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Acxe is a true gem. Always present, always eager to offer up support and a kind word. They've given life to an interesting cast of characters from Kristoff to Cerberus, all of which are a welcome edition to EDS and played phenomenally. If you haven't, now is definately a good time to show your appreciation, and thank Acxe for everything they do!


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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. Open since OCTOBER 2015, we are a friendly, thriving community who welcomes players from all levels and backgrounds. When registering your account, please register with first middle last in all lowercase!

A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

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 ⭐ no stopping curiosity, tag: cadi / wendy
zelda rowena noakes
 Posted: Oct 13 2017, 10:19 AM

from a trickle to a roar!

  the pirate fairy
  22 years old
  loor (she/hers)


as my mind begins to spread its wings

She was never so aware of her size, before the darkness. From a scientific standpoint, it was incredible how greatly the disaster had affected her life experience. It wasn't just losing Pixie Hollow, or Terence, or Gary Fairy and everyone else who remained missing. It wasn't simply the loss of dust, magic, the use of her wings. It was more than growing five feet every time she passed through the swirling shroud. The tragedy had profoundly changed the way she felt in her own skin. The notion of being 'too short' didn't occur to her before San Francisco. Everything in her old life was tailor-made to her species' specifications. Even though many animals on the island were larger than the average citizen, that was normal. And then, suddenly and abruptly, it wasn't. Zarina's sense of reality had irrevocably shifted.

Trudging underneath shiny-leafed plants and over moss-covered roots, the dust-keeper wondered if she'd traveled more than half a mile from where the portal deposited her. She hated the jungles; too hot, loud, and labyrinthine. It was always a roulette game when crossing over, and the girl never went without provisions. Draped over her shoulders, a red doll's backpack awaited the day's specimens. Trips past the portal necessitated preparation for a being like her. The first trial was a mortifying ordeal she didn't wish to recreate: flopping back into San Francisco, buck naked, clothes missing from where she'd initially entered. Zelda did not wish to be arrested for indecent exposure, and her first attempt served as an educational mistake. Now, she always hid her student's wardrobe under a bush near the bridge, packing her dust-keeper ensemble in the doll backpack along with a few tools. The manmade sack looked wholly changed when viewed from up close. Regardless of how many times she crossed the enchanted threshold, the perspective shift never failed to leave the scientist breathless.

Sweating and growing tired, Z hopped up on the base of an old tree. She drew her frizzy chocolate mane back, holding a piece of rubber band in her teeth as she tied the mess in a bun. Deftly, she tied the bob of hair in place, brushing the stray bangs out of her eyes. Huffing, Zarina used her vest to dry her perspiring forehead. What am I even looking for? The voice within came unbidden and discouraging. How do I know that any of this has magic in it? Or if it's infected? She sighed and leaned forward on her knees, flightless wings drooping behind her. The humidity irritated her paper-thin appendages even though they were practically vestigial. Zarina adored her wings, but often she found herself loathing them whenever they reappeared. They were her fairy's fingerprint. Like an amputee, the pair itched in their absence and weighed heavy upon their return. What she wouldn't give to find some fairy dust.

Frowning, wondering if she might as well give up on the afternoon's expedition, a flash of purple flickered in her peripheral vision. The brunette's spine straightened and she hopped down from the exposed root. A small plant rose into sight as she rushed around the tree trunk. Its leaves were black with decay, yet the vein systems within pulsed with a violent plum aura. "Could it be?" She whispered to herself. Dropping the backpack to the moist dirt, Z began fishing inside. With haste she emerged with a pair of tiny scissors and a jar. Thank goodness for children who liked playing dollhouse. Placing the container below, Zarina hesitated momentarily before pulling a decayed leaf towards her. Her nose crinkled; it smelled like rot. Snorting, Zarina clipped the point. Drops of violet liquid plopped to the ground and hissed where they landed. "Hm... it's caustic." She observed, sliding the sample abruptly in the container. Thankfully, whatever the plant contained, it wasn't acidic enough to erode the glass. Staring at the specimen, her attitude perked. This would be a fine test sample for the lab.


Something broke. It was close. The tiny girl suddenly felt like an ant. Oh no. Not again. Her heart began to hammer, warning her of encroaching danger. Almost dropping her armful of supplies, Zarina moved with silence as she slid the jar and scissors back into the bag. She bit her lip, hardly breathing, waiting for another indication of the disruption's origin. She didn't dare to hide until she knew which direction to go, but once again her mind was brutally aware of her (literal) shortcomings.

catrin eira perry
 Posted: Apr 30 2018, 07:23 PM


  secret of the wings
  23 years old
  she, her
  wendy (she, her)
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we'll be there
I just know that we will. I can feel you reaching out. For what if the world is brighter Than we ever knew. (I'll be there by your side) And through all the seasons, Do we dream of something more? What if we brave the great unknown? What if we're not so all alone? What if it's you I'm searching for? Come on. We'll be there To the end, my friends After all those dreams And the good guy wins. We'll be there When the sunshine rises, And you open your eyes, And it's just blue skies. We'll be there When the dreams come true 'cause you work so hard We believed in you. We'll be there Having so much fun. And it feels so good That we're just one.
zelda rowena noakes
i am the literal complete worst but i am here. i really hope it's okay hun. ;o;
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With a breath, the fairy leveraged her weight and held onto the stem of the leaf as it bowed beneath her and dropped carefully to the ground, stumbling as she tried to find her footing. It was warm. Warmer than she or her wings liked, and she could already feel the waxen appendages wilt as her skin grew clammy. The portal had dropped her in some less than savory places before, but she thought that this had to be the worst yet. Forests were a thing she'd never seen in this world up to now unless they were coated in snow and frost, and she had been planning to keep it that way at least until she and Tamzin could come up with some way to protect her wings from wilting and eventually breaking. She didn't know how long she would have before the heat got to be too much and her wings began to weaken, but she doubted it would be very long in a hot, sticky heat of this magnitude. Dragging in another deep breath, the frost fairy peered through the leaves, frowning at how thick the green was, and only frowning deeper when she occasionally spotted the trees and plants that had been effected by the darkness, browning with decay and wilting just as her wings were. Curling around herself, she lifted one hand to trace her fingers along her forearm, leaving behind a thin layer of frost that began to melt almost immediately. She didn't want to risk using her powers too much out here in case she did more damage to the forest, but even the slightest reprieve from the heat was a blessing at this point.

All that she'd wanted was to find somewhere where she could safely sit and look out over the world that had once been her home and the home of so many others who had been forced to run and to take the portal in to San Francisco to stay hidden from the darkness that threatened to destroy them all, but it seemed like this was going to be more about keeping herself moving until she'd found somewhere cool enough to wait out the portal's constant location switching. This world was still so important to those who had been forced into the city, the only tether that they had left to their home worlds which had been broken apart and left in ruin for the most part when the darkness came as well as their only way to keep their memories of their old lives intact. For some reason, the magic of the portal could do the unimaginable, taking them from one world and transplanting them in another with entirely new bodies and lives in some cases, but it couldn't seem to keep their memories tangible if they spent too long away from their world. The longer that they spent in San Francisco, the more their memories of home began to fade, and she didn't want to lose her memories, wasn't ready to let go of Pixie Hollow and her loved ones from the Winter Woods. Lord Milori, Dewey, Spike, Sled, Slush....they were the most important people in her world, had taught her everything that she needed to know about being a fairy when she'd first arrived there, and she couldn't imagine her life without knowing who they were, without wondering what had happened to them and trying to find them...

Creating another thin layer of frost over her skin as the first melted away to nothing, she looked down to trace the droplets of water as it melted with her eyes, focusing on anything other than the heaviness of her limbs or the way that her mouth had gone dry. Her skin was blushing red with warmth beneath the ice, but this too she chose to ignore for now. No sense in worrying over something that she could do absolutely nothing about, right? She was better off just continuing on her way and hoping that she found some place safe sooner rather than later. Finally looking up from her arm, she let it drop to her side, feeling the residual water drip down her hands and fingers before dropping to the dirt at her feet as she walked, but her attention was so diverted as she tried to take in her surroundings and search for some way out of the forest that she didn't notice the twig--inconsequential though it may have been to her human body on the other side of the portal--that would definitely be enough to trip her up in her fairy body. It was only as her foot caught against it that she realized her mistake. The twig snapped as she fell and her ankle crushed it, and she grimaced as she made impact, shielding her face with her arms folded out in front of her. She had been trying to be as quiet as possible, to keep from being noticed by anyone or anything else that might take notice of her, but it seemed like that was a fool's hope at this point.

"Ow," she murmured under her breath, pushing herself up carefully and glancing down at the scratches on her arms and legs. It didn't seem like they had broken through her skin to draw blood, but they did sting and her skin was more red now, first from the heat and now from the added irritation. Grimacing again, she climbed fully to her feet and took a moment to look around, fear making her skin prickle as she pushed forward, glancing between the ground and her surroundings with each step. But when she looked up and noticed someone else through a layer of leaves, she paused for a second. She was close to her size, and...were those wings? Another fairy! Stepping through the brush slowly, her eyes wide, she swallowed, her mouth still dry enough that she struggled to speak up. "Hi," she croaked, clearing her throat and shaking her head. "I, uh...I'm sorry if I scared you. I tripped." Glancing over her shoulder toward the bushes she'd just found her way through, she rubbed gently at the scrapes on her arm and frowned, looking back to the other girl. "I'm Periwinkle...or Cadi...whichever, really. A-are you from Pixie Hollow, too?" Taking another long breath and trying to ignore the way that her wings drooped weakly against her shoulders as she stood a little taller, smiling softly in the hopes that she hadn't upset or frightened the other fairy.

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