. Kiera Knightly is the young neighbor of Steve Carell, both of whom are alone as the world is coming to an end around them. The pair of them go off on an adventure as they try to figure out just where they want to be when it all comes to the end.<p>
    Like Crazy (2011) PG-13 - This movie also gon mess u up reallll bad. I sob for hours after watching it ngl. Felicity Jones is an exchange student in college who meets the amazing Anton Yelchin (rip ;A;), and falls in love. The entire movie follows their love story as it takes many turns and goes up and down and all around. A very good and real film. Also has a brief moment of JLaw.<p>


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