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victor burton stein
 Posted on: Oct 4 2017, 07:40 PM
Victor Frankenstein
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can we pretend -
He was in the common area just sitting there, staring out the window as he watched the rain come down, drips of water slowly sliding down the glass. Victor had been working in his lab but had decided to take a bit of a break, nursing a coffee in his hands as he watched the water slide down the glass. There were bags under his eyes, obviously having stayed up late in his lab it was hard to tell if he even had gotten any sleep at all, and it wasn’t like he really talked to anyone else, he always had kept to himself, that was just how he was.

Sipping at his coffee as he watched the rain, he didn’t pay much mind to anyone else, lost in his own world. There wasn’t many other in the common area, maybe one or two people, he liked it like that. It meant less people that could bother him. His mind slowly mulling over some of things that he had been working on in his lab, blocking pretty much everything else out. But he soon found that he was pulled out of his thoughts when it felt like someone was watching him.

Victor couldn’t help but steal a quick glance behind him to see who else was there and who might be looking at him. But he didn’t see anyone that seemed to be looking at him. With a slight shake of his head he went back to mulling over his own thoughts, trying to tune others out but finding it harder than it had been before. His eyes slowly fellowing a drop of water that went down the glass of the window, joining other bits of water and just letting his mind go again.

Nearly jumping out of skin when someone had finally touched his shoulder. Victor couldn’t help but whip himself around and back up some to look at the person. “Is there something I can help you with?” he couldn’t help but let the words rush out of his lips.

that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

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