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chihiro sen ogino
 Posted on: Jun 12 2017, 10:08 PM
chihiro ogino
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Spirited Away


This was not how the day was supposed to go. Not at all. Not in the least bit. But she had to ask herself, sauntering out of the hiking trail with her feet dragging, when did things ever go as planned? She was the type of girl to attract bad luck, the type that everything could be in place to go swell but out of nowhere something had to happen. She couldn’t have planned a more perfect trip today—she had her hiking bag all packed and her GPS charged, she had her alarm set to wake up an hour early so she could blog her latest dream and then set out for her geocache hike and be back in time to go to Ralph’s and surprise him with dinner. I was going to be a good day and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

But it was like the universe took that as a challenge, and from the moment her day started, rained terror down upon her. The first clue should have been not waking up to her alarm, or the subsequent ones. Though, she couldn’t be blamed when she couldn’t afford a pack of new batteries yet to replace the old ones in her thrift store Hello Kitty alarm clock and her cell phone was an ancient bedazzled one that had since done what it wanted and when it wanted to. So she didn’t quite feel it too unlucky to have woken up two hours late—and took it in stride. Her blog could wait as her latest dream had been uneventful… it was just her in a river that was the night sky being carried away by her dragon in a sea of stars. It felt familiar and very dreamy but hardly anything anyone wanted to read about. And that was when things got bad. She should have stayed home… she should have posted… maybe then she wouldn’t have ended up in a creek.

Wandering out of the hiking trail soaking wet and suspiciously bag-less, the girl sighed and huffed at the same time. She couldn’t decide if she was more disheartened by the turn of events or if she was angry because of them. And it left her pouting as she moved to take shelter under a tree—plopping down on the grass with a less than graceful huff. Pulling a leg up, her hands moved to poke at delicate and bleeding skin as she attempted to crane her neck in such a away that would allow her to inspect her new injury. Subconsciously a hand moved to grab a pack that wasn’t there to retrieve her first aid kit, and when she felt empty ground she gave a cry of dismay, leaning her head back against the tree with a bit of a thump that forced another cry from her lips and both hands to cradle the back of her head. Kami, this certainly wasn’t her day.

That was when she noticed the man approaching her—or rather the tree—and she felt herself all but lurch forward to grab his attention. She hadn't meant to look like a crazed, soaked, river rat... but the sight of someone coming to her had her more excited than she realized. She had gotten to her feet without much thought and reached a hand out to the stranger, before realizing maybe she shouldn't bother him... her troubles weren't any of his concern. And besides, even the nicest stranger wouldn't go back in the hiking trail to help her retrieve her bag that she lost to the small creek. Had she not slipped and gashed her knee open and scraped up her palms she wouldn't have minded treading through the water to get it herself. It would have been just another day in the life of Chihiro Ogino. Not to mention it was the risk you took when hunting for geocache treasure! But the injuries made it more difficult and she didn't want to risk infection. It was just a shame that literally everything was lost in the accident... including her keys.

"Excuse me!" she called out, albeit a bit louder than intended. With took a half step back toward her tree with cheeks flushed crimson. As much as she wanted to leave him alone, she really needed to call her landlord and have him leave a key for her under he doormat. At least then she could get in and patch herself back up before calling a park ranger to help fish her things out. She bit her bottom lip and approached him again with an apologetic, albeit soggy, look. "I'm sorry! I slipped on the trail and lost my stuff... could I borrow your phone to call my landlord please? I won't be long! Promise." she pleaded with him, her dark eyes sad and desperate as she stood in front of him a wet and bleeding mess. Her shoulders slumped as she took a deep breath, waiting for the verdict. She could only hope that her bad luck had run out, and for the first time all day... she'd experience something good. But in her case, that might be asking too much. "Please?

Notes: Poor little thing all drowned and she has a boo boo... make it better <3 Lemme know if it needs changing!

ethan hollis sacks
 Posted on: Oct 12 2017, 07:53 PM
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❝ I was right! You did send him out to die! ❞
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lay it, lay it down let me see your hand, show me what you've got

He didn’t want to admit it, but he was a lonely person. Ethan felt incomplete, like something vital to his existence was missing. He went looking for it in the strangest of places and tried his very best to drown the feeling out with whatever he could get his hands on. Art, music, food – he usually buried himself in his sketchbooks, and tried hard not to think about 6 all the while. Today's tool for ignoring the problems in his life, was Geocaching. He didn’t have time to think on the void in his soul if he was busy looking for modern buried treasure.

Despite how much he hated his intense curiosity at times, it served him well in these situations. No cache seemed too difficult for him to find if he concentrated and pushed his body to keep going. Hiking wasn’t easy, as he’d found out the first time. He was woefully unprepared then and almost got himself killed. If it weren’t for some rather friendly strangers who happened to cross his path, he was sure he would have ended up another of those cases that frequented the news. Man’s body found on mountain, confirmed to be missing designer Ethan Sacks.

He shuddered to think of it. He’d have been like those people he saw all those years ago, frozen in place, morbid statues as evidence of the horror that B.R.A.I.N unleashed upon the world with its murderous gasses. He didn’t want to end up like that and he hoped every day, that his fellow Stitch-Punks hadn’t met similar fates, at least the ones he hadn’t been responsible for killing. Ethan pushed those thoughts from his mind as he walked, checking his coordinates in search of his next prize. He didn’t notice the girl at first, not until she yelled for his attention and his head snapped up, surprised.

He looked for the source and saw her, wet and rather distressed. His expression quickly changed from one of shock to concern as Ethan picked up his pace and jogged the rest of the way to her, slowing down as he drew near, careful not to invade her personal space. She seemed completely defeated and his heart broke for her, it was clear she was having a terrible day. There was absolutely no way he could let that continue. He’d been helped before and he’d do all in his power to pay it forward.

“Oh no.” He said reaching out but stopping himself, he didn’t know her after all. Ethan set his bag down and fetched a blanket from his bag, offering it to her with a smile. “Are you alright? You’re not hurt are you?” He paused, realising she’d asked to borrow his phone and shook his head with a self-depreciating laugh. “Oh I’m sorry. Of course you can borrow my phone. It’s no bother at all.” He fished it out of his pocket and offered it to her with his other hand, tilting his head with a warm smile in an effort to brighten her day, happy to offer his things to her without a thought that she could have been deceiving him.

chihiro sen ogino
I hope this is okay! Let me pre-heartbreak commence!
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