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evangeline eirlys eidolon

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Ghost of a Chance

“Do you know why you’re here?” a man asked, tone clinical, but soft and comforting in a way. There was a smile in the mans voice as he regarded the little girl in front of him, his eyes moving from the head of stark white hair and to his clip board. A pen wiggled between his fingers as the two sat in silence, the tip clicking against the metal clip. The silence was almost deafening as the child sat in the seat across from him, her head bowed and her hands neatly folded in her lap. The paper and crayons that had been given to her remained untouched laying lifelessly on the cold steel table, though not because she hadn’t wanted to color, but for reasons she hadn’t disclosed. The silence continued for a few minutes longer, the tapping sound of the pen like a metronome breaking through the tension with awkward and blistering strength. Finally, the man cleared his throat and set the clipboard on the table, leaning forward to try and gather her attention. “Sweetheart, you don’t need to be afraid, its okay. We just want to ask you a few questions,” he said reassuringly, tapping the table with has hand to get her to look up, and flashing her a smile when she finally did. A soft giggle erupted from her lips as his smile turned more comical, coaxing her to open up or get comfortable. And finally satisfied that he had cracked her stern shell, he leaned back in his chair and reclaimed his clipboard. “Do you know why you’re here?” he repeated, watching as she nodded her head.

“Mhm, Mommy says its cause I’m special,” she chirped, beaming a toothy white grin at the man. However, the grin faltered when she heard the pen marking something on the clipboard, a disappointed look on the man’s face as he turned his attention away. Blood rushed to her cheeks when she realized she had answered wrong, and she sank back into her chair. Her head bowed, a curtain of white surrounding her and keeping her hidden from the world around her. She could feel eyes on her for a second time, the fake sound of a smile in the man’s voice as he called for her attention again, though she had half a mind to ignore him. “Mommy said you wanted to talk to me about my special talents, to see if I was allowed in here.” she corrected herself with a weak voice, barely above a whisper. The sound of the pen marking again on the paper had her looking up quickly with frantic eyes. “I got it right this time, right? I don’t want mamma to get mad.” she said quickly, her violet eyes pleading with the man. Her brows knit in confusion when a hearty laugh escaped his lips, and she cocked her head to the side, a silent question for him. She hadn’t a clue what had been so funny.

“There is no right or wrong answer sweetie, we just want to know more about you is all.” he replied, his friendly smile that had just gotten her to giggle seeming to rub her the wrong way the more she looked at it. There was something off about him, the way he spoke and seemed to reassuring. How his smile was so perfect that it had her lowering her guard. She shied away again, sinking further into the chair as she folded her arms over her chest. From the corner of her eye she saw the man poise his pen on the clipboard, his head shaking as he lifted a page and cleared his throat. “Can you tell me what your special talents are sweetheart?” he asked, looking up from his papers and waiting expectantly for her answer.

Again, silence filled the room. The girl refused to look up from her lap, her arms folded in a way that closed her off from the world. She felt vulnerable and open to the man in front of her, something she wasn’t too comfortable with. If she had it her way she would have up and left, maybe stood up and moved to the closest corner to hide in. But deep down she knew this was an important day for her and for her momma. Her whole life as far as she could remember had been lived for this moment. She had been raised by her momma, just so she could get into this special program, so she knew she couldn’t just throw it away because this man’s smile was fake and she wasn’t comfortable. She wanted to make her momma proud. Slowly she looked up, a small, pale hand tucking her hair behind her ear.

“I can become a ghost, mister. Mommy says its astrology projection an—“

“You mean astral projection?” he interrupted, a brow rising to the five year old. A blush colored her pale cheeks and she gave a shy nod. Quickly her hands lifted to hide her face from the man and cool her embarrassment, but too soon did he urge her to continue, and she had to find the strength to pry herself away from her hands. She gave a nervous laugh and looked away, her eyes trained on a spot on the wall behind the man’s head.

“Yeah… that thing. I can separate myself from my body and go anywhere I want. I can even fly that way!” she explained, trying to sound excited about this, though her blush betrayed her. The man looked interested for a moment, eyes staring at her for a long moment before returning to his paper and writing something new.

“And how do you know this?” he asked, not bothering to look up. Frustration filled her up and her cheeks puffed out for a second as he didn’t even bother to pay her any mind. But just as quickly as her blood boiled in her stomach, her eyes narrowing in anger, the feeling subsided when she realized he was finally looking up. Quickly she looked away, hiding her face and pretending to look out the window. She didn’t want to offend the man despite how he offended her. Sucking on her bottom lip, when enough time passed she looked back and shrugged her shoulders at him in answer. “Then how are we supposed to know if that is valid and not just some dream you had, darling?” he asked in sickeningly sweet tone that oozed sarcasm. She had to resist rolling her eyes and pouting, and for a long moment she just stared.

“Cause I don’t dream Mister. I go to places in my sleep… Momma calls them planes. I’ve met spirits and talked to them. And during naptime I even walked around and spied on mommy when she was on the telephone. It’s how I know that momma isn’t my real momma… and that if I pass today you’ll take me away from her.” she explained, her voice soft but stern as she avoided making eye contact. The surprised look on his face hadn’t gone unnoticed, and for the first time during the interview she regarded the man with a knowing smile. Quickly his look vanished, and he gathered himself, writing a small note down.

“Is that so? And how does that make you feel?” he asked, attempting a new line of questioning that hadn’t been approved. Her confident look faded and her eyes turned glassy. Sadness washed over her and she gave him another shrug. However, she shook her head as if to explain that wasn’t all she had to say. Her eyes closed for a moment, and a tear fell from her eyes, quickly being wiped away.

“I don’t want to leave momma.” she explained, her voice cracking with sadness as she rubbed her nose with the sleeve of her jacket. “But momma wants me to be accepted. Momma says the world needs me. And I want to make momma proud.” she continued, avoiding eye contact, not caring the interest brow that was raised in her direction. “I want momma to love me.”

There was more silence as the man turned his attention to his clipboard, his pen writing quickly along the paper. But the note taking no longer seemed to bother her, seemed to make her uncomfortable. Her defenses were crumbling as quickly as she tried to rebuild them, and it took all she had to not cry in front of the man who would take her away from her momma. But there was nothing she could do, if she failed she would be taken away from her momma, and if she passed she’d be taken away as well. At least this way she would be making her proud.

“That’s a lot for a five year old to digest.” the man stated, looking up to meet her bloodshot eyes.

“Yer gonna take me away no matter what… maybe this way momma won’t be sad.” she said dismally, looking the man straight in the eye. For a long while they remained that way, in a silent stare down that neither would give up. His pen remained motionless in his hands for the first time since the interview started, watching her and speculating what it was he had heard. But no matter how painful it got, or how much either of them wanted to look away, the remained at an impasse. Finally, the man sighed and bowed his head, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. The girl across from his gave a silent cheer, victory glittering in her eyes as she remained still in her chair.

“What’s your name?” he asked in defeat, looking up with newfound confidence. The question threw her off and she furrowed her brows at him. She had thought he knew it, that it would have been in her file or on that paper he was taking notes on. So why he would ask confused her. He grew impatient and began to drum his fingers along the steel table, making her jump and fidget in her seat.

“Um… its Evang—“


“But that’s what mo—“

“Your name is Ghost.”

Calm before the Storm

“Psst! Geo! You awake?” the hiss of a whisper cut through the silence like a knife, the squeal of a door signaling her presence as if the whisper had not already alerted him to her. The sound of shifting blankets and squeaking bed springs filled the air, a body turning over in its bed the only indication she had been heard, but it was all the permission she needed to skitter across the floor. Her feet lightly pranced over the cold tile, swiftly taking her over to the bed, where opened blankets welcomed her in a warm embrace. Almost swallowing her up as she dove onto the bed, they came down and encircled around her, pulling her close to a warm body.

“You know you’re not supposed to be out of bed.” a tired voice came, muffled from the covers that had been pulled over both of their heads. Violet eyes peered into the darkness at the familiar face, a hand lifting and gently cupping his cheek. She felt his lips curl into a smile, and through the darkness saw as his eye fluttered open. A smile spread across her own lips as she snuggled her head into his pillow, her violet eyes fluttering closed as she took a deep breath in. “Somebody’s going to get in trouble,” he taunted sleepily, a hand moving to poke her in the side as he pulled her closer. A giggle escaped as she turned her face into the pillow to stifle it, her body squirming for a moment before settling down.

“No one saw me, I’m a ghost, remember?” she chided him playfully, nuzzling her nose into his cheek, taking a moment to relish in his laugh before blowing a quiet raspberry. She felt him stir and lift a hand to swat her away, but all to quick she had turned her face into the cushion and avoided the playful taunt altogether. Silence fell between the two, comfortable and calming as it always had been. There was something about him that balanced her out, a confidence that she neither had nor could grasp, something that was always out of her reach. But whenever she was with him, she could feel that part of him surging through her veins and she no longer was ruled over by her shy nature. But such bliss couldn’t remain forever, although Ghost would have preferred to stay always in that state of perpetual bliss, warm in his embrace. Safe. “We’re going on our first mission tomorrow.” she said quietly, her voice shaking with fear and her body quivering in his grasp. Ghost needn’t see that his eyes had opened and he was looking at her with confusion.

“What? How… do you know this? We’re not ready yet.” Geoform questioned her, trying desperately to hide the shock in his voice. But after so many years, Ghost had long since learned to detect it. She couldn’t even remember a time before her partner, what life was like before he was in it. She had lived with her guardian, a government appointed woman designated to raise her and teach her until she was ready the start her training. But that was all she knew, a faceless body who cared for her until she was returned from whence she came. Her life had been Geoform, years spent learning every miniscule detail about him… learning how to work with him… training so they could be the best they possibly could. There was no life before she met him, so it was easy for her to pick out the times when he was hiding from her. Her nose crinkled and she sat up in the bed, folding the blankets down and staring into the darkness.

“You know I can’t control my talents sometimes… it just happened.” she said meekly with a shrug, biting her bottom lip. She felt he bed shift and an arm wrapped around her shoulders. Pulling her close, Geo placed a small kiss on the top of her head. “I’m not ready to fight in this war yet Geo… we’re only fifteen.” she cried, her hands lifting to cover her face. His grip tightened around her and she felt herself being pulled into his lap. Immediately she melted into the embrace, her hands sliding from her face to wrap around her in a self-hugging motion.

“They created us for this reason Ghost… I don’t think we have a choice, ready or not.” he explained. Her body quivered and she shook her head. Even though she appreciated being told the truth, being told what she needed to hear, for once she wished someone would lie to her and tell her everything would be alright. Geo was the closest thing she had to family, the only person in her world who treated her with love and kindness, who showed her support of any kind, but he was also the one meant to keep her grounded. He would never lie to her, of that Ghost was sure. And as nice as it would be right now, to hear those comforting words, she knew they wouldn’t come from anyone or anywhere but her own imagination. Her eyes squeezed shut and she swallowed the dangerously large lump in her throat.

“I’m scared Geo. I don’t want to die yet.” she whispered, looking over her shoulder at him. Through the darkness she could see him smile at her, and for a moment she felt her fears quelled. It was hard but she mustered a small smile.

“You won’t die.” he said with a nod, placing a chaste kiss on her shoulder. “I won’t let you Ghost.”

Crumbling Foundations

Reaching out, a pair of arms wrapped tightly around her middle, though it took a long second for her mind to register just how unfamiliar the embrace was. It wasn’t like it should have been, filled with warmth and the promise of a laugh soon to come. It wasn’t the same strong arms that held her tiny frame every night, protecting her from all the things that went bump in the night. No, these arms were different, cold and controlling, keeping her captive in a loveless hold. But her mind was too far gone by that point, to even let it register that she couldn’t shake free of her confines no matter how hard her body subconsciously struggled.

Violet eyes focused on the limp body being lifted into a plane, ears deaf to the firefight going on around them. Mind on one track, she tried to put the numbers together to come with a solution, but as the familiar face vanished behind cold steel doors, the equation completely slipped from her mind and the panic set in. Her body shuddered against the tight-armed grip, limbs desperately trying to pull themselves from the confines as she flailed to be set free. Her heart beat rapidly against her chest as she struggled, shock numbing her to everything in the world but the trapping embrace and plane in front of her taking off and leaving her behind. Frantically she pulled an arm free, her legs kicking as hard and fast as she could to throw the man holding her off balance, in hopes he’d release her. But all she could do was reach a hand out, half expecting the weight of her panic and fear would be strong enough to bring the plane back.

“GEO! GEO NO!” she wailed, her voice cracking and breaking through the silent shock that had numbed her to everything around her. The world began to come into focus, and she could hear shouts and commands being barked around her as she was being dragged away by the unfamiliar man. The sound of guns being shot and bombs being set off met her ears and realization sunk in that she was still out on the field, very much in the middle of a fight. But none of that seemed to matter. Not anymore. Not that it ever did. Her struggle only continued, and the man holding her grunted for her to shut up and calm her tits, but all she could do was reach further and further out toward the plane disappearing into the sky. “GEO! DON’T GO! COME BACK! DON’T LET THEM TAKE YOU AWAY FROM ME!” she cried desperately, hoping beyond all hope that the plane would turn around and her partner would jump out, ready to embrace her and pick her up out of the growing pit of despair she had fallen into in just a matter of seconds. “GEO! GEO PLEASE! COME BACK! Come…back.” she cried, tears pouring from her violet eyes and she continued her struggle. It seemed the man behind her trying to drag her to a plane of their own was cracking, his grip loosening with each kick of her leg and throw of her body as she struggled, but there was no defeating it. “I need you…”

“Shut the fuck up lady, he’s gone. Put a sock in it and deal with it.” he barked in irritation, not knowing what he had just released. For a moment her body stopped, and she let him carry her with ease back toward the plane. Her face was blank with shock, her eyes devoid of any emotion as she stared out into the empty sky. As if a button had been flicked, the world that seemed perpetually running in fast forward switched to slow motion, everything around her moving in such a way that she could see it all and react to it all. As the ever-beating heart in her chest shattered into dust, the blood running through her veins began to boil, anger rising to her cheeks faster than ever. And it took but one look over her shoulder to her aggressor for it to bubble over.

She would never fully understand what had come over her, her mind lost somewhere dark and dreary with Geo, but it was like she became a different person. Her eyes, normally caring and warm grew dark and angry as she regarded the man, fixing a narrow eyes gaze on him. Her body, wracked with emotional pain and guilt moved on its own, and with greater power than should have been in her tiny frame. But she was desperate, she was distraught, and this man was playing with forces he ought not play with. Slowly her gaze shifted from angered to concentrated, her mind never once being more focused on one task than she was now. She hated this man, a fire burning in her stomach. He had no right to speak with her, to look at her, to touch her in such a way. He didn’t know anything, yet he thought himself a god. Geo wasn’t gone… there was no way. He couldn’t be. He promised. Geo promised…

Slowly the man holding her dropped her to her feet, his eyes widening in shock as he realized he was under no control of his body. He breath became frantic as he tried to call out for help, but the concentrated look on Ghost’s face only seemed to grow as she fought to keep her grip on this man’s mind. Her telepathy was still a foreign thing for her, having only realized its existence a year or so back, but in her fury it was strong enough to control this man. As her body sank to her knees, her concentration taking up every ounce of energy she had left, she issued the soldier another silent command. She watched with amusement as his eyes grew wide and his hand moved to his waist to retrieve the weapon that had hastily been stuffed there upon being ordered to restrain her. A sickeningly mad smile curled to her lips as she watched him struggle to fight back, his hand shaking as it moved in slow motion. Painstakingly slow his fingers curled one by one around the hilt, slowly being pulled from the holster. But even slower was the journey it would take to reach his temple. Tears still sprang from her eyes as she fought for dominance, Geo’s words of encouragement a haunting echo tearing her down piece by piece. Her resolve crumbled as the weight of what happened crashed on her shoulders, and she fell to her side in a heap, gasping for breath as her wails overcame her.

“I can’t do this Geo…” her voice hitched and she turned her face into the dried, dead patch of grass, seeking comfort from just about anywhere she could find it. Though, she doubted she could feel it as deep down as she was, drowning in fears she didn’t want to admit to. If she were to do that, then everything would become real, and she wouldn’t be able to wake from this horrendous nightmare. Her worst fears would come to life and she would have to face the world alone. Never would she have imagined living life worse than dying, but in this moment it was all she wished. “I-I can’t do this without you…”

Beginning of the End

“Do you know why you’re here?” the voice was cold and clinical, though unlike years before, there was no comfort in his tone. There was no trained ease in the way he smiled; there wasn’t even a smile at all. It was just a dead look on an otherwise emotionless face, his eyes devoid of anything but disappointment. This was so unlike the original interview that took place in much the same way, in the same room, that had been equal parts terrifying and exhilarating. No, this interview was something far worse because it wasn’t even an interview at all. So much had happened in the days leading up to this moment, a cocktail of terrible events that ranged from being tranquilized, locked and chained in padded room, and starved until she submitted to her actual punishment, that any life that had been left in her after the accident had been stolen away. Trapped somewhere just out of reach.

Her eyes didn’t move from the trained spot in her lap, her head bowed as she hid behind a curtain of hair. Her shoulders quivered in tearless sobs as her mind tortured her with memories, haunting echoes of the past that wouldn’t leave her alone. She would have thought she had gone mad, and maybe she was insane, but those around her speaking in hushed whispers assured the higher-ups that she was indeed in her right mind. So there was no excuse, and really she didn’t even care to think of one. That required cognitive functions and she had long since checked out, trying her best to ignore the tormenting illusions and tricks her mind played on her. She could feel the ghost of an embrace wrap around her, the soft touch of a hand smoothing out her tangled hair. There was a phantom kiss placed upon the top of her head, the whisper of courage and comfort in her ear. But as she so rightly knew, as she so rightly felt, she was alone. Perfectly, and utterly alone. And it was but a ghost that both quelled her sadness and churned it up more in a violent display.

She could feel dead eyes watching her, stripping away the last of her defenses and standing victoriously over the crumbled pile. She was open and vulnerable in the bright lights, his watchful eyes drinking in every subtle move she made. She was open and vulnerable to the man who in a matter of moments would tear down and rip apart what little shred of life she had left in her, and spit into the hollow carcass that would be left behind. And even still, in knowing what would happen, she couldn’t bring herself to look up, to cast her bloodshot eyes to the man who would end her. She couldn’t even find the voice to answer him. There would be no point though, no matter what she did there would be no changing the government’s course of action. This was merely a formality.

“Fine, if you won’t answer then we have but no choice to just proceed.” he explained, tapping a pen on the cold steel as he had years before. Each tap seemed like a personal attack on her psyche, her body flinching away from the sound as it continued to attack her. If she had dared to look up she would have noticed a sick grin on his face as he did so, a silent laugh leaving as he purposely rattled her to the very core. But her head remained bowed leaving her blissfully unaware of the sick elation he got from her torment. That was the last thing she needed, a mad smile rubbing salt in an already bleeding wound. Silence remained as she fought to choke back her sobs, her body lifeless other than the quivering of her shoulders. And when no answer came, the man took it upon himself to simply continue.

“Agent Ghost, you are aware that your actions on the battlefield the other day come with dire consequences. You are now considered an enemy to this country.” he started, pausing to see if there would be any reaction. But when none came, he gave a disappointed sigh and continued. “You are at fault for your partner, and top agent Geoform’s death. You disobeyed orders from your commanding officer and put the entire mission in jeopardy. On top of that, you turned against a superior officer and used your powers knowingly, to harm him. You are being charged for murder, attempted manslaughter, and treason.” he continued, reading off a number of other apparent crimes that had been committed during the week before her hearing. This time however, his wish to see her squirm was granted, and he gave a sick chuckle as she flinched away from his words.

So desperately did she want to explain herself, to try and get this man to see things from her point of view, but she knew better. His mind, along with the government and the rest of the country, had their minds made up. But she hadn’t done it… none of it on purpose at least. But no one would understand that, would understand the importance of one’s partner… the connection and emotional ties that were severed when his lifeless body was pulled away from her and he was announced later to be dead. Her entire world had crumbled beneath her feet, her only family member was gone, and all the love and comfort in the world disappeared. There were no words to describe the loss she felt overcoming her, the pain in her body with each reminder that it had happened, and the blame was on her head. No one would listen to her crying heart, it would be just a waste of breath.

"Normally…” he started to drone, his voice hitching with a catch, “in this situation your punishment would be death.” Oh how welcoming that sounded. Her head almost lifted, her eyes hopeful for the first time since that day. But that was the catch. He wanted her to get her hopes up, to get a rise from her. And she wasn’t about to give him such a delight. “But we have all agreed its in the country’s best interest if we kept you alive.” he finished, a mean taunt, just as threatening and foreboding as the battlefield was. Only this was more dangerous than any fire fight. Death did not come quick to those who bore the punishment of a torturous life. Her eyes closed tighter, a single tears escaping as she waited to hear the rest of what he had to say. “You are being sentenced to a rehabilitation facility, where you will undergo a number of treatments that will enable you to return to work here.” In other words he meant torture, but that of course was written between the lines. Anything other than death, by this point, was torture however and no amount of “treatments” would help her. She was too far gone.

“What if I don’t want to come back?” she whispered, her voice hoarse and cracking from not being used. The man across from her seemed both taken aback and pleased with the turn of events, not knowing quite how to respond but enjoying how he had gotten a rise out of her. He gave a speculated hum, watching her as she slowly looked up at him, her violet eyes dead. A sick laugh escaped and he didn’t try to hide it.

“Once upon a time you would have done anything to get in. All you wanted was to make your momma proud. Don’t you remember Evangeline? And now look what’s happened. Do you think she’s proud of you now, sweetheart??” he taunted. This was why she hadn’t responded before, she knew that behind this government appointed hearing, some joke to appease the free citizens, there was a hidden agenda. They didn’t care about their super soldiers; they just wanted to tear them down. Strip them of every last shred of humanity and turn them into something else. And that was what he was doing. Ripping away at the last shred of humanity in her, desperately trying to break her down, only so they could recreate her into some unfeeling robot. And it was working. She gave an odd choking sort of sound as she swallowed back more tears, trying desperately to cling to the last bits of life within her body. But her grip was faltering, and soon she’d let go. She had no more strength left. She couldn’t carry on…

“What if I don’t want to come back?” she repeated, her voice strangled as she fixed him with a dead stare. His smile only seemed to grow more twisted as it grew across his lips.

“Don’t forget, we created you. We gave you life. We can take it back.”

Start of Something New

The room was quiet, a comfortable silence that was only ever disturbed by the soft ticking of the clock on the back wall. At first it had made her nervous, a subtle attack on her fragile mind that reminded her of her hearing and the tapping of that infernal pen. But as she would flinch, she would hear a delicate and warm laugh, and feel reassured that this woman across from her wasn’t that awful man. Slowly, the ticking grew on her, blending in with the background and every so often reminding her that where she was, was indeed a much better place than she had been. Though she had no clue where it was this place was, it never occurred to her to be nervous or afraid. These people had saved her… had risked their own lives to make sure she was safe. The least she could so was trust that they wouldn’t turn around and use that against her.

Her violet eyes would close and vision of the caravan would come forth. She remembered how it felt to be painfully shackled and thrown into the back, despite making a point that she wasn’t going to fight this. She had made her bed and she had no choice but to lay in it now. But of course that didn’t stop them from thinking her some monster who needed to be gagged and restrained. To them, and even to herself somewhat, she was nothing but a murderer. And that was how it would have to be until she could earn a place she didn’t even want. But Geo wouldn’t want her to give up, and that was all they kept her going.

The woman gave a gentle clearing of her throat, and Ghost looked up startled. Her eyes widened as she peered across from her, and shied back into the seat she was sitting in. She could see the warm smile curl across the ladies lips, and subconsciously Ghost noted that this time it was genuine. The man had been trained to lure kids into false senses of security, promising them comfort in a fake smile. But this lady had a kind heart, and it showed through that beaming grin. Meekly, Ghost gave a nervous laugh, rubbing her forearm nervously as she looked back into her lap.

“We just want to help you, you don’t need to be afraid.” her kind voice assured her, but all Ghost could do was shrug. Don’t be afraid? She had barely escaped the attack with her life, had seen creatures not of the world she knew. How could she not be afraid? But she looked to the woman and gave a sigh. There was silence again, and her eyes returned to her lap where she was nervously ripping at the seam of her skirt. Never before had she seen such monsters in all her years. She had been a trained soldier, meant to fight whatever came in her way, but these beasts were different. Horrifying. Sure, she was a useless shell of a genetically engineered human being at that point… her mind lost in the fog of depression having all but given up completely on life. Her arms and ankles were bound and she was unable to move let alone run from the danger that had flipped her caravan and left her a bruised and battered. Even her mouth was gagged, so her cries for help were for naught.

Life… her life… was over, she had been sure. And she remembered as she laid on the cold steel of the car listening to terror filled screams of pain, that it was welcomed. She would be with Geoform again, and it would all be worth it. Her pain, anguish, and suffering would all be over and she could once again be happy. But as she watched with tear filled eyes as the back door was ripped open, such solace hadn’t been found. “Miss, are you alright? You’re crying” Again, Ghost found herself startled from her thoughts, looking up like a deer caught in the headlights. Quickly her hands lifted to wipe away her tears, and she gave a sorrowful plea to the woman.

“Please… I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. Don’t punish me. I’ll stop.” she said hurriedly, wiping her eyes and plastering a fake smile on her lips. The woman looked perturbed by her actions and gave a questioning look, one that made Ghost’s smile falter and the tears return. Crying had always been a sign of weakness in her society, one that was met with scrutiny and distaste, but all she could seem to do these days. By now, she had figured she’d become numb to the pain and emotional distress, but the kindness exhibited by this woman only made it worse. She gave a pitiful look to the woman, who got up from her chair and approached her, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder. So warm…

“We would never punish you miss. You’re safe here, there is no need to hold back anymore.” she said sweetly, gently tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Ghost leaned into the gentle touch, her mind half convinced it was her dead partner’s, but realizing last minute that he hadn’t been so fortunate to receive such kindness. A brazen, laugh escaped at the irony of the situation… the monster who had been his demise being treated with a kindness she didn’t deserve while Geo had to die. She lifted a hand to stifle it, and gave the lady a nod to signal she was okay.

“Thank you…” she responded, looking to the woman as she returned to her seat. She tried to find her smile, but could only muster what felt like a slight curl at the corner of her lips. But it was enough, and the lady beamed at her. For a moment they sat in silence, exchanging glances, before there was a quiet hum and the lady returned to what this whole meeting what about.

“What’s you’re name sweetheart?”

“G-Ghost…” A quizzical glance was flashed to her, and Ghost merely shrugged her shoulders. It was all she knew, all she had been called since she was five save for that awful hearing. That was what they did, they stripped you of your identity to make you more like them… and eventually use it against you to dehumanize you. But realizing that now was a little too late. The woman sighed, and Ghost looked to her confused. “Is that wrong?”

“Oh no sweetheart, I should have been clearer. You see, what attacked you is nothing to be trifled with. Even today we don’t know what it is… but we know it’s dangerous. We just want to make sure you’re protected here… so we don’t want it looking for your identity. Do you have another name you would like to use?” Ghost looked down to her pale hands, eyes following the wrinkles in her skin. Of course there was, but it left a sour taste in her mouth and she honestly would prefer to just run the risk and keep her government appointed name. But when she looked back to the woman with the kind face, soft and genuine, she realized there wasn’t another choice.

“Momma used to call me Evangeline… I guess we can use that?” she said weekly, the name foreign to her lips. She watched the woman nod and write something down on a piece of paper. She would have been offended, reminded of the times in that cold room, but as she looked to see what she could read, the woman kindly showed her the identity slip and relief washed over her.

“We’re here to make this transition easier for you, to get you set up so you can lead a new life in San Francisco.” she smiled, nodding her head eyes looking to the next line. “Is there anything in particular you want to do here?” she asked, trying to figure out what it was Evangeline would be doing so she could set her up with the right paperwork.

“I don’t know. What can I do?” she questioned with all the curiosity of a cat, her head cocking to the side. Choices… she had never been given them before. She was always just told what to do… where to go… what to eat… when to speak. Never had she been allowed to make a decision and the concept was foreign and intriguing.

“Whatever you want to. That’s the beauty of it.” the woman replied cheerfully. A confused look appeared on Evangeline’s face and her brows knit together as if trying to come up with a difficult answer.

“What do I want?” she asked, all the innocence of a child glittering in her eyes. Was she even worthy of such an opportunity? Inwardly she answered herself, a cold hard ‘no’. But as she watched the woman laugh at her innocence, she felt that maybe this would be her new beginning. A chance to start fresh and new… and become the person Geoform wanted her to be… and live the life he had fought for her to keep. This was her chance.

“I guess we’ll just have to figure that out, won’t we Evangeline?”

character basics

NAME: Evangeline is just a very angelic and very innocent sounding name. It was given to her by her “mother” because of how fair she looked and although its a reminder of how life used to be, she's grown fond of it. Eirlys means snow drop, and because of her pale skin, hair, and eyes. And last, Eidolon, it means phantom or specter—which with her code name being Ghost and her main gift being astral projection it makes sense.

PLAYBY: Nastya Zhidkova. Ever since I found this beautiful being I have been in love with her look. In all honesty, it was her ghost like appearance that inspired me to make the character originally. And then she came in to her own... Physically she looks like a ghost... and it fits her power set. I can't think of any other face for her...

BIRTHDAY: May 21st

OCCUPATION: Potentially student… but she needs to learn how to read first

THEIR WORLD: The world Angie comes from is a world I’ve created on my own. It is very similar to a near nuclear post-apocalyptic society that is very industrialized, strongly influenced by science, and have been in a state of war for as long as most people can remember. While Angie herself knows nothing of the outside world she hails from—it is a very strict country with a very vague “government” over rule. The world is very similar to Earth in that there are plenty of countries, bodies of water, and the nations are vast. But there are two dominate forces that have been clashing and warring for so long the reasons by this point are unknown (human experimentation, torture, mutilation, and defying god—meaning creating false life).

The world itself is very unkind to the people, and while the laws of each nation are different, focusing more on the government rule of Angie’s nation—it’s more like a free prison. The free inhabitants have strict laws to abide by, any breaking of said laws can lead to actual imprisonment and depending on the severity can lead to capital punishment or scientific experimentation for the “furthering of human kind”. Most of the free nation is poor, however those working for any government institution lead much more lavished and happy lives. Though working for the government does not mean happiness. It just means money. More often than not, those faceless forces up at the top pull so many strings that those working further down on the totem pole are manipulated and forced in to their role rather than doing so willingly. Government workers are hated… and anyone too low down is subject to be victims of the most recent crimes.

THEIR SPECIES: Genetically Engineered Super Human. Evangeline is one of the first kids created to become a new form of super human. Created in a lab, her DNA was manipulated so that she would have certain abilities. While it isn’t unheard of for the country to create kids in a lab, having done so for years, her batch of “officers” were created differently and for different purposes. She was created to be a sleuth solider, more involved in stealth than the others who were built for power and fighting. Each genetically engineered and modified agent was created with the intent to become a soldier in an army. While there are still humans born of natural causes in the world that are taken and trained to be soldiers, the genetically engineered are meant to be impossible to knock down front lines men.

Initially created in a lab with certain powers ingrained in their DNA. After being “born” they are given to government enhanced “mothers” who raise them until the age of five. These “mothers” are meant to nurture and “love” their child as if their own—but are also to monitor, school, prepare, and above all else cultivate the gifts they were meant to portray. After the child turns five, they are interviewed to see how far they have come—and if all goes well they are accepted in to the program. If they pass, the child is initiated and taken away from their “mother”. However, if the child fails they are seen as a failed experiment and disposed of. Depending on the reports given back by the mother, the mother might also be disposed of.

Evangeline is the first of her kind to have a different power set than the others. While most focus on strength and power, hers were mental—she was designed to steal information.

Astral Projection—She can disconnect her soul from her physical form and walk on a plane of existence halfway between life and death, kind of like where ghosts hang out. In this plane she can pass through obstacles undetected by machines or even people. Her form is not limited to normal standards when she is “dream walking” and therefore when she is projecting she can breathe under water, walk through walls and people, or even jump as high as she wants or fly.

Mind Reading/Mind Melding—Most of Angie’s gifts must take place while she is in her astral form. As a phantom she has the ability to go through people’s minds and read their thoughts. Just as she can read people’s minds, she also as the ability to Mind Meld—or body share. In which she can enter in to another person’s body and attempt to take control of them and all of their actions.

Mind Control—Less strong, but possible out of her astral form, with a thought she can force someone’s mind to do as she wills. These people are completely aware of the betrayal of their body for the actions she demands. In her astral form she has more strength and ability to work against their will, though outside her astral form they are more reliant on emotion.

Combat Trained—Although this isn’t an ability so much as intense training, she is combat trained in hand to hand.

WEAKNESSES & LIMITATIONS Most importantly to remember is that all of Angie’s gifts are determined by her own strength and force of will versus her victim’s conscious and subconscious will. It is a battle of will when she does almost anything and lacking confidence can severely hinder her abilities. Astral Projection—Angie’s gifts are mostly limited to when she is in her astral form, easily making this gift her most powerful, however it is also her strongest weakness. When she enters her astral form her body enters a weak comatose state. In essence, she begins to die the moment her soul leaves. Her body remains alive functionally for a time but begins to die the further away she gets from it and the longer she stays outside of her body. If she remains outside of it for too long or was too far away at some point, returning to her physical form is challenging. When she is in her astral form she has no means of protection and no idea what is happening to her physical form so she can’t be “woken up”. If her body is moved when she is in her astral form, and she doesn’t know where it is, she can’t return to it until she finds it. There is no homing beacon. Making it an incredibly dangerous thing to do and likely will mean death. If her body dies in her astral form, her soul can remain alive for a short while… but she will fade from existence.

Mind Reading/Melding—Like mentioned above, this is something that not only takes practice but a lot of strong will. It is a battle of the minds, and if she loses bad things can happen. If she is just reading someone’s mind, surface thoughts are rather easy to pick through and cause no alarms. However, if she is hunting through someone’s mind for something specific or personal or a secret, it becomes a battle of wills. And if she loses the person is not only more capable of fending off future attempts but also alerted to something being weird or off. Mind Melding and trying to slip in to someone’s body is much trickier. Again it is a battle of will, but even if she wins… it is a constant struggle to remain in power and in control. If she gets kicked out of someone’s body, rather than leaving willingly, getting control ever again is near impossible, so its not recommended and rarely attempted. It also leaves her own thoughts, emotions, and information vulnerable. The soul she is in control of could just as easily get information from her or manipulate her since they are “sharing”.

Mind Control—Battle of wills… it is also very draining. Outside of her astral form it is the most difficult thing for her to do and leaves her exhausted even after only a few moments. In her astral form, she has more control, and more time, but if her stamina drains too much returning to her body is difficult. Mind control is different than mind melding in the sense that if she properly melds in to someone’s body they can be completely unaware. However, mind control is something that the victim is 100% aware of and she isn’t sharing a body. She is imposing her will on someone else and they know what is going on.

Combat Training—She sucks at fighting, disapproves of violence, and tries not to. She can be dangerous if she wants, but not likely especially in a fragile emotional state.

All of that being said, her gifts in San Francisco are all severely hindered. Because she needs to have control to use her mind and controlling capabilities, they aren’t something she has much if any access to in the real world. Only in times of distress or extreme danger would they crop up and only in short, uncontrolled bursts. The only gifts she can use in San Fran is the ability to astral-ly project her soul. The limitations of that are very similar to their normal limitations except with heavier consequences. The normal distance she could be from her body before it became a danger is shorter and the duration she can remain outside her body is also shorter. As well, her ability to read minds is very basic—only surface thoughts when she tries, unless she expends more energy, and then she runs the risk of being unable to rejoin her body and it is also a battle of subconscious will what information she could find out. Being that she is morally against mind reading and mind control, even if she had complete control of either she finds it an invasion of privacy and free will and would refrain from using it unless it was a dire need.

PERSONALITY: Initially speaking she is a shy and soft spoken girl. She grew up in a society were talking back was not okay and emotions were a bad thing and personal thought and opinions were unheard of. Unlike the strength based soldiers who are gruffer, she is more mentally capable and curious… and that got, and gets her in a lot of trouble. Due to the circumstances of how she got to San Fran, she is emotionally stunted. She doesn’t understand civilized life here, and is awkwardly shy. But more so, she is self-deprecating, and doesn’t think much of herself deserving to live despite wanting to. Innocent and with a childlike naivety she doesn’t understand even things that a normal person in her country should, simply because she was sheltered and only knew the life she was allowed to have. Human relationships are weird because she wasn’t really allowed to have contact with anyone but her superiors and her partner. Her development potential is strong though... and I really want to see her grow in to a strong, independent woman who can hold her own.

BACKGROUND: A lot has already been covered between the sections about her background. She was created in a lab, nurtured by her “mother”, and then forced in to a program that had her being trained to be a super spy/soldier for her government in order to fight a stupid war. She was the first of many failed experiments to exhibit curiosity, free will, and a desire to question their actions—and became like a virus among the others. Because she could not be controlled as easily as the others and posed a threat, after a failed mission she was led to believe that she killed her only partner, and was shipped off to a brainwashing rehabilitation facility where they were going to try and rework her DNA to make her more agreeable and less of a flight risk.

CANON CUTOFF: The cut off for her is when she is being shipped to the rehabilitation facility. Her escort caravan was attacked by the darkness and she, despite being drugged, gagged, and bound by the arms and ankles, she was rescued by the resistance and led back to Haven to learn how to live her new life.

played by Stephalump

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