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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 catch a falling star, Howell's wants!
howell aidan jenkins
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 08:56 PM

You who swallowed a falling star, o' heartless man.

  Howl's Moving Castle
  28 years old
  Stephalump ()


❤ Calcifer | Fire Demon | 25-30
What is the Great Wizard Pendragon without his fire demon? Not that he would ever admit to it, but... nothing. This feisty little fireball right here is actually a fallen star and holds a LOT of power. In fact, even though Howl was already quite strong to begin with, Calcifer is the source of a lot of his power and strength. Way back when Calcifer fell Howl was lucky enough to catch a falling star and made a deal with him. Although if you ask me, its a little one sided, but thats prolly why Cal enlists the help of Sophie to help break him of this curse. ALL THE SAME! Howl swallowed him and now Calcifer is bound to Howl and Howl to Calcifer because... well... Cal is his heart. And I don't know about you, but living without a heart is a really hard thing to do. Howl be damned, even with as much conviction and sheer force of will, he's having a difficult time of it in San Fran. So obviously, if only for survival's sake... this guy is really needed. Omg he would be so loved though, I promise.

For the purpose of this ad I am going to focus on Howl and Cal's relationship, but we do have a Sophie on board so I would suggest talking to her player, Allie, as well to get things all sorted out. The way I see it, Calcifer is the closest thing to a best friend Howl has. Sure, he might be a bit messy and forgetful about keeping wood out... and certainly he isn't the most grateful wizard... but I think their relationship is more of a silent understanding and respect. Because lets also be real, a fire that refuses to cook unless bullied? A fire that complains about literally everything? That also doesn't make for an awesome friend too... but they work together and even though Cal wants free of the curse.... and eventually in the movie (although we didn't get that far) does get freed... he also comes back. That has to mean something. So yeah, they prolly bicker a lot and seem like really bad friends and that they don't like each other, but there obviously is a quiet respect and love between them. Not to mention, however briefly when Howl comes back from the war zones and has a hard time shifting... Cal really does show his concern... obviously out of the prying eyes of Markl and Sophie. SO YEAH! HOWL MISSES HIM.

But more than missing Calcifer as a friend, again-- not that he'd admit it, Howl is still bound by the curse. Although technically heartless in the AW, its impossible to survive in San Fran without a heart. So I've twisted it a bit that instead of being heartless, his heart just sucks at being a heart. Its incredibly weak, it has an atypical rhythm which is actually dangerous for his health if he exerts himself, and he is really prone to heart attacks. Of course, such things don't stop him from being Howl... and he thinks be sheer force of will he'll be fine... but he won't. He's had a heart attack or two and doesn't do anything to take care of himself unless you count over exerting himself, drinking, and not having regular visits to the doctor. Obviously he needs Cal around, because being close would obviously alleviate a lot of those problems. Although the demon in him is still threatening to take over, and if he uses too much magic he does start to shift in to the crow demon (obviously with time he changes back), I think being near his heart would make everything THAT much better. Not to mention who doesn't need that sassy fireball in their life? SO PLEASE! CALCIFER NEEDS TO COME!

Honestly, I think a lot about Cal is open. The cut off for the movie is after Sophie threw water on Cal and the Witch of the Waste, so its likely that he is extremely weakened-- and depending on what you want... still very much in the clutches OF the Witch of the Waste. But obviously you could have him have enough strength to escape her since somehow Howl had enough strength as well to get away from an entire war. SO OPTIONS! And what he has been up to is also up to you. I would say, unless you have him having lost his memories, he's likely avoided Howl.... its hard not to know of a World Renown Magician ballsy enough to call himself a Wizard whose name is HOWELL PENDRAGON... And I don't blame him for avoiding him, Cal did want his freedom and maybe he's just really enjoying it in San Fran. But just like Howie has health issues, I would say Calcifer does too. SO! You can do with that what you will. I have no idea for a face claim... but I would be more than happy to help! So let me know <3 I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Open FC
❤ Witch of the Waste (WoW) | Witchy | 25-30
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.... and DAMN did Howl scorn her I assume. This woman has been on a MISSION to get this boy pinned down and has even gone as far as cursing an innocent bystander just to get to him. Not to mention she was also totally okay burning to death when she realized Calcifer was Howl's heart. SO! I call that some intense obsession... borderline CRAZINESS. But Howl doesn't blame her... obviously he is worth going crazy over. Not much is known in the movie about their relationship, but I am going to put in my ideas-- obviously this is open to interpretation as far as backstory and what not.

First and foremost, it is worth noting that at one point in her life when she was in a relationship with Howl, she had to be remarkably beautiful. That wizard is an incredibly vain and shallow person, so obviously something attracted him to her. I also imagine that she was immensely powerful too-- as seen many times in the movie. So I bet these two were a force to be reckoned with when they were together. Two strong magical beings.... god only knows what trouble they got in to. But all good things come to an end, especially with the eater of hearts. Howl honestly probably got bored with her and without reason or warning dumped her. Now, as bad as she was... I imagine that she wasn't horrid until AFTER the break up. All we know is that she is desperately looking for Howl... so before she was overcome with jealousy and stalkerish tendencies, I would almost go as far to say she was a decent person... something YOU can decide when you make her. But her jealousy turned her ugly and made her become what she was.

The movie was cut off after she discovered that Calcifer was Howl's heart and almost burned herself to death because of it. If it wasn't for Sophie she likely would have died. The only reason I bring this up is because technically at this point she has no magic-- but I would totally be cool if you wanted to give her her magic back. The portal does crazy things. I also want to say that it gave her her beauty and youth back. Obviously AW she'd prolly revert... but San Fran I bet she is just a hunk a hunk of burning love get it? because she almost burned to death?. Also, I would REALLY like for her to still be obsessed with Howl and wanting to find him and make him love her again. Depending on what you want to do, as mentioned with Calcifer, she might even still have Calcifer in her clutches and keeps hella tabs on him, maybe even try and romance HIM too because technically he is Howl's heart. So she can be a cheating little witch.

Everything else is also pretty open. I do want to say... I would suggest Summer Bishil for one reason and one reason only-- THIS. I am not normally a face shipper, but I love the relationship Margo and Eliot have in the Magicians... and also... just look at her. She is a fierce as fuck QUEEN. But other than Summer, for those obvious reasons, I would also recommend Alexandra Breckenridge. I am also just open to whatever you might want so... just ask and I wuld be happy to help find!

Summer Bishil / Alexandra Breckenridge
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