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Our resident meme queen, Lauren is always a positive figure in the chat and on site, and we're glad to have her! It's a blast to watch her colorful array of characters interact with others, from SF native Theo to our favorite misguided stepsister Alex. Whether she's plotting, posting, or just being herself, she never fails to bring smiles to our faces.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 rescue me from this nightmare, #sam, acxe, sammi & anyone else
niamh hayley ross
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 08:10 AM

I want my freedom!.

  24 years old
  lowrie (she/her)


something so terrifying

A sense of time was lost, with no light strong enough to tell if it’s passing. A sense of place was lost, with no way of looking out. There were narrow air vents of a sort in the thick stone walls, but the walls were high and to look through them you’d have to be eight, ten feet tall. For all that the room was high, in width, it was only six foot by six foot. It was wide enough for the prisoner to sleep in, eat in, and be in general discomfort. There was straw covering the floor, but save that and a threadbare blanket there was not much else. It was not even fit for an animal, yet there was an animal locked up within its walls. Huddled in the corner there was a creature, flame red curls knotted and wild. It was human once, full of life, vibrant and a spark in her eyes. Now when those blue eyes open they were dull, pale, lifeless. It was no life at all that she lived now. She saw no one, her food, meagre though it was, was delivered through a slot in the metal door. The straw was swapped out every so often when she was put to sleep and taken away she did not know where. She only knew the nightmares that visited her, and she could not escape them for they came to her even in her waking hours.

The lass was lost, with no idea of where she was for months ago she was knocked out and carried off. The place was impregnable, so it seemed to her for she had at first tried to escape her confinement. Scratches on the bare stone walls showed where she had tried to jump up and cling to the small windows. So much like those she practised shooting her arrows from in her family castle. Yet these were not arrow-loops but merely act as ventilation to an otherwise close and dark cell. It did not make the cell liveable as most would call liveable, but it did make it bearable, and keep those within it breathing if not living.

Outside the cell, beyond those slits high up the wall, there was barren land. The cell was part of a castle, and unlike most, it was still a fortress, well kept and strong. The darkness did not destroy this place, but kept it in place and made repairs. The people that belong here had been gone long since the darkness struck and was what those in the real world would call a heritage site. A place that tourist would come and explore the building and imagine what kings and queens lived there, and what feasts and balls would have happened here. It was not a living castle no longer, its time of battles and living was long past.

Until the Darkness came and retook it for its own purposes. It was turned into a prison, it’s lower floors and dungeons the perfect place to put them and to forget about them. It was also in the middle of nowhere, nothing but marshland and gorse surround them, the land flat though hard to cross with nothing but open, dark and brooding, skies above. It would not have always been like so, the landscape can change over hundreds of years, and as there is a castle on this site, it made sense that there was also a village, a group of houses under the protection of the castle. Yet no such evidence remains but the looming square castle with its small windows, no glass or frames in the stone but rusted bars across them.

If you looked closely you’ll see a blue light flickering, floating from one window to the next. Then another, and another. Blink and you’ll miss them, follow them and they’ll lead you to your destiny. Why they were around these parts only those who followed them, only those they are leading will know. The red-haired lass in the dungeon knew them when she was just a bairn, who ran off to find her arrow and was led back to the safety of her family. She knew them when she ran from home and was led to the portal and to safely yet again. To the lass they were her saviours, she believed in them and that was why she followed them, thinking them to lead her to her fate…

The wisps flickered across the marshlands, appearing and disappearing, before appearing again. The wisp exploring the castle finally came to the slit in the lass’ cell, and on seeing her prone figure flickered excitedly. It flashed in bursts, making its way to the lass and drawing her attention. She blinked her eyes open, lifted her head and stared at the blue light. She thought herself dreaming, to begin with, as the memory, foggy, floated across her mind. Eyes flashed with recognition, though she was yet unsure where or how she knew this wisp from. She was weak, and a brief smile at the wisp and she laying her head down again, breath rasping as she tried to speak to it and failed.

The wisp flashed again, concerned about the lass and went up to the vent again. It sent a message to its comrades, and down the line, the wisps disappeared on some mission. Were they here to find her, or anyone in need? Were they here to find souls and help others more able to help those they found? Only time would tell, but the wisp that had found the lass and knew her story stayed with her. Keeping watch over her until help came. The nightmare would soon be over…

SAM gary cornelius osborn halvar lief jarlson
hope this works for you jewels! <3
alexei aurelius cináed
 Posted: Apr 25 2018, 12:22 PM

I'll never let anything happen to you..

  the dragon
  animated oc
  30 years old
  HE | HIM
  sam (SHE | HER)


Before he'd met Maire and joined the resistance, Alex had never even considered the idea of allowing humans onto his back. While it was not unheard of for a dragon to offer their back to someone they'd come to trust, the act was rare. Most of his kind were too full of pride to allow themselves to become a glorified form of transportation. While his pride was still a matter of consideration, he'd long ago decided that humans were worth a lot more than his old prejudices allowed for. Their strength and determination to save this world even in the face of so much death and destruction was admirable. If nothing else it had been enough to join their cause however fruitless it sometimes seemed with all those odds stacked against them.

For the most part his allegiance didn't turn any tides, or win them more battles then they lost. He was just one dragon - large and powerful, but hardly the pinnacle of his species. Not to mention the fact that his attendance was sporadic at best. He wasn't a full time fighter, nor did he have any intention of becoming one. He crossed when he needed to feel like himself again, or when the human body he'd been given felt too claustrophobic. He couldn't be there all the time, especially not when he had other....more important responsibilities. ( Maire was, and would always be, his first priority. ) So in general his time helping the fighters came in short stints. If he happened to cross during a time of turmoil or a battle he joined in. If things were quieter he kept a watchful eye on the encampment, or joined the scouters on their missions.

The group that was going out today was small. He's not entirely sure what their mission was ( hadn't bothered to ask, really ) but he'd volunteered if only for the chance to stretch his wings. Settling down in the only clearing close enough to their destination large enough to for him, Alex curled his wings and lowered his neck to the ground to allow the passengers on his back to slide off. Orange tinted eyes scanning their surroundings just in case their landing spot proved to be some sort of ambush.

Once everyone was off the majority of his work was done, and he settled against the ground to wait for them to decide they wanted to return home again. Head constantly swiveling from one direction to another to keep a watchful eye on the area.

They hadn't been there long before a flicker of something caught his attention through the trees. Head rounding quickly, he felt his lips draw back just enough to bare his teeth in warning. Steam ghosting up from his jaws as his head lowered to squint in the direction of the dancing blue light. He recognized the movement of fire, but the behavior was off. The small flames didn't consume, but rather just danced closer and closer. Jumping in a line and leaving a blinking blue trail winding behind them into the treeline. Tail lashing slightly, his nose crinkled at the smell of old magic in the air, and turned to glance towards the humans that had remained close by.

"I think they want your attention." His head dropped to grow more level with the closest of the blue dancing flames, blinking at the barely visible indent of a face. He didn't sense danger, just urgency. "Can you speak? I will understand if you do...." One small blessing to a spell that granted knowledge of all languages, he supposed.


gary cornelius osborn halvar lief jarlson niamh hayley ross
| tell me if anything needs changing x.x figured i'd try and post for this to get it moving

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halvar lief jarlson
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 04:11 PM

Thanks for nothing, you useless reptile..

  hiccup haddock
  how to train your dragon
  20 years old
  sammi ()


While not a full time fighter, Hiccup was as active as he could be. He forged weapons and armor to the best of his ability, and he went on runs for supplies and recon. Although, he often went with Astrid and not so much anyone else. He didn't like to go on his own, out of fear that he'd get trapped and couldn't come back. But, this information. This information came when no one else was around but he and a few others. A prison. The Darkness had a prison and there were people there. And how could he say no? Especially when a dragon offered to help. Granted, it was a lot different than the dragons from his home, but still a dragon.

The journey was easy from the back of a dragon. Hell, everything was easier from the back of a dragon. What wasn't easier from the back of a dragon? Go on, he'd wait.

And then they were there. Hiccup slid off of the dragon's back and hit the ground a little unsteadily. Marshland was unforgiving to his missing foot. He hissed, but quickly regained his balance. This place was.... unsettling to him. It was dark and eerie, and there were small balls of light flickering at them----there were small balls of light flickering at them. Alex was the first to say something about it, and Hiccup made his way over.

"Whoa, what are you guys?" He couldn't help the mystified tone in his voice, and the almost reverence laced throughout it. Green eyes widened as he looked beyond and saw the little line of blue orbs trailing forward. "Do you know where we need to go?" He asked, the same sort of mystified feeling in his voice. He had seen a lot in his days since Berk, but floating orbs that had some sense of sentience were something else. Something fascinating.

niamh hayley ross , @[ALEXEI AURELIUS CINÁED]
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