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 GUSHIKEN-STRYKER, natsumi aiko, 27 | Kitsune | Hirano Aya
natsumi aiko gushiken
 Posted: Jul 20 2018, 01:12 AM

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natsumi aiko gushiken-stryker

kitsune ★ hirano aya ★ animated original ★ 27

What do you know about yokai? They are born, they can be killed, they are spirits and the supernatural. Yokai are all around you, whether you know it or not, whether you even believe in it. And this is a tale of one yokai in particular. A kitsune. One of the more well known of the types of Yokai for all foxes are believed to be yokai to begin with. This tale begins long ago, long before the Edo period even began. Long before the age of ninja and in the early rise of the samurai. A time of constant strife and war and uncertainty known as the Heian period. There came to be born a fox known for her especially beautiful coat of red fur. Of Kitsune, there are two types. The Yako who are cruel and malicious and their actions and the Zenko. This fox was nurtured and raised with kindness and was a Zenko. Kind and curious and always tender to people and creatures, despite the trickster nature in her, she never sought to cause harm and avoided death for many years until finally her full abilities began to bloom and a full consciousness evolved from the cunning fox mind. It was with this that she sought to further live her life in peace.

Many tales of countless deeds and interests can be told about this creature, for one does not live for centuries without stories to be told, however, all those have accounted to naught in the recent years for despite the kind and loving nature of the creature, she had not found one being be it beast, human, or supernatural to capture her fascination the way that one particular person did. And such was the downfall. For Centuries passed and the time of ascension to that of every fox's goal of obtaining her ninth tail was closing in, exciting even her patience for it was now the 947th year of life, 53 years meant no more to her than if they were the next day. Though in this year, she found something rather odd. A man, handsome and young in manhood, strong and gentle, captivated her thoughts. He was the son of a lord in a land that was very poor, yet unlike others who hoarded all they could, this family shared all that they could with the people, and the heir was the kindest of them all. So she followed him.

A year or so, she watched him from both near and afar, the kind deeds and, in a way, she fell in love for the first time. Someone who could be so kind in such face of adversity seemed to be unheard of so she took the form of a beautiful woman, which was often the case, and took the name Natsumi. It was not for nothing for he found the Zenko fox to be as captivating as she viewed him. Courtship did not last long and they were married, with Natsumi glad to forsake her true form for as long as she need be. Years passed and with her magic of trickery and the centuries worth of knowledge, she quietly influenced the world around them so that prosperity would come to this land in such abundance that the people would not need to worry about hunger ever again.

But such is the wicked way of men that their hearts longed for power and wealth when faced with such a simple method that the gentle lord that she took in marriage began to slowly turn cruel and corrupt. The wealth made him quite mad in his ambitions, but such things were blinded to the fox for she could not comprehend it to be true and so what did not wish to be seen, would not. She would attend to matters of the people and, more importantly, the children that she bore from the marriage: a strong boy of the age 11 and two younger sisters both as charming and lovely as their mother, age 7 and 3. Natsumi spent time with the children and made sure the luxurious lifestyle would not corrupt them as she had seen so often in the past. However, the were children of a fox and while the first two children did not display any of the features, the youngest child began to act mysteriously.

A tale, ethereal in appearance, began to manifest upon the child who ran around the home to Natsumi's horror, for foxes were feared for their shapeshifting ability. She quickly tried to hide this and tell her never to do such things, trying to impress the severity of this, yet it had been too late. One of the samurai's employed by the Lord had witnessed it. A good and loyal warrior who had been with them since before Natsumi had known her husband, reported it. Such treachery could not go unpunished, especially should this be known when he sought to get closer to the emperor. So, it would be silenced. Dogs and trained wolves, taught and bred to face foxes, were brought in, for they alone were great enough to capture a fox with their powerful jaws and unrivaled senses, and capture them they did.

For the first time, the malice and demonic nature of man was laid bare to Natsumi as with his own sword, the Lord beheaded each of his children in front of her as she cried out in pain, fangs bearing into her limbs and holding her. The grief blinded her senses as he turned his blade towards the eight beautiful tails that took 9 centuries to acquire. One by one they were cut from her until only two remained. To lose their tails, a Kitsune would lose their life and it was in a moment of silence, in order to mock his soon departed ex-wife, her husband paused to taunt her as their children's corpses laid still in front of her. His words and actions finally snapped her out of her grief and turned it into rage unbridled for fire engulfed her body and spread out, burning the canines into dust and causing all nearby to either flee or be consumed by the flames. For the first time in 17 years, she returned to her true form and fled to regain her strength.

Months passed before she felt strong enough to take on the parties who searched for her and soon she returned to the land that she had built, the corruption of the wealth was now all that she saw. Humans were corrupt, evil to the core and so her heart was darkened. A Zenko no more, this creature was now a terrifying Yako and wished to pull one last prank. She burned the entire land to ashes and flames ravaged the area for two weeks, yet did not harm further than the boundaries of the humans and did not touch the forest, for it was a sacred place as well as her home. It was no place for humanity. Nothing should belong to humanity, she realized as centuries of war and hate plagued her thoughts, running through her mind, awakening the kitsune to a revelation that this plague must be exterminated, not just here but in all corners of her home, perhaps further.


However, this goal was not to be for an unknown force began to drive creatures out of this land and even the demons fled the oncoming DARKNESS that now plagued Japan and she soon found out that not even the flames of her bitter hatred could bring an end to it. So too did Natsumi flee towards a portal that the beasts talked about, however, when she passed through it, the modern world surrounded her in it's horrific manner. And worse than that, she was a human. A powerless human who lacked even the basic ability to produce a flame or shapeshift. And so she wandered, dodging humans who sought to "help" her, she soon found herself alone and on the streets. Months passed as the proud creature had fallen from the heights to being weak and helpless, eventually having to take a job based solely on her looks. Not that it was difficult, but she soon found an easy way out. The man who hired her, despicable as she could have ever imagined any human to be, was older and extremely wealthy, having built a company from the ground up and this was a perfect score. She lacked her powers, but seduction was an easy game to play for a trickster and within the period of a few months more, she had wormed her way not only into his bed, but into his home as his wife.

No longer needing to work, she focused mostly on ways to regain her abilities which slowly began to manifest themselves in the real world. Her husband had no need to pay much attention to her except for perverse reasons and business reasons such as charity functions and so on. It disgusted her, yet she kept up the relationship for a few years to come. Illusions, shapeshifting, and flame production all gradually came to her, though they were nothing more than a shell of her true potential. And so it passed that she learned that his children had been trying to turn him against her, pleading with him to divorce her, but they did not realize just how tightly woven their father had been around the pinkie of the foreigner. So much so that even the man, infamous for affairs and scandals, had given up such things for there seemed to be nothing other women could provide that she could not exceed infinitely. Of course, he had little knowledge of the brimming illusions she had been practicing on him nor did he understand fully how his children could betray him in such a manner to get his wealth. Such was the reason that he amended his will so that his "worthless children" would get not a cent and his newest wife inherit his fortune.

Not a day had aged this girl and so it seemed her immortality had been retained so once the will had been changed, it seemed too coincidental to end his life so recently. A year and a few months passed, shapeshifting still weak, but finger prints were easy to change and mimic to that of his eldest child. They were such worthless children and if her own could not live a charmed life, no human child should be allowed any comfort. They were arrested. All of them complicit in the horrific death of their father through methods devised by the trickster Kitsune. And so it all fell to her. Until time passed yet again and she found herself comfortable and free to do whatever she wished. A life that had always suited her.

character basics

NAME: With the name, I wanted to go with something that reflected parts of her history and personality.

Natsumi means Summer Beauty. It plays up to her ego and pride and as she was a red fox, the summer fits well. It is also is the name that she generally took in her preferred human form before coming to Japan.

Aiko comes from the words "love" and "child" which works as a tribute to the children she lost recently as it is one of the driving motivations in her hatred for revenge against humans.

Gushiken is a name that means "strong-willed". Natsumi is unfaltering in her determination to get what she wants, even if it means doing things that she would rather not, such as marrying a human on this side and putting up with him for a few years to complete her goal. She has other goals as well, which she will implement little by little until she can launch it in. Stryker is her married name which she keeps on simply to leave an impact.

PLAYBY: Aya Hirano...I'm just in love with this voice actress. She's voiced some of my absolute favorite anime characters and she's a great singer and just has a perfect face for what I was thinking of! Plus, her personal life kind of reflects Natsumi in a way. Aya started out as a VA and an Idol in Japan and Idols are supposed to be the "ideal" "unobtainable girl". They're not supposed to have any sex life or even romantic life to keep up that image. She was the good girl who rebelled against and came out and sort of went dark by admitting that she slept with guys and it actually was a huge scandal. The good girl gone "bad" just feels like it works perfectly.

BIRTHDAY: May 5th - National Children's Day

OCCUPATION: Basically, she's "officially" a widower, but she's also a solo criminal and arsonist, but she likes to keep that on the downlow...she had a job as a receptionist for a very short time.

Fox Fire: Fox Fire is a special magical ability unique to foxes. It is an ethereal blue flame that eventually goes to a typical orange color if left to its own power, but in the animated world, with her age and experience, she can use it over a wide area, widest being a territory of a Shogun lord in Edo area. She kept it under control so it did not turn into a wildfire but made sure all trace of human existence was eradicated before putting it out. In the real world, however, her control is far less. The extent of her control is to control an area a little smaller than a bonfire before it grows out of her control. If it does and approaches something she wishes to save, she can try and regain control of the fire, as long as she started it, but only that small bit at a time and can take it's toll.

Illusions: Illusions of a Kitsune are extremely powerful. It is not simply a visual illusion, but it can seem as real as reality itself. In the animated world, she can cast it over a wide area, at least half a mile in any direction at her maximum, and anyone within the range of effect will be under the spell. All senses can be affected with some exceptions to dogs and wolves and those with attributes akin to canines: werewolves, etc. In the real world, however, she can only bewitch a single person without taxing her abilities greatly. Three people is her maximum, but that requires a tremendous effort that can render her helpless if she keeps it up for very long.

Shapeshifting: Kitsune can shapeshift into humans and other creatures for their tricks, even perfect dopplegangers. She can shift into anyone or anything. She lacks this ability in the real world and it's limited mostly to change slight characteristics about herself like the color and length of her hair, eyes, nose and mouth. Only minor physical appearances on her own body. She can also create her fox ears and tail on her body, but she can not shapeshift into an entirely different species nor change her height, weight, etc. In the real world, this would mostly be used to help to slip away from a place undetected well enough.

Flight: A kitsune's version of flight is more often running on the air. She can do this only in the animated world and can go only as fast as her legs can carry her, though she can go as high as it is for a person to go without passing out. She does not have this ability at all in the real world.

Human Possession: This is an animated world only ability and done only to NPCs and PCs where the player specifically requests this. It is a primary power along with shapeshifting, illusions, and fire. Kitsune only possess women, often young, entering through their finger nails, mouth, or breasts and can take total control of them including complete access to their memories. This is, again, a by request ability only.

Dream Manipulation: Kitsune can enter into a person's dreams and change them to how they see fit, often to aid people's suffering or further torment their victims. However, in the real world, she lacks this ability and can only simply enter a person's dreams as an observer, completely powerless to affect this, but this does take a lot of energy and concentration and can leave her drained afterward.

Immortality: Kitsune can only die in one way, they lose all their tails. They can regrow their tails, a new one emerging every 100 years. Natsumi has only two of her tails, which leaves her in a precarious situation. She possesses only a little higher than normal healing ability, though she is resistant to most illnesses to a minor extent, such as she isn't one who would catch a cold or flu easily. She does not age, but she can sustain damage as easily as anyone else. She can lose limbs in a corporeal form and in the real world, however since she is a spirit by nature, if she traveled with the limbs to the animated world, they can be reattached. This can apply to losing her head as well, but it takes several days or weeks to regain full motion and use of the reattached limb and requires her to stay in the animated world to heal quicker.

Canines: Dogs and Wolves are animals with exceptional senses and are thus immune to the bewitching abilities of a Kitsune. They can easily detect that she is a fox no matter what form she takes, even in the real world they are able to at least tell that she isn't human. Beasts tend to be aggressive towards her in the real world, though dogs and wolves that are human in the real world might react differently due to an enhanced intelligence beyond that of the instincts of a beast. No illusion will be able to affect them and their teeth have a special property that allows them to bind her if they can get her in their grasp. An instinctual trait for a Kitsune is to hate, despise, and fear these creatures and avoid them at all costs. It is so that her mind only thinks about getting away somehow if confronted by one. Only when backed into a corner does her instinct of self preservation kick in and she is able to use her fire on them.

PERSONALITY: Natsumi is definitely someone who has become cold hearted and cruel by nature. She had seen humans for centuries but mostly avoided them, helping and playing when she felt so inclined but never getting involved to the extent as she did. She gave her entire heart and found a bitter cruelty after years of devotion as a human. With her powers in a weakened state, she's more willing to rely on her cunning than power, which means she will have to grin and bear a lot of annoyances, but in general, she hates all humans, especially men and children. She despises human children because she feels that they should not get the same chance that her own were stripped of by a human and feels no sympathy for humans in the slightest. Non-humans, including humans who linger on as spirits, she is more inclined to like and warm up to, because ghosts and such are humans who have proven themselves capable of transcending beyond a pathetic mortal shell into something more. However, as brazen as she can come across, she is a fox and her first instinct is survival above all. If there is an enemy that she feels is far above her own power, it is more than likely she will hide rather than even risk a confrontation in the least. However, this all depends on the enemy. If she feels confident of possible victory or that the enemy is someone who needs to suffer, she will find ways of making it happen. If an encounter happens, even if it's non-aggressive, she is likely to try and charm and trick the other as long as possible before finding an opportunity to get away...unless she finds something that might be potentially beneficial to herself.

BACKGROUND:Background for her came to me from thinking of old fantastic tales I had read both European and what few I could recall in Japanese. Foxes are generally feared, but can be known to always repay a debt, so that is how I imagined her marriage to her husband to be, wanting to repay his kindness, but also managed to fall in love herself cause she found him to be someone very unique at first. The tragedy and power corruption seemed to play a perfect role in my mind so I went with it.

She is a Kitsune with two tails and her normal form is slightly larger than your average red fox found in Japan, though she can change that at will in the animated world. As she has lived for a long life, she's more knowledgeable and even more clever than many others younger than herself. The hate and corruption from her life has turned her into a Yako, a devious and even malicious kitsune as opposed to a zenko, which she was for the majority of her life. This is a very rare thing, but the trigger was so severe that it changed her personality entirely from loving and caring to bitter and dark. According to legend, every fox is a kitsune yokai, but until they are 200 years old, they just look like normal foxes and have only minor powers and cannot fully embrace their powers completely. All Kitsune are tricksters by nature, but only the wisest and most cunning can survive that long.

Her world is basically the same as our world, except that all the supernatural elements of different lores are very real, with the exception of gods. They exist, of course, but they are not the same as the all powerful beings that they are in other worlds and some have ceased to exist with their worshippers gone or lost belief. So the Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and what not are no longer around or extremely powerful like they were. However this only applies to the gods that require belief and worship, other creatures still exist fine such as fairies, trolls, etc. Being a Kitsune, she's strongly tied to Japan, her place of origin, and generally was a benevolent spirit until events corrupted her. The entire systems of her world is tied directly to mythos that our world believed in and are localized in their own areas. Sort of like tied to them. It's just like our world, but when she left, the world have progressed to in the Edo period around the 17th and 18th Century our time.

played by CRONA

 Posted: Jul 24 2018, 10:20 PM

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