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Becca is yet another member that has returned to us, and was sorely missed in her absence. As much a part of the family as though she'd been here from the very beginning. She's always welcoming, always kind and supportive, and most importantly ready to offer all the magical feels-breaking plots you could ever ask for. So don't forget to show her your love next time you see her!





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 one of THOSE days, daemyn & axce
megan adonia stathos
 Posted: Apr 25 2017, 02:05 AM

i'm a damsel, i'm in distress, i can handle this. have a nice day!.

  29 years old
  not interested
  forest (she/her)


note: we talked about this a while back in the cbox,
i hope this is alright!

Okay, this was getting ridiculous. I mean really - what did a girl need to do to get just a minute of peace and quiet before the world came at her, guns a-blazing, all over again? Meg wasn't really the sort to believe in superstitious mumbo jumbo, but the longer this unlucky streak went on, the more appealing the idea of carrying around a rabbit's foot or horseshoe became. Sometimes she even looked back on her life and wondered at what point she'd broken a mirror and been cursed with seven years of bad luck, but she couldn't seem to remember any broken glass - just a whole lot of awful. Sure, if she wanted to, she could trace all that bad luck back to the moment she'd met the eyes of a tall, handsome stranger several years back, the man who had sent her tumbling head over heels from the moment they said hello - the stuck-up, ignorant jerk who had let her fall in love with him and keep falling and falling and falling until she hit rock bottom. And then left her there. Yeah, Meg could admit some fault in the matter - she'd been young and naive, and she'd wanted so badly to believe in true love and happy endings that she'd let herself be blinded by his dazzling smile and contrived romantic gestures so she hadn't for a moment seen that he'd been nothing more than another pompous frat boy type looking for a girl who was willing to follow him to the ends of the earth and answer his beck and call without a moment's pause. She was ashamed to admit that that had been her for a time, that she'd been so weak-willed and hopeful that she'd let him drown out all the warning bells that should have been blaring in her head, trying to point out all the little discrepancies in behavior and flaws in her logic that she'd look back on later and kick herself for. Yes, crossing paths with him had definitely been her first big lapse in luck, even if she'd been too distracted to see it, and after that things only got worse and worse. She'd built her life around him, around the idea that they were forever, and he'd gotten bored with her and left her for some blue-eyed blonde with a rounder figure. Boys and their toys, right? Always looking for the latest model. Once the wool was pulled back from her eyes, the rest of the world came rushing in - he left her swimming in what should have been his financial debt while she was trapped in a dead end job with no one to turn to. Nobody except herself.

She hadn't been able to shake this unlucky streak since then. She'd started to wonder if she'd somehow angered some great cosmic entity - it seemed easy enough to upset the gods of ancient Greece, so somehow this seemed a likely possibility. Come to think of it, how did she even know so much about the ancient Greeks and their gods? She couldn't recall ever taking a course on them in school, or ever really making an effort at learning about them in such a way that it would make sense for her to have the knowledge she did now, and yet she'd still somehow found herself scoffing at the ways of the gods as though she'd known them personally. Zeus - you can't keep it in your pants for just five minutes? Come on, Hera, you're better than this - going back to Zeus just enables it to happen all over again. But why did she know all of this? She couldn't explain it, but somehow she felt like this inexplicable knowledge was a hole in her life. A gap. Ever since she met Hektor at that Halloween party, things hadn't been adding up quite right, and little things had started to stand out to her. Things that just felt wrong, or as though there was more to them than met the eye...more than even she knew...So maybe she had broken a mirror or angered a god and she just didn't remember it. Maybe she'd been cursed by some vengeful goddess who had loved Meg's ex-man. Who knows.

And did it really matter why Meg's luck was this bad? Not particularly. All that mattered was this:

As usual, Meg was in a questionable mood. She was always a little bit standoffish, tottering on the edge of irritation, but this was one of those days where she'd been lingering on that edge for a good few hours, just waiting for the right spark to set her off. That spark came in the form of a purse-snatcher - she was getting off the bus on a crowded street, frowning down at her phone at the text from her boss asking her to work several extra hours that night to cover for another girl, the strap hanging carefully from the curve of her shoulder. It had taken just an instant for the man to take hold of it, and just one more moment for Meg to react to the sudden tug, hands flying to catch the strap in a white-knuckled grip before the thief could get away. She rounded on him in a moment, death glare set, voice hard as she demanded, "HEY!" She pulled back on the strap, but the man's grip was as firm as hers. "GET OFF, YOU STICKY-FINGERED CREEP!"

daemyn roscoe desoto
 Posted: Jan 7 2018, 07:43 PM


  Oliver and Company
  29 years old
  Acxe (she/her)


Had he done something wrong to deserve this? Was this the beginning of a bad luck streak? These questions and a few more came to Dae as he entered the bus and took a seat after paying. As he looked around the place he could not help but feel like he had just taken a step back from what he was. Then again that was a stupid way of looking at it after all his car had been wrecked and it had not even been his fault. He would eventually not have to take the bus but until his wheels were repaired this would have to do.

Sure the cost of having a car in the city was horrible, with the traffic and the parking costs. Not to mention all the mundane expenses such as gas and oil changes, and the occasional tire change. But the freedom was worth it. He could be anywhere and not have to worry about the schedule, that the buses almost never kept too. They were always too early or so late, and he would swear by it if anyone asked. Now he was just another cog in the machine until he was back in his prized possession.

That thought had caused him to think of the wreak again and how he could feel the old tendencies of being Desoto, the attack dog, instead of Dae the human flow through him in that instance. He had held it in then, barely, but thinking of the accident again made the tendencies come back. Which made him sigh as he got up from his seat and leave the bus.

As soon as he stepped off the bus, he heard a woman’s voice. Making him look in that direction and snarl at the scene. For it seemed there was a purse snatcher, what a nasty habit that was. But it did give the Dobie a reason to get rid of these tendencies he was having recently. He just smirked as he made his way over, past the onlookers and ignorers, only to tap on the snatcher’s shoulder.

When the guy went to look Dae socked him, causing the man to let go of the purse and stumble back. What ground the man lost the Dobie gained as he went in between the two. ”You doing okay there?” Speaking to the woman but looking at her. ”It looked as though you needed help.” Keeping his eye on the man, just in case he wanted to do anything towards them.

OOC: megan adonia stathos
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