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elijah ignatius hayes
 Posted on: Oct 13 2017, 01:22 AM
❝ the devil went down to alabama lookin for a soul t' steal ❞
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blame the dark on the devil.
Ever get in a situation where you have to lean back, take a second and reevaluate how you even got there? The end result being so ridiculous and out of this world, that you feel like at some point you tripped and fell headfirst into Wonderland. Or at least some cheap WonderFranciscoLand. There was no way this was a thing that was happening. But, the shine on the barrel of the handgun the moron kept waving around assured him that, yes, this was really happening. So, how did he get here? What fucked up yellow brick road led to an actual armed robbery in the middle of a Dollar General?

Right. So, it was his off day from the restaurant and his demon on his shoulder was unnatural quiet for once, so he was going to take the day for walking. It was something that eased his anxiety and his mind, and it always led to something. Hell, it led to meeting Odelia, didn't it? So, wandering. Right. He got that much.

The day was a spectacularly good one for California fall, actually. The October sun granted a little reprieve in the form of a chill breeze that actually required him to toss on a hoodie before walking out of the door. It actually reminded him of home. Sure, it couldn't compete with the Alabama fall with the gorgeous leaves falling down and around, filling the world with a rich glow, but it was pretty nice. Enough to make homesick blossom in his chest. But, that was a feeling that he was used to. He was always in some state of missing his South. And that's what the walks were for. Clear his mind. And it worked for a while. Until he got thirsty.


That's when he stopped in the Dollar General to pick up a water and it wasn't long after he found the cooler that he heard the shot into the ceiling. Out of pure instinct, he dove into a nearby aisle and pressed his back against the lines of medicine on the shelves. Shouts and orders were being barked, and he could hear the employees complying with what the men were demanding. Lock the door. No one leaves. Do you understand?! Big boys got a big gun and they thought they knew how to play.

Elijah Hayes chanced a glance towards the front of the store and his eyes narrowed at what he saw. There were three of them, and all three were armed. Of course, they had their faces covered, but it didn't hide their builds. One was medium, a little pudgy ---- he could probably take him down. The one on the farthest right was skinny as a rail, Elijah had tackled bigger boys in football while in high school and left them with bruises. Check. The leader, however, he seemed to radiate more than sadistic charisma: he was built like a house. Not easy.

Unfortunately for him, the robbers rounded up everyone in the store and made them sit in the center aisle, and wait. It was hard to appreciate how dire the situation was when on one side there were Halloween decorations, and on the other Christmas announced its coming. Sighing and rubbing his face, he leaned back and surveyed the people around him. The closest to him was a young woman who looked about as enthused about being here as he did.

"So, what do you think? This a good way to spend a Thursday afternoon or what?" He asked, trying to feign a goodnatured smile. "Personally, I think it could only be better if someone announced they had an inflatable bouncy castle and we were all invited. Otherwise, this.... blows." A ragged sigh escaped his lips, and he mentally tried to touch Belial, but the demon was being oddly quiet. Fine. It wasn't like he wanted him around anyway.

"Any good ideas? Personally, I'm leanin' towards throwin' on a mask and pretendin' to be part of the crew. Should work pretty well, yeah?" No time for jokes, Elijah. What would your sister think?

Don't answer that. Etc.

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