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 blood on my t e e t h, dinosaur / criminal mob
sierra tzila saraf
 Posted on: Dec 17 2017, 07:47 PM
❝ "I'll eat you up" ❞


Sierra wastes no real thought or consideration towards her 'mate'. The way I wrote her app she only paired with him because the rocks destroyed her hunting grounds and forced all the herds to travel in search of food. In fact considering the cut off I chose she pretty much considers him dead and she's okay with that, so it'd be interesting to have him pop up in her life again.

I've started to refer to him as the control in the animated world she was the bigger predator, but in this world the playing field is a lot more even. It'd be easier for him to get the upper-hand if he really tried, and honestly Sierra is in desperate need of someone to tug on her leash every now and again. While I'm not looking for some guy to come in and take her independence or anything like that, I am looking for someone who can be like 'woah there, maybe we don't /need/ to rip his arms and legs off' you feel?

Sierra is semi-intelligent and she's smarter now than she was, but she's got a very brash nature and a short fuse to match. So someone who's actually strong enough to step in and handle her would be great. Idk she doesn't like him, but it'd be interesting if he liked her and that's why he tried cause someone has to keep her out of jail. face suggestion is kris holden reed cause i'm lost girl trash.

Honestly I would give my left kidney for anyone from the Dinosaur movies and I think that's about all the information I have for this particular want ad.

So Sierra basically ate her way to the head of a crime syndicate. Having literally eaten the former boss she's now got 'people' and all sorts of shady dealings that give her loads of money. This was a relatively new update that I started last time I had her and haven't really gotten to implement or cement this time around. I really want to officially kick things off though so I'd love to have people who are willing to work for her or her little mob/crime family. Their main business is illegal gambling and underground fights so the positions range from lower-level bosses, lackies, and fighters to someone willing to be sierra's right-hand.

Nothing really specific aside from that, it can be both old and new characters and they don't necessarily have to be villains to join in on the fun. So if you're interested hit me up!

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