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 you're {not} alone, jane/wren
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 Posted on: May 16 2017, 09:05 PM
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you're {not} alone
She did not know how it happened, but the forest had changed. Lydia was in the forest frequently – it always seemed to be where the portal would lead her. So, she noticed when things were different than before. The terrain was not as flat and was now very hilly with jagged rocks sticking out of the mud. It made it a little more difficult to traverse, but her leather boots protected her feet well enough and could grip the rocks so that she didn’t slip and fall.

The trees were so thick that Lydia could not see the night sky through the branches. She could tell that it had just very recently rained because there were still droplets of rain falling from the trees. The scene would be calming if there wasn’t a sort of underlying menacing aspect to it. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it. It was probably just the Darkness getting to her. The Darkness could be felt even when it wasn’t seen. It was something she’d never really gotten used to, despite how much time she’d spent in the Darkness infected animated world. Of course, knowing what the Darkness was capable of, maybe it was something that one never got used to.

She rarely ever traveled into the animated world by herself anymore. When she did, though, she had to be very aware of what time it was. As soon as the sun came up, she would be a bear once again. She had to be careful because the transformation caused some dizziness which lasted for a while, which could put her in a lot of danger if a Darkness creature happened to come across her. However, this time, she’d timed things just perfectly. Lydia crossed just after the sun went down, which meant she had a lot of time before it came back up.

As she got to the top of the hill, she saw a strange contraption. It was a collection of branches that were formed into a frightening cage and in the cage was…a girl? Unsheathing her sword, she moved towards the cage, unsure as to whether she should trust her own eyes or not. “Do you need help?

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