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Mar 3 2017, 09:50 PM
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outfit to come<p>

It had been a handful of months since the last time that she had made her way to the other side of the portal, since she had last mustered the courage to face the world she had once called home and had had to flee. She had had very little trouble with her memories of late, which had been her main reasoning behind not making the trip to the once beautiful and now haunted world where she had grown up, but her memories had begun to fade and soften at the edges, losing the sharp focus she preferred to keep them in and becoming more and more difficult to fully recall. It was only a matter of time at this point, she knew, before they started to slip away altogether, and while on many occasions over the years she'd caught herself in thoughts of how it would be a blessing to forget who she was and where she'd come from and what she'd done, she couldn't allow it. Wouldn't allow it. She'd done so many terrible things when she'd lived in this world. She'd pushed away her family, the people who she'd loved the most in all the world, in the hopes that she would be able to keep them safe, as much as she knew it hurt them to have her grow so distant, and in the end, her efforts had come up fruitless. Her parents had been lost at sea on a journey that it would at one point in time have been her duty as the eldest princess of Arendelle to accompany them on, and Anna...well, it was because of what she had done to Anna that she truly viewed herself as a monster.<p>

It was one thing to push away your little sister and best friend for years, to ignore her and pretend you don't hear her knocking at the door every day pleading with you to come out and play, but it was another thing to, on the same day that you reunite and are given the chance to mend your relationship with your sister, to refuse her the single happiness she has ever requested, and then to run and hide when your darkest secrets are revealed and she comes after you desperate for answers. It was another thing entirely to lose control of your emotions--the emotions you had worked for so many years to reign in and try to learn to calm--and to hit your sister with your magic, to watch her sprawled on the floor in pain and to still send her away. Closing her eyes and releasing a long, shaky breath, the former queen of Arendelle reminded herself that she had only been trying to protect Anna in the one way that she knew how, but the other part of her--the louder part--fought back, calling her a witch, a sorceress, a monster, just as the Duke of Weselton had done on the night of her coronation<p>

Up in the palace of ice she'd created atop the North Mountain overlooking her kingdom, she'd planned to hide herself away as she had in the castle in Arendelle for most of her life, though the isolation was more necessary now than ever now that the world knew her true nature. And when Anna had coem looking for her with the little snowman Olaf in toe to tell her that she had plunged Arendelle into an eternal winter and that they needed her help to save the kingdom, she had had murdered her own sister in a moment when her fear became too much to quell or hold back, and in that same moment, she had stolen true love away from the man who had fallen in love with her little sister, and as painful as the weight of that guilt and that horror had been on her chest every single day that she'd carried it with her, she couldn't allow herself to let go of it. The last time she'd let go of her inhibitions and tried to truly be free of her isolation and of her fear, she'd lost control, and the image of Anna on the floor, clutching her chest desperately, would forever haunt her as a stain or a tattoo on her eyelids, there every time that she closed her eyes or tried to find some peace. She was a monster they'd feared she was. She didn't deserve to find peace.<p>

Blue eyes opened on the world once more, the gentle drifts of snowflakes around her the only sign that anything was wrong as she stared up at the crumbled, shattered castle atop the hill ahead of her. This place was not Arendelle--was not her home--but it looked so similar to the home she remembered from her childhood that when the portal had opened up and left her here she hadn't been able to help herself from approaching it. It lay in ruins, destroyed by the darkness and the creatures that it wielded as weapons, and the blonde found herself wondering what Arendelle would look like if she ever got to see it again--if she could ever bring herself to see it again. Sighing another shaky sigh, Elsa approached a large bolder to one side of the path she wandered on her way to the old castle ruin, and as she took a seat atop it, gentle drifts of snow still falling down around her even as the sun shone bright overhead through the dark, inky clouds, trying to bathe the land in light as it once had. She knew that Anna would not have wanted this for her, if she were still here...knew that her little sister would have wanted her to be happy no matter what, but she was not as forgiving a soul as Anna. She was dark and broken apart and sharp inside, and it was because of this that she struggled so with the idea of letting in any small bit of happiness, that she struggled with the thought of letting anyone in.<p>

It was because of this that she struggled with the thought of letting Leon in. He was kind and handsome and she felt drawn to him whenever they were close, but how was she to know that she wouldn't hurt him as she had Anna, or Hans, or her parents, or any of the townsfolk in Arendelle who had suffered through the beginnings of the eternal winter she had plagued their home with? And then there was Olaf, sweet and funny, who was so excited to have her back in his life, to have found her and to now have someone else to help him to look for the others--for Anna's friends Kristoff and Sven who had helped her on her quest to find Elsa and to bring back Summer. How could she face him, knowing the truth of what she had done? She had created him, and he loved her unconditionally, as she did him, but how could she allow herself to love anyone, even as she loved Olaf, when it might put them in danger. Especially in San Francisco, where her friend was a human rather than a snowman given life, and she was still very much the ice queen she had always been. Isolation was always best. Conceal, don't feel. Be the good girl you always have to be.<p>

And yet, there was that small part of her that, while she knew that she did not deserve even a shred of forgiveness for what she had done, craved happiness anyway. That craved to let Leon in, to give in to her growing feelings for the tall man she had met two years ago and helped deliver Christmas gifts. That longed to spend as much time with Olaf as was possible, to show him that she really did care, that he was more important to her than anything in the world because he was a product of a time in her life when she had had Anna, when they had been together and happy and safe. A part of her that longed to put down her walls and welcome in all of the wonderful people who wanted so badly to know her, to heal her, like Lucille and May. But how could she allow herself to love these people, to let them past the barriers she'd taken years to build around herself, when it would surely lead to their destruction, when she would surely hurt them as she had hurt Anna? Resting her face in her hands, Elsa sighed, scrubbing her palms over her eyes to try and calm herself and stop the snow, though it continued to fall, leaving a think blanket of white on the rock around where she sat.<p>

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<b>NOTES |</b> i hope its okay wifey my brain is kinda mush rn. ;o; SO EXCITED

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Jan 4 2017, 11:27 PM
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</div></td><td><div class='dash'>once upon these days</div></td></table><div class='writing'>

The sky overhead was bleak, stark and covered by the thick, endless haze of clouds and void of any trace of sunshine. The water that tumbled down from the grey, swollen clouds cascaded down to drown the city with little remorse, turning the streets slick and the air sticky with humidity. But as she sat, both legs folded beneath her and sketch book opened in her lap to a fresh page, the rain was of little consequence to her consciousness. Sitting there beneath an awning in the park with her hair pulled back away from her face, her hand traced carefully over the book open before her, gliding the heavy tip of her pencil across the page and only taking time every few minutes to peek up at the focus of her sketch. Blue eyes silently traced the lines of the tall, desolate tree across the path--still dead and devoid of leaves from the subtle bite of Winter, so empty that it almost looked sad when compared the the evergreens that sat scattered around the park. Outside the little haven where she sat on one of the few dry benches left in the park, the rain fell down in rivulets against the awning that hung above her head, the gentle pitter patter as it made contact, drained along the tarp, and fell down to collect in puddles on the concrete at her feet lulling her further into a sort of trance, lost in the quiet as she worked.<p>

The pencil clasped in her hand dragged along the page in her lap, leaving thin, dark marks in its wake, and she looked again to the tall, winding, mangled tree across the path from where she sat, following the trail of her eye as it studied each crevice and twist of the old tree on the page in her lap. When she'd passed by, the old tree had reminded her of one she and Anna had played and lounged under as little girls, before the...accident, and she hadn't been able to keep herself from stopping to admire it even as the rain soaked through her hair and clothes. Anna would have loved this tree if she was there to see it with her... Finally turning her gaze back down to her sketch book, she worked at the edges of a handful of leaves, darkening the outlines as the rain continued to trickle down from the tarp above her.<p>

Most of her days of late had been spent cooped up either in the freezer attached to the rental space she called her 'office' or back home in her apartment hiding herself away from the world, and on each of these days, she fielded and avoided invitations and offers from clients or acquaintances to get out for an afternoon or an evening with one paper thin excuse after another. It had been months since the last time she'd sat down to draw something real and solid that was right there in front of her, that was concrete and right there within her reach. It was almost as if she could reach out and touch her memories, as if she could take herself back to that place--back to Arendelle and Anna and her mother and father calling their names from somewhere further up the path to come back inside for supper. It had been too long since she'd last dealt in still life art. Thinking back on the painting she'd finished a handful of weeks earlier, a landscape piece of the castle she'd once called home back in Arendelle across the portal, she found herself even further resolved in her decision to stop and capture the tree as she passed, even further trapped in the trance she'd fallen into that left her desperately longing to recreate something real that was there for her to see.<p>

It was too often that her art these days was inspired by a sad thought, was brought on by a memory of how wonderful life used to be and no longer was, and try as she might, some of that sadness would always find its way into her work when she let her imagination guide her hands. Working with something corporeal was far more simple a task, eliminating the chance that she might take liberties with the work and that the shadows of her thoughts might fight their way into the picture and haunt the work. With a final once-over, she nodded, a small smile tugging gently at the corners of her lips, and she stored her pencil away in her pocket, standing from the bench as she continued to stare down at the tree on the page. Anna really would have loved it, she thought, were she here to see it... Cradling her sketch book close against her chest and stepping out from beneath the awning and shielding it with her body to the best of her ability. Checking the time as she walked, desperately wishing that she had thought to bring her umbrella along with her earlier in the day when she had left home and seen the state of the sky overhead, and all the while as she walked, making her way towards the little space she rented out for work, her thoughts remained on Anna.<p>

<b>"I am so sorry, Anna."</b> With a shaky exhale, the blonde continued down the path, standing taller as her gloved hand wrapped tight around the binding of the sketchpad in her arms, almost clinging to it as if it were actually Anna, as if she were actually standing there in front of her and she was finally being given the chance to see her and make up for all of her wrongdoings, for the dreadful things that she'd done. Ignoring the few raindrops that had solidified to ice as they fell over her shoulders and clinked against the concrete. She needed to reign in her emotions, couldn't afford to lose control out here--not like this. Not now, when she was doing so well. Turning a quick right down the sidewalk when she reached the street, the young former queen continued on her way, golden hair dripping with rain as she made her way towards her office space. She expected it to be a quiet day, but she could at least get some work done on her latest commission piece for a banquet being held at the end of the month.<p>

As she entered the complex, quietly checking the numbers of each different building as she passed them by and slowing to a halt when she noticed another person close by, working on loading a sculpture onto a truck that she assumed was set to take the creations to an event somewhere in town. Pausing for a moment, she wondered if it might be better to just keep walking, to get to where she was headed and to avoid interactions with others as she always did. But, then, it was such a nice sculpture, and she didn't want for it to catch too much of the rain still falling down from above them and be damaged. <b>"That...its quite beautiful."</b> Smiling softly as she stepped closer to the man lugging thr sculpture, she held up a gloved hand in greeting. <b>"I work just down the way, in lot 116. I don't think that I've seen you around before. Would...would you like any help at all, getting that settled in the truck?"</b><p>

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<div align= "center"><div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify;"><i>"The sky's awake, so I'm awake! So we have to play!"</i> Elsa could almost see her baby sister's dopey grin even through closed eyes as the younger girl bounced about on her bed and tried to rouse her--could still picture that wide, toothy grin even now. But Anna did no jumping or screeching or even laughing now. Now, she was only cold, and silent, and still. For a long moment, Elsa stood rooted to the spot, unable to move or speak or even breathe as she watched and waited for Anna to get up and dust herself off or to at least groan or ask for help. But no sound came, and Anna still wasn't moving. The princess ran to her sister's side, pulling Anna into her arms and holding her close as a streak of white spread from root to tip through a strand of Anna's hair. <i>Do the magic,</i> Anna had said--but look what that had done to her. They'd been playing and having fun only moments ago, and then she'd tripped and lost track of where Anna was jumping to and had thrown a flurry her way to try and catch her, only to have it collide with her face. <b>"Mama! Papa!"</b> Desperately, little Elsa called out for her parents, eyes darting around the room in search of some place untouched by her magic where she could pull her sister and have some hope of warming her up. There was nowhere, though, and as her eyes fell on the snowman, Olaf, that they had created together just minutes earlier, she felt a tear sting her eye as it fell down her cheek. Olaf, who liked warm hugs--would Anna ever feel warm again?<p>

With a few loud thumps, her father broke the thin seal of ice on the door and burst into the room, running to his daughters' side and pulling fragile little Anna instantly from her arms. Shame and fear flooded the small girl's chest, and Elsa watched helplessly as her parents tried to rouse their youngest daughter, holding her body close to their chests in the hopes that she would steal their warmth away and be revived. The seconds that ticked by seemed to last a lifetime a piece, until finally, her father rose to his feet, Anna still cradled against his chest, and towered above her, not sparing his eldest a glance as he sped from the room and toward the library. His guarantee that he knew where they could take Anna to get some help reassured Elsa at least for the time being, and she released a breath she was sure she'd been holding much too long and sprinted after her parents, though she struggled to keep up with their infinitely longer strides as her nightgown was blown about and caught her legs with each step. As she ran, she could feel a thin veil of ice form on the ground beneath her feet, and the little girl tried desperately to regain control of her emotions and reign in her powers as she watched her father tear through volume after volume in the library in search of the cure he'd spoken of.<p>


As her father tugged gently on the reigns, their horse slowed to a trot alongside the horse her mother rode with Anna cradled against her chest, and the whole congregation finally came to a full stop. Her father lifted her from the saddle and settled her on the ground, and Elsa glanced for a moment at the thick layer of already melting ice that had created a trail behind them all the way from the castle before sprinting after her parents into the middle of the clearing--the clearing filled with mossy old stones. Her father dropped to his knees beside her, her mother holding Anna gently out to be seen as her father begged for aid. For a long moment, there was silence, until the stones awoke and rolled toward them from all sides, slowly transforming to reveal their true nature: these were the mountain trolls she'd read about in her studies! The secret healers of the mountains who could cure almost any ailment presented to them. <i>"Its the King!"</i> someone shouted, and Elsa clung to her mother's skirts desperately as she watched an older troll approach, breaking through the crowd of his people without difficulty. <i>"Your Majesty. Cursed or born with the powers?"</i> Elsa looked from the troll to her parents with glossy eyes, knowing that he was referring to her, and dragged her gaze to Anna as her father replied.<p>

<i>"Born. And they're getting stronger."</i> Her father was quick to respond, and the troll nodded thoughtfully as he, too, looked to Anna, going on about how lucky they were that Elsa's magic had only hit her head, and not her heart. But all Elsa could focus on was that long white strand of hair that stood out against the curtain of auburn--the one that had turned that color the instant her magic had hit her. All because of her powers, she'd almost lost her best friend.<p>

The little troll man went to work then, examining Anna closely, and after what seemed like a lifetime, he confirmed that he would be able to help her--that they really were just lucky the magic had hit her in the head, rather than her heart. The heart was much more difficult to save, apparently. Elsa watched, devastated, as the troll erased all Anna's memories of her powers, replacing the grand ballroom where they'd played only hours ago with a intricate meadow covered with frost and snow. <b>"She won't remember that I have powers?"</b> Her voice sounded far away, and she felt tiny as the weight of the moment crashed down on her. <i>"Its for the best,"</i> her father reassured her, and Elsa nodded solemnly, watching as all her sister's memories were altered forever. Anna would never know what made her different again, and her father was right--it was for the best. Anna couldn't get hurt if she wasn't there, playing in the snow her older sister created. At least she would have some memories of the fun times they'd shared now that everything was about to change.<p>


<i>"The gloves will help. See? Conceal it,"</i> her father started, and Elsa glanced sadly up at him as she pulled the pair of gloves he'd given her over each of her hands with a deep breath. <b>"Don't feel it. Don't let it show."</b> Her father nodded quietly, patting her on the shoulder, and Elsa stared down at her freshly-gloved hands, willing her magic away for the thousandth time that day as she balled her little hands into fists and let them drop to her sides. It was because of her that Anna had gotten hurt. Because of her the gates of the castle were now sealed off to the kingdom of Arendelle. Because of her that not only she, but her baby sister, so full of life, would be cut off from civilization for so many years to come--maybe even for the rest of their lives. It was all because of her. Once she was sure that her door had closed behind her parents, Elsa ran to her bed, pulling herself up and dropping her head into her pillow. Sobbing, the small girl rocked herself gently from side to side and prayed that her new gloves would help keep her abilities in check even as a tiny snowflake fell from nowhere, landing on her cheek and melting in an instant. She would never be normal.<p>


<i>"Elsa! Do you want to build a snowman?"</i> Glancing up from the open book that lay in front of her, Elsa sighed, staring longingly at her bedroom door. She wanted nothing more than to go out and play with her little sister like they used to. The first snow of the season was coming down from the sky outside, after all, and that had once been the sisters' favorite thing. But it wasn't safe for Anna to come near her anymore. <b>"Go away, Anna."</b> She knew that her sister would be frustrated with her, as she was each day when she came and tried, fruitlessly, to get her to leave her room. But on today of all days, Elsa longed for nothing more than to build snowmen just like Olaf with Anna--could feel her resolve slipping for just a moment before throwing her walls back into place and reminding herself of the danger she posed to her baby sister. Hearing her sister's laugh carried up by the wind, Elsa ran to the window, smiling brightly as she spotted Anna rolling a ball of snow for the base of her snowman. As her desire to join her sibling overtook her, however, Elsa felt her magic branch out from the tips of her icy fingers and coat the windowsill in frost and ice. Gasping, the tiny blonde flew back from the window, pulling her gloves tighter around her wrists and wrapping her arms around her torso for comfort. Her powers were getting stronger, just as the elder troll had said they would. And again, just as he had predicted, fear had become her greatest enemy. How was she ever going to learn to control her powers when she was so crippled with fear at the very thought of them? <i>Conceal...don't feel...don't let it show.</i><p>


<b>"They're getting stronger,"</b> Elsa cried, shuddering as she backed away from her parents, each of them all the while urging her to keep calm and to fight the pull of the magic as it, alongside her fear of harming her family, coursed through her veins like thick, jagged clumps of ice. Her father reached for her then in an attempt to console her, and Elsa stumbled back from his touch, shaking her head wildly. <b>"No, don't touch me!"</b> The hurt on her Papa's face was enough to bring tears to her eyes as she backed herself into the corner as far from her parents as she could get. <b>"Please. I don't want to hurt you!"</b> Sobbing uncontrollably now, Elsa tried hard to ignore the pained expressions of her mother and father as she curled against the wall, praying that they would leave and let her calm down on her own. She wouldn't be able to live with herself if she were to do something to harm her parents the way she had Anna. To this day, she kept her distance from the sister who had once been her closest friend, refusing to say a word to her when they crossed paths in the hall or when Anna would knock on her door in search of company. Of course, it had been quite some time since Anna had knocked on her door--maybe she had finally realized that it would never open for her again. Maybe she'd finally realized that their bond was broken, even if she would never understand the dark, horrific forces that had broken it in the first place.<p>

After a long, helpless string of moments, her parents conceded to her wishes and left the room, heads hanging sadly, and as another sob tore through her chest, Elsa crumbled to the floor, shaking and tightening her arms around her torso in a desperate, futile attempt to keep herself from falling apart. Flurries of ice continued to swirl about the room in search of any path to freedom until, some time later--so much time, in fact, that Elsa was sure the miniature, contained blizzard would never end--the flurries and angry winds died down at last, leaving their magical host as a heap on the floor in the corner of her room.</div></div><br><br>

<div style="width:400px; font-family:dosis; font-size:30px; color: #393939; letter-spacing:-0.5px; text-align:center; padding-top:3px; border-bottom: 5px solid #d8d8d8;">it looks like i'm the queen</div>

<div align= "center"><div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify;"><b>"Do you really have to go?"</b> With wide, fearful eyes, Elsa barely contained the whirlpool of emotions that exploded in her chest as she stood in the foyer of the castle to see her parents off. It was only two weeks, she knew--they would be back soon enough, and things would go back to normal. Or, that is, at least as normal as things could be when one lived in a castle cut off from the village just outside thanks to a princess cursed from birth with power over ice and snow. <i>"You'll be fine, Elsa,"</i> her father reassured her as he placed a hand gently on her shoulder. The blonde cringed away from the contact, gloved hands clasping together tightly in front of her, and she nodded solemnly as her father turned and nodded to one of the servants of the house to take their bags away. As her mother glanced back from the door and smiled, Elsa nodded once more, this time as an assurance for her dear mother that her father was right--that everything would be all right in their absence. It was just a normal, routine trip to another kingdom close by for some monarchical purpose--they took these trips all the time. It was only two weeks, and when they returned, things could go back to normal... Forcing back the clump of fear that had risen in her throat, Elsa reached for the banister, cringing as ice spread around the hilt at the bottom of the stairs and jogging quickly up the stairs and to her bedroom--her isolationist's hideaway.<p>


It had been nearly three weeks, and still, there had been no word from her parents or anyone aboard their ship. Less than a week after they'd embarked on their trip, they'd received word from the neighboring kingdom they'd been bound for that they had yet to arrive, and in that moment Elsa had known that she would never see her parents again, though she still clung desperately to her denial, praying that some news would come and ease her terror. But before she had the proper time to come to the conclusion herself that her parents were lost forever at sea, the funeral had been planned and the date had been set. Sitting quietly at the little vanity near her window, Elsa wiped desperately at the streaks of tears that flowed freely down her cheeks, barely containing a frightened sob as snowflakes formed and fell from the ceiling, coating the room quickly in a thin layer of hard, frosty snow. Where her hands rested, the vanity was lined with ice, and terror crept into her chest, seeding itself into her heart and instantly sewing its infinite seeds.<p>

She'd been unable to attend the funeral, and while she knew in her heart that it was cruel to leave her sister to face the brunt of sorrow by herself, she knew that she couldn't leave her room unless she wanted to coat the entire castle in ice. Her emotions would never allow her to face a crowd of mourners, let alone her baby sister. Their parents were gone forever, and Elsa knew that there was nothing anyone could say or do to console either of the princesses of Arendelle on that day.<p>

The soft rapping of a fist on her door caught her attention, and Anna's voice brought another sob to her lips as she climbed to her feet and wandered to the door. How could she be so heartless? How could she stand here, wallowing in her own self pity and depression and abandoning Anna to handle not only her own pain but the hurt and questions of everyone else at the funeral. What kind of older sister could do such a thing to the one person she was sworn from birth to protect? <i>The kind who has to stay separate to keep her sister safe,</i> Elsa reasoned with herself, sitting down on the floor with her back against the door as Anna continued. She could almost feel her sister's warmth through the door--could hear the tears in her voice as she asked if she wanted to build a snowman--as she begged in her own way for things to go back to the way they were when they were little, when things were simpler. Shaking all over, Elsa rested her face in her knees, sobbing uncontrollably as she snow continued to fall all around her. She was only eighteen, and Anna only fifteen, and Anna was completely right to ask what they were going to do, though Elsa had no answers. They were even more alone now than ever before, and yet again, their lives would be forever altered by this day.

<div style="width:400px; font-family:dosis; font-size:30px; color: #393939; letter-spacing:-0.5px; text-align:center; padding-top:3px; border-bottom: 5px solid #d8d8d8;">conceal, don't feel</div>

<div align= "center"><div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify;">The pitter patter and buzz of activity outside her door had been a constant reminder since she awoke early that morning of the importance of the day laid out before her. Coronation day. The day that she was meant to take the throne--to take over as Queen of Arendelle in her parents' stead. She knew that by now her sister Anna would be practically foaming at the mouth and standing by to be the first person out the gates when they opened. <b>"Don't let them in. Don't let them see. Be the good girl you always have to be."</b> Staring out the window with a deep, shaking breath, Elsa turned her back on the world outside the castle and stared across the room at the mock scepter and orb she'd set up on a table. Squaring her shoulders, the soon-to-be Queen of Arendelle marched toward the table, carefully removing her gloves and resting them on the table next to her little display. As she was introduced as Queen, she would only need to hold onto the scepter and orb with gloveless hands just long enough for the priest to finish his speech, and then she'd be able to drop the symbols of the crown back down on the pillow the priest would hold and replace her gloves before she could do any real damage. It would take only a minute--maybe two at the most. She could handle at least that, right? <b>"Conceal...don't feel."</b> Thinking of her mother and father, Elsa nodded, determined to pull today off to honor their memory as she reached out and took the candle stick and jewelry box in each of her hands, turning away from the table and staring out into space.<p>

<b>"Put on a show. Make one wrong move and everyone will know."</b> With that, the princess began her countdown, swallowing a lump of fear in her throat as she fumbled to keep a grip on the heavy objects she held in her hands. <i>Sixty...fifty-nine...fifty-eight...</i> Continuing to stare at anything other than the tokens in her hands, Elsa kept her breathing as shallow as she could manage. <i>Fifty-seven...fifty-six...fifty-five...fifty-four...</i> As her heart pounded out an untidy, heavy rhythm against her rib cage, Elsa could feel her palms beginning to sweat as desperation leaked through her bloodstream, and at last, she spared a glance to her hands, realizing in an instant that what sheds thought to be sweaty palms has turned out to be cool, slick ice that had spread from her hands and begun to coat the tokens she held.<p>

Turning abruptly on her heel, Elsa dropped the objects with a loud clank and took a few steps back, staring sadly at her 'handiwork' as she pulled her gloves quickly back onto her hands. Releasing the breath she'd been holding, Elsa wandered to the door, reminding her self under her breath that this agony was only for the day as she tore open the door to face the group of attendants who waited on the other side. <b>"Tell the guards to open up the gates."</b> In an instant, everyone was in motion and time was flying forward once more at top speed. Elsa remained rooted to the spot for a long while, content to wait out the wave of fear-induced nausea that had overcome her before wandering down the hall in the direction of the small altar room where the ceremony would be held. She could do this.<p>


As Anna was pushed right up next to her before taking a few quick steps to the side to add some distance she seemed to think Elsa might want, the blonde turned her head to glance at her sister, ignoring the rest of the room for the time being now that she'd been introduced as their Queen. This was important. Right here and now, she had the chance to mend some small piece of her relationship with her sister, and she was going to take that chance, no matter what her fears might have been. <b>"Hi."</b> Anna seemed shocked by the should of her voice at first, and a pang of guilt sprang through her chest for a moment before Anna returned her greeting, and at that moment, all her fears seemed to melt away, if only just for a little while. <b>"You look beautiful."</b> Anna rambled on for a long moment, still seeming a bit antsy at the prospect of talking with her elder sister again, but already, Elsa could feel Anna warming up to her, and that warmth spread through her chest and settled in the pit of her stomach like a warm gulp of soup.<p>

Before she could say anything more, however, they were approached by a gangly older gentleman who introduced himself as the Duke of--what had he said? Was it Weselton or Weaseltown? Well, wherever he came from, he was apparently one of their trading partners from a neighboring kingdom, and as he bowed before her, all that truly mattered was the hilarity of his toupee flinging forward to reveal the glistening skin beneath. With a little chortle of a laugh, Elsa covered her lips with the tips of her fingers as the Duke asked her to dance, glancing at Anna as the two sisters giggled like schoolgirls at how ridiculous he looked. <b>"Sadly, I don't dance. But my sister does."</b> Motioning to Anna, Elsa let out another short laugh as her baby sister was dragged away to the dance floor, murmuring a quick apology when Anna glanced back at her. Her eyes followed the pair across the dancefloor eagerly, laughing with each little leap or twirl the Duke performed, all the while making it a point to trample all over the princess's toes, it would seem. When Anna returned, the Queen couldn't help but poke fun at the younger girl with a little snort. <b>"Well, he is sprightly, isn't he?"</b><p>

Anna laughed, breathless, and rubbed at her feet a moment longer before straightening to stand with her again, explaining that she wished that things could always be this way, and Elsa instinctively agreed, though she knew that things could never be normal in Arendelle's castle--not while the dark, treacherous magic she'd been born with still followed her like a shadow. <b>"But it can't,"</b> she started, looking away to the tiled floor with a short sigh. When Anna reached to take her arm, pleading with her, Elsa jerked away, turning her back on her sister like she had so many years ago and closing her eyes. <b>"It just can't,"</b> she huffed, refusing to look back, though as Anna excused herself, Elsa couldn't help but follow her sister with her eyes as she wandered sadly into the middle of the crowd, getting lost in the jumble of bodies. As much as she might wish for it, life would never go back to the way it was when they were little girls. The gates would close at the end of the evening, and the loneliness would creep back in like the bitter disease it was, and life would go on as it had for years. The only difference? Now, Elsa would have more responsibilities on her shoulders than she'd ever had before, which would make her more fearful for the safety of her sister and the rest of the kingdom, which would make her powers rage harder within her, forcing her deeper into her self-imposed isolation.<p>


<b>"You ask for my blessing, but I do not give it. Now, if you'll excuse me."</b> Shaking her head, Elsa turned from her sister and the man Anna had become so smitten with in her one day of freedom from the castle--this Prince Hans of the Southern Isles who Anna wished to marry after only having known him a few hours. What did Anna think was going to happen? That her elder sister's first big decision as the new Queen of Arendelle would be to bless the marriage of her baby sister--the most important person in the world to her, even if she had a hard time showing it--to a stranger from a distant land who she had only met that day? As little as Elsa knew of love, Anna had to know less, and while her sister was right that the Queen was quite adept at shutting out everyone she cared for, Elsa knew that it was only because she loved them so much that she kept her distance. Anna hardly knew this tall, handsome man with the ridiculous sideburns and the perfectly coiffed hair. Who knew what kind of person this Prince Hans might be behind closed doors? As Hans tried to recapture her attention to persuade her to listen to their reasoning, Elsa held out a warning hand to silence him before glancing to one of the guards. <b>"The party is over. Close the gates."</b><p>

With the icy breath of her abilities already breathing down her spine, Elsa marched toward the door, head held high and shoulders back as she avoided the eyes of all those who watched her go. She was halted, though, by a hand reaching out and catching hold of her glove, which tugged easily away from her fingers as she tried to yank herself free of Anna's grip. <b>"Give me my glove!"</b> she cried, reaching to swipe the blue fabric back, but Anna only held it just out of her reach, pleading with her. Elsa watched her sister closely for a long moment, emotion filling up her chest, and she knew very well that she could not have this conversation with Anna. Not here, not now, and perhaps not ever. In fact, perhaps it would be safer altogether if Anna simply left with her beloved Prince Hans, as painful as it would be to lose her sister for good to this stranger of a man. <b>"Then leave,"</b> she whispered, immediately tearing her gaze away from Anna's hurt expression as she turned on her heel, arms wrapped tightly around her torso to shield her bare hand.<p>

Anna just couldn't let this go, though, as was her nature, but Elsa's self control was wearing thin. She could only hold out for so much longer before her powers would wind up causing a scene. <b>"Enough, Anna,"</b> she called over her shoulder, voice rough and demanding as she gritted her teeth together and sped up, desperate to be free of this room and to let go. <i>"What are you so afraid of?"</i> As her sister's voice echoed through her thoughts, something inside just sort of...snapped. A cold snap, if you will. <b>"I said enough!"</b> Turning quickly to face Anna without thinking, Elsa's hand cut through the air, and before she could even blink, icy spikes had sprung from the floor all around her, pointing right into the faces of her sister and their guests. <i>"Sorcery,"</i> she heard someone whisper as she collapsed against the door, clutching her still-bare hand--the culprit of this mayhem--close to her chest. With one last desperate, terrified scan of the room, Elsa forced open the door behind her and ran for it, sprinting down the hall and out of sight before they could catch her. Turning down hall after hall, Elsa sped her way through the castle and out into the courtyard.<p>

The courtyard which was full of other residents of Arendelle who had come to catch a glimpse of their new Queen in these final hours when the gates would be open. Desperately, Elsa wove her way through the crowd, knowing that the crowd of people who had seen what she'd done up in the ballroom would catch up to her any time now, and with each excited, if confused, expression she was met with, her terror mounted ever higher. Screeching to a sudden halt in front of an older woman who cradled a bundled infant against her chest, Elsa froze, stumbling back from the woman when she asked if she was all right to be sure she wouldn't hurt either her or the baby. In her rush, though, Elsa fell back against the fountain, reaching back to steady herself on the side, and the instant her fingertips met with the cool water that had collected on the edge, they set off a chain reaction that froze the entire fountain solid. The frozen spout of water loomed above her, jagged and imposing, and she gasped as she backed away, noting the looks of terror she received from all sides as parents ushered their children to safety behind them and out of the sights of the Snow Queen--the Monster who now ruled their peaceful kingdom.<p>

<i>There she is!"</i> Turning to face the voice, Elsa shook her head and held out her hands, pleading with the Duke of Weaseltown--Weselton?--to stay back and leave her be. Before her pleas could sink in, though, a burst of power blew forth from her open palms, knocking the Duke and his guards to the ground as the steps of the castle were swallowed up in the icy blast. Oh, no! No, no, no, no, no! <i>"Monster!"</i> the Duke cried, and with another gasp as Anna entered the scene, Elsa turned and fled, ignoring her sister's voice as the younger girl begged her to come back. It was only when she reached the edge of the fjord that she hesitated, glancing back at Anna and Hans behind her for a moment before taking a long, deep breath and stepping forward. And the moment her feet touched the water's surface, ice formed to create a path for her. With only a second's hesitation, Elsa looked back to Arendelle, perhaps for the last time, and took off again, sprinting across the fjord without sparing a glance back to the kingdom that had once been her home and the sister she was leaving behind to right her wrongs and help their people. She no longer belonged in Arendelle, but perhaps in the wilderness, she would find her true place.</div></div><br><br>

<div style="width:400px; font-family:dosis; font-size:30px; color: #393939; letter-spacing:-0.5px; text-align:center; padding-top:3px; border-bottom: 5px solid #d8d8d8;">turn away and slam the door</div>

<div align= "center"><div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify;">Brushing the tips of her fingers gently across the ice, Elsa admired her handiwork with a gentle smile. She hadn't known how beautiful her powers could truly be, hadn't even thought of them as having that capability, since she was a little girl, playing in the ballroom with Anna and creating a Winter paradise for them to play in. But here she was, in the middle of an ice palace of her own creation and design, that she'd made with nothing but the often terrifying magic that mingled with her blood. With a short laugh, Elsa relaxed, resting against the wall and staring up at the shining chandelier that hung from the ceiling as she ran a hand over her braid, reminiscing over the good times she'd once had with Anna when they'd been so close as children. So deep in her memories, she could almost have sworn that she'd heard her sister's voice calling her name, but no. That was impossible. Anna was back in Arendelle, where she belonged. Anna was safe in the castle, warm and protected and more than likely comforted by her prince charming.<p>

But there it was again--that beautifully familiar voice, and she couldn't help the need to investigate and see for sure that Anna wasn't there. When she leaned over the railing of the icy staircase, though, she spotted her sister in an instant as the younger girl slid clumsily across the ice, and while she assumed for a moment that it was only an illusion brought on by her loneliness, Elsa knew that there was no way to imagine such a perfect replica of her sister. Smiling softly, she watched Anna struggle for another moment in silence before taking a step forward into the light. <b>"Anna."</b><p>

As her little sister looked up at her and gawked, Elsa's heart warmed, and she laughed as Anna commented on her new look. She'd never known the truly amazing things that she'd been capable of all these years. She'd spent such a long time afraid to be herself, hiding her abilities from the world and trying to force them away that she'd never understood what the elder troll from so long ago had meant when he'd said that there was beauty in her power as well as danger. For so many years, the danger was all she'd concerned herself with, all that she'd been able to see, and now that she was free of the shackles of her own fear--now that she had finally found the place where she belonged, however separate from the rest of the world that place might be--she knew that she could and would never go back to the scared little girl she'd been again. From that day forward, she would forever be Elsa the Snow Queen--a title which required total isolation, even from her family. She belonged here, and Anna belonged in Arendelle with their people, and there was no reason at all to apologize for what had happened in the past. Taking a little step back, Elsa pleaded with Anna to go back home to Arendelle, but before her little sister could argue, a new voice joined them inside the palace--the voice of a talking, walking, living <i>snowman</i>.<p>

As the little snowman introduced himself, something inside of her clicked into place, and her memories of her childhood came rushing back--of the day she'd hurt Anna with her magic. The day that everything had changed forever. <b>"Olaf?"</b> she asked breathlessly as her eyes glossed over with the sheen of unshed tears, and Olaf nodded, smiling up at her. <i>You built me!"</i> With wide eyes, Elsa barely noticed as she leaned a little closer to get a better look at him. <b>"And you're alive?"</b> Even now, her powers continued to surprise her. Was there any limit to the beautiful things that she could do if she put her mind to it?<p>

As Anna knelt down next to Olaf, explaining that he was just like the snowman they'd built together as little girls, and how they could be like that again, Elsa smiled warmly down at her, though she knew that there was no going back to those happier days. But it was then that her eyes fell on the white streak in Anna's hair--the streak she'd put there when she'd hit her with her magic. The only way that she could keep her powers in check was to remain out here in the mountains, separate from the rest of the world. The only way she could protect Anna from a repeat of that day when they were kids was to stay gone. If she returned to Arendelle, she would be returning to the constant state of fear she had lived in since she was little. No. She couldn't go back there. And Anna couldn't stay here...not when she had such a bright future ahead of her back home. <b>"No, we can't."</b> Turning slowly away, Elsa started up the steps, calling back for Anna to leave as she left her behind, praying that her sister would listen to her for once.<p>

But of course Anna, as stubborn as ever, pursued her, following her all the way up the stairs and pleading with her to let her in. <i>"We can head down this mountain together; you don't have to live in fear!"</i> Pausing, Elsa hung her head, staring down at the glossy floor beneath her feet as Anna continued to make her case. <b>"Anna,"</b> she murmured, clenching her hands into fists at her sides to keep her fingers from shaking. <b>"Please go back home--your life awaits."</b> Anna tried to stop her then, but she held up a hand to stop her and shook her head as she turned to stare out the large window carved into the side of the palace. <b>"I know you mean well, but leave me be. Yes, I'm alone, but I'm alone and free."</b> But as Anna interjected again, explaining that she'd sent Arendelle spiraling into an eternal Winter, Elsa froze on the spot, eyes wide as she turned back to face her sister.<p>

How could she have been such a fool? Of course she could never be free--there was no escaping the storm that raged inside of her. Turning to face her reflection in the glassy surface of the wall, Elsa raked her hands desperately through her hair, trying to tune Anna out in the background and calm herself down as panic settled in all around her and a miniature blizzard formed a barrier around the two sisters, encasing them in a sphere of howling winds and blinding white sleet. <b>"Anna, please! You'll only make it worse!"</b> Fear bubbled to the surface, and as her body began to shake, the storm around them only grew more vicious until, one last time, Anna insisted that she could fix the Winter she'd brought raining down on their kingdom, and something cracked inside her chest as she whirled to a halt, screaming back that she couldn't.<p>

A long moment passed by in complete silence as the storm dissipated, and the sound of Anna falling to the ground finally brought her back to the present. Elsa whipped around to face her fallen sister as a tall man entered and pulled Anna carefully to her feet. A world's worth of fright collapsed down on her shoulders then, and when Anna refused to leave again, saying that she wouldn't leave without her, Elsa shook her head, throwing up a shield of cold, heartless indifference as she held her hands carefully out in front of her, manipulating the cold air to create an emissary made entirely of snow to carry out her wishes. <b>"Yes, you are."</b> Nodding to the icy abomination she had created, Elsa watched as he lifted Anna and her friend into the air and headed down the palace steps with them. Soon, they would be gone, and she would be left to her own devices--left to calm herself down by whatever means possible. <b>"Get it together. Control it. Don't feel."</b> She could feel the horror closing in on her as her composed world crashed down on all sides, and a vibrant, bloody red shone through the icy walls of her palace, just like the troll had shown her so many years ago.<p>

Was there any limit to the terrible, disastrous things that she could do if she put her mind to it?</div></div><br><br>

<div style="width:400px; font-family:dosis; font-size:30px; color: #393939; letter-spacing:-0.5px; text-align:center; padding-top:3px; border-bottom: 5px solid #d8d8d8;">let the storm rage on</div>

<div align= "center"><div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify;">The Snow Queen awoke with a splitting headache and sat up carefully, unaware for the time being of her surroundings and she sat still, waiting for the room to stop spinning and for the nausea in the pit of her stomach to settle. Once her blurred vision began to improve, though, Elsa realized that she was no longer back in her ice palace in the mountains, but in a cell--a cell in Arendelle, of all places! But how had she gotten here? Her memories were vague ones of a group of men--Prince Hans of the Southern Isles included--riding up the mountain to her palace. There were two men, though...two men who she knew she'd recognized, though she could not for the life of her picture their faces just then as she coughed and the dull ache at the back of her skull flared back to life. Glancing to the thin slit of a window across the room where the bright light peeked through into her cell, Elsa remembered something Anna had said when she'd come to visit--something about Arendelle being buried in deep, deep snow!<p>

Leaping to her feet, Elsa flew forward toward the window, only to be yanked back a few paces when some force holding her hands in place stopped her dead in her tracks. Cringing as her world spun around like a top and the headache returned with a vengeance, Elsa glanced down at the iron gloves that had been fitted over her hands and attached to chains in the floor. Bound and trapped in the dungeon in her own kingdom, like the monster she was. She would have found it oddly fitting if it weren't so dangerous for her to be here. Stepping around her restraints, she strained to see out the window, surveying the damages she'd caused to the fjord and the rest of the kingdom.<p>

So it was true. Arendelle was, indeed, trapped in a constant state of Winter. And it was all because of her and her stupid powers, just like always. <b>"What have I done?"</b> Hearing the door open behind her, Elsa turned quickly to face her visitor--though she instantly regretted the speed of her turn as her skull seemed to spilt in two. Hans. What was he doing here? Suddenly, another piece of the puzzle that was her memory fell into place. The men who had attacked her--they'd been the Duke of Weselton's guards. He'd called her a monster that first night when her powers had been revealed, and for her crimes as a sorceress, he had sent his guards to destroy her. But their crossbows were no match for her abilities, and she overpowered each of them quickly, overcome with rage as she stared between each of her victims and the arrow they had fired that had almost taken her life. Hans had stopped her from killing them, though, and had even stopped the man she had pinned to the wall by spikes of ice from shooting her with another arrow, though she had hit her head as she jumped out of the way of the chandelier that fell from the ceiling when it was pierced by the arrow meant for her heart.<p>

And now here they stood--the Snow Queen and Prince Hans, face to face, though she was without any form of defense this time around. Would a man who wished to marry her sister be a danger to her here in Arendelle? <b>"Why did you bring me here?"</b> Hans explained that he couldn't let them kill her, and for the moment, Elsa felt herself relax. Perhaps this man was as kind as Anna thought him to be, after all. But when he explained that her sister had not yet returned from her journey, her shoulders tensed. She'd sent Anna back to Arendelle--had even sent her snow minion down as a sentinel to be sure she didn't return, and yet, she hadn't made it home to her Prince yet? Prince Hans implored her then to bring back the Summer, begged her to stop the endless Winter that had spread across the fjord and overtaken the kingdom of Arendelle, but he understood just as little of Elsa's abilities as Anna did, and overestimated her ability to save the day as well, it would seem. <b>"Don't you see? I can't."</b> Closing her eyes tightly, Elsa hung her head, explaining that she would only be a danger to Arendelle. <b>"You have to tell them to let me go!"</b> This time, it was her turn to plead, and she turned a sad, pained look on Prince Hans, begging him with her eyes to listen to reason. He nodded then, and straightened up to leave. <i>"I'll do what I can."</i> In a flourish, the Prince left the Queen's cell, and Elsa collapsed down onto her bed, fearing for her sister's safety. Where could Anna be?<p>


It had been a long time since Prince Hans had come and gone, and Elsa was beginning to worry they would never come to release her from her prison. There was only so long that she could go without panicking, and she worried that if she got too scared, she would make this mess she'd made even worse. The metal cuffs around her hands were already beginning cool and frost over--how much longer could she have before it was too late to save herself or Arendelle? A door slammed shut down the hall, and Elsa released a breath, relieved. That must be Hans, coming to set her free and allow her to run back off into the mountains where she belonged--where she couldn't hurt anyone again. But wait--there was more than one pair of footsteps. Hans wasn't alone. He wouldn't need anyone else with him if he only planned to release her--not when he'd already come to see her alone once before. Fear spread thickly through her chest, and she swallowed a lump in her throat as frost coated the walls and door of her cell. Focusing all of her attention on the bulbs that hid her hands, Elsa willed her powers to do as she wished for once, and after a long moment--too long, she thought--the cuffs began to freeze and crack.<p>

<i>"She's dangerous--move quickly."</i> The gruff voice just outside her door made her shudder, and she focused harder on her restraints, bouncing desperately on the balls of her feet as they finally crumbled and fell away to the stone floor. Glancing to the door as the small band of men tried unsuccessfully to pry it open against the ice that caused it to stick, Elsa nodded to herself and ran, willing her powers to give her an exit and sliding to the ground below on a bank of white, powdery snow as a part of the wall crumbled away to reveal the outside. She was free now, but her fear was too much to take, and a blizzard raged all around her, making it hard to hear or see anything close by. How was she to escape if she couldn't find her way?<p>


<i>"Elsa--you can't run from this!"</i> Hans's voice reached her ears from somewhere behind her, and Elsa knew he must have been close for her to have heard him so well. Turning carefully around, the Snow Queen held up her shaking hands to block the onslaught of hail the wind threw her way, staring at him desperately and glancing to his hands to be sure he wasn't armed. She wasn't sure if she had the strength or focus to fight him right now if he were to attack for whatever reason had made him bring an execution squad to her cell. <b>"Just take care of my sister!"</b> she cried, still stepping backwards away from him, and his face grew serious then as he glared at her with more malice--more true hate--than she had ever seen. What had caused him to look at her that way? <i>"Your sister is dead. Because of you!"</i> In an instant, her world fell apart, her heart shattered, and everything she held dear seemed to crumble into nothingness. She'd always sworn to keep Anna safe, whether it was from outside forces or from herself. But when Anna had come to see her...when she'd been hit yet again by her magic, she hadn't thought that it might take her life. She couldn't be dead. She just couldn't. <b>"No,"</b> Elsa whispered, crumpling to the ground and barely catching herself on her palms before she hit the ice.<p>

Her body was wracked with sobs, and for a short moment, the storm seemed to slow around them as she lost all of her will to fight. But then, suddenly, something happened and the storm picked up just as quickly as it had halted. A darkness tinged the edges of the blizzard, closing quickly in around them, and Elsa shuddered as she looked up to the sky and spotted the bitter blackness that spread over the once colorful landscape of Arendelle like permanent ink. Noting the sword poised above her head in Hans's hands, and the far off look in his eye as he, too, examined the sky, Elsa gulped and turned quickly to catch his ankles with her leg, knocking him off balance so that he fell to the ice. Scurrying on hands and knees across the ice, Elsa tried desperately to blink through the bleariness of tears in her eyes to see where she was going, but the darkness only worsened as the seconds ticked by, and by this time, the inky blackness had collided with the whiteout of snow to completely obscure any path she may have had to safety. <b>"Anna,"</b> Elsa whispered around a sob, wiping at the tears on her cheeks with the back of her hand as she pushed herself up against the raging winds to stand up straight. Holding up her arms to shield her face, Elsa fought against the savage winds, afraid that Hans would catch up to her if she didn't move quickly. <b>"I'm so sorry, Anna. I'm so, so sorry."</b><p>


She wasn't sure how long she'd been wandering--days, weeks, maybe even longer than that? She'd found food and water when and where she could, and had somehow even escaped that blizzard that would from then on haunt her in her sleep, but she knew that she couldn't keep going much longer. It had been two days since she'd had something to eat, and nearly that long since she'd run out of fresh water to drink, and her body ached in ways she had never before dreamed it could. There she lay, on a bank of grass beneath the shade of a tall oak tree, curled into a tight little ball against the tree's trunk, when all of a sudden she could hear voices close by. Clearing her throat, Elsa coughed and pushed herself shakily up into a sitting position, chapped lips begging for moisture as she searched the tree line woozily for any sign of help. <b>"Hello?"</b> she called, coughing once more as the dry air filled her lungs. Her voice seemed to belong to someone else, it was so raspy and quiet, but somehow, mercifully, someone had heard her.<p>

Moments later, a woman knelt next to her, lifting her chin and tilting a flask of water for her to drink, which she did, ravenously. Licking her lips when the woman pulled the flask away, Elsa shuddered, falling weakly back against the tree. <b>"Anna...where is...where is Anna?"</b> she murmured, delirious. She recognized none of these people, and somewhere deep down inside, she still knew that her baby sister was gone forever because of her, but she was so weak, so fragile--maybe she'd been hallucinating the whole time. Maybe she was only just now awaking from a terrible dream where her powers had gotten out of hand as she grew older. Maybe, when she'd fallen as she and Anna had played in the snowy ballroom, she'd hit her head on the frosty tiles and been knocked unconscious. <b>"Anna?"</b> she asked again, flailing her arms outward in search of her sister. She had to be right about this. Anna, their mother and father, Arendelle...they all had to still be all right. It all had to be a dream.<p>

<i>"I'm sorry, miss. There is no Anna here..."</i> Dejected, Elsa hung her head, and fresh tears stung at her already-red eyes as she sobbed, feeling a single snowflake fall and melt against the back of her hand. <i>"Is that--snow? Wow. That's amazing."</i> A man's voice interjected then, though he was cut off by a third voice--another woman, as a hand was placed gently against her forehead and then her cheek. <i>"Guys, she needs help. We need to get her to the portal, and fast."</i> As she was lifted into the air by a pair of strong, warm arms, Elsa drifted back into a void of nightmares and loneliness, and she curled deeper into the warmth to shelter her from the dark abyss that threatened to swallow her whole.</div></div><br><br>

<div style="width:400px; font-family:dosis; font-size:30px; color: #393939; letter-spacing:-0.5px; text-align:center; padding-top:3px; border-bottom: 5px solid #d8d8d8;">cold never bothered me</div>

<div align= "center"><div style="width: 300px; text-align: justify;">Settling herself calmly down on the sofa, Elsa folded her legs carefully beneath her, delving her spoon into her cereal and taking a large bite. Chewing thoughtfully, the blonde looked around her little apartment, thinking back on the day they'd first brought her in, kicking and screaming and crying out for her sister, Anna. Anna, who was dead because of the magic Elsa had been born with. Anna, who was dead because she had failed to keep her safe. Anna, who would never smile or laugh or make a silly joke at her expense again. It was all her fault. She'd spent a week in the hospital when they'd first brought her through the portal to deal with her more emergent dehydration and malnutrition problems, but was sent to Haven Hill soon after the doctors realized that her condition wasn't self inflicted. Who would ever want to starve themselves to death, anyway? It was probably the most painful thing she'd ever experienced, aside from the loss of her sister. Physically, she was doing quite well now, though she still had nightmares about that blizzard tinged with all that darkness, and of Hans, with his sword held high above his head, ready to take her life in return for Anna's. The people who had taken care of her when she was still new to the city had suggested that she try attending regular therapy sessions to help with the nightmares and the guilt and the still prevalent need to control and conceal her true self from those around her, and while she had shown up for a few odd sessions, she found it hard to sit around for an hour and talk about the things she was feeling, either with a group or a single person. How was she ever supposed to keep her emotions from controlling her life if she had to talk about them to get better? It was backwards reasoning, and it made no sense to the former Queen of Arendelle.<p>

Sighing, Elsa checked the time nervously and sighed. She still had an hour before her meeting with her first big client, which was plenty of time to reign in her emotions, right? Right. It had to be. The last thing she needed was to lose control here in San Francisco, though her powers seemed mercifully weaker on this side of the portal, at least. Glancing down at the thin line of frost on her spoon, Elsa frowned, setting her bowl down on the table with shaking hands and pulling on the pair of gloves sitting next to her on the couch. Until she found some way to make sense of how to control her powers, her old methods would have to do. At least she worked with ice all day every day when she was on the job, which meant her powers couldn't do too much damage if there was a short period of lost control. Glancing at the easel across the room, and the painting of Arendelle scrawled across the canvas settled there, Elsa sighed and climbed to her feet, wandering over to grab her sweater and pulling it over her head. It couldn't hurt to be ready to walk out the door as soon as it was time, right? That way, she could go quickly and get back just as quickly, and she wouldn't have to be as nervous as the last time.</div>


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 20px;">character basics</div><p>

<div style="width: 380px; height: 180px; padding: 10px; overflow: auto; text-align: justify; font-family: tahoma; font-size: 9px;">

NAME:<br> For Elsa's name, I tried to stick as close to Norwegian translation as possible because of her native Arendelle's location. The name Elsa is originally a Swedish name, though it is often used in Norway in recent years as well, and in Swedish culture, means truth, which seemed oddly fitting for this character who has to hide the truth of herself from everyone around her. Elsa's middle name, Brigit, is a name that originates from the same region which means exalted one. I struggled quite a bit with choosing this name, but finally decided on this over Adelis (meaning noble sort) because elsa is an 'exalted one' in more ways than one. she is queen of arendelle, as well as a sorceress who is able to control snow and ice, and for both of these reasons, she wields quite a bit of power. Finally, I chose Redd as a surname because its a Norwegian word meaning afraid, which is, if nothing else, the perfect way to describe her character. Elsa has spent her entire life afraid of her gifts and how harmful they may be--so afraid, in fact, that she was never able to learn to control them. Red is also the color that symbolizes the darkness inside brought on by her abilities according to the vision Pabbie shows her in the film. Also, later in the film, after Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart with her magic, the castle walls of her ice palace darken and turn red as she loses control of her emotions and her magic.

<p>PLAYBY:<br> It took me ages to find someone who fit Elsa just right to me, and while I know there is no way to perfectly capture her, I feel like Sarah Gadon was the best option I looked at. Her light blonde hair is similar to Elsa's nearly white hair, and both ladies have icy blue eyes that stand out against their pale skin. I also feel that Sarah has a range of photos and gifs that capture Elsa's emotions well, such as the fear of her abilities and the need for isolation despite the loneliness, as well as the underlying desperation for the freedom to be herself in a world where she's always remained hidden behind locked doors.

<p>BIRTHDAY:<br> June 21st. (Summer Solstice)

<p>OCCUPATION:<br> As an ice sculptor, Elsa is able to bring in commissions year-round for different events, which sustains her just enough that she can get by as a yet-to-be-discovered freelance artist. Especially considering the fact that she's been living at Havel Hill since she crossed through the portal. Constantly cooped up in her apartment unless she's working in the freezer of the factory space she rents out or absolutely needs to go out to get something, Elsa has plenty of time on her hands to work on her art.

<p>POWERS & ABILITIES:<br> Elsa has the power over ice and snow, though they vary in strength based on which world she is in. In the animated world, her powers are still unruly and too strong for her to contain, while they are slightly muted in San Francisco. She is still able to do everything that she was before, and still has very little control over when her abilities take hold, but the effects have proven to be less devastating thus far in San Francisco than back Arendelle.

<p>PERSONALITY:<br> Elsa's personality hasn't changed much from her movie, though she still hates herself every day for what she did to Anna and to Arendelle before that and sometimes lets her depression get the better of her and actually catches herself wishing that she hadn't stopped Hans when he stood over her with his sword. She views herself as a monster, though she is slowly trying to come to terms with that.

<p>BACKGROUND:<br> Formerly the eldest princess and then Queen of Arendelle in the animated world, Elsa spent the majority of her life hiding away from the world to conceal her powers and to keep from hurting her loved ones. When her magic was discovered accidentally the night of her coronation, though, she fled to the north mountain outside of the kingdom to live in isolation, and until her sister found her and explained that Arendelle was trapped in eternal winter, she thought that she would actually be free from her own fear.

<p>CANON CUTOFF:<br> The story cuts off fairly close to the end of the movie, when Hans tells Elsa that Anna is dead and that it is her fault. Just when Hans is about to swing his sword and kill her though, the darkness descends, mingling with the blizzard Elsa had created with her powers and distracting Hans long enough for her to knock him off balance and escape.

<p>GLOVES:<br> It was a last minute decision, but I realized before finishing the application that, as said above, Elsa still hasn't come very far when it comes to controlling her powers, and while they're weaker in San Francisco, she doesn't know if they're going to get stronger like they did back home, and she wants to be as prepared as she can possibly be. Which is why, even though she knows they didn't always help and they kept her from learning to use her gifts for good, Elsa has readopted her father's old method of hiding her powers until she can find a better fix.


<div style="width: 400px; text-align: center; font-family: georgia; font-size: 15px;">played by WENDY</div><br>
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