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Our resident meme queen, Lauren is always a positive figure in the chat and on site, and we're glad to have her! It's a blast to watch her colorful array of characters interact with others, from SF native Theo to our favorite misguided stepsister Alex. Whether she's plotting, posting, or just being herself, she never fails to bring smiles to our faces.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 how we used to roar, sinclair & lauren <3
tess elizabeth starkey
 Posted: May 29 2018, 04:51 PM

well-behaved women seldom make history.

  fixer (the historian)
  37 years old
  becca (SHE/HER)


But if you close your eyes Does it almost feel like Nothing changed at all?

sinclair virginia harper
Tess had been lecturing at the University of San Francisco today, which had suited her perfectly. She loved Stanford, but the commute from the city occasionally took its toll; today she had been able to stroll from her apartment to the university, and had skipped the road rage completely, setting her up for rather pleasant day. Her lecture had gone well, she’d had an excellent meeting with a PhD student she had agreed to supervise, and now she had a good two hours before a meeting with her publisher across town about the latest instalment in her series of novels.

Eight years in San Francisco and Tess had carved a place for herself in this new world which bore more than a passing resemblance to her old life, before the Harbinger and then the darkness had turned everything entirely upside down. It had seemed simpler; to pick up where she left off, to do what she had done before the TTIA had recruited her. Teaching came as easily to her as breathing, and fifteen years of experience and the qualifications Haven Hill had very kindly fabricated her upon her arrival in the city had secured her a coveted position at Stanford University and a certain amount of career flexibility. She spent most of her time at Stanford, lecturing and meeting with PhD students, but had more than enough time to pursue her own projects. She was as active in the historical community here as she had been in her own world, submitting a steady stream of articles to different historical journals, guest lecturing at other academic institutions, and writing her novels.

It was all so similar to her old life sometimes Tess could almost believe nothing had changed at all, that she had never met the four women that had changed her life so completely, that the Harbinger was nothing but a work of fiction, a plot device not unlike something one might find in one of her own novels. But this world was wrong - unfamiliar in ways that were impossible to ignore. She had entered the portal in 1940, but it had been 2025 in her own world. Seven years was not exactly a lifetime, but the technological advances had been significant - they had pioneered time travel in that time, and as hard as Tess tried to convince herself she was happy in this world, it was impossible to forget that she was trapped here, in a timeline that wasn’t even her own. She didn’t mind the latter quite so much - her aunt and father had been gone for years, and there was nothing left in 2025 for her - but for six months she had had the freedom to go anywhere, to travel through time, with four women who had become as important to her as her Aunt Carrie had been.

And now the other Fixers and the Harbinger were gone, and she had spent the last eight years lecturing and writing vaguely trashy fiction and making absolutely no headway in finding any of them.

Her mood somewhat less sunny that it had been, dampened by the reminder of her missing friends, Tess stepped through the front doors of the building into the May sunshine, heels clicking against the floor as she descended the steps. Her eyes caught movement out of the corner of her eye, and she looked up just in time to dodge a younger woman coming towards her, the drags of a cigarette between her fingers. It was a habit she had always detested, one she had actively discouraged in her own friends and family, and Tess felt a pang of familiar remorse in her chest; if she had tried harder that day, if she hadn’t let Sinclair go…

Shaking off the feeling (and the urge to give a perfect stranger a lecture about the dangers of smoking) with some difficulty, Tess looked up with an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry. I was a million miles away!”

Well, a million miles and 78 years away, anyway.
sinclair virginia harper
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 03:23 PM

Noli pati a scelestis opprimi.

  fixer (the linguist)
  32 years old
  lauren (she/her)


I'm free to be the greatest
Being a professor, even though she was already tenured at this point, was just so damn stressful at times. With finals finishing up and needing to be graded before the summer session began, Sinclair was already feeling the stress and anxiety of it all. Being one of the youngest professors in her department and yet one of the ones with the most responsibility for classes and such somehow was a treat at times, as people marveled over the idea of a thirty year old who had managed such a feat. She had only recently received this tenure at the beginning of the year after her early application that she had sent in previously. It wasn’t often, according to the dean of USF’s school of Letters and Sciences, that they did this, the administration typically turning down applications submitted while professors were still in their trial period, but she had been “different” and a “bright mind that the school was lucky to have.” The compliments were nice, but they did not negate the fact that she had even more responsibility seeing that she now was here by contract, even if she didn’t have to worry about losing her job after her probationary period finished within the next few years.

Finding her way in this new world, where she no longer had the government support that she had gained, and later lost with the Fixers going rogue, was difficult, especially since things just seemed so different. The world was relatively the same as the one she had originated from, just lacking the time travel technology and being behind in time. It was hard to wrap her head around the idea that this was 2018, not 2025, and that she was technically twenty-five if she was going by her actual birth year of 1993. Maybe it was for the better that this world was more mundane than the one she had originated from, even if it wasn’t much different. Though others coming from what Haven Hill had dubbed the “Animated World” were sometimes from places more magical and mystical than her, Sinclair felt that her own place that she had come from was still lovely through and through, as it had been the world in which she was raised. Sometimes, just sometimes, she was curious as to how her life would have turned out if the Darkness did not exist, even though she would most likely be dead in Nazi Germany due to lacking the papers that would have kept her safe.

These were musings that she felt herself considering as she took a break from the chaos of being a tenured university professor in the midst of grading finals and calculating grades. Of course this break was one that focused on the vice that she had managed to pick back up once she had arrived in San Francisco, spurred on from being separated from the rest of the group. An already half-gone cigarette between her pointer and middle fingers, the nicotine was calming herself as she reminisced on her life that had once been full of adventure and excitement. Certainly teaching was where she had started out, but it was her job as a Fixer that she had truly loved and realized where she had belonged, as cliché as that sounded. Instructing students on the proper way to write Cyrillic or describing the niceties of Spain Spanish versus Mexican Spanish could be dreary at time as she spent all of her time in a classroom, at home, outside to smoke, or commuting. Very occasionally did she find herself doing anything especially exciting that brought back the rush that time-traveling had. Looking up from her cigarette at the woman who had interrupted her thoughts and realizing that she had started walking in the direction of the ashtray out of habit, Sinclair immediately squinted. She looked awfully familiar to the linguistics professor, but she just couldn’t place where she had seen her before. “No, it’s alright. I was the same. Many apologies.” Stubbing out the mostly finished cigarette and throwing it away in the designated receptacle, she looked back up at the woman. “Do I know you?” She asked, not sure as to where she had seen this face before. It wasn’t often that she forgot people that she knew, so it must have been a long time ago that they had last seen each other.

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