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 Award Claim, // updated 5.22.17
 Posted: Apr 20 2016, 10:13 PM

veronica lodge
FROM riverdale

❝eventually, there will be a reckoning...or...maybe that reckoning is now. and maybe that reckoning is me.❞



award information

To celebrate EDS' six month anniversary, we've decided to offer a brand new feature! We've been wanting to add this one for a very long time, and so, without further ado, ladies and gents, the awards!

how this works

The awards are made to celebrate your on-site milestones with each of your characters - such as OTM awards, number of posts, and more - and provide a bit of quick and easy character information - such as marital status and whether or not that character has their memories - all with cute little icons! Awards go in the little box underneath your avatar on the left. A few things to be aware of:

YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF CLAIMING YOUR OWN AWARDS. With upwards of 200 characters onsite, staff do not have the time to count posts, plotter posts, etc. for you, so it's up to you to keep track yourself. If you have a tracker or a character development thread, it may be a good idea to add a post tally for now so you don't have to go through and recount every time you think you've made a post count.

BE HONEST. Don't try to claim awards that you haven't achieved or that don't apply to your character.

OTM AWARDS & EVENT PARTICIPATION AWARDS - these are automatically added to applicable accounts when they are made. If your OTM or event award hasn't been added to your account within a week of OTM postings or the announcement of an event award, please post below to let us know.

IF AN AWARD YOU REQUESTED WASN'T ADDED TO YOUR ACCOUNT - adding awards is a tedious task that can only be performed by admins and requires us to type your character's full name repeatedly. Spelling mistakes are usually the reason awards are missing from your account. If you're missing an award you believe you earned, please post below to let us know. Make sure you include the character's full registered name including all symbols.

IF YOU AREN'T SURE YOUR CHARACTER IS ELIGIBLE FOR A CERTAIN AWARD, ASK A STAFF MEMBER. We're happy to help you decide which awards you've earned.

to claim

Fill out the code and post below to claim awards. If the award has multiple levels (ie. jewel awards, post buster, etc.), make sure to include the level you have achieved, and for relationship awards (ie. facebook official, popped the question), include who your character is in a relationship with (first and last name please!). IF YOUR CHARACTER'S NAME HAS LETTERS OR SYMBOLS THAT CANNOT BE EASILY TYPED, MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE THEM IN YOUR CLAIM. Mistakes with spelling or symbols are the leading cause of missing awards!

member awards

These awards are given only to a single account - if you don't specify which account you want member awards on, we'll put them on whichever account is your "parent" account (the one your other accounts are linked to).

FRIENDLY NEIGHBOR - member has posted in 5 or more introduction threads for new members.


    peridot - member for 3 months.
    aquamarine - member for 6 months.
    citrine - member for 1 year.

MORE THE MERRIER - member has invited another to our lovely site.

PLOT SNIPER - member has hit 10, 20, or 30 plotters.

POSTING SPREE - member has made 5 posts in 24 hours.

THREAD COUNT - member has threaded with 10 different members' characters.

character awards

These awards are given by character when applicable.

9EVER ALONE - character has never been in a relationship... and might not ever be.

BACK TO THE FUTURE - had 1 future thread.

BOUNTY HUNTER - character fills a want ad. applies only to characters made from ads after October 2015.

BUDDING FLIRTATIONSHIP - character is in that limbo between "just friends" and "something more." include the first and last names of the other half of the ship.

DOING MY CIVIC DUTY - character does work in the public sector: police, doctors, teachers, government workers, etc.

DRESSED TO IMPRESS - character has 10 or more polyvore outfits for their threads.

FACEBOOK OFFICIAL - character is in a relationship. include the first and last names of the other half of the ship.

IN ANOTHER LIFE - had 1 non-event alternate universe thread. does not include au event threads.

IN MY CODE - character has had a custom template made by a member of EDS.

LIVING IN TECHNICOLOR - character has 10 threads in the animated world.

LOOK OUT FOR MR. STORK - character has kids.

LOST & FOUND - character regained their memories.

LOST SOUL - character lost their memories.

MYSPACE - character has a development thread.

ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIME - had 1 past thread. does not include event threads moved to past.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS - character owns or manages a company, shop, or business of some sort.

PARTING WAYS - character is divorced.

PICKED-UP LINES - character joined 5 open threads.

PICKUP LINES - character had 5 open threads.

PLOT OF THE AGES - character has a plot that spans 3 or more related threads, in progression. can be with the same two characters, or with any characters directly involved. these do not have to be finished/concluded threads. does not include au threads, sorry!

POPPED THE QUESTION - character is engaged. include the first and last names of the other half of the ship.

POST BUSTER - character made 25, 50, or 100 in character posts.

    these include posts from: the animated world, the real world, past/future, alternate universe, and IC event forums.
    this does NOT include: social media, games, plotter posts.
    note that the post count shown on your clickname profile is NOT the same as your IC post count.

PUT A RING ON IT - character is married. include the first and last names of the other half of the ship.

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK - character is in university or is taking continued education classes.

SIX FEET UNDER - character is dead, undead, or simply not alive.

SOUNDTRACK TO MY LIFE - character has one or more playlists posted on site.

STORYTELLER - character has posted a vignette, one-shot, or drabble.

aim: nowasteddreams || skype: lettimepassby

eilian lapin blanche
 Posted: Aug 2 2017, 08:14 AM

white rabbit
FROM Alice in Wonderland

❝Don't just do something, stand there... Uh... no no! Go go! Go get my gloves! I'm late!❞



Since I took a months hiatus I'm not sure it counts, but I think I've earned "citrine" by now?

EDIT: I initially joined 13th June 2016 so I think I do qualify now xD

user posted image
Signature made by myself ♥
isabella grace clare
 Posted: Aug 12 2017, 04:53 PM

FROM Cinderella

❝A dream is a wish your heart makes❞



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