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 A Message For The King, leo/lowrie
dillion davi bishop
 Posted on: Nov 11 2017, 11:59 PM
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little mermaid


Home was underneath the waves, who was protected by King Triton, who had multiple daughters and plenty of men to help protect all of them. Dillion was one of these souls, who had made a pledge to help protect and defend the kingdom of Atlantica, especially those apart of the royal family. It was a commitment he had made, just like his father before him, and he took it very seriously. But he had failed the kingdom while doing that very duty. While wrestling with a sea creature of darkness he had lost all vision and had somehow made his way into a hospital where he stayed for almost three long years, only recently finding his way home.

Now as he was swimming in this place called home, he could not help but feel melancholy for the days of old, before the darkness. Sure music had just made a combat but it still felt much better than this darkness ever could feel comforting enough to be home. The daughters were missing as well, Dillion had a feeling as to where they might have been but at the same time, he feared going back into that world, for he could still remember the days of being in that bed, flatlining repeatedly until eventually, they figured out that he needed to stay hydrated. It was a miracle to still be alive after that experience.

The one good thing about all of this was the fact that he had found his king and was now fighting against similar creatures that gave him the very scars that ran along his body from both tooth and claw of the beast. Who knows, maybe one of them was that beast for the merman still did not know how he had escaped even to this day. For now, though his concern was getting to the king to report back on what was happening out in the sea.

”Your Highness, I have come back with my report.” Was all the merman said once in front of King Triton himself, that and a bow of course. This was his king after all.

leomaris dylan seaward Hope this is okay with you, Lowrie. It might suck a bit.

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leomaris dylan seaward
 Posted on: Jan 6 2018, 06:16 AM
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The Little Mermaid


The war room was well lit, its light reflecting off the the shells that shone. The room did not feel like a war room, dark and serious; but that is because it was never intended for such a purpose. Rather the room was a family room, the shells were harvested by the royal family and attached to the walls. Instruments were hiding in corners, covered, forgotten yet revealed the true purpose of the room. The music room. Once it was abandoned, left to be forgotten about, gathering dust. Then it was brought back, it was filled with the family learning music again, only to be left once more to the dust. The Darkness had a lot to answer for.

He that sat in the room, up high in a chair that looked over a table, was in deep thought. He stroked his beard, large eyebrows pulled down and together in a frown as he looked over the map. The Darkness was too unpredictable, that worried the man, who was no other than the King. How does one fight what one can’t predict, can’t see coming? Most of their battles have been won on luck, or the Darkness retreated, mocking them in doing so. In all the years they have been fighting, they had yet to find the enemy base. Where were these creatures coming from?

King Triton was pulled away from his thoughts by someone entering the room. He looked up to see Dillon returning from a bow. Already he was at attention before him, having been in such deep thought the king never heard him enter. He covered his surprise with a wave of his hand to the younger merman, “Report Dillion.” He commanded, eager to hear his news.

dillion davi bishop notes: if you need more to go on let me know!
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