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Our resident meme queen, Lauren is always a positive figure in the chat and on site, and we're glad to have her! It's a blast to watch her colorful array of characters interact with others, from SF native Theo to our favorite misguided stepsister Alex. Whether she's plotting, posting, or just being herself, she never fails to bring smiles to our faces.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 the things you m i s s, open
cyrus mercutio helios
 Posted: Dec 27 2017, 12:00 AM

I saw it. I saw the sun. .

  spirit of mercury
  animated original
  21 years old
  HE | HIM
  sam (SHE | HER)


i saw sunlight

it burned your name
He knows. He's not sure how, or why. There's no announcement when he steps through the portal; no loud voice telling him where he is. Yet he realizes almost the instant his foot touches down on the smooth metallic surface that coats the floor. A hollow echo that carries with it some signature, a tell-tale sign as bright and blazing as flashing neon. Strong enough to make the boy he's shoved to the very back of his mind stir with something even he recognizes as longing. They're one and the same in this instant. Usually he can't help but notice their differences whenever the soul he shares this body with wakes enough to become apparent. In instances like this he realizes how lost and alone they both are, how desperately they yearn for something they might never ever get back. At least...Cyrus is more than positive that he'll never regain what he once had. Perhaps there was still hope for Sayer but, as far as Mercury was concerned the planet he'd inhabited had been destroyed. Just like the planets that made up his siblings and every other aspect of their solar system. The Darkness had consumed them all; left them as scattered space debris spread through the solar system.

He wasn't even sure his family was still alive.

The thought made pain radiate through his chest. He was frozen for a moment where he stood, locked in place with the arch swirling behind him. It would be so easy to just step back through and pretend that this wasn't the place it chose to leave him. That despite the gaping holes where his eyes should have been he could feel the empty space around them. He knew with a strange kind of certainty that this was a space station and that somewhere on the other side of these walls there was a solar system much like the one he'd lost. If he didn't know better he might have even assumed it was where he'd once lived, but he's almost certain that he would have felt that somewhere too. Like an ache or maybe a pull that would whisper at him to abandon the body he was wearing and slip back out. Even if there was no empty planet waiting to accept his soul...or whatever it was that he was made of.

Apollo is the one that finally helped him move. A wet nose pressed against his sweating palms drawing him out of his own head long enough to take a step forward. Then another. Slow, sluggish, shuffle through an unfamiliar environment. By virtue of the location his body felt lighter, but everything inside it just felt heavier. His thoughts, the pounding erratic drumming of his heart, all weighed a ton.

He didn't know where he was going, or even if he was going anywhere. Had no idea if this place was even safe to be in, but he just- moved. If it wasn't for the dog at his side he'd have no doubt bumped into something or tripped over some forgotten debris. The yellow lab did his best to nudge him around obstacles despite just how out of it he was in that particular moment. He wished more than ever that he could see, just so he could know if there were windows- if the view they offered was something he'd recognize. Then again he'd only ever seen one sight in his entire life and he doubted the sun was sitting on the other side of these walls...or that he'd even want to look at it again after everything.

One hand reached out, grasping blindly for the nearest surface. Finger tips tracing over something cool and hard, before sliding over something that felt like glass except not quite. Smooth, a window maybe? He turned to face it completely, his palms pressing against the smooth surface.

"If only you could tell me what was out there boy..."

open | bloop bloop

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toshiro eiji mitsuru
 Posted: May 15 2018, 12:34 PM

wow, that's a lot of tungsten carbide..

  hiro hamada
  big hero 6
  20 years old
  allie ()


My lungs gave out As I faced the crowd I think that keeping this up could be dangerous I'm flesh and bone I'm a rolling stone. Arrogant boy, love yourself so no one has to.

Whether by happenstance or by intention, it wasn’t often Hiro made it back across the portal to the animated realm. Part of him thought it had to be something to do with the sort of difficulties he tended to face on that side these days. The most significant being the general lack in technology. San Fransokyo had been at the height of its time technologically speaking and, in his albeit short life, he’d never really experienced it otherwise. San Francisco might not have been quite at the same level but it was still civilization. The times he’d been back on the animated side had reminded him of camping. It could be said that camping ranked among some of his least favorite activities -- unless there were s’mores involved and swimming and plenty of bug spray. None of which seemed at all the sort of thing to do when one found oneself in the middle of a forest or a savannah or at the edges of a bog. And those were just the few places the portal had spit him out when he’d gathered up the gumption to go.

He’d made thorough notes each time, fully intending on figuring out the portal system eventually, but his other issues in crossing had made his progress slow. For one, until recently, the drastic change in his height both in the going and the return trip, always threw off his balance for days and he’d teeter around like a spinning top as it lost velocity. In the last year or so, that side effect had improved as his natural height seemed to. His body, his real one, was going through puberty physically without him really noticing even if he was still scrabbling around with the mental bit on the real world side of things. It was difficult to remember sometimes that he’d technically be sixteen now. If things hadn’t gone down the toilet like they had, he would have been learning to drive. Maybe he’d have inherited Dash’s vespa or, like, something way cooler.

Now, he didn’t even know if that vespa had survived the darkness when it hit San Fransokyo. He took the bus more often than not though all of his documents (and even his face) put him well above the minimum driving age. Probably worst of all was there was no one around now to teach him. Tadashi was…..well, and Cass was gone, too. All those milestones that came with growing up would continue to pass him by unchecked except to note the passing of time. In the years (it twinged a little that it could be referred to in ’years’ now rather than months) since his brother’s death, Hiro had gotten pretty good at repressing difficult things -- and finding a thousand and one methods of distraction. Mostly with his real world job, of course. The tech might not have been where he thought it ought to be there, but at least there it existed and he could build a good bit of it himself.

His first project there when he’d finally gotten himself together enough had been the desktop he currently still used and regularly made improvements to in his small apartment at Haven Hill. Of course, he didn’t have internet there yet -- adult things like bills and service companies still made him nervous enough to keep putting it off -- but he’d done other things as well. He’d gotten back into building bots with varying degrees of success. But it had brought up another question: if he could build the tech he needed in San Francisco, would any of it function on the other side now? Particularly in those places where civilization hadn’t ever existed? The question had spawned a flurry of ideas of where to even start answering it but he’d settled, maybe a little extravagantly, in re-working his battle suit. The helmet still fit, even if it was damaged, but the same couldn’t be said about the rest of it.

The tricky part was the inches he lost between this world and the animated one. Moreover, what if his actual body grew even more in the time it took him to create it? And it had taken him a good bit of time to finish the prototype. Mostly due to hunting down materials, if he was being totally honest. The list he’d come up with had been a highly specific one and many things had had to be compromised for the simple fact that it didn’t exist. The end result had been a little less aesthetically pleasing than he’d hoped but the combination of what basically amounted to a body suit with the highest elasticity he could find and interlocking metal plating meant to expand and contract with any growth (or shrinkage as the case may be) seemed like it would work in regards to the size changes. It was the controls in the gauntlets he was a little nervous about. He’d only installed a few simple things to begin with. Just lights in the helmet, temperature controls for the suit….a laser pointer on the top of wrist for no real purpose except he thought it was fun. He’d think about actually useful additions after he made sure it would work.

That was how he’d ended up here, the heaviness of his chunky boots clanging along metal grating as he walked down a corridor of what looked like a futuristic warehouse out of some sci-fi flick. This wasn’t exactly what he’d envisioned when he’d set out the current capabilities of his prototype suit but, he supposed, at least the lights in his helmet worked. Hiro wasn’t at all certain what this place was or how big or even for how long the corridor went on but he kept going anyway. Every so often he’d change the settings on the temperature controls just to see how they adjusted and the laser pointer had been fun to shoot into a darkened room. For the most part, it seemed like it all functioned okay -- or would, with some minor adjustments. He found the place a bit eerie though, as quiet and seemingly abandoned it was. Just then, the toe of his boot caught on a twisted bit of grating and sent him catapulting forward.

Banging against the walls like coin in a tin can, he finally stopped himself at the edge of some sort of observation deck. A great expanse of space spread out before him from a large window, an endless open sea of stars and planets and moons. ”Oh my….god,” the words slipped out of him before he noticed he wasn’t alone. Dragging off his helmet, Hiro laughed and rushed forward, brown eyes drinking in the sight. ”Oh my god,” he repeated, pressing his nose to the cold glass. He laughed again as he retreated, dragging a hand through his mussed brown hair. As if he’d known the man and his dog had been there the whole time, he turned to him then. ”We’re in space. Actual space. I can’t believe this!”

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