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 sacks, ethan hollis, 9 / dan stevens
ethan hollis sacks
 Posted: May 16 2017, 05:46 AM

9 / NINE

❝ I was right! You did send him out to die!❞

6' 0"



Ethan Hollis Sacks

9 / NINE ★ 9 ★ dan stevens ★ hero ★ 29

"You're just like him. You forget to remember to be scared."

When he opens his eyes for the very first time, it is to a world devoid of life and murdered meaning. No birds sing, no leaves rustle in the wind and no people walk down the street. No cars move, no one talks, there is nothing. A withered corpse lays buried underneath still papers, most of which have stayed where they fell some time ago. The room is weathered and full of strange objects. He longs to explore, to see, to find meaning but walking is difficult at first. He's clumsy, new, but soon gets the hang of it as he rushes toward a window and peers out into the dead world beyond his tiny beginning. This is all he knows and he seeks why.

character basics

I have wanted to use the name Ethan for a character forever let me tell you. Ethan means 'firm', 'enduring', 'strong', which I felt was a nice fit given the fact 9 comes from a world that's completely dead - yet he and the other StitchPunks have endured through all the chaos and waste. For being about five inches tall and made of potato sack, he's pretty strong, especially with what he's faced with - losing his soul siblings, facing down the Cat Beast and the Brain Machine's various gruesome soldiers.

Hollis doesn't hold any meaning as such 'Dweller of the holly trees' doesn't really apply to him, save for the fact the palms of his hands are made from wood in the animated realm. I chose it because 'Hollis' has similar sounds to 'Homunculus' which - is a representation of a small human being. Popularized in sixteenth-century alchemy and nineteenth-century fiction, it has historically referred to the creation of a miniature, fully formed human. 9, like the other numbers, was created by the splitting of their creators soul, each of them was given life with a small part of it. 9 is a Homunculus by definition - or something close to it - hence 'Hollis' as it starts with 'Ho'.

I chose Sacks because 9 was primarily crafted from burlap, which is or was commonly used as a material to create potato sacks from. Numbers before him were made out of a different material or a combination of a few.

Dan Stevens - golly I've been eyeing him off for a while but I wasn't sure who I wanted to use him for. I'd been eyeing off 9 for even longer and somewhere along the way they clicked. It's especially hard given the SitchPunks don't have human features and are animated dolls. Dan has a variety of roles that fit 9's curiosity, kindness and intelligence. His facial expressions and mannerisms also fit really well. I also wanted to aim for someone who could have been a 'younger' version of the Creator. The last we see of him, he's an elderly man with wiry hair and wrinkled skin, aged due to time, the pressures of war and inventing or all three.

February 29 (Leap day) - celebrates on February 28 on a normal year

Explorer, vinyl toy designer, steampunk toy designer, gardener, occult researcher

Intelligence and instantaneous problem solving: In both the animated and real worlds, Ethan is incredibly good at coming up with solutions – both technical and philosophical – to almost any problem. An example of this is when posed with a dark space, he created a light staff by just looking at objects, seeing how they could connect together and building it. He’s extremely curious by nature and is liable to touch something, poke it, shake it, slam it, or nudge it, just to see what it will do. This behaviour has gotten those he cares about killed in the past, so he’s a little more cautious than he used to be, but not by much.

StitchPunk physiology: As a homunculus, an animated doll brought to life by the splitting of a human soul – Ethan is afforded particular unique advantages in the animated world. As he’s made of burlap sack, he’s a little more durable than a regular human and doesn’t have any organs to damage – though he does possess working moveable parts that can be broken. Pain is a strange concept, it seems as though the shard of soul that gave him life can become ‘exhausted’ which means he has to rest. He can also ‘pass out’ but otherwise doesn’t need to sleep and if he does, not for very long. If his structure – for example stitching, is pulled he experiences discomfort and ‘pain’ but upon it being restitched the discomfort leaves. Being about 5 inches tall means he can easily slip in and out of places that would be otherwise impossible for larger life forms to enter, and he can hide pretty good too.

StitchPunks can also be ‘repaired’ and suffer no ill effects, for example, sewing a cut with random thread, or cannibalising an object to replace something lost – a voice box from a doll was used to give 9 speech, for example. In the real world, as a human his sense of touch and pain is dulled. He feels more intense trauma such as deep cuts but the pain leaves as soon as he’s received treatment. He can go without sleep for long periods of time, but this usually results in ‘crashing’ where he’ll sleep for 3 to 4 days to make up for all the lost time and the strain on his incomplete soul. The opposite can also happen, where he’ll feel really lethargic and tired for a long period of time and can do little more than rest – these periods of energy and tiredness are unpredictable. His stitches manifest in the real world as scars, the largest of which runs from the top of his chest to just past his belly button. This scar is presentative of his ‘zipper’ and at times can feel like its pulling his skin in two. Otherwise wherever he’s sewn in the animated world, these stitches appear as scarring.

In the real world, there is a large black ‘9’ tattooed on his back, stylised and worn in some places, as if he requested the number to look like it was hand drawn. In the animated world, this number still exists on his back, painted there by the Scientist.

StitchPunk sibling: All of the StitchPunks, 1-9, were created from the same soul. The Scientist split his life force in order to give them personality, infusing each with a unique aspect of himself. Without the others nearby, he feels incomplete and lost, like something of him is missing. In the real world this connection manifests as a ‘sixth’ sense, the others would be able to tell if another number was in trouble, in pain or if something bad was going to happen.

As the last StitchPunk and youngest, 9 represents the Creator’s humanity, bigheartedness, thoughtfulness and sincerity. He inherited some of the Scientists intelligence, being extremely smart himself, but often gets himself and those with him in trouble due his curious nature. He always wants to know why and seeks to find the meaning in all things. If Ethan was allowed, he’d pose questions all day. He loves to read, discover, explore and search. I’ve left his personality unchanged from the film, though he does possess a little more sadness after the way things ended. He blames himself for the deaths of the others and will never forgive himself unless he makes it right.

A lot of 9 is left up to assumption, displayed through a montage before the film begins proper. It seems that a Socialist state, obsessed with advancement, encouraged one of its lead Scientists to delve down an interesting path of the occult merged with science. He created a super computer, a mechanical B.R.A.I.N capable of immense intelligence. The Scientists creation was taken by those in power and melted into another machine, the Fabrication Machine – a machine that’s sole purpose was to construct weapons to destroy their enemies. Lacking a human soul, the B.R.A.I.N Fabrication machine became sadistic, cruel and bloodthirsty. Seeing humanity as a threat and hindrance, it hatched a plan to exterminate all life on Earth. The machines it built to destroy their enemies, were turned on their own people and everyone else – everything organic was wiped out with chemical weapons.

Human, plant life, insects, animals… all life was gone. When the end was near, the Scientist who created B.R.A.I.N used his knowledge of the occult and alchemy to create nine rag dolls he named ‘StitchPunks; bringing them to life by splitting his own soul through a special device / talisman that he created. 1 was the cowardly arrogant side of the Scientist. 2, the creative genius. 3 and 4 were made as identical twins and embodied the Scientists love of history. 5 was the healer, caring part of the Scientists soul while 6 was his artistic side. 7 represented his fighting spirit and is the only female. 8 Is the brutish, gruff side of the Scientist and 9 – his humanity.


played by ALIAS

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