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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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 finnegan, flynn padraic, sean mcloughlin/ draiocht leprechaun
flynn padraic finnegan
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 02:52 PM

As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way!.

  The Draiocht
  28 years old
  Rily (She/Her)


flynn padraic finnegan

canon ★ movie ★ sean mcloughlin ★ aoc ★ 28

Umiria was once a land of rolling green hills and crisp, clear air. When King Golven took over the throne after his father passed away, though, everything changed. He hated the old traditions and beliefs, and he wanted to turn the kingdom into a more progressive path. Unfortunately, some of the old traditions became traditions for a real reason. One of these traditions was an annual celebration of Belladonna to keep her content for the rest of the year. King Golven forbade people to participate in this celebration under penalty of death, which angered her. She cursed entire kingdom to be under a constant veil of poisonous air.

For weeks, people were dropping dead until the court accidentally created a crystal that would keep the poisonous air at bay. Each village would have one and it would have to be replenished once the power ran out. The downside of this whole idea was that the crystals were created using the blood of magical beings. There were magical beings on the court of Umiria, but they were protected through their status. The regular citizens who were magical beings were not so lucky. A group of carefully selected knights was put together to hunt the magical beings down so that their blood could be used to protect the rest of the kingdom. A ritual had to be performed to create the crystal and depending on who was performing the ritual, sometimes the magical beings survived and sometimes they did not. Those who did survive were imprisoned for future use.

Some of the magical races were getting close to being extinct, including leprechauns. Flynn was just one of a handful of them that were left. Refuge camps cropped up all over the kingdom, and he spent his time hopping around from camp to camp. He had a little more at risk than some of the other magical creatures. Flynn was not the average type of leprechaun: Draiocht, meaning he had magical blood. He kept this secret very close to his chest, but even he was not careful enough to keep it quiet from the hunters. During a random encounter, the hunters what Flynn was. There was a bounty on his head, but the magical community came together to protect him, since they knew that it would be very bad if King Golven got a hold of him. The king was a greedy, selfish, jealous man and he became more focused on the possible things that Flynn could provide for him, instead of providing the cleansing crystals for his people. (Aside from the crystal for his own home, of course).

Lives were lost as the magical community tried to keep Flynn from being found. It eventually got to the point where he couldn’t take the guilt anymore and handed himself over. There were so many hunters that they were fighting a losing battle, anyway. The hunters captured Flynn and brought him before King Golven, who immediately began using his blood to grant his wishes.

Things got better and better for King Golven, who was drowning in riches, but things got worse and worse for his kingdom and the people. Flynn’s magic could not grant every single wish, as he just wasn’t powerful enough. This made King Golven incredibly angry. He paid very little attention to the kingdom’s issues, but now he didn’t bother at all. A rescue party was put together to save Flynn and end the kingdom's suffering. The entire castle became a battleground. It was a blood bath, and they got so close to achieving their goal.

Flynn caught a break in the fighting and attempted to escape, but one of the hunters caught up with him, swinging his sword. He chopped Flynn's right leg clean off, causing him to fall to the ground. As he scrambled away from the hunter, everything got dark and a horrible storm. With a mixture of smarts and magic, Flynn was able to escape the hunter.

Bardras, one of the few remaining rescuers alive and one of Flynn’s best friends, caught up with him and helped him get out of the castle. However, after they reached a place completely filled with Darkness, Bardras disappeared. Flynn’s magic was out of the question, as the majority of his energy was spent from battling the hunter who was pursuing him. The Darkness surrounded him and there was nothing he could do, except just wait. He got lost in his thoughts about the previous events of his life and the Darkness fed off the guilt he felt. It created another being in his mind, but Flynn was completely unaware of this. Finally, a portal appeared and, figuring there was nothing else he could do, he pulled himself through it.

He has settled in a banking job in San Francisco. The Darkness being, who has named himself Dorchadas (Chad for short), is still unknown to him. It utters abusive things to him, but they’re not different than what he might say to himself. (People died because of you. You weren’t worth it. Etc.) He notices that things are in different places in his apartment when he wakes up, but he hasn’t realized that the Darkness being occasionally takes over when he’s asleep.

character basics

Flynn Padraic Finnegan. The only name I chose for a meaning was Padraic, which is an Irish name meaning "nobly born." I thought this was fitting because he is a Draiocht leprechaun. I chose the first name and the last name because I liked the alliteration and it just sounded like a leprechaun's name. Also, there is a legendary Irish figure named Finn Mac Cool and I liked that Flynn was really close to that.

Sean McLoughlin. A few people guessed I was using him as soon as I mentioned leprechaun, which makes me think he was a pretty good fit! He's Irish and I loved the collection of his ego "Antisepticeye" for Flynn's dark entity. The more I looked at gifs and pictures of him, the stronger the muse grew, so I had to pick him!

March 17 (no explanation required)

Banker. He's very, very good with money. However, it is going to leave him feeling a little empty, so he might not stay there very long.

Flynn is a main character in his own story with a new world that I have made up, the kingdom of Umiria, ruled by King Golven. The world has been pieced together bit by bit, so I don’t remember exactly what influenced it. I think Lord of the Rings and the Dragonlance Chronicles. As far as I know, I don’t think I’ve used anything specific from them, but I picture the world being very similar to the ones in those stories. It is very high fantasy. Also, I got a lot of inspiration by reading Irish fairy tales.

At one point, humans and all magical creatures lived in harmony, but things changed. The king greatly offended a powerful fairy queen, which caused her to curse the kingdom. Poisonous air took over the kingdom and hundreds died before the court figured out a way to ward off the poison. They created crystals that were made from the blood of fairies, leprechauns, and unicorns. This caused a rift between humans and these races, who were forced to go into hiding.

There is a team of knights who go out and hunt for magical beings to be used for the rituals. There are different people who perform the rituals – some kind and some of them cruel. The kind ones only use the amount of blood they need. On the other hand, the cruel ones will outright kill the magical beings. This has caused the magical races to almost be extinct, so they have figured special ways to keep themselves hidden from the authorities. Leprechauns, for example, can sometimes magically confuse the hunters or, if need be, they can change their size to that of a human to trick them.

Leprechauns are hobbit-sized, or around 3-4 feet tall. Their magic allows them to change their size, and adopt expert disguises which have become a popular way to hide from the hunters. Flynn is one of many leprechauns, but the leprechauns are beginning to die out because the court is killing them to sustain the crystals that are keeping the air clear. Every three hundred years, a leprechaun is born whose blood is especially magical and Flynn is one of those. These are called Draiocht (an Irish term meaning magic, enchantment, that which is unseen). It is filled with more magic, which allows it to grant wishes when drawn. The magic cannot grant every wish, as there is a limit to the blood’s power. However, it reacts to the spoken wish immediately and Flynn would be completely unable to do anything to stop it. A Draiocht’s blood is also used in many powerful potions. Draiochts are able to use their magic for a longer period of time than normal leprechauns can, but there is still a limit.

All leprechauns have magic, which is mostly based around illusions and teleportation. This was an evolutionary trait, which helps them to escape when they’re captured, so they do not have to give up their gold. They are the masters of disguise in Umiria, which is another way for them to hide from those who want their riches or their blood. As a Draiocht, Flynn is able to do some attack and defense spells, which are powerful, but not a lot compared to wizards or fairies. His abilities are very limited in the real world because of the portal and the fact that there is more iron around. The only things he can really do in the real world are things like magicking small objects out of the air or conjuring smoke. Occasionally, he might be able to conjure up a defensive spell, but it would take a lot of his energy.

Leprechauns are technically a kind of fairy, so I figured it would make sense for Flynn to have a weakness to iron. This weakens his magic, but also if he gets touched by the iron, it will burn him. Flynn does not have an endless amount of power. While he is able to use his magic for a longer period of time than normal leprechauns, there is a limit to his power. It does eventually run out and it takes a lot of his energy for the stronger spells.

In his natural canon ending, Flynn would have been a hero. However, the canon cut off before that point, so I would classify him as a lad. He likes to think of himself as a carefree sort of person, but he really isn’t. Flynn has a very bad habit of internalizing everything. He hates to talk about his own problems because for him, it just becomes awkward and he’s so quick to blame himself for things anyway. After his experiences in Umiria, Flynn has become paranoid. It generally lays low, but there are absolutely things that will trigger it, like walking alone at night. The logical part of him realizes that there’s a very small chance that Golven or the hunters were around, and if they were, they most likely would not recognize him. Still, he clearly remembers what life was like when he was on the run and sometimes he slips back into those habits and thought processes.

Flynn has a huge love of silly things, like puns or riddles and is usually ready with a dad joke whenever someone is ready (or not ready) to hear one. He is very good at math (which is common for leprechauns), which is why he chose working at a bank. One reservation he does have is how the bank can be forced to turn people in need away. He wants to help people and has a big heart, but his job does not always coincide with that.

I tried to do a lot of research for this character, but leprechaun lore is extremely limited. I did not have a lot to work off of, so I based the idea mostly on the leprechauns in Irish stories I'd read. In fact, I almost used one Irish tale for the entire idea before Flynn became something else. There was also a little inspiration from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde seen in the darkness entity in his head.

This being was created from a mixture of Darkness and Flynn's guilt. It's essentially his guilt personified. He hates Flynn and wants him to pay for the deaths that happened because of him. Things have started small, like Chad moving things around Flynn's home in the middle of the night, but things will gradually get worse. He will try to ruin Flynn's relationships, his job, his life.

Right after his leg gets cut off

played by RILY

flynn padraic finnegan
 Posted: Jun 9 2018, 08:13 PM

As you slide down the banister of life, may the splinters never point the wrong way!.

  The Draiocht
  28 years old
  Rily (She/Her)


I thiiiink he's done!
 Posted: Jun 11 2018, 12:44 AM

If i'm dead nobody else can get hurt because of me.

  sam winchester
  24 years old
  awkward nerd
 387 POSTS


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