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Pumpkin is a gift. From the moment she joined our little family here on EDS she's been a treasure trove of exciting plots and wonderfully constructed characters. From the dainty enchanted rose to a feisty jaguar she's brought life to muses that usually lay forgotten. A talent that deserves recognition, so go show her your love.





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Welcome to ENDLESS DIAMOND SKY! We are an animation personified site set both in the animated world and present day San Francisco. A terrible darkness is spreading through the animated realm, driving everyone from their homes and into unknown territory that we know as reality. Now they find themselves at a crossroads: do they fight for their world or do they turn their back on it and make San Francisco their home? What will you choose?

san francisco, calif. 2018


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 love won't fix that part, triton/lowrie
tallulah serene dagney
 Posted: Jan 28 2018, 03:18 PM

if only i could make them understand.

  The Little Mermaid
  21 years old
  allie (she/her)
 139 POSTS


sadness, sadness
swallowed you, quiet, still and deep, it was simpler back then

Ariel swam as fast as she could, her heart fair to beat right out of her chest from the exertion. It had been far too long since she had done anything of the sort that she was silently kicking herself for being so shortsighted. This was no casual exercise, however, as great waterbound beasts gave chase. There had to be an entire pod of...whatever they were. Not quite sharks but definitely not anything friendly either and apparently hungry. Even as she was attempting to flee from a fate of becoming their next meal, she wasn't at all confident she'd get away. In the open water, there was no place to hide, no obstacles to twist and dodge and hope to catch the beasts up. Similarly, the monsters had come practically from nowhere. First just a shadow in the depths that grew bigger and separated slowly before she even realized the danger they posed. It was difficult feeling so small and helpless, scurrying in fear without any hope of defending herself. When she got back to San Francisco, if she got out of this scrape, maybe she'd look into...learning something other than how to run away. Or swim away, as the case may be.

For now, all she could concentrate on was keeping her tail moving even as she felt herself beginning to tire. Only desperation and that stubborn will of hers kept her knifing through the water at a reckless speed. Reckless only because, under other circumstances, making any sudden stops would likely end in disaster. As it was, a worse disaster was violently chomping at her fins. A small squeak escaped her throat as she heard monstrous jaws viciously clamp shut, her tail recoiling instinctively. That small hesitation cost her and mindlessly she switched direction in hopes of regaining some distance, all the while berating herself. She hadn't meant to linger in the animated world as long as she had. Honestly, she didn't know what possessed her. There was little for her here except memories that only seemed to make her more sad than anything else. Having reconnected with so many of her sisters on the other side of the portal, Ariel couldn't help but admit that Atlantica had been on her mind more and more often as of late. Yet, she had no desire to search out the ruins. She wanted to remember her home as it had been, not as it likely was now.

Still, she couldn't help the tug of nostalgia or the way the portal called to her. The sensation of feeling water across her skin, of the agility of her tail, had delighted her for a little while. She'd reveled in the feeling of being so free in the water again as a mermaid -- more than she expected to. Ariel enjoyed her life as a human on land, loved it, but this part of her still held her a portion of her heart. Likely it always would, no matter how well she integrated with those in the real world and the young woman hadn't yet quite reconciled these two halves enough to make sense of it all. Only that she felt guilty for wanting the best of both of them. Not that she was likely to have that now if she couldn't escape.

Being so focused on what was ahead of her, she hadn't noticed that the pod had begun to separate, to spread out. Her tactic of changing directions had only served to help them surround her. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught the shadow of one zooming towards her from the side and let out a cry, careening to the side -- and right into the path of another. The ocean stole the tears that had begun to well from her eyes even as fear threatened to choke her. She was so tired but she dove further into the depths, downward and, to her relief, the beasts slowed as they attempted to follow. Panting, Ariel knew she couldn't keep this up much longer but the mermaid had no idea how far she was from the portal or even if it had opened again. The feeling of desolation was rapidly overtaking her willfulness even as she continued to swim, desperately trying to figure a way out.

/prepares for feelings

leomaris dylan seaward
 Posted: Mar 31 2018, 07:19 AM


  The Little Mermaid
  52 years old
  lowrie (she/her)


When he ran his kingdom, he had routine. Every day might had been different, and varied; but most days it was the same, or it was routine. Morning meetings, afternoon outings, evenings with the family. He was kept busy, and though it seemed he had little time for the family, he had always made sure to spend some time with them. In the morning as they awoke, the evening dinner - if he was lucky he might even catch some lunch with them. Attina was the daughter he had spent most of his time with - teaching her the ways of the kingdom, and of course the trident. She was the heir, and it was expected of her to take over when he was no longer here, or able. He missed that time, as well as his family time. It kept him sane, though some might believe him too hurt to spend time with his family, think that he was unable to face his daughters after the death of his wife Athena… and for a time he might had been. Before music came back to the Kingdom.

Now the music was gone again, and King Triton was left with an empty kingdom and a routine of a different sort. If you could call it a routine, being on guard all the time. He wasn’t always home, the ocean was a vast place with seven seas. It was a lot smaller now, or so it seemed. The Darkness had infected so much that there were areas that you just had to avoid. Yet still it creeps upon every territory it can grab up. It took all his power, and the fight of his men and maids to keep it at bay. It was tiring work, but King Triton was a stubborn man - he wasn’t going to give up his home without a fight. Even if that fight was hopeless and would more likely be the death of him, he would rather fight to his death than be someone that ran away from his duties.

He floated, flipping his fin every now and again to keep himself in place. He was on the lookout, being a believer in setting an example. He would never expect his people to do anything he wouldn’t do himself. And being so short-handed it was only fair that he pulled his weight around the place. It wasn’t his job, and back before the Darkness he didn’t need to do this - none of them did really. It was peaceful back then. Alive with the sound of music and his daughters. Everything seemed so quiet without them, and though he had found Arista, and when he crosses back over some others, he couldn’t abandon his duty. He was King of the Seven Seas, and he was bound to serve and protect them. Still, it was boring work keeping watch, and he almost found himself wishing that something would happen so he could give chase. Just a little skirmish to liven things up a bit…

One should always be careful what they wish for. No sooner did the thought appear when something in the gloom far off. It seemed nothing more than a shadow, but he knew what such a large bulk meant. It could be a whale, but it was not, not going at the speed it was going at, or a shark, it was the wrong shape for that. It was soon followed by others and Leo, curious as well as bored more than anything, took off after them. It would take him out into open waters, but in truth there were very few safe places to be, even their camps for they did not have the magics that the land-lubbers seemed to have to protect theirs. For a fleeting moment he almost wondered if Ursula would had offered some form of protection… well, he supposed he would never know. They would just have to be content with the power of the trident - it had become as much a symbol of their resistance as it had his kingdom.

He had soon caught up with the shadows, enough to see that they were anything but. Monsters, like sharks but more warped and misshapen, but ferocious looking. A flash of red caught his eye and the colour reminded him so much of someone panic set in. Was it Ariel? If it was she was in danger, and even if it wasn’t, someone needed his help. He set aside the the last time they saw one another, the fight about his daughter exploring the sunken human ship. How long ago it seemed now, and how inconsequential the fight, it meant nothing in the grand scheme of things. Yet this could be his chance to make things right, or at the very least start on the path to forgiveness. With renewed vigour he went around the beasts, trying to catch sight of the innocent in need of his aid. When he saw Ariel diving down into the deep chasm, he fired off his first shot, hitting one of the beasts and wounding it.

It let out a horrible sound, distracting the others from their pursuit of his youngest daughter and turning their attention to him. With a stormy look he turned his full wrath on the beasts. Aiming his trident he shot, a golden, almost blinding light at the dark beasts. For all their size, they were unable to move quick enough to avoid his mark. He swerved to avoid the charging as he stabbed with his trident to push them away before again taking aim and wounding the beast. There was another horrible cry and seeing that he was not easy pray, they decided to scarper. They’d be back another time he was sure, with more no doubt. He sent off a last warning shot, just to make sure they wouldn’t be returning too soon. He needed time to get Ariel and himself away somewhere safer. But what would happen when they got there he was not sure. He’d cross that bridge when he gets to it, but for now he needed to get Ariel back up out of the chasm before she is lost to him again.

“Ariel?” He called down tentatively, wary almost. He didn’t want to have the wrong person, yet he felt sure it was her. It had to be surely - only she could get herself into this kind of trouble. He sighed, berating himself for such a thought. She had returned, she was here - that should be good enough for him and he just wanted to make sure she was safe. “They are gone, but we should get somewhere safer incase they return.” He waited for her to come back up, a hopeful look on his face, tinged with a little sad smile as he saw her signature red mop of hair. She was so like her mother, but so like him when it came to temperament. He opened up his arms, beckoning her towards him.


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