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 Posted on: Sep 14 2017, 05:17 PM
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One by one the kids hopped down the steps of the school bus and huddled themselves into an excited circle of chatter and laughter. A warm smile remained fixed on Annalise's lips as she watched the kids bounce excitedly on their toes. Field trips always imposed this reaction in her class. Although they weren't visiting anywhere particularly designed for children, and they were still there to learn, the idea of getting out of the classroom and into a new environment was enough to trigger a spike in energy, curiosity and enthusiasm. As far as she was concerned, she was blessed to be working with a class of kids, the majority of whom, were eager to learn and mostly well-behaved (or as well-behaved as they could be for their age).

When she'd first been told about this particular trip - on which she was the only chaperone - she had to admit she'd been surprised. It wasn't often that you think of the Mayor's office as a place for kids to learn, and politics were such a weighty subject - but this trip was more of a tour than anything. She'd had to start learning the structure and function of government at a very early age, being a daughter of the King and Queen of Arendelle, but her studies definitely hadn't been as in-depth or strenuous as she was sure Elsa's had been. And at that age, as restless and energetic as she was, she'd dreaded those classes with every fibre of her being. Luckily civics and law wouldn't come into play until much later in the curriculum for these kids, but the Mayor's office was a landmark in the city, and a tour could be really fun and interesting.

As soon as all the kids had disembarked the bus, Anna checked in with the driver to make sure they'd be at the right place at the right time for pick-up. And with that, the bus closed its doors and drove off, leaving Anna at the mercy of her class. "Alright kiddos," she began, twirling around to face them and clapping out a rhythm to get their attention. After being met with an echo of clapping, she chuckled and folded her hands together. "As you guys know, we're at the Mayor's office today! He's a pretty important and busy guy, so we might not get to meet him, but we'll be spending the day with his assistant who's gonna show us around!"

"Is the Mayor like the President?" All the kids looked at her with genuine curiosity.

She laughed and pursed her lips thoughtfully. "Sort of! He's like the President of our city. He makes a lot of big decisions about everything that happens here. You guys will learn more about all that stuff when you're older, but if you have any questions at all I'm sure his assistant won't mind!"

Unfolding her hands and adjusting her small cross-body purse over her shoulder, Annalise headed towards the doors of City Hall. "Don't forget about the buddy system!" With a peek over her shoulder, she watched as the kids all found their buddies and linked hands. She felt a small hand in hers as well as her own personal buddy, Jessica, ran to her side. "There you are!" She grinned down at the familiar head of brown hair and began to swing her arm back and forth as the younger girl giggled.

As the kids all filed into the lobby, Annalise held the door until they'd all passed through and made her way to the front of the group, Jessica's hand still in hers. Oh god, she'd never been here before. And she couldn't remember if she was supposed to meet this assistant - Kristian, she remembered his name was - anywhere specific. Crap. Eyes darting around, she realized there was only one other person in the lobby. And her breath caught in her throat as soon as she laid eyes on him.


She momentarily forgot how to speak.

Words. Words, Anna.


She could hear the kids giggle quietly in the background, and took a deep breath. "Uhm, hi," she managed, thoughts still tumbling over themselves as she tried to string together a coherent sentence. "I'm- Are you- We're here for the tour?"

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Kristian had a very important duty today: show the future of San Francisco around the city hall, and court house and help them understand the innerworkings. Or at least as best he could, anyway. There were some things they did here that he would probably have some difficulty explaining, but he would do his very best. That was part of his job. And it would look exceptionally good to the city dwellers. What would his father think of him now if he could see how strategically he placed himself? Would he be proud? Or would he find another way to cut his youngest son down? Probably the latter, honestly. Ask him why he wasn't mayor yet. Ask him why he was throwing his life away in wait.

Leaning against the entrance wall, he idly flipped through his phone, reviewing details and his itenerary for the day. After the tour, he was free for the entire day as the mayor was going to visit his family for the weekend. Perhaps he would go around and make some more connections amongst the well-to-do of the city. Or, perhaps he could just relax. Ha. Who had time for that? Relaxation. It just bred contentment and that wouldn't get him where he wanted to be. Nothing would. Just sheer determination and force of will.

The door opened and greyish green eyes flickered upwards to find his group standing there. And.... well. Kris found himself standing a little straighter as the teacher's gaze fell on him, a (familiar?) warmth blossoming in his chest. She was pretty. Very, very pretty. The pink that he could see rush to her cheeks just made it worse, better?, no, no, no worse! He had a plan. And that plan didn't involve pretty girls. No matter how enchanting they were. Or how adorable their stutters were. And ----

Ah, well.

Grinning, he pushed off of the wall and walked over to the teacher and the group and gave an overexaggerated bow. "Kristian Solberg at your service, m'lady!" He straightened up with a snap, the military was good for something after all. "You must be Ms. Alvær and her class? The only other option would be that you are some very, very good criminals to break in and dash off with our very government!" He winked at the class with a broad smile. "Don't worry, though, your secret is safe with me. Shall we start the tour?"

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