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Acxe is a true gem. Always present, always eager to offer up support and a kind word. They've given life to an interesting cast of characters from Kristoff to Cerberus, all of which are a welcome edition to EDS and played phenomenally. If you haven't, now is definately a good time to show your appreciation, and thank Acxe for everything they do!


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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. Open since OCTOBER 2015, we are a friendly, thriving community who welcomes players from all levels and backgrounds. When registering your account, please register with first middle last in all lowercase!

A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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 i see you in my dreams, helia/amanda
cyra faye blakesley
 Posted: Jul 1 2018, 12:34 AM

We are all slaves to time.

  knight of space-time
  Animated OC
  29 years old
  max (She/Her)


With sketchbook in hand, Cyra walked through the forest with the upmost care. The intense greenery fascinated her and reminded her of her fellow sister's lands – she always loved visiting their kingdoms. Noting the differences between their cultures was one of her favorite pastimes, though she hated the heat. Even the coolest of places was often too much for her, since she was used to temperatures well below the freezing point of water. She would never show her discomfort, keeping her pain locked away behind a steel façade. She'd fainted once or twice in this way, refusing to acknowledge there was anything wrong until she fell to the floor. Better to faint from the pressure than to admit weakness.

Her goal was to find creatures of darkness, document and sketch them, in the same manner the scholars of Illgard recorded the fallen. In this way, she hoped that she could better understand them, for the purposes of defeating them – and eventually pushing them back to the point she could find her way home. There had to be something left, she refused to believe that everything was gone. Some people must have survived. Even if there was naught but broken shards, she'd scoop them up with pale delicate hands and nurse them back to life.

Beyond this, she wanted to see Io again, she wanted her fellow Knights to be reunited with those they loved, she wanted their ways of life to be preserved and so much more. It was such a strange dance of emotion, the need to know, mixed with the want to let things be – incase the news was horrible and brought devastation. Her hands danced over leaves and the bark of trees as she walked, careful to respect nature and mindful not to spook any creatures that may be lurking by. She found her ideal spot on the edge of a crop of rocks by a stream.

She began by sketching in the water, the river bank and trees beyond. It didn't take long for the darkness to slither in, perhaps it was drawn to her, or something else, nevertheless – she watched as it crept through the trees and settled opposite her. The air felt thicker, darker and oppressive but she promised herself that she would endure it in the name of a better future. She pushed down memories of screams and pain, of the end of a world and began to focus on the sometimes-shifting details of the horse-like creatures. She thought perhaps they were scouts, an advance force of some kind.

Once they reported the coast was clear, the bulk of their lot would move in. She did not intend to be there when it did, but took the opportunity to capture the beasts from every angle she could manage, her pencil dancing across the paper in fluid movements. Some sketches were to capture their feeling, others to accentuate their form. She had considered bringing her camera, but after a particular incident in which she provoked a large pocket of darkness and almost died, Cyra left it on her bedside table.

Several pages were filled without much effort and she moved on to emphasizing some lines with an ink pen. A sound from behind her gave her a terrible fright and Cyra jumped, with the unexpectedness of it all and drew a line straight through her sketch, her hand moving entirely on its own. "Damn it!" She cursed, sighing at the ruined drawing, discarding her art for her lance. She picked it up with haste, pen and book discarded and forgotten. She stood offensively as she peered through the trees. Had the darkness noticed her and send a force to flank her? Cyra's heart raced with her stupidity, but she refused to go down without a fight.

"Reveal yourself and I may show you mercy." She commanded, her tone devoid of emotion as always, but serious. Behind her, the creatures darted off and she cursed once more, crinkling her nose in frustration.

helia shiri altan

helia shiri altan
 Posted: Aug 4 2018, 07:13 PM

this girl is on fire

  knight of fire
  27 years old
  in love w/ everyone
  amanda (she/her)


 The woods were quiet. For now. One could never be sure it would remain that way for long. Not in a place such as this, rife with the odd magic of darkness and the wretched creatures it manifested at its will. Helia had seen so many of them in the years since her life was rattled and her world had slipped from beneath her feet. So many that she'd lost count - she'd see them on the majority of her trips back and forth from San Francisco. She didn't know if the ever-expanding reach of darkness was getting worse or just her luck, but she felt as if she attracted them more and more these days. 

 Of course, she could have made those aforementioned trips easier on herself. Helia knew the safest paths. She knew where the encampments were and how to find them if she got lost. And yet, she had the habit of volunteering to travel to where she knew she'd find trouble instead. Often she'd have some sort or mission - something to be done for the resistance, whether it was hunting for food or running supplied from camp to camp. More often than not, however, she'd be looking for something else entirely. Whatever she deserved, really. Whatever she'd receive for not being able to defend her home, and worse, not being able to find it since. For potentially sending her friends and family to their deaths, and for losing her sister Knights as well. 

 The lattermost reason hadn't been her fault - nor did she blame Cyra for saving her life... But she'd been lost. She'd wandered for days before she'd seen another face, and it still wasn't a familiar one when she did. None of the faces she'd wanted to see, certainly. She'd spent years looking for those faces, and eventually, the loneliness became too much to bear, until just about anyone would do to fill the hole in her heart that they left. And yet, no one could ever take their place - which is why she was still searching now. Wandering the woods and every other place the portal would spit her out, masochistically seeking out them or whatever punishment for losing them found her first. 

 It was slow going today, she thought. As quiet as it was, she hadn't found anything yet, and she hadn't been found either. But the day was still young, and there was plenty of danger to be had if she made the wrong move. As she maneuvered between the trees, booted feet made quiet footsteps in the underbrush. She had little patience for this sort of tiptoeing through the ferns, but she couldn't afford to move quickly for risk of disturbing the relative - if temporary - peace of the forest. And, as if she'd asked for it, that quiet was interrupted by the steady thrum of hooves in the distance. Helia paused, her clothes and knives at her hip swinging one last time before they settled from her sudden stop. She listened intently for the direction in which they were going, but they moved too fast and too far to follow. Knowing better than to believe herself safe, the Knight started on her way again. 

 She made her best guess in tracking the creatures that had interrupted her thoughts. She didn't know if it was ten or twenty minutes later, but she still heard no hooves and the lazy babble of running water had replaced the quiet instead. She remained vigilant, keeping her ears tuned in to any splashing in the water or skidding on wet stones, anything that would alert her to the creatures she'd heard earlier - or anything else for that matter. But, for all that she was waiting for a sound to signal the presence of another in the forest, she felt... something else instead. 

 It wasn't a pull, per se. no, this feeling was something more ambiguous entirely. Strange and familiar at once, there was something almost nostalgic in the sensation that washed over her. She followed it, of course. Like a beacon that lit the way for her, she sought it out - but she knew she mustn't be too eager. She could not be lured into a trap, and until she knew what it was that caught her attention so raptly, she must be cautious. her footsteps slowed and changed direction - toward the stream still, yes, but a less direct route. Helia used a tree for cover, even though she didn't know what awaited her at the end of this path, and then another. She took a steady breath, ensuring she was still feeling whatever it was, and then dipped behind another tree on her way. 

 With a moment to catch her breath and gather her bearings, Helia began to recognize the feeling that pulled her in, stringing her along and driving her forward. It was not some external force, not entirely. Something was out there, that she knew. But something was inside her, too - something that had laid long dormant. As if a spark lit a flame in her heart, this force fanned it and brought it roaring to life the closer she got... This was something she'd felt before, she was certain now. In her anticipation (she was too afraid to be excited just yet), her pulse pounded rapidly. She swallowed hard to offset the heaviness that had overtaken her breathing. It was more to calm herself than to keep her cover, but the latter mattered little when a voice alerted her that she'd been caught. A voice she knew.

 There was no slowing her heartbeat now, as it galloped ahead without her consent. Still, a small part of Helia believed it too good to be true. She couldn't bring herself to even think the name that came to mind, lest she was mistaken. And yet, she knew she wasn't. Theirs was a bond that couldn't be broken, one forged by fate and the very gods that blessed them with the gift that brought her to this place now. It was too strong to be ignored and had consumed her so, Helia didn't think anything of the severity of the woman's words as much as her voice itself. She still heard them, of course, as they echoed again and again in her head. She knew she must come from behind the tree sooner than later. But how she would was the question. How did one greet an old friend they hadn't seen in years and had inexplicably been drawn to and snuck up on? 

With open arms, she guessed. Helia rose her hands in surrender as she turned her back from the safety of her tree trunk to face the woman she was all too eager to see. The scene unfolded itself in a blink of an eye: the horse-like creatures bolted away in the background, the stream flowed on, and the owner of the voice stood her ground in the forefront. She recognized her face in an instant and it nearly brought tears to her eyes. Cyra's steely reserve was met with Helia's wrinkled brow and a smile that cracked from the effort of holding it back. her reluctantly submissive position had not changed, but it did soften as she spoke. "I should hope I'm worthy of your mercy. I never expected to be on the receiving end of your lance."


cyra faye blakesley
eeeeeeeeee i'm excited
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