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 Posted on: Feb 5 2018, 07:17 PM
Betty Cooper
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can't stop the feeling

Sometimes Cupid's arrow hits us in funny and unexpected ways. Maybe it's with someone we wouldn't expect. Maybe it's the person of our dreams but at the most inopportune time! It seems there's always a hitch, and there's no way of telling beforehand how it'll play out. This Valentine's Day, take a chance on love and let Cupid be your guide to some heartwarming (or heart-wrenching) fun.

Welcome, gems, to this year's Valentine's Day event! This is a roulette event and sign-ups start now. Send your single (or paired off!) children our way and we will provide them with something fun or silly to play with, via three random prompts. Once you get your pairing, Cupid's arrow has struck and they will be subject to its spell for 24 hours! Even the strangest match will have heart-eyes for one another for their thread, no matter what prompt you and your partner choose to use. Whether you go the route of romantic or more romantic comedy, there are plenty of ways to play with this event!


In order to sign up for the event, just post below with the characters you'd like to include! Please include your character's romantic preferences, as we will take these into account when assigning pairs.

If you would like to participate with a character already in a ship, you can! Before you start, just confirm with your partner how you'd like to approach the thread: AU, past, future, etc.

If you would like to be assigned prompts for an existing ship of yours, you may! Just post the ship below and we will assign three random prompts for you two to play with, without the random pairing.

Sign-ups will close Wednesday, February 14th so don't delay!

You will be PMed on each character's account with their pairing and a choice of three romantic (or awkward!) prompts. The prompt you choose is up to you, but the pairs are non-negotiable, thanks to Cupid's arrow!

You may decide amongst yourselves whether or not this event will impact your character's future plots. Just want something fun to play with? That's fine! Did it turn into a pairing you'd like to explore? That's good too! It's up to you and your partner.

That being said, please label your threads [AU] if you wish it to be so. We will assume all other threads to be canon if not!

All threads for this event must be posted in this forum for neatness' sake. Please include the prompt you are using in your first post! If you have other, non-event related Valentine's Day related threads, they can be located anywhere on site.

As always, each character will receive a participation award on their accounts!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a staffer or bring it up in the #help channel on Discord.

 Posted on: Feb 11 2018, 04:35 PM
Betty Cooper
❝ We must do better. ❞


can't stop the feeling
the singles

character name (preference)

andrew parnell (women)
arthur drake ( women )
august eckhardt (women)
barnaby brown (women)
graham oren (women)
howell jenkins (women)
takashi tachibana (women)

brenna lyons ( men )
eilian blanche (men)
elsa redd ( men )
greta wyntreaux ( men )
kumbukani adeaze (men)
marianne devoss (men)
marie beauregard (men)
margaret chung (men)
riley anderson ( men )
rosalind taylor ( men )

alana strand (either)
alexandra baker (either)
chance parker (either)
cordelia fisk (either)
eden eros ( either )
eleanor crowley (either)
francine warren (either)
gilda blake (either)
heulwen tyl (either)
huckleberry hound (either)
iorek isbjorn (either/men)
jacob samhain ( either )
jaxon frost (either)
jet nightshade ( either )
kenna seshat ( either )
leia joyce (either)
lyniyah drake (either)
meili wen ( either )
robin sanders (either)
sean halston (either)
sterling spiegel (either)
toshiro mitsuru (either)
zeta cavern (either)

the pairs

nausicaä hisaishi & daemyn desoto
andrea kersey & dillion bishop
gisli isdottir & olaf friedman
mel black & theo preston
phoebe erlantz & ray guthrie
halvar jarlson & astrid asger
nadira hajar & ali barakat
aretha fay & dallas williams
ivy glen & wesley ayers
mort wynters & vida themis
tam wright & vera skye
richard renaldi & giselle chandon
natasha anosova & yuri morevna
isabella clare & gary osborn
catrin perry & emmett lowell
skylar cassidy & william calibur
gabriel richter & kate bellamy
han wyntreaux & wren marrok
ralph alcott & trista seres
nicholas adams & desiree labelle
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