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melaina morgan black
 Posted on: Jan 8 2018, 05:26 PM
❝ -neigh- -snort- -stamps hooves- ❞
rise of the guardians


There weren't many things that truly frightened her, but this one could certainly make its way up there if she let it. As a being composed of fear, it wasn't in her nature to feel it herself, but to feed off of it from others and induce it in them for that purpose. Humanity and the lingering gold she would every now and then see in a blink of an eye disrupted that in her and didn't quite let go all the way when she crossed over into the animated world. It was disgusting, really, but there didn't seem to be much she could do about it. Unless she wanted to isolate herself and feel nothing but rage and darkness, and probably go a little out of her mind in the process, then she'd have to deal with feeling as humans did. The feeling, however, wasn't the problem at the minute. The problem was the place.

From the moment she had set foot on the metallic floor, her hooves echoing despite her sand, she knew it wasn't earthbound. For one, her sand was off; she could feel it less densely packed than it usually was, staying together but potentially less under her control, or more slow to control. For another thing, where the portal had let her in had windows and she could see space through the glass, so even if she hadn't sensed her own gravitational changes, it was obvious. The nightmare heavily considered turning right back around and going home, to do this some other day, but she was already here; she may as well get it over with. It wasn't like she needed to be there long, just enough time to make sure her memories stayed strong.

She moved more slowly than she liked, but it happened every time she came back. As natural as the form was to her, it took a minute to get used to walking with four legs again, and the fetlock she had lost to the darkness when fighting to flee her home was glaringly obvious every time-- and yet... It must have been the space thing, some expansion of her sand making it feel like her foot was a little better. It had never made a budge in growing back, if her sand could do that. She supposed perhaps it could, maybe if Pitch helped her, but hah-- she almost snorted thinking about it. Her papa, her creator, and she had no idea where to look for him in either world. What a credit to nightmares she was. Still, maybe if she could find something reflective and big enough to see herself in, she would take a look. It was difficult to look at the back half of herself like this. If she could have seen more easily, she would have noticed the sliver of gold sheen ever so slowly making its way over the blue-black shimmering sand of her lost foot. As it was, she had decided not to pay it more attention than it needed, blew it off as just feeling weird in space, a fair conclusion as her whole body felt out of place here, and moved further into the space station.

It was cold here. Not especially more than she would expect, when she thought about it, but still surprising to feel. She huffed quietly, not enjoying herself so far. One trip around ought to have been enough, then she could go back home. The place couldn't be too big, could it? Well... maybe. She'd never been here before, but she did have a knack for knowing which direction to go and remembering precisely which ways she had turned. Getting lost simply didn't happen to nightmares, or at least it was rare. If it felt like time was gaining on her and the portal would close before she finished the circle around, she was confident she could turn back and find exactly where she'd come from. Her confidence made her feel a little less uneasy here. The silence was heavy. If there was anyone else here, they were being awfully still. It unnerved her, but she could stop anytime she wanted, just stand there and get a hold of herself.

The windows to the outside were also a surprising comfort. Space itself didn't do anything for her, but looking out there, it wasn't what she thought space would look like. Sure, she could have easily hopped online while she was Mel and looked these things up, but it was one of those things that had never occurred to her before, and actually being here, seeing it slowly churn in and out of itself in the distance, and tiny pinpricks of stars-- it was beautiful. Even a nightmare like her could appreciate that. Maybe the Man in the Moon was on to something, at least locationally. For a moment, she lost herself just watching, a foreboding figure. An almost skeletal horse of glittering black sand, very deep purple or blue depending on the angle of the light, her mane and tail wispy veins slowly waving in the slow space air, burning gold eyes trained on the expanse beyond the glass. She knew she looked like part of the darkness. She just hoped if she had to encounter anyone, they'd realize by behavior she only looked that way.

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