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gilda lark blake
 Posted on: Dec 7 2017, 05:42 PM
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the three bears


Although Gilda did not know of Haven Hill, or anyone from it for several years when she crossed over; she did know of the portal and of it’s significance to her memory. Her housemate and father figure would rather she did forget about it, he rather thought her mad and tried to help her escape her “fantasy” of being Goldilocks. Fortunately she was able to be missing for twenty-four hours and raise no questions. Her party life can have it’s advantages sometimes, so long she remembered to tell him that she would be out all night. If she timed it for a weekend, she was out anyway and she might (not always) get away with not telling him where she was.

The portal was dangerous, so she did tell him about it and that was where she would be going. He just smiled though, she wasn’t sure he really believed her. It was just another one of her stories, her over-active imagination helping her to cope with some form of tragedy. It was hard being a subject of interest to a psychiatrist that just wanted her to be a normal young woman. Thing was Gilda never was normal. She was Goldilocks, your typical warning about how young girls shouldn’t behave and what might happen to them if they didn’t behave. She never did learn her lesson funnily enough…

She was crossing today, as she did every couple of months or so. Whenever she felt she was forgetting, or struggling to recall a special memory, she would cross the bridge in the park and emerge from the archway to home. Well, in truth where she ended up might not even be home, she had not found home yet in her crossing, and she was beginning to think home was gone forever. There were forests, much like the woods that made the boundary of her village; yet none she had come across had felt like home to her. But then would it? The darkness had steeped into every part of this world she came from, and it was that sense of foreboding that permeated the place, overwhelming any sense of home one might encounter.

This place was certainly not home however. The portal today had designed to drop her in the middle of the ocean on a small spit of land. At least that was what it looked like to Gilda, who had suddenly gone from being a young woman to that of an eleven year old child once again. Another magic trick of the portal and a reminder that she was not as old was she was in San Francisco. She still had much to learn and was a child in many ways though she seemed a perfectly functioning adult. In many ways this was thanks to the man and his family that took her in from the hospital after arriving in San Francisco.

There could be worse places than a tropical island to end up though Gilda thought. The weather fine enough and the water calm for the time being. She seemed to be alone so she walked along the beach for a moment. Keeping an eye on her surroundings and looking out for any disturbance that might lead to trouble. Yet everything to her seemed fine, and she smiled as she planted herself on the sand and started to build sandcastles. Well she had a while to wait until the portal reappeared, and she had some food with her; an apple and a ham and cheese sandwich, and some flapjacks for breakfast in the morning. Hopefully the portal won’t wait that long to allow her back across. In the meantime she was happy to just be the eleven year old she was and to have fun building castles in the sand.

hisoka rin okura
hisoka rin okura
 Posted on: Jan 31 2018, 10:43 PM
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Spirited Away


by the sea

Sand. Hisoka hated the stuff. It stuck to everything. Even as a spirit he swore he could feel the coarse itchiness of the stuff clinging to hiss mostly incorporeal form. That would go against all that he had gleaned from the “knowledge” of the humans concerning the spirit realm. He'd hoped that he'd be able to find a way to break his bound with the masked spirit without ending his own life but the humans of San Francisco, and that world in general, were so behind in their spiritual knowledge it was like trying to unlock a bank safe with a feather. Possible? Perhaps if he fiddled with it enough or tried to open in an obscenely strange way but as a whole more frustrating than helpful. Perhaps he would write a book of his own correcting all the little nuances that they got wrong. But the nagging feeling and desire to be absolutely positive that he was right, would likely stop him dead in his tracks. The spirit's form hunched and although no sound came out, if one looked at him closely, he was laughing. It was an occurrence that rarely, if ever, happened before his foray through the portal and the chance at a second chance at a human life and, even after, was an unusual thing to encounter. But despite being dropped onto this beach, he was in a fairly good mood.

The sun shone—not that it particularly mattered to him—and the day appeared to be a fine one but that wasn't the source of his jovial attitude. The beach, for all its irritating sand, brought with it good—or at least passably good for Hisoka—memories of following a brightly dressed girl down some railroad tracks and on to finding her old memories. Here, on this skinny strip of land, he felt closest to Sen. She wasn't here, from what he could see, he was alone save for one small golden haired girl who appeared to be digging in the sand and had yet to notice him. What was she doing? Burying treasure? Looking for a hole to the other side of the world? Curiously he tilted his head to the side and silently approached her. He didn't want to scare her, not when she seemed so intent on her task, not to mention, she could be dangerous—though he doubted it. She couldn't be much more than Sen’s age, yet he knew not everyone was as kind hearted as she had been and he wasn't especially friendly looking. “Ah?” He said quietly once he was close enough. She was putting the sand in an odd sort of pile, though why Soka wasn’t sure, but she looked to be enjoying herself. Wanting to help, but unsure how, he picked up a seashell and offered it towards the girl. “Ah-ah.” His tone was quiet but insisting. If she seemed uncomfortable by his presence, he'd leave her be but offering a pretty shell was hardly threatening. He could only hope that she would see his good intentions and not force him to wait for the portal by himself.

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