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Our resident meme queen, Lauren is always a positive figure in the chat and on site, and we're glad to have her! It's a blast to watch her colorful array of characters interact with others, from SF native Theo to our favorite misguided stepsister Alex. Whether she's plotting, posting, or just being herself, she never fails to bring smiles to our faces.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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 neurotic to the bone, Niels | Allie
sterling douglas spiegel
 Posted: Feb 18 2018, 01:28 AM

What wouldst thou know, my Queen?.

  Magic Mirror
  Snow White
  35 years old
  Kay (Any)


Do you have the time To listen to me whine About nothing and everything All at once I am one of those Melodramatic fools Neurotic to the bone No doubt about it
I should have waited, Sterling thought to himself, I should have asked for someone to come with me and waited until they could go with me. He rarely did though, and a mental berating of himself never helped. It was all apart of the cycle he'd fallen into. Promising himself to never enter the portal, slowly forgetting his knowledge and losing the ability to handle his magic, eventually trying to tell himself he didn't need his magic, failing to listen to his inner voice, and then ending up strolling through like there was no other choice. He always ended up somewhere different, stranded in his tiny hand mirror. Every single time he would start to berate himself (well, minus the time he ended up in the ocean, as terror had gripped him then) and make a new vow to never return to the animated world.

In the end, he knew he'd just grown too dependant on the magic. His need for it always drove him back through the portal when calling upon it became harder and each use left him with more and more symptoms of strain. He knew he could always give up the magic, the memories of it, and everything else if he just never returned to the portal. He could go on pretending he was normal and soon enough, everything that made him different would fade. He could just be Sterling Spiegel, career counselor, and food truck enthusiast and never have to worry about anyone discovering how to use him ever again.

Sterling could never do that. As much as he daydreamed of it when stuck in the animated world, there were too many reasons keeping him from letting go... which left him with only thoughts of how he was going to get home. At the moment, he had none. Thankfully, he'd leaped through the portal with enough force that even after returning to the prison of a tiny, ornate hand mirror, he was propelled a short distance away. He hoped that would keep him out of any foot traffic, but close enough that someone could hear him calling for help... he really hated calling for help.

Once more he was left thinking he should have waited. There were few people he could use to get him back and forth safely. Fewer of them crossed often, and Sterling just couldn't bring himself to ask for assistance... he realized how ironic that was, seeing as either way he ended up needing help... How long had he been in the forest? Apparently too long.

Armed with a renewed interest in his surroundings (if not for a distraction from his thoughts then for a clue as to where he was) Sterling began to peer from the mirror he was trapt in. It seemed that his mirror was leaning against something- a tree or rock he guessed, as he could view the forest as if he was laying on his side in the grass. There was sunlight highlighting every piece of greenery it could touch, and thanks to the wind shaking some leaves the light even managed to hit his mirror. Besides blinding him slightly, he was sure the sunlight was managing to glint off the glass and gold of the mirror. Sterling couldn't stop himself from groaning (if he had hands in this form he would have slapped one to his forehead) as the idea of birds being attracted to the shiny object haunted him. Like he needed beaks pecking at him! At least he could take comfort in knowing on a day like this, sunny and seemingly peaceful, there was bound to be a traveler passing through. Surely he wouldn't be stuck he much longer. Sterling just hoped someone would come before the crows.

niels hrodric vukasin ((Let me know if it needs anything edited/added!))

niels hrodric vukasin
 Posted: Jun 7 2018, 11:32 AM

on a moonless night i did meet a devil.

  sorcerer's apprentice
  animated original
  24 years old
  single af
  allie (she/her)


sold my soul to the calling
Niels had been hyper aware of time passing from the moment he’d stepped through the portal and emerged on the other side back in his original body. It hadn’t been that long, he reminded himself, as he shuffled nervously through the undergrowth. Indeed, the sun was still high in the sky and, if he were being reasonable, it had been less than a quarter hour he’d been hiking through the forest. Reasonable, however, was a difficult state to achieve when one’s anxiety was running amok. Shoulders hunched and dark eyes nervously twitching back and forth as he peered through trees and listened for sounds of not-so-friendly things. Things the young sorcerer had come up against before and things he was certain lurked now for all the dappled sunshine and quiet tranquility of the wood around him seemed to try and convince him of otherwise. There were a handful of places Niels disliked more when he was forced to cross back into the animated world. Disliked only because they were inhospitable and near impossible (by his estimation) to survive for long in.

Fortunately, he’d crossed enough times enough to have figured at least the timing of the forest’s portal. Not because he particularly cared for it — the giant ferns and the dense trees the made visibility practically null reminded him of the Northwood. On those days he was lucky enough to cross when a layer of dense fog had seeped in and around the trunks, it was practically like being right back at the Septimus’ keep and wondering when a ghoul was going to break the parameter. Ah, nostalgia, Niels thought and immediately scowled to himself. He could do very well without reminders of… he’d almost thought ‘home’ but that wasn’t entirely correct. Home was a farm with too many family members underfoot and an old oak tree he used to climb as a boy and had fallen from once and broken his leg. The derelict stone keep at the edge of the wood was not his home for all that he’d lived there far longer. The constant it chill it seemed to hold despite the fires they kept, the smell of damp and mildew that permeated everything. He couldn’t seem to recall a time he’d ever been warm there.

He’d hated living there as an apprentice but, at the time, it had all been secondary to the ultimate goal of becoming a sorcerer. There were days he cursed himself for being so ambitious, when he wondered how his life would have turned out had he rejected the Septimus’ offer and gone on as the youngest of twelve living in a cramped farm house. He wondered but he couldn’t see it because, truth be told, there was never going to be any other choice for him. His magic had been with him since birth and it was going to drag him to his grave, he thought wryly. Niels didn’t needed to cross back and forth to have access to his abilities unlike some he knew, and he wouldn’t have minded forgetting a little of his past if he was being completely honest, but there were things he needed that were only available in the animated realm. Plants, specifically, though he supposed there were other things as well.

It was a particular root he was after today and he patted the simple brown satchel at his hip as he climbed over a large fallen log. He came down on the other side with a huff and paused, hands on his hips, reluctant to travel much further in the forest. If there was a felled tree perhaps it meant the ground here was soft enough to make digging easier. It wasn’t entirely a justifiable reasons to choose to stop here versus the hundreds of other places just as likely but he accepted it anyway. After all, there was no one around to contest the logic. Niels dropped his hands and thought a moment, planning out how he would work the area and just how much time he ought to spend looking for the root before heading back to the portal, and then begun. Well, he’d begun to begin when something caught his eye.

Something metallic glinting through the bracken only yards away. The sorcerer hesitated, wary but curious. If there was anything he’d learned (and, indeed, they had been difficult lessons) it was that not all that glittered was worth the price. Mouth in a straight line, he moved closer to where he’d seen it with hesitant steps. He used his foot to part through the foliage, his dark curls falling in his face as he peered down at the ground for what was no doubt going to be some useless bit of metal. It didn’t stop his heart from increasing its rhythm, anxiety rising in his chest. The toe of his boot came up against something solid and he nudged it before recoiling. After a breath, he nudged it again and when nothing sprang forth to attack him, Niels crouched to get a better look.

tag: sterling douglas spiegel
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