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mortimer aeron wynter
death / the universe
joined on 11-October 15
Hey there, fellas. My name is Death
So when you see me coming
Better hold your breath
‘Cause I’m your last gasp
I’m your sweet retreat
I’m the baddest motherfucker you will ever meet
‘Cause I’m free to come and go as I please
I wear the seven deadly sins upon my sleeve
And I’m dying to meet you now
I’ve got a handshake you’ll never forget, my friend
I’m the end. My name is Death

Now, don’t think I’m all work and no play
I’ve just got a knack for taking people’s breath away
It’s not to say exceptions can’t be made
When the Stones wrote me a song, I cut ‘em a break
And I can’t help I’m dressed best in black
Even better than the late great Johnny Cash
And I shot more men in Reno than he ever did. I told ‘em…