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victor burton stein
 Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 07:40 PM
Victor Frankenstein
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He was in the common area just sitting there, staring out the window as he watched the rain come down, drips of water slowly sliding down the glass. Victor had been working in his lab but had decided to take a bit of a break, nursing a coffee in his hands as he watched the water slide down the glass. There were bags under his eyes, obviously having stayed up late in his lab it was hard to tell if he even had gotten any sleep at all, and it wasn’t like he really talked to anyone else, he always had kept to himself, that was just how he was.

Sipping at his coffee as he watched the rain, he didn’t pay much mind to anyone else, lost in his own world. There wasn’t many other in the common area, maybe one or two people, he liked it like that. It meant less people that could bother him. His mind slowly mulling over some of things that he had been working on in his lab, blocking pretty much everything else out. But he soon found that he was pulled out of his thoughts when it felt like someone was watching him.

Victor couldn’t help but steal a quick glance behind him to see who else was there and who might be looking at him. But he didn’t see anyone that seemed to be looking at him. With a slight shake of his head he went back to mulling over his own thoughts, trying to tune others out but finding it harder than it had been before. His eyes slowly fellowing a drop of water that went down the glass of the window, joining other bits of water and just letting his mind go again.

Nearly jumping out of skin when someone had finally touched his shoulder. Victor couldn’t help but whip himself around and back up some to look at the person. “Is there something I can help you with?” he couldn’t help but let the words rush out of his lips.

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rowan north terian
 Posted on: Jan 17 2018, 08:32 PM
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It had been a rough night for Rowan when it came to her damaged lungs. Suffering a severe coughing fit that had lasted most of the night. No doubt affected by the rainy weather they had been having the last couple of days. As it was, the pretty redhead had eventually given up on sleep and climbed out of bed. Figuring that she'd get an early start on the reading that the teacher was assigning for the day. Rather than be alone, Rowan decided to shower, dress and head over towards the university. Listening to the rain outside her window as she moved through her apartment. Yawning softly as she located her medication and then proceeded to find something sensible to eat. Her hand sliding through her semi-dry hair as she eventually settled on a box of cereal. Getting a bowl from her apartment and pouring herself a fair amount. Looking around the large, but empty apartment aside from the furniture.

She knew her parents didn't quite approve of it and maybe it was fair in that assessment. If nothing else, her medical condition didn't support the desire she had to be independent. The unpredictability of it all made it difficult to assess and she couldn't always get her breathing under control. Sure, her parents had suggested a service dog, but Rowan had stubbornly refused not wishing to 'replace' Jenna her beloved husky. Not while she still held hope that her companion was alive. How could she not? Jenna was her best friend, she deserved the benefit of a doubt. Sighing softly as she considered maybe just giving into her parents and letting them drag her back home. It would certainly make them feel better keeping her under wraps, even if it wasn't her idea of home. Maybe when she was younger, but she was nineteen years old now. Even if it was just a year ago that she crossed over the initial portal with her parents.

She shook her head of the thoughts as she figured it was best left for another day. Taking a moment to cough a little before resuming and finishing up her meal. Getting up and putting away her dishes in the dishwasher as she prepared to leave. Making sure she grabbed her bookbag filling it with the books for the day. Her fall jacket on, keys in hand she slowly slipped into her running shoes and made her way out of her apartment. Locking the door behind her as she headed off taking the stairs and caught the bus just as it was heading to the stop. Getting in, she took the quick ride over to the school as she prepared to head into the common area. Noticing that not many were milling about, but that was fine as well. Shrugging her foot on momentarily to race into the school with her bag to get out of the rain. Dropping the hood once she was inside coughing quite a bit as she took several minutes to just recover. Luckily, nobody was in the hallway so she could go by undetected.

Sufficiently recovered, Rowan eventually made her way through the school towards the common room. Shouldering the bag on her arm as she eventually arrived noticing there weren't that many in the room. Made things quiet at least which was good as she attempted to locate somewhere to sit. As a natural outdoors gal, Rowan found a spot near one of the windows where she could look out at the courtyard and admire the rainstorm from the comforts of the school. Reminding herself she couldn't really play in the rain as often as she may have liked anymore. Trotting over, she attempted to make it to her target only for a sudden coughing fit came over her once more. With no thought to it, Rowan's hand moved to balance delicately against the young man that was sitting in his chair minding his own business. Or at least until Rowan interrupted his thoughts causing him to snap at her in mild annoyance. Releasing her grip as she attempted to catch her breath best she could.

"S...sorry.....I...wasn't thinking...just...needed something to lean on," she managed to only just get out. Much to her dismay hating when her body betrayed her like this. She hated being different and even more when these attacks occurred near people. She wanted friends and last she checked, nobody became friends with weird kids.

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