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 like a skipping stone, tagged for dinah/tay
riley kaitlyn anderson
 Posted: Apr 2 2017, 10:28 PM

riley anderson
FROM inside out

❝the lake freezes over, and that's when we play hockey❞



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omfg wifey i hope its okay owo
She'd grown to hate change, in all its forms. Changes in her life had always started out innocently enough, masked by the good intent behind them, but had always turned out badly in the end. Moving to San Franciso and having to leave behind her school and her friends and her hockey team, trying--and failing--to adjust to her new life in San Fransucksville with its crummy pizza and its hipster-lined streets, choosing to run away from home and make her way back to Minnesota just as the darkness fell over their world, landing in this alternate version of San Francisco and having to live each day under the watchful eye of her teachers and her coach and the school shrink thanks to her 'especially unique' form of depression... Yeah. Change was pretty much the worst, as far as Riley was concerned. And as if all the stupid changes she'd already had to put up with hadn't been enough, here she was, sitting on her bed facing the entrance to the dorm room she'd shared up until now with a perky cheerleader named Dana, waiting for her new roommate to show up. Staring ahead at the newly blank wall on the opposite side of the room from her bed, she felt a sigh fall form her lips before she'd even realized it was coming, and turned her attention back to the textbook that lay open in her lap. Dana was gone, having earned some apparently 'awesomer than awesome' scholarship for a larger school closer to home and her family, and she'd packed up and taken off about a week ago to get there and get herself settled in in time for the new semester's classes to begin. And here Riley was, a week later, sitting and waiting for her replacement to get in.

God, don't let it be another cheerleader, she thought as she looked up from her book again, unable to concentrate on the Mitosis of a cell when the whole dynamic of her rooming situation might be about to change for the better or for the worse. Dana may have been a change herself once upon a time, and more often than not, she'd driven Riley crazy with her peppy attitude and her brightly colored wardrobe she was always trying to push off on her tomboy roommate, but she'd gotten used to her in the time they'd spent together, and which she wouldn't go as far as to say that Dana'd been her friend, she definitely hadn't been her least favorite person in the world, or even in the bottom ten. Closing her textbook with a loud thump and casting it aside, she watched quietly as it teetered on the edge of the mattress, seconds from tipping too far to one side and dropping to the floor. Frowning at it for another long moment until she was sure it wasn't going to fall at least for now, she looked back to the empty side of the room, wondering what kind of person would be sleeping across from her now. Would she be another early morning personality like Dana, or a darker-than-dark negative type? Would she be sporty or nerdy or a goth or a theater type? She tried to imagine the different ways that the opposite side of the room could be decorated based on what kind of person the new girl was as she'd tried to do with her new room when she and her parents had first gotten to their new 'home' after the big move, and frowned to herself.

Ms. Frazer had told her that it would be best if she tried to see this as a good thing, as an opportunity to meet someone new and to make a new friend, but she hadn't been the glass half full type in a long time, and all that she could think of was the possibility for disaster. Of course, she would go by the same rules as she had with Dana, would try her hardest not to let her downward spiraling moods make her treat her new roommate like crap--she had to live with her, after all, and living with someone you hated sounded like its own special circle of hell. Running her hands over her face with another long sigh, she forced her shoulders to relax and leaned back against the wall, crossing her arms over her chest and eyeing the door in the silence that followed. She probably looked like a crazy person, sitting alone on her side of the room with her hockey gear tossed haphazardly across one side of the bed next to her and her science homework splayed across her pillow on the other side as she frowned and glared at the door across the room, but really, she didn't care whether she looked like a psycho or not. Heck, maybe if she looked crazy enough, the new roommate would run for the hills and they would have to set her up in a room by herself where she didn't have to room with anyone else... For a moment, she allowed herself to muse on this, arching a brow and snorting in the quiet, but it wasn't long before she had to remind herself of the consequences that would come with scaring off her new roommate. Ms. Frazer would definitely have some things to say about it in their next meeting or five, and there was no way they were just going to let her off the hook and give her a room of her own. If she scared this one away, then she risked them sending another girl who was even worse to share the room with her. No. She'd have to get her shit together and try and get through the night without incident.

Rolling her eyes and reaching again for her textbook, she plopped it back down in her lap with a huff of breath and opened it back up to the page she'd been trying to read over before, following the lines as she read them with her finger and furrowing her brow as she read. There was still a good chance that she wouldn't retain any of this information later, but she could at least give it a go. It was better, she thought, than sitting here and glaring at the door or pacing back and forth across the small room just waiting for her could-be-awesome, could-be-terrible new roommate to get open the door. But as a key slipped into the door and she heard it unlock, she couldn't help but look up in apprehension, her hands closing over the sides of her book as she watched the door swing open and waited for her new best friend on campus--or at least that was what the school shrink seemed to hope that this girl would be for her most problematic patient--to step inside, her tongue going dry as she watched and waited. Should she be this nervous? Probably not. But was she? Hell yes. What could she say--she'd had a lot of time to learn to hate change, and that was all she knew how to do.

dinah rose tenniel
 Posted: Apr 3 2017, 03:52 PM

FROM alice in wonderland




did someone pull you by the hand
how many miles to wonderland?
Vibrant green eyes peeked up through mascara-darkened lashes as the small moving van pulled up in front of the university residence's entrance, the young woman in the back seat positively wiggling with excitement. Dinah had been looking forward to this date ever since it had been set in stone, counting down the days, hours and minutes until she would be moving to the university campus. Don't get her wrong of course, Haven Hill had been absolutely wonderful! Everyone there was so friendly and they'd done a magnificent job of helping her find her footing in this new world, as this new species, and she would be forever grateful to them for that. But after registering for courses at the university, she'd quickly discovered that living on campus - and actually having access to the complimentary design studio her course had to offer - would be much more convenient.

Surprisingly, she hadn't had to wait long for her request to move into a dorm to be filled. It appeared that another student was leaving, and there was an opening for her to move in for the start of the new semester after winter break. She hadn't been told much about her new roommate - possibly new best friend!? - just that it might take a bit for her to warm up to the idea of change, which Dinah could understand. Not everyone had the same mindset as she did. Dinah was a creature of curiosity, always thirsty for new experiences and ready to embrace change. Felines were an adaptable species, after all.

Whomever her new roommate was, Dinah was more than ready to meet her and set them on the path to becoming fast friends. Stepping out of the van, the petite redhead stepped around to the back, where the volunteer movers from Haven Hill were talking to a boy who appeared to be a volunteer from the university. She skipped forward and greeted the young man with a cheery smile.

"Hello there! I'm Dinah Tenniel, moving into the dormitories today. Does that adorable little neon vest mean you'll be helping us?" The boy blushed.

"Uh, y-yes, I have your room assignment. Y-you'll be in room 323 with Riley Anderson." He dropped the keys into her hand.

Riley was a pretty name. The faculty had only mentioned her roommate's last name previously, referring to her as 'Miss Anderson'. Riley sounded much nicer. "Wonderful! Thank you... I didn't catch your name, dear." The boy grew ever more flustered and tried to mumble out what sounded like 'Mathew' but could have been 'Patrick'. She really wasn't sure, and just as she was about to ask for clarification, he shuffled off in a hurry to help the next arrival. With a sigh and a shrug, Dinah turned to her lovely helpers.

"Is it alright if I head up to the room first? I don't want to just barge in with all my things right away." They nodded, and she gave them both a grateful grin before marching her way up to the third floor of the residence building she'd been assigned. There were multiple residence buildings on this campus, as big as it was, but this one was conveniently closest to her course's classroom and studio buildings. Dainty feet stepped lightly up the staircase, excitement growing rapidly as her heart began to beat against her chest. It was terribly thrilling, meeting someone for the first time - especially when they would be your roommate for the foreseeable future, the person you'd spend the majority of your time with. She'd be lying if she said that, in amongst her excitement, there wasn't a slight twinge of nerves and fear. She simply chose to focus on the positive.

Coming to a stop in front of the door, Dinah readjusted her dress before she inserted the key into the lock. Breathe in. Turn, click. Breathe out.

With only the gentlest push, the door swung slowly open and Dinah poked her head into the room, taking a few steps in gingerly. Her gaze immediately fell upon the other body in the room, hunched over a book on the floor, eyes fixed in her direction. She took a few more steps in and offered a warm, friendly, excited grin. Tossing her satchel onto the empty bed on what she assumed would be her side of the room, Dinah closed the distance between her and Riley and reached out, grabbing her roommate's hands and pulling her up into an embrace. "You must be Riley! It's so lovely to finally meet you! I'm Dinah, your new roommate." Pulling, back, Dinah chuckled. "Of course, how else would I have a key." Taking a few steps back, she released a breath and gave Riley's arms a squeeze.

"You really are quite lovely you know," said the ginger with a wink and a chuckle, before moving to take a seat on her empty bed, emerald gaze surveying her new room. "Cozy, isn't it?"

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+ notes omg i hope this is okayyyy merp <3333
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