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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 hello darkness, open (past animated)
adrain gau queran
 Posted: Sep 3 2017, 11:10 PM


  22 years old
  Megan (she/her)


it feels better biting down
ooc notes
Memories had started to fade, something that he didn’t want to happen. He wanted to hold on to his memories, it was all he had left of his siblings for the time being, until he had found them again. Adrain sighed some as he grabbed a bag and tossed some items in it that he would need just in case, once he had that done he zipped the bag up and put on one of his black hooded jackets, pulling the hood up before zipping it up and slinging his backpack on to his back before he headed out to the portal. He had kept his eyes down casted as he walked, keeping to the shadows, trying not to catch any attention.

Adrain stopped once he had found himself in front of the portal. He let out a low sigh as if preparing himself to enter it, once he was fully prepared, eyes closed, he entered the portal. Once he found himself on the other side, he took in a deep breath, letting the memories come back to him before he finally let his eyes open. He slowly started walk, enjoying the peaceful darkness that was in the forest, it also felt nice not to have to try and interact with others, and it just felt ever so nice not to have to worry if he was acting or saying the wrong things. That was when he had decided to stay for a while in the forest, it just seemed to calming to him.

He spent most of the time just walking around, enjoying the solitude that he was given. It wasn’t like he hated to be around others, he hated to try and having to worry about how he was acting, he had never really been around humans before now, always being around his siblings. Where they knew who and what he was but now with this new Darkness he had to hide who he was afraid that others would think he was the Darkness that started to swallow the worlds but he wasn’t and he didn’t know how to tell or show others that.

After some hours had passed, he walked back toward where the portal would appear again, deciding to sit down under one of the trees in the shadows as he watched for the portal. After a bit he had heard a nearby noise, quickly moving back more into the shadows, head turning to see who or what was coming. Sure he was ready to fight if he really needed to, but truth Adrain preferred not to fight.

jacob sage samhain
 Posted: Apr 15 2018, 07:36 AM

Forgive me, Mr. Claus. I'm afraid I've made a terrible mess of your holiday..

  jack skellington
  nightmare before christmas
  30 years old
  HE | HIM
  sam (SHE | HER)


For Jack crossing through the portal was a relatively pleasant experience. Considering all the horrible things the Darkness had done in the other world, it tended to leave him alone. Letting him roam freely and undisturbed in even the most horrid of places. It made the fact that he had to cross at least semi-frequently to keep his memories a somewhat bearable experience. Plus, it let him search to his hearts content for the other citizens of Halloween Town. Or...to find the Town itself. He's not sure where it went or even if it's still there, but ever since he fell through that tree he's been unable to find his way back. Was he still in Christmas Town? Another dimension entirely? Was he supposed to go back the way he'd come? It was all very very confusing and not all a problem that seemed to do anything except frustrate him.

This most recent trip across the portal had lasted about three days now. He'd crossed originally just to retain his memories, but then he'd wandered. Seeking....well he wasn't quite sure what he was seeking. Home? More ideas for his haunted house?

Neither of which had been very successful endeavors either way. He had nothing to show for his efforts aside from mild disappointment and a building sense that he'd gotten lost somehow. Ended up in a part of the animated world far from where he'd originally crossed the portal from San Francisco. The only reason he'd even come this way in the first place was because he could see the trees and the hope that his specific set of trees might be somewhere in that mess was far too strong to just pass by without at least checking.

Spindly frame twisting and turning to gaze at every tree trunk. Skeletal hands resting against rough bark as he peered through shadows and squinted his eyes in hopes of seeing some flash of red or orange, between all the browns and greens.

He sensed that there was something here- which was a bit odd. He didn't normally sense things, not unless those things happened to be scared, and this didn't feel like fear. It felt like something else, but what that else might be he couldn't quite put his finger on.

"Hello? Anybody out there?" He was hardly one for subtlety or caution. He'd traipsed through this entire area without worrying if he made a sound or any sort of disturbance. "I promise not to scare you...too much." His body lowered a bit, bending closer to the ground well aware that the sight of an abnormally large skeleton wasn't something people found pleasant to look at. "You wouldn't happen to know where I can find a tree with a pumpkin shaped door on it? I seem to have misplaced mine." Was he possibly talking to himself? Or to a creature that didn't understand language? Eh, debatable. It was still nice to talk- even if there was no one around to hear you.

Oh, somewhere deep inside of these bones An emptiness began to grow
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