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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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 astronomy in reverse, helen & maia
helen clarice mallory
 Posted: Feb 10 2018, 06:28 AM

Happiness has brought you here!.

  queen clarion
  disney fairies
  43 years old
  becca (SHE/HER)


I just want to build you up, build you up 'Til you're good as new And maybe one day, I will get around To fixing myself, too
New patients were a regularity, but it made no difference to the meticulousness of Helen’s preparations for them. There was a stack of paperwork that required completing even before they stepped through her door, and there was the patient’s background to read up on - a brief, paltry thing that gave her only the smallest of glimpses into their possible state of mind. A name, an age, and sometimes where they had they had come from, if they had volunteered that information when they had applied for a counsellor… it was not enough to get the measure of a person. No, that fell to their first meeting, and even those were often too brief to serve as a sufficient introduction to her new charge.

This morning’s session was the customary hour, but Helen had scheduled it purposefully early, leaving a two hour gap between it and her next appointment should her visitor need more time than the usual sixty minutes. She had thought it wise, given that the young woman - Maia Leto Hadyn, she remembered, glancing quickly at her notes - was not a newcomer to San Francisco like most of her patients. New arrivals to this world had the pain of crossing and leaving their worlds and loved ones behind to contend with, which was more than enough pain for anyone… but Helen knew all too well the daily torment of simply existing in an unfamiliar world, and she expected that Miss Hadyn did so too.

She had set up her office for a chat rather than a counselling session, laying out tea and biscuits on the little coffee table and forgoing entirely with the formal counselling set-up: most first time patients were nervous, and Helen knew from personal experience that the intimidating layout of a traditional counsellor’s office - the couch, and the single, lonely chair - did absolutely nothing to help that. She was ready when the clock struck nine, comfortable chairs set up around the coffee table and a gentle cloud of steam spilling from the china teapot, waiting for Miss Maia Haydn to arrive.
maia leto hadyn
 Posted: Apr 11 2018, 03:26 PM

she would not show that she was afraid..

  star spirit
  animated original
  22 years old
  allie ()


she would not show that she was afraid
Maia wasn’t entirely sure what she was about as she paced nervously outside the counselor’s office.It had been an impulse to make an appointment. Some stray thought that had seemingly come from the ether in a moment of weakness. What exactly did she need counseling for? It was a question she couldn’t answer aside from the knowledge that she needed simply to speak. A recent trip across the portal had revealed that to her. It had cast her need to talk about things she’d so long buried in sharp relief. Being in the space station, so close yet so far from the stars so similar to the ones she’d once lived among, had been....difficult. Even know her heart twisted in her chest to remember the deep ache of homesickness she’d felt then. How very much she wished she could return but only if said return could be to exactly as things had been before -- something the young woman knew was impossible.

The darkness aside, she had changed, irrevocably so, by her time as a human. From the moment her spirit had taken over the body she now inhabited, she had begun to change. To grow. Her soul had become complex. And, with it, she’d begun to have complex thoughts and emotions. All things she’d done her best to come to terms with, to understand, in the last few years. But with understanding came the knowledge of certain things she also could not change or will away no matter how much she wished.

In those final moments when the darkness was coming for them, was swallowing up everything around them, her cluster had hugged each other close. Her siblings had gathered around her, preparing for the end. Their fear, their sadness, their love for one another and their home had all been multiplied by the force of six other stars. Maia had felt it then and the intensity of the memory still took her breath away. She’d ruined it. Fear had driven her mindless. She’d broke through their cluster. She’d destroyed the gravity that held them together. She’d split them apart. Now she was here, alive, and living a life that was never supposed to be hers while they….

She didn’t know where they were. She didn’t know if the darkness had consumed them like it had consumed everything else. In all the time she’d been living as a human she’d never put any of that into words. With Phoebe, she’d tried. The temptation had been there while her emotions had been in turmoil on the space station, weeping over what she’d done and how much she desired to take it back, to do it over again. The words had choked her then, remaining stuck in her heart. She couldn’t tell her friend any of it. Having to bear what she might say or what she might think of her once she knew. The fear had won again. That the fear had won had bothered her. Maia didn’t want to live with all of it buried so deeply in her heart like a thorn. She didn’t want to be absolved. Not entirely. There was, doubtless, not a thing that could absolve her of what she’d done. But...she’d wanted to talk about it and hadn’t been able to.

If she had to exist with the truth of it, with her story entire, then she wanted to be able to speak of it. Perhaps then she might find a way to move forward with it rather than struggling against it at every turn. Purpose renewed, the former star faced the closed door of the office. She took a moment to breathe, to gather herself, as curled her hand into a fist. Straightening her shoulders, she knocked. After a moment, she cracked the door open cautiously and leaned in. ”Ms. Mallory?” She asked cautiously, body half and half out of the room. Uncertainty was obvious in her expression as silver-blue eyes sought the woman inside. ”Or is it-- is it Dr. Mallory? I’m sorry, I --” The young woman swallowed and entered fully, hand still gripping the door. ”I’m Maia Hadyn.”

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