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"Fight! Fight! Fight!"

The sounds of the other kids echoed through the hallway as they circled around the two girls in the center. Most of the others trying to crowd around to get a better view. Fists flying as the two girls attempted to sort out their differences. As it stood the redhead seemed to be in better shape than the brunette though neither seemed willing to back down. Circling each other as they prepared to go at each other again. Green eyes looking to brown eyes as the two girls regarded one another. The redhead moving in first as she managed to swing and hit the other girl winding her slightly. Only for the other to retaliate by tackling her as the two girls tumbled to the ground. Limbs tangling with one another as they continued this fight now on the floor. Rowan managing to elbow her in the face as she contemplated how she'd gotten there.

The day had been like any other for Rowan as she pulled herself from the bedroom. Getting herself dressed and ready for another day of school. She had hoped that with time people would have taken to her...but not quite so. Sure, she'd managed to make a few friends, but nobody actually in the same classes with her. If anything she seemed to have attracted more enemies thus far. Sighing softly as she grabbed her bag filling it with the day's school books. Thankfully it was only three classes today as she got her jacket on and prepared to head out of her apartment. Making the familiar walk down the hall towards the elevator as she stepped in. Adjusting the bag on her shoulder as she waited for it to descend onto the ground floor. Smiling at the few people that entered the lift as well on their way to work.

Including the elderly woman that lived next door to that always brought her over fresh baked goods. Making her smile as they conversed inside the elevator. Chatting about their plans for the day with the assurance that she would stop by after school to visit her. Excusing herself as she darted out to head towards the bus stop. Getting there just as the bus was arriving making her grin as it was quite cool out now with the colder weather. Wrapping her jacket further around her as she paid before taking her spot as she waited for her stop. Twenty minutes of sitting on the bus and she was out heading towards her school. A sort of happiness about her as she headed towards her first class of the day. Eager to get through the classes so she could head back home and head over to the animal shelter for some volunteer work. Having promised to help out that day since it was some of her lighter classes. Not to mention all the cute fuzzy animals that she got to greet and take care of. Not that any of it could replace the loss of her beloved husky, but it was something.

She still really didn't have any idea where Jenna even was, but she wasn't going to give up. She would find her, she just needed more time. Time which she didn't really have as she stepped into her first class of the day. Ignoring a few of the girls that stopped whispering when she appeared in the classroom. Keeping her head forward as she found a seat and sat herself down. Opening her books and taking out her homework from last week. Her pen in her hand as she waited for the last of the students to get in and the teacher to start the lesson. The whole time ignoring the girls as they attempted to get a rise out of her. Knowing it wasn't going to do her any good as she chewed her lip to distract herself. Grateful that she had the lessons to occupy her for the time being. By the time it had ended, Rowan was starting to get irritated by the girls.

Shouldering her bag as she prepared to head for her next class, only to startle when another student knocked into her. Coffee flying everywhere including her shirt as she groaned in frustration. Waving off the young man's concern as she knew she still had a few minutes before class and quickly rushed off to change. Pulling off her top shirt to reveal the tank top underneath even if it was a bit too cold to be wearing it alone. Stuffing her other shirt in her bag as she headed off to class keeping her distance from the other girls as they scoffed at her choice of wardrobe. She wouldn't expect them to really understand as she just got through class the same as the first. Ignoring the chill in the classroom as she finished up and headed off towards her next class. Or at least that had been the game plan as a voice cut through her thoughts.

"So did you ever find that dog of yours?"

"I bet she ran away because she couldn't deal with mood swings."

"I think the pumpkin patch is missing a pumpkin. They want it back."

"Is Rowan really a girl name? It sounds bett-"

And just like that, the fight had broken out between Rowan and Christie as the redhead threw the first punch. Watching a crowd start to form as the two girls took it out on one another. Blood spilling, limbs flailing, hearts pounding, kids cheering them on as the girls got into it. Both prepared to dish it out but neither one wanting to back down. Rowan taking out all her frustrations on Christie for messing up her day. Not aware that one of the teachers at the school had seen the crowd and was moving to sort it out. Rowan managing to get a good punch in, but not before Christie shoved her hard into a locker.
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The start of the new semester, as was typical, brought with it a set of problems both predictable and unique. Predictable in that young college students generally exhibited similar habits, attentions spans, and ability to retain knowledge. Yet, each student was an individual and, while lecture halls tended to be spaces of general anonymity within a class, Hektor tried to engage that individual in them on a personal level. Thinking back to his own days as a student, it had been professors and instructors who had seen him as a person whom he had enjoyed the most. His interest in history and passion for the classical myths aside, he sometimes wondered where he would be if those teachers had treated him as another faceless student — a view many of his colleagues currently had come to adopt. Hektor understood it even if he didn’t agree with it necessarily. While the classes he taught on more specific topics were smaller, more intimate and easier overall to engage his students, most of his classes were quite large. It would have been easier, certainly, to let them filter in and out as they would.

As many of them did, despite his efforts, but still he tried and, as a result, a number of them had taken more of his courses and were choosing professions in the field of history. That small success was gratifying in its own way — not because they had been inspired by his teaching (which wasn’t as smooth or particularly practiced as his peers’ were, he could admit) but that they had found their way, in some small part, because of him. This was no arrogance on his part, who often thought himself rather forgettable in the general course of things, but a fact that was still difficult to believe despite the stack of reference letters he wrote every semester and the trickle of former students who kept on touch with him even after their education was complete.

As a scrawny, clumsy kid with more stubbornness than brains, Hektor had never seen himself as someone’s — anyone’s — mentor. He’d had so much to learn himself and dreams bigger than anyone could feasibly hold without collapsing from the weight. All except a demigod with super strength trying to make it back to Olympus. Hardheaded and more willful than an angry old goat (both figuratively and literally, as he’d been put through his paces by a mordant Satyr with a fondness for wood nymphs), he had needed the guidance of his own mentor far more than he had been ready to admit back then. A mistake that had cost him a friend. But hindsight, as was its wont, had made him much more open and willing to accept it when it had come again. Regret was a bitter thing, only softened by the sad sweetness of growing into who he was now. No, he never saw himself as a teacher of any sort but, now that he had become one, it suited him more than he thought it would.

The former hero was pondering these things when he ought to have been paying more attention to his lecture notes for his next class. In the gap between them, he’d returned to his office rather than hang around the lecture hall. Typical of such institutions as the university, his office was situated inexplicably in an entirely different wing from where the history classes actually took place. Though his was an individual one, there was a mix of his colleagues on this hall from both the History and English departments and even a couple from Languages. It usually made for an eclectic crowd of students flowing in and around the hall at any given time but usually never a loud one. That made him pause and look up from his computer screen. As usual, his door had been left open while he’d been passing the time and he went to it now, leaning his head out into the hall. Blue eyes widened at the sight of the gathering crowd and the whooping and hollering they were making. Turning his head, he caught sight of another professor similarly leaning out of his office.

”What’s going on?” He asked his colleague, expression bewildered. The man’s face was more grim than perplexed as Hektor knew his own must have been.

”Some sort of ruckus between some students, I imagine,” the man responded with a tired sigh. ”Miriam’s got campus police on the phone already but it’s probably one of those protesters again.” Hektor frowned as the man continued to watch the display a moment more before returning inside. Unable to help himself, he pushed away from his office door and started into the crowd. It was with a mixture of curiosity and concern that he pushed his way through the students — an easier feat than it sounded given his height and general bulk. His eyes widened further at the flurry of violent movement when the circle of students opened enough. The tableau before him was a blur of hair and limbs, only serving to deepen his frown. The noise of the gathered rabble had softened to whispers with his appearance and he announced that the police were on their way. Though he had no idea whether that was true or not, it served the purpose of dispersing the young adults who should have known better but had been drawn in by the ready entertainment.

Hektor didn’t particularly want to step into an apparent fistfight but that was exactly what he did. ”Enough,” he attempted. First using the advantage of his size in blocking their fists from doing any further damage to each other, he felt a mild sort of surprise in realizing he was breaking up a fight between young women. His mouth was practically an exaggeration of a stereotypical frown by the time he caught them both by the nape, dragging them to their feet and hold them away at arm’s length by the shoulders. ”Stop,” he huffed, glancing between the two of them. The redhead caught his attention most — whether from the angry expression or the damage he saw in her eyes, he wasn’t sure, but it caught him off guard and his fingers tightened firmly into her shoulder as if to hold her in place. Eyes slanting towards the other one, he jerked his head and released her. ”Go on, get out of here before I make you both stay and explain yourselves to the campus police.” The girl took her cue readily enough and Hektor loosed a breath as he turned fully toward the redhead, his frown only easing a little.

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